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Why EC Thrives in NY Sector

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 12:57:29 -0400 To: Subject: Why EC Thrives in NY Sector From: JULES Baba "Esecho a'ma'r ghare, krpa'r pasara' ha'te kare..." (PS 3233) Purport: Baba, I do not have any quality of my own-- neither have I done any good work nor do I do proper sadhana. But even then with a deep yearning in my heart I go on remembering and calling You. Baba, by Your own mercy and compassion, You have come to my abode holding a basket of grace. Baba, Your divine advent in my home is not due to my calling-- it is solely due to Your infinite love. Baba, You have taken so much trouble to come to me. Baba, You are so gracious. Baba, You are the Controller of this entire universe. In the blueness of the sky, the meteor is showering its effulgence for You-- to serve You, to please You. Baba, the brilliant stars of the vast, expansive sky are chanting Your divine name and singing that: 'You are the Divine Helper, the Divine Saviour, of everyone'. Baba, everywhere, all the time, You shower Your causeless grace on everyone. Baba, whatever I have achieved in life is because of Your grace. I do not have any merit of my own. Just You have graciously You showered me with Your abundant compassion and have filled my entire existence. But unfortunately I did not give You anything. Baba, by Your grace, today I have placed fresh flower blossoms along with my entire being at Your lotus feet. Baba, I am surrendering myself at Your alter. Please make my life successful by making me Yours...
Namaskar, We all want to see our Ananda Marga strong and vibrant across this entire earth. That means no remnants of groupism anywhere and all the sectors moving ahead in coordinated fashion, led by a dharmic central leadership that all respect. Soon we will be at such a place - but we are not there yet. Here is a brief look at what is happening in one of our sectors, i.e. NY, as well as how this situation came to be. We will also review recent events from this summer's sectorial retreat.
We all know that recently (July 20 or so) the NY ACB issued a statement declaring that they solely acknowledge Tiirthananda's administration in NY sector. As we all know, Tiirthananda is a leading figure of the EC faction. Common logic tells us then that EC controls NY Sector. Most likely, such a statement is not going to be a surprise to anyone. Before moving ahead, it should be acknowledged that some of the main members of that NY ACB also signed off on a joint statement by senior margiis at a global meeting this weekend (Aug 1 - 2) declaring that they do not support groupism in any form. Go figure. How such a statement - i.e. declaring themselves above all forms of groupism - can possibly be in concert with the prior declaration taken by NY sector ACB - i.e. to be 100% part of the Tiirthananda faction - is quite remarkable. Yet some NY ACB members got their names placed on both declarations. It is almost like a bunch of cannibals declaring that from now on they are going to be vegan, as blood slowly drips down their chin from their latest meal. Such a crew of cannibals could make such a proclamation, but who is going to believe them. We can all then form our own opinions about the sanctity of the NY ACB, amidst the whirlwind of their recent declarations. Suffice to say here that the NY Sector ACB and EC are essentially one - there is no difference between the two. Of course aligning with Ranchi or Kolkata would also be a sign of groupism. The only way to proceed is to align oneself with ideology. But the NY ACB did not choose this - they selected EC instead. Now let us see how all this came to pass.
How it that Tiirthananda has become such a leading fixture in NY. Tiirthananda did not have the keys to the sector; he was not a major land holder in the area; he did not work here for decades and decades. Yet somehow, he has taken control of the sector and gotten the undying loyalty of the "leading" margiis in NY. How did this happen? What was his technique? He did this with one simple ploy. He essentially said, "This is your sector - take control of it - and run it the way you wish." With this one statement - even though it is against Baba's organisational policy - Tiirthananda got the sector. Within a short while, with Tiirthananda's help and encouragement, the NY ACB started changing the NY sector by-laws, giving themselves power to select their own SS. And so many other decisions and actions they have taken. When in fact Baba's system is that each sector be controlled by Centre. By falling away from Baba's system, our organisation only becomes more splintered and divided. Having one group of exploiters in Centre is bad, yet manageable. We can overcome that. But having all kinds of power oriented people breaking every sector and city into their own kingdom is too much. Picking up the pieces of that mess and gluing everything back together is no easy task. Yet that is what EC is doing - divide and rule, just keeping their piece of the pie.
Many say that the majority of NY ACB members have been dying to grab some stake of the power for years and years. So when Tiirthananda gave them the opportunity, then it was a dream-come-true. Their years of frustration came to an end and their longing came to fruition. They got what they wanted and they were not going to give it up. And to ensure that they were not going to lose their new found power, they crowned Tiirthananda (& EC) as king. So it was a match made in heaven. Tiirthananda gave the ACB power to drive the sector according to their selfish desire - i.e the power they always longed for, and in return, Tiirthananda became their undisputed leader. Both sides think they got a good deal, though Tiirthananada really came out on top. Because he has made NY a stronghold of EC. That is why every night Tiirthananda goes to bed smiling thinking how NY Sector is such fertile ground for his groupist plans and programs. Most margiis in NY are totally innocent and fine, only it is a few top-dog ACB members who have been the perfect agents for Tiirthanada's trickery and power mongering. In return, family acaryaships are given out like water in NY sector. Regardless of one's qualifications on points of dharma, one can join the ranks. All that is needed is money, a pledge of groupism, and / or simply becoming a "yes man". Then one can sign-up. By joining the ranks, Tiirthananda gains yet another spokesperson in his camp, on his behalf. Such that after the summer sectorial retreat, those ACB members will be so audacious to state who their SS is - i.e. Tiirthananda - as well as who their SWWS (Ananda Vibha) and SOS (Ranjiitananda) are, both of whom part and parcel of the Tiirthananda package. For years now, this is the way the Tiirthananda show has been running. By offering power to margiis, he has become king of NY. Two years ago, a few reports were written about this very phenomenon: And still this is true today.
Here are a few happenings from the recent NY summer sectorial retreat at Ananda Kanan. Again, no group is good. Adhering to Baba's teachings is the only antidote to the factional calamity that has befallen our Marga. Yet EC always tries paint things in their favour as if their only aim is unity - when in fact their whole entire modus operendi is power, power, & still more power. Tiirthananda is a smart cookie and here is how he used the retreat to further reel in NY sector. 1) The NY summer retreat was totally controlled by EC - period. Acaryas from the Ranchi side were mere shadows at the retreat. But they do it in a coy way where most do not realise that Ananda Kanan is none other than "Club EC". And EC continues to bring their own people (i.e Wts) into the sector. This time they brought Ananda Raganuga and Ananda Kaustubha. It is well known that Didi Ananda Raganuga is a pet of Tiirthananda and Sumantrita. Plus Ananda Kastubha who was posted in HK sector has come NY sector to work. So EC is filling NY land with their own people. 2) To ensure that those ACB / family acaryas of NY were satisfied, Tiirthananda gave them all a piece of the pie during the retreat. In particular, fake family acaryas like Dhyanesh from Austin, Vivek from Albany, & Devanishtha from North Hampton were all given some power in the retreat, as were other key ACB members. 3) Tiirthananda very successfully mesmerized all Didis and margiis by cooking for them every day. This was a truly excellent groupist maneuver. It is his clever quality to befool others when behind all his actions there is some selfish purpose. He does not help only for the sake of helping. That is the long history of Tiirthananda. Whether when posted to GT sector, Delhi sector or wherever, he has always hovered close to the power, because that was all he ever wanted. That is why he used to snuggle up to Rudrananda and Saravatmananda, becuase he always hoped to get some power. And that is why he eventually left them as well. So Tiirthananda's cooking at the retreat was not service but a keen, well thought out political maneuver. 4) In terms of being savvy in public, Vimalananda, Ranchi's selection for SSNY, is just the opposite. He never came out to mingle with margiis and acaryas. And there is one big reason behind that. He feels a big inferiority complex in front of Tiirthananda. There was time when he and Tiirthananda were planning against Central Ranchi. Ranchi understood that and they immediately made Vimalanandaji SS, so as not to lose him. Still to this day Vimalananda cannot hold his own against Tiirthananda. Both have betrayed themselves against AM teachings, and Vimalananda also broke his black pact with Tiirthananda. Still he has a complex in front of Tiirthananda - his mind becomes weak and his body sweats and shakes. 5) After the NY summer retreat was over there was RDS, supposedly. Dada Vimalananda the SS from Ranchi side - wanted to announce something. But Dada Tiirthananda and Ranjiitananda did not allow him to announce anything. Note: As described above, Vimalannda is like a wet rag in front of Tiirthananda, i.e. no backbone. After almost all acaryas left with Tiirthananda, then Vimalanandaji announced RDS. The next day EC group did not come to attend RDS. They separated themselves from the acaryas of Ranchii. Ranjiitananda (EC SOS) announced separate sessions, not RDS. So they did not have RDS. They named theirs as a relaxing session. And they announced the new postings in their group:
Prankrshnanda - SES Nabhniilananda - DPS Phalashuddhanansda- PRS Ananda Kaustubha- GP Ananda Vikirna - MU Monetrey Trainer of LFT Ananda Shraddha - DSL NY Ananda Hariprana - (Out of Didi flow bu trying to keep her as Didi by keeping her with other Didis)
7) During the Ananda Kanan retreat, Dada Shubacetanananda was up to his usual tricks. Dadaji lives inside the Ranchi faction but reports to EC. Many times he was found talking to EC Dadas in private places. Dada S tried to be very careful - and he was careful - but even then one cannot always hide. Dada's duty is to weaken the acaryas from the Ranchi side. His orders by EC are, by hook or by crook, weaken those acaryas and we (EC) will give you support, i.e. money. 8) Finally, there is the side story of Ranjiitananda who has declared himself to be a Purodha. He has many colorful attributes but it must not be forgotten that he betrayed one Dada's trust and took all the money from that Dada's inheritance. And now Dada Ranjiitananda is enjoying that money for his own selfish study, building up his future.
So we can see what kind of shape NY sector is in. Again, most of the margiis in NY are totally innocent and desperately want to see a sweet, devotional expression in AM. But with Tiirthananda at the helm and the ACB firmly in his grip - though ironically they think they are totally independent - things are not so rosy. That means, groupism not ideology is at the fore. And that does not bode well and it demands our total effort to overcome it.
By Baba's grace, all kinds of great things will unfold. Groupism will disappear as margiis and field workers become more and more pointed on ideology. Then the so-called unity group / EC will not be in power, rather true unity will be formed according to Baba's mandate. Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation [groupism] in society." (PNS-15) Namaskar, Yogendra
Here is an interesting observation that one margii made. In all the various countries of the globe, today's hypocritical politicians pledge justice and equality to the people. We have all heard their chants. But they are not so hypocritical to also declare that they are not part of any group. Rather they openly state the name of the political party. That is their group and they freely admit it to one and all. But those NY ACB members who attended the unity meeting of Aug 1 - 2 take it a step further. They pledge justice and equality to all, AND side by side they have the audacity to state that they themselves are the pioneers of neo-humanism and that they are above all kinds of groupism. When in fact, for years and years they have all been sucking up to various groupist powers. Indeed, they got their present title from this or that groupist. That is why many in my unit were smiling when the read the recent declaration by such unity meeting attendees. Their entire rise to post and power has been due to their favorable relations with group leaders, yet now they promote themselves as the heroes of neo-humanism by declaring, "We wholly renounce all forms of groupism in all sectors." On one email list, readers got duped by such tall talks and they become totally excited and intoxicated by reading those words, as if groupism was officially over, but those with a bit more balanced mind understand what political play was at work.
The vast majority of people are good margiis in NY sector. There is no doubt about that. Only a few have gotten caught in Tiirthananda's web due to lust for post and power. First of all there are some like Vishvadeva, Ac Ciramita, and Ac Vishvamitra who attend every peace / unity meeting imaginable just to show face and gloat how they were there. They are some of the ones who, on a global scale, purported themselves to be above all groupism. Yet in their own home sector they are firmly rooted in one group or another's favour. Then these others also play the groupist game to get power: Dhyanesh from Austin, Vivek from Albany, & Devanishtha from North Hampton, and there may be more.
Here is more about EC's way of dealing and creating family acaryas as a means to control people and bring them in their fold.
******************************************** Excellent Teaching but Difficult to Follow
Baba says, "You love your son; that is alright. But if he dies, you will have immense grief. It is not true? Because a son is a finite entity, he will not remain forever. He is bound to die one day. Leaving you in boundless sorrow. but if you take your son to be a manifestation of Brahma, you need not fear in constant fear of losing him, because Brahma will never be lost. He is ever present surrounding you. This is the spirit of renunciation or vaeragya." (APH-4, p. 265) Note: This above Baba's divine teaching everybody knows, but in practical life how far everyone follows, every person should look within their own heart.

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