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Unknown Sins in Our Life

Date: 08 Mar 2008 23:06:13 -0000 From: "Gregory Hamick" To: Subject: Unknown Sins in Our Life Baba "Phuler ha'site chile, manoma'jhe a'ji ele..." (P.S. 1898) Purport: Baba, by Your fathomless grace, You lovingly came in my mind today and were smiling like a magnificent flower blossom. O' my Dearmost, You know that I love You, even then why do You remain distant at times. Baba, I do not call anyone other than You. In my mind, nothing else has the place; You are my only Goal. You are my everything. And I do not think about anything else besides You. In spite of all these things why do You remain forgetful about my existence. Baba, I understand this heart-breaking and difficult liila of Yours. You take my mind and play Your painful game of hide and seek. Sometimes You make me laugh; and sometimes You make me dance; and sometimes You make me float in the tears. Baba, after a long time You have graced me by coming in my mind today. Baba You are so charming...
Namaskar, In His discourses, Baba invariably makes reference to the fact that human beings commit sins. Whether one wants to use the word samskara or sin, the fact remains that humans commit such wrongs: Actions that may or may not be against the legal code of the day, but transgress our cardinal human values and moral codes. And that of course is the difference between a crime and a sin. Baba says, "If the violation is in the spiritual code, rather the religious code, it is termed as 'sin'. If the violation is against the legal code it is known as 'crime'." (AFPS-6) The trick then comes in knowing what is sinful and what is not. Because there are some actions people know to be wrong, while there are various other misdeeds that people do unknowingly-- yet by that way also they incur sin. So we should all be aware of these unknown sins, because even if the motive is not to commit sin, if one does those acts it still falls within the category of sin. Hence awareness is needed.
As we delve into this discussion of committing sin unknowingly-- whether it be via abortion, or mentally harming someone, or overlooking our social duties etc-- we should be vigilant not to fall into sinner's psychology. One should not walk around thinking, 'I am a sinner, I am a bad person...'. That would only severely worsen the situation. Rather we should take this in a positive light-- as a way to improve and purify ourselves. Just at it is important to know the laws of the land in order to keep oneself out of harm's way and become an upstanding citizen; similarly it is vital that we be aware of all sorts of sins so we can keep away from these misdeeds and become a model of dharma. By this way we invariably become better human beings and can better help others also. So the whole essence of this conversation is aim towards human growth and development. And of course it will help decrease or totally eliminate the accumulation of negative samskaras.
As Ananda Margiis we are already ahead of the game. Because common sinful things like idol worship and the torturing and eating animals, we do not do. Whereas those in the general society constantly incur sin by doing such things. Baba says, "Those who in the name of the beginningless, endless, formless Brahma worship idols, are indulging in deliberate slander. You must not give indulgence to this type of mahapa'pa (great sin)." (CC-2) Baba says, "Even to see an animal being slaughtered is a sin; he [a devotee] cannot even think of eating meat." (HS-1) So these are known sins about which we have to raise awareness in the general society-- and that we are doing in our various pracara efforts.
Then what are some of the unknown sins that some Ananda Margiis might do? Often times these are things which are legal, but against our code of spiritual morality. So one is not committing a crime by doing these things, but one is committing sin and incurring negative samskara. In this era of extreme debauchery, fathering children yet not taking responsibility for their upbringing is not a crime, but according to AM it certainly is a sin. Because not doing what one is supposed to do, i.e. pratyavaya, is sinful. Baba says, "Pratyava'ya means 'not to do what should be done'. For instance, parents should educate [and raise] their children. If they do not, they are said to have committed pratyava'ya." (NKS, Disc:18) Thus living a libertine life is surely a way to incur sin-- and this type of sin is worse than ordinary sin. Baba says, "Pratyava'ya [sin of ommision] is worse than pa'pa [sin of commission]." (AV-1) And veritably there are a wide-range of (in)actions that are classified as pratyavaya. In various discourse like 'Sinners & their Rectification' (AV-31), as well as in other places, Baba warns us about the wide range of actions that fall within the scope of pratyavaya [sin of ommission]. Baba says, "You should help a man in distress. You should help the suffering humanity. These are the dos of life. If you do not do them, you are doing pratyava'ya." (AV-14) As Ananda Margiis, we have many dos that are part and parcel of our moral and spiritual lives: From watering plants to opposing injustice, from participating in service projects to being an example in society. And whenever we fail to act positively in this regard, then that is a veritable sin. So we should be vigilant.
All in all there are a variety of sins that Ananda Margiis might do unknowingly. For example, doing an abortion is sinful. In many places it is not illegal, but according to the view of Ananda Marga, it is certainly sinful. Because each and every human being has the right to live, and to prematurely end that life, irregardless of the stage of pregnancy, is most definitely a sin. Then, of course, there is the infamous Mahaprayan program which reduces our infinite Parama Brahma to a mere finite being that is gone forever. Many in AM may blindly or naively participate in this dogmatic Mahaprayan program, yet by doing so they are certainly incurring negative samskaras and committing sin. Because the crude doctrine of Mahaprayan is a form of idol worship as it wholly fails to recognise Parama Purusa as the "beginningless, endless, formless Brahma". Plus if anyone visits the Tigers grave in Jamalpur or any other so-called tiirtha spot in AM and dogmatically touches their forehead to that spot etc, then also they are committing sin. So there are any number of ways that people may be unknowingly committing sin in Ananda Marga. But of course, those organisers of Mahaprayan who cunningly devise and flaunt this MPD program for their own group cause are deliberate sinners. And their fate is even worse. Scuh persons know who they are and cannot escape their fate.
So all of the above we should bring into our mental awareness and side by side cultivate the idea that, 'I am the blessed child of Parama Purusa and I have come onto this earth to serve Him and help others'. By that way our mental plate will be clean-- devoid of sinner's psychology-- and we can move ahead in a positive direction.
Here are other sins listed in point-wise fashion that are commonly done in the society. So we should keep ourselves clear of these misdeeds, as well as educate others. * Many times people harm others mentally by thinking or wishing bad things on them. This is especially the case when one suffers from anger and jealousy such as when one is in business and does not think well of his competitors. Or an even more common example is in the case of various male-female relations. Then people can become extremely jealous and malevolent in their thoughts. And sometimes they even take action in the physical sphere as well. All these types of things are common sins in the society and occur on a daily basis. * In capitalism it is in vogue to exploit & cheat others. One get praised and promoted for such things. Thus in the business world there are many who commit sins each and every day that they go to work. * Politicians who incite war with a crooked motive are also clear-cut sinners. Right now our globe is riddled with such people. * Some derive a sick type of joy by seeing others in problem. That also is sinful. * All instances of genocide, homicide, and suicide are sinful. Genocide we have seen with Hitler, the Serbs, and so many cases around the globe. Then homicide is also are regular occurrence and now it has become the fashion of the day to walk onto college campuses and open fire on innocent students. Plus no one has any right to kill themselves as this body and mind do not belong to them but rather to Parama Purusa. So all cases of genocide, homicide, and suicide are sinful.
Generally speaking people have narrow idea about sin. So we should open our own minds and make others aware as well. True margiis should be aware about the various types of sin in order to protect themselves and help the society. Even then, ultimately only the grace of Parama Purusa can save us, but at least we should use our intellect to keep away from unknown sins, as far as possible.
By Baba's grace He is so gracious as He saves each and every person and lovingly brings them on His lap, irregardless of their past misdeeds and sins. All one has to do is remember that they are the divine child of Parama Purusa and approach Him for His mercy. Baba says, "For such a sinner, the worst type of sinner, the future is not dark. The future in his case also is very bright, if he takes shelter in the divine lap of the Supreme Father. “I am on the lap of my Father, I cannot be a sinner.” Suppose you are walking along the path and your dress, your clothes, become muddy due to dust or clay. Then should you think that you will remain nasty or dirty forever? If you appear before your Father with dirty clothes, what will your Father do? He will clean your clothes and take you on his lap: “O my son, your clothes have become muddy, but you are my son. Come here, come here, sit on My lap. I am your Father, you are My son, you must not suffer from any sinner’s psychology.” Do you follow? "So even if, in the past, you were sinners, forget it. Remember that from this very moment, you are the neat and clean son, you are the neat and clean child, of the Supreme Father. So there must not be any psychology of sinning complex. For a spiritual aspirant, there must not be any complex. Be free from all complexes, and move along the path of righteousness with a balanced mind, with mental equilibrium and mental equipoise. A bright future awaits you." (AV-34) Namaskar, Gurumurti
Here again Baba instructs us how to save ourselves from sin. Of course in the first place we should strive not to fall prey to papa (sin of commission) or pratyavaya (sin of ommission), but should such an event ever occur, Baba has blessed us with one special remedy. Baba says, "I have made a rhyme:"
Ba'ba' na'm kevalam yata pa'p hare Pa'piider sa'dhya nei tata pa'p kare.
[The repetition of Ba'ba' na'm kevalam even once kills so many sins that the worst sinners could not accumulate them.] (AV-6)

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