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Painted In Sensual Lesbian Colour

From: "Sara Piler" To: Subject: Painted In Sensual Lesbian Colour Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 02:46:29 +0000 BABA PS Intro: This following song was written in the Urdu language. "Karata'ra ha'ma're, tumhare liye yaha'n a'na'..." (P.S. 4165) Purport: Baba, O' my lord, for You I have come on this earth. Baba, whether You love me or not, but please do not play hide and seek. Indeed I want that You should love me. Baba, You are the star of my eye-- You are the charm of my life. Without You my existence is meaningless. Baba, You are the most attractive and divine Entity-- brilliant like divine effulgence. Baba, Your divine love is expressed in each and everything of this world-in the flowers' fragrance, the children's smiles, the beauty of the rainbow. All the sweetness comes from You. All the beauty of the entire flora and fauna, everything expresses Your love. Baba, You have saturated this entire creation with Your grace-compassion. Your love resonates within each and every thing. The inherent beauty of every entity is the expression of Your love, the reflection of Your love. Baba, whether I like it or not, but I am residing in Your heart. I am within You. Baba, You are the nucleus of this entire creation. My everything is revolving around You. I do not know which form You are but the entire universe is within You. Baba, You are surrounding everything. You are within and without each and every created being. Baba, You are my Lord; You are my everything. And my only duty is to serve You, to please You-- and do all those things which You like. Baba, You are my ultimate Goal. Baba, my Lord, You have brought me on this earth for You-- to serve You... Note: The Urdu language originally started around Delhi when outside soldiers were not aware how to speak Hindi. But they were going to the market and speaking in their broken language. In this way they started interacting with the local people. By this communication this language first sprang and it became know as the market language. So when Hindi and Arabic were mixed then this new language took shape. And since this language was spoken by a group of soldiers using a military uniform (wardi). That is why the name of the language became known as 'wardi'. And over time and due to a similarity in pronunciation 'wardi' became 'Urdu'. This historical and linguistic guideline Baba has given in His grammar book.
Namaskar, According to our AM philosophy and practical tantric approach, the seat of the mind is in the ajina cakra. Encouraging animal propensities leads the mind towards the lower cakras. Whereas the seat of the mind is above the indriyas. So when the mind is moving ahead towards the atman towards the Parama Purusa, that is higher movement. That is progress--'utnati'. Then the mind is moving upwards that Supreme Stance. And when the mind is just involved in sensual pleasures then it is called degeneration. In that case the mind is racing towards the lower cakras-- not higher ones. Naturally then to lead the mind towards Parama Purusa it needs some help. And that help is bhajans, Prabhat Samgiita, Kiirtan, and also sadhana.
So Baba has given His blessing of Prabhat Samgiita; and Prabhat Samgiita is a very helpful means for goading the mind toward the higher realm. This is the purpose to lead and goad the mind which is involved in various mundane activities etc. So the precious gift of Prabhat Samgiita is one step whereby people can move easily to the higher world. That is why before sadhana one sings Prabhat Samgiita and then kiirtan and then one starts their sadhana. These are the steps. And that is the divine purpose of Prabhat Samgiita to create one link between devotees and Parama Purusa. So this comes within the realm of art-- that is within the scope of aesthetic science. And in Tantra the direction or aim of aesthetic science is towards the higher self.
But whatever may exist of aesthetic science in western society, that is towards sensual pleasure. Because the philosophers and psychologists of the western traditions could not understand anything more than that. Such type of people thought that sex is everything. That is why it is the common practice in western society that all kinds of negative things are appreciated. But in tantric cult it is not done because ultimately it degenerates the mind. Likewise Shankaracarya's mayavada (illusion theory) got saturated in Indian soil and people got affected or painted in that way and thus people began to ignore the world etc. Similarly the philosophy of western thinkers has gotten saturated in the public's mind. That expression comes in various writings, behaviors, slang languages, crude literature, book cover and in the company advertisements. Indeed on each and every excuse whether it be the portrayal of nature, a picture, or a design, one can see that very negative things have been done. And those who created this crude art are well aware about their degraded hidden intention. Because it was done intentionally to make their art popular. And if anybody tries to challenge them on this then they automatically have their crude justification that, 'No this is just one flower that I did', or that 'it was folded in that direction', or that 'it was naturally hanging in that direction' etc. When in fact they themselves purposely tilted and skewed things with their black undertone. And that is exactly what has happened with the case of one recently released music CD in our Marga society. So those who have negative crude sensual desires, they infuse that in their art and products and in turn those things sell like hotcakes. Because in this materialistic era the taste of the common public is like that.
For this entire reason Baba guides us that art and literature should not go in the hands of traders / crafty, opportunistic businessmen etc. Otherwise this will ruin the society. Because traders like capitalists on the cheap lower propensities of the common public. And they do like that. So unfortunately nude literature etc is quite common. And advertising companies do the same. Their monograms / products / everything is soaked in negative allurements and degenerated body language. Means so far as their degenerated minds can imagine, to that awful and distasteful degree they colour their world with sexual overtones-- in open and or in hidden fashion. Because on the front they openly highlight females in all sorts of crude ways and then in other graphic styles they negatively portray the private parts of males and females in all sorts of crude symbolism and trashy ways. Here I am not writing in such a vivid manner-- as I do not want to make this mail too graphic. But what I am writing is understood by anyone exposed to western / capitalistic pseudo-culture, which by now has spread across the globe. And those aware about such things can easily understand.
Here then is how all this coincides with Jyotsna's recent Prabhat Samgiita CD: (This is the Jyotsna formerly of Suva who now resides in Spain.) 1. In the present example, Jyotsna's CD cover of "Reddish Flower" is moving in that same negative direction. What opportunistic techniques those capitalists do, and what slimy strategies those advertising agencies do, and what animalistic approaches the movie industry does-- all those dark ploys Jyotsna rolls into one and uses to undermine Baba's sanctified Prabhat Samgiita. 2. Because the theme of her whole entire CD is centering around her negative interpretation of one of Baba's sweet, sentient Prabhat Samgiita songs, Raktim Kishalaya (PS #50). But step by step Jyotsna ruins that and the most blatant and obvious aspect is how she depicts it on the cover where she painted one very crude thing in the name of a deeply reddish flower. 3. Means Jyotsna did exactly what those negative advertisers do. She took an innocent and unblemished gift and portrayed that in the most dark and nasty way imaginable. In which case all her negative desires got expression. Yet if approached by anyone then, then hiding behind her own duplicity, then she will just say that "oh, it is just one flower". But let us see to what degree this is really a flower. 4. Because if you look in any botany book or see the real flower up close, then you will not see that the central area of this type of blood red flower has a black hole at its center. Such that when the entire surrounding area of the cover is heavily coloured in blood red and when the clarity of the "flower" is deftly smeared and fuzzy and fleshy borders are made. And when it has a 'black hole' in the center, then it takes on one crude depiction. Even then the crude Jyotsna type of degenerated artist will defend it as being just a "flower". Only Parama Purusa is aware of her intention, and she is aware of their intention, and those who are understanding they also know of her intention. 5. Otherwise the maker will stand there all day and justify the point and what is more to say than that--- that it is flower. But those aware about the history have seen the things, they can see what darkness lurks behind.
6. So this is the point about her lewd and erotic CD cover. And not only on the cover but she pasted it on the CD itself centering her erotic painting around one very crudely strategic spot. Indeed this one is even worse than the cover as it does not even remotely look like a flower. Even Jyotsna and her lesbian cronies would be tongue-tied and hard pressed to defend this with their duplicitous and care-free logic. Because their "this is a flower" response is not going to work here. We all know that at present this world is flooded with pornography and crude art. And as Margiis our point is not-- at least at this stage-- to go round knocking the door of every prostitution hall or negative cabaret. But when those agents come in full force and jump into our holy Prabhat Samgiita as a means to satisfy their negative and lustful ways. Then which margii is going to stand by and serve them tea and invite them to carry out their crude desires. No one. Because here the point is saving and protecting Guru's Prabhat Samgiita and maintaining its authenticity and grace. This is the crucial point. Because what crude techniques are being carried out in the guise of erotic lesbianism is no joke-- rather it is...
7. Actually their whole negative whole strategy is similar to what ploys B group is doing. Even it is a further extension of that. Because B group is placing crude, filmy singers on that cover but now what the erotic lesbians are doing with this present Prabhat Samgiita CD is even more extreme. Some like sister J might justify the matter that that, 'Look, they [B group] are stealing match sticks and I am stealing gold-- then where is the difference. Both are thieves then what is wrong'. Because the same thing is happening here. Some are putting filmy females and another is putting a particular negative body parts. Then what is the difference. And B group is justifying that it is common standard practice to follow the filmy industry approach. And Jyotsna is side by crying out that lesbian eroticism is also common, in western society. So Jyotsna is propagating and justifying in her own way. 8. And the real tragedy is that why they polluted Prabhat Samgiita in this way. That is the sad and terrible part. If cabaret type of things are done in the cabaret place then it is surely crude and negative; but if done in the jargrti or Baba's room then see what negativity is happening. And all the while under the guise of being close, they are doing. So this is sad point and tragic things that are being done.
9. Here now is some of the further background to this entire situation. 'Raktim' means crimson color and 'kishalay' means tender leaf. So the literal sense is those most tender, newly grown leaves that have a light crimson hue. The first growth of spring. It brings a whole sense of newness and freshness. The youth of spring which is clean and unblemished. And in reality this is just Baba's artistic, poetic expression for those tender innocent youths who are pure and spirited and not at all guided by negative or devious means. Rather they are the innocence and cleanliness of spring. So the inner sense of raktim kishalay is 'I am a simple innocent youth'. And indeed this is further supported by the fact that the Patna UPSF was titled as Rakta Manjari which reflects and portrays the student / youth movement. But in her crude approach Jyotsna completely abandoned this sentient way and instead painted the whole thing in her negative blood-red color. In the ways of the subversive, underworld of lesbian sexuality and betrayal. Because first off she put the whole affair in her blood-red color which brings up the crude, animalistic forces. Indeed everyone in AM is well aware that red is the color of communists etc. All this is dark red or blood red style is communist approach. So who in Ananda Marga can appreciate this. Communism is the most negative force against AM. And communism is bound up in crudity and they have done so many inustices against AM then how can one person design their entire CD in that negative color and misinterpret the first word to mean that. When red itself is the color of communist negativity-- nothing in AM is red. And the sentient vibrational color of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita collection itself is white. yet guided by crude propensities J painted a sea of blood-red. So when Jyotsna's entire work is based on the wrong understanding of the first word of this entire CD and in that way it got painted in that negative direction & that in itself ruined the whole CD, then who has time to go through and see step by step and count up all the black spots and point out all that negativity that got collected on this CD. Even then here is further background about the song, 'Raktim Kishalay'.
10. 'Raktim Kishalay' is the song of the youth army. That means in VSS camp in their marching song in the morning and evening they always use this song. So it is a VSS army marching song. And it is related with youth. Because youth are very young and innocent and they do not harbour any negative feeling or ulterior motive or hypocrisy. Just they are very energetic, straight forward etc... And VSS has a special duty and this is the only marching song of AM -- the only one approved by Baba. So always this song 'Raktim Kishalay' is sung during or just after the marching parade and side by the time of 'Voice of Baba'. And there Baba is saying that at the time of life and death then fight is necessary.
11. Voice of Baba
"As a soldier you must not search for worldly pleasure or comfort. Be ready for all sorts of sufferings. Let suffering be your asset. Suffering will help you in establishing the Sadvipra Raj. You must not argue, you must not think twice, you should 'do or die'. I do not want to see the face of my defeated son in flesh and blood." Yours affectionately, Baba 11a. By all this one can get a strong sense of the dharmic quality of Baba's grand marching song, 'Raktim Kishalay'.
12. Yet in this very marching song of Baba, sister Jyotsna inserted her element of eroticism. B/c this is a marching song with full zest and force of soldier life. Yet in that very environment of do and die, she took it all in the wrong direction and she wrongly inserted her own words, 'Oh my love'. When in fact such words are not at all present in Baba's original composition. And by the entire spirit of this marching song, such words do not belong. So it seems Jyotsna could not withhold her erotic fancy so she inserted these words on her 'title track' to go hand in hand with her crude cover painting. This negativity happened because she forcibly imposed her crude perverted sensuality onto the scene. Otherwise what else can be the reason. 13. So this is the officially approved military marching song by Baba, and she made it erotic. We should be alert because this is not an ordinary scene. This type of extreme degeneration is not happening gradually over the course of 1000 or 2000 years like Buddhism etc etc. Just in the matter of a short while all this is going on and one after another imbalanced crude persons like this lesbian is coming forward and putting forth all sorts of nonsense. So we should all be alert and see the stand of dharma and not allow all sorts of negative acts to crop up. All going on quickly right under the nose. But Baba warns we should be ready to break their teeth and hit them.
14. Indeed Baba warns that it is not to go in crude public's hand. Each and every Prabhat Samgiita books says like this. And indeed in my heart I feel so sad how she ruined Guru's gift of Prabhat Samgiita in this way. And after reviewing it is clear that each and every song Jyotsna put in wrong way. Because this is a marching song and she inserted the words her own words. As it was based on this very song that she painted her blood-red organic emblem on the cover in that crude manner. When in fact that is not at all the spirit or meaning of 'Raktim Kishalay'. Because 'Raktim Kishalay' signifies something newly born, tender and innocent-- not something bundled up in the height of crude erotic passion. Yet Jyotsna depicted it in that way. Hence in each and every way she is moving in her own direction against the flow. That type of very unique and revolutionary song she painted in crude and negative fashion. 15. And the whole intention behind this subversive creation is that it was done to get the money. Befool the margiis and grab their money. And all done on some high pretext. 16. Plus the whole cover she made blood-red, and the whole insert she made blood red, and where all these ideas came. Who can say. So even though she is cheating and manipulating the situation, but no Margi will like to keep this in their house. 17. Her display is far lower and more crude then common type of people; it is more crude. And because she does not have any field to exploit in the society so she is doing to margiis in the field of Prabhat Samgiita. Business people know the sentimental weakness of the public. And she also knows. And in the negative light she has taken to cheating in the name of Baba. 18. Those who have love for Baba cannot appreciate such things. Because His Holy treasure of Prabhat Samgiita is a most personal and devotional gift which He has entrusted and bestowed upon all devotees. Yet one or two persons like Jyotsna have jumped in to the scene and painted everything in their own crude color and taken to selling that on the street with Baba's name written all over it. Just thinking in this way and picturing the scene in my mind's eye many feel completely uneasy that such a scene... 19. Challenge: So this is the matter. Now anybody can go see her CD and go to the dictionary and see what negative things that she did. After consulting the dictionary then again pick-up Jyotsna's CD and see the words and what pictures she made. And then by viewing all this in balanced way you will see what extreme negativity has taken place. And surely those with a sentient mind and devotional heart will understand. Without that one may not. 20. That is why Baba has entrusted Marga devotees-- and not anyone else-- to be the guardians of His divine Prabhat Samgiita collection.
Only by taking the help of positive microvita it is sure that such negative scenes get rectified and once again dharma reigns in AM society. Baba says, "You are to do something concrete to save the universe from its depraving effect, otherwise the future of not only humanity but of all living beings is dark. So you will have to become more active and work jointly with maximum speed and maximum zeal to do something concrete with the help of positive microvita." (MVNS, p. 75) Namaskar, Shanti Note 1: It is commonly seen that lesbians and homosexual-- those driven by crude desires-- lose their finer sense. Those subtle human feelings get smashed to dust in the wake of their raucous sexual escapades and crude mental thinking. Because they have no responsibility in the social sphere so they just roll around chasing one negative desire after another and their minds get painted in that negative color. In direct contrast family people are balanced and dedicated to raising their children in a nice way and at the same time they are ready to sacrifice for the welfare of society. So by thinking in this universalistic outlook married family people become more and more refined. But devoid of all this lesbians just waste all their energy bathing in the mud of crude enjoyment. And the proof is this that if Jyotsna herself had her own daughter of 18 or 20 years etc and had raised her in a principled manner, then surely Jyotsna would not have made such a degenerated painting for the CD case. Because by being involved in society building etc she would have cultivated more refined taste and sensibility. But without such a role just she fell deeper and deeper into animalistic propensities and thus crushed any finer sentiments. Altogether her case is no different than that very crude and negative theater group led by Jane Fonda that was exploiting the female body in order to degrade the local people and make a profit. What way they were calling their erotic theatre group, that degraded name I cannot reproduce here. But who can forget what scandals Fonda and co. were doing in trying to bring their nasty act around the globe. Their exploitation knows no bounds and is based on completely low propensities. And crude lesbians like Jyotsna fall into this same degenerated category. Note 2: This entire scene happened because her each and every cell is dyed in the negative ways of lesbianism. And they are just sensually crazed type of persons who run after all their crude propensities. So they can do any nonsense. Then who can appreciate their way. And not only that but even after getting a lot of abuse she does not like to accept Baba's guideline that lesbian is negative thing. Note 3: The whole scene is like one crazy crow was sitting on the golden crown on your head and began urinating there-- when of course you only have one crown. Then who can tolerate this. Same way 'Raktim Kishalay' is the only military marching song which we have and Jyotsna has come along and tainted it with her eroticism etc. So then how is she different than that crow-- or she is worse. Note 4: Here Baba instructs us that we are not to tolerate those going against AM. Baba says, "You have to build up society by your collective efforts. You know when the weaver weaves the clothes then rats and termites engage in trying to cut it. Then the weaver has to protect the clothes from rats and termites. In the same way when you are building anything then without any delay various types of "termites" and "rats"* will try to destroy that. You must be careful. Above all those who have a pious motive to build up something, they ultimately get victory. But "rats" and "termites" do not have pure motive so ultimately getting destroyed is their fate. Just they leave some dirty, ugly mark in the pages of history." "By seeing those ugly, black marks, in future people think 'oh, it seems this was attacked by termites and rats. Oh it appears that the termites and rats which came to attack and destroy this, but instead those rats and termites broke their teeth and got annihilated'. "It is the universal law. So as you build up good things, be vigilant to keep sharp eyes all around. Be sure to protect your work from "rats" and "termites".** " Baba's discourse continues: "In the past females were preparing mango jelly in summer. And to shoe away the crows & to protect the mango jelly, one boy from the house was always standing guard with large stick in his hand and sharp eyes watching for those crows. Same way you should always be alert & vigilant to save your work*** from termites and rats. Then work will be done..." "Today again you take oath to build up the earth by your own individual and collective efforts. We have come here to beautify this earth. We will make it so and we will go on doing this our whole life. This will be our main collective vow." - AVM (Hindi) part 24, p.149. ASTERISK NOTES: * When Baba was saying this then HE started smiling. That time He was giving hint indirectly using the metaphor that those who are trying to destroy HIS things, teachings etc, they are the real termites and rats. ** Same meaning as asterisk #1. *** Here work means AM ideology. Note 5: All the parts of this entire letter were written in colletive manner as many in the unit including RS Dada contributed their thoughts, ideas, and feelings to this most important topic.
Parama Pita' Baba Kii-- Jai!!
**************************************** Most Rare
Baba says, "'Sukrataer manavo bhutva'. This human life is attained through the medium of lots of clash and cohesion. Of all creatures' existence, this human existence is the most rare. But even rarer is the human body that has been perfected through Sadhana." (AV-3, p.55)

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