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For Optimal Health- II

Date: 31 Jan 2011 09:15:32 -0000
From: "Mahesh  Rastogi"
Subject: For Optimal Health- II


                 == FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH, PART II ==

                     "A STEP-BY-STEP METHOD"

As we know fasting is one special process for achieving and maintaining
optimum health. As Ananda Margiis, we have all realised, to some or more
degree, the various positive effects of fasting. And the initial mail on
this topic touched on some of these universal benefits such as ridding the
body of toxins, increased longevity, and enhanced quality of life etc.
Those points I collected from various family acaryas.

Certainly then fasting is a unique purification process and one most
significant aspect of this practice is the approach to breaking the fast.
So this mail will focus primarily on a gentle yet thorough system which was
told be senior sadhakas by which one can break the fast. Since we all have
experience in this, it will also be interesting to hear what others have to


Of course one important thing to be aware of is that by doing a 24-36 hour
dry fast-- i.e. without water-- then the body obviously becomes dehydrated.
Hence the body is in a very delicate and sensitive state. In that case, if
one breaks the fast in an abrasive or hasty manner then not only will they
be unable to derive the many benefits of the fast but it will create harm
to the body.

                                  THE NEED FOR WATER

So one key point to keep in mind is that after a dry fast sufficient water
is needed to properly restore the body and help it reach that pristine
state. As we all know water is an indispensable part of the functioning of
the body and since the human body itself is comprised mostly of water,
naturally then an adequate amount of water must be taken. And multiple
reasons are there behind this.     
First off, after fasting there remains undigested food & waste material
sitting in colon as well as in the large and small intestines. Often enough
this waste matter is collected on the linings of the intestine, thus
causing blockage. So on the one hand sufficient water is needed in order to
deliver a proper and thorough cleansing of the intestines-- as well as the
entire digestive track. This is one point.

It is similar to if your kitchen floor gets dirty or stained and if you try
to clean it with only a few drops of water, that will never suffice. In
that case it will not get clean. Whereas if sufficient water is applied
then that floor can be properly cleaned-- and it will regain its shine.
Now here is another point.

Additionally, it is well known that water is one of basic ingredients for
the functioning of all the organs. Thus after fasting a sufficient amount
must be taken to compensate for the deficit. Plus, as discussed, water is
needed in order to clean the waste from the body. So on both these
accounts, and for other reasons as well, the body needs an adequate amount
of water on the morning of breaking fast.

                    A FEW POINTS OF AWARENESS

Before getting into the specifics of breaking fast, it should be mentioned
that one, two, or even three glasses of water is not nearly enough for the
breaking process. In their ignorance, some people might drink 1-2 glasses
of water and then immediately start eating varieties of foods etc, but that
way of doing is totally off base and should never be done.

Rather on breaking fast morning first the digestive system should be
cleaned thoroughly-- from top to bottom-- with water. And when that has
been done completely, then solid food can be taken, but not beforehand.


1. First mix 1/4 piece of lemon or lime with some salt in a dry container--
preferably a plastic or ceramic container, but not metal.

2. Then add 1/2 litre to 1 litre of warm water and stir.

3. The lemon salt water mixture should be distinctly salty to taste-- but
not overly salty.

4. If your mixture is not sufficiently salty then little by little more can
be added. And if really it is already too salty then simply dilute your
mixture by adding more warm water.

5. Then one should begin to drink this lemon salt water. Not in one gulp
per se, but in a series of comfortable sips and swallows over the course of
a few minutes, without bloating the stomach. But one should not take too
much time either.

6. After finishing that initial round of salty lemon water then one can
walk nearby for a minute or two-- either in the fresh air or indoors.

7. Plus you can gently stretch the upper body by raising the arms on the
inhale and then exhaling and gently bending to the side. And repeat by
bending to the opposite direction. This gently helps to hasten the
cleansing process.

8. Then as soon as one feels ready to again drink, then the next round of
lemon salt water should be taken. Note: It is important not to wait too
long in between rounds. As soon as the stomach feels comfortable one should
again drink.

9. And like this multiple rounds should be done of drinking lemon salt
water and then walking slowly. This process should be repeated until one
feels the need to go to the toilet. And overall upwards of 2-3 litres of
lemon salt water can be ingested in this way. (Note: But under no
circumstances should solid food be taken yet. Rather this will wreak havoc
on the system as fresh food will be sitting on top of waste material. So no
food should be taken at all until the entire system gets clear.)

10. By this process of drinking round after around, a strong urge will come
to go to the toilet-- within 1/2 hour to one hour, depending. And initially
when in the toilet a very strong smelling brown waste matter will be
released. And thereafter progressively more and more liquids will be
released via the rectum. This will also be brown at the beginning. But one
should not worry that they have been stricken with a severe case of
diarrhea. It is not like that. Rather this is the initial stage of cleaning
out the digestive track.

11. Once one has begun the process of defecating & clearing the stomach and
bowels. Then you can switch over from drinking a salty mixture and instead
begin taking pure fresh water without any salt. This fresh water will help
hydrate the body and will also aid in the cleansing process.

12. In this process of cleaning one might have to visit the toilet anywhere
between 3-5 times, or more. And one important thing to remember is that
never should the urge be suppressed and "held in". Rather as soon as the
impulse comes one should go straight to the toilet.

The waste material will go from brown and somewhat solid to being yellowish and
liquidy until finally being a completely clear liquid. And once completely clear
liquid comes then in this case one can feel assured that indeed the entire digestive
track has become clean-- including the intestines, colon, and stomach. Everything has
become perfectly clean.

14. And by this entire process of cleansing a very light and healthy
feeling will consume the body. And one will fell very happy, fresh, and

15. Within ten to fifteen minutes a slight feeling of hunger will come. And
at that point one can eat 2-3 ripe bananas, depending on the size. But the
bananas should be soft and ripe-- not green and hard.

16. And then after taking a few bananas-- and do be careful not to overeat
and fill the stomach completely-- then after waiting 25 minutes it is
important to again drink some fresh water. This will help in digesting the

17. And thereafter when stronger hunger comes one should take some easily
digestible food-- like well-hydrated rice and vegetables, or whatever is
conveniently available in your area or locale. But neither strong food like
citrus fruit nor heavily spiced or oily food should be taken. These should
be avoided and instead more simple food should be eaten.

18. And throughout the day care should be taken to continue to drink fresh
water in small amounts, but not at the same time as eating. This will help
ensure the solid food gets digested properly and it will also keep the body

                             TAKING PROPER CARE

One should also keep in mind that breaking fast is a highly individualized
thing. And one should be gentle and listen to one's own body when
undergoing this entire process.

So altogether, this is one very important and a delicate subject; it needs
personal interest and proper care to see what is good and working well for

                              BABA'S BLESSING

I can never forget how in one general darshan, Baba has given the guideline
that although animals know how to fast, only humans know how to break their
fast properly. And those who are not aware about this technique then they
should be taught at the earliest. In that way Baba spoke

                            ANOTHER BABA'S BLESSING

Baba says, "When you are in a mood of pleasure, you should distribute it
throughout the universe-- let all the hearts of the entire created universe
dance in ecstasy. This is the goal of the day: you are for all, you are for
the Neo-Humanistic progress of the entire universe."  (AFPS-5)


Note 1:                A FEW MORE POINTS COMING

In a follow-up email some further points about this important topic of
fasting, healthy, and wellness will be sent. At the same time others should
also share their insights and experiences


We know that our AM system of fasting is based upon the cycle or phases of
the moon. Yet Baba also guides us that when human beings move to other
planets then accordingly the system of fasting will be based on that
planetary system etc.

                          PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'loya bhara' toma'r dhara' saba'r tare, saba'r tare,
A'sa' hetha'y toma'r krpa'y, toma'ri ka'j kariba're..." (4767)


 Baba, by Your grace, everyone comes on this earth to do Your work.
Everyone has come here to chant Your holy name. Baba, this earth, Your
land, is filled with Your divine effulgence. It is for everyone; it is for
everyone.   Baba, since eternity You have been my Dearmost. Baba whatever way You
want to keep me in Your shelter, I accept-- whether that be in tears or
smiles. Whatever You like, You give; that will be best for me. And from my
side, those things which I have lovingly prepared with my full heart to
offer (arghya*) at Your lotus feet, please accept them.
 Baba, You were mine and You will be mine up to eternity; I am also
Yours-- forever, trika'l*. Baba, in this universe we all dance around You
by Your grace. Baba, You are the focal point; in the end everyone will
finally merge into You.
 Baba, Your world is for all-- for all. Your shelter is for all...


*Trika'l=  The prefix 'tri' means 'three'; and the stem 'ka'l'  means
'time'. Hence trika'l refers to the three phases of time: Past, present,
and future.

*Arghya= The term arghya means 'offering' though more specifically it
refers to that offering which is purely psychic or mental in nature-- the
offerings of the mind. In contrast to offer those things which are physical
in nature is nirma'ly. Hence in the above song since the term arghya is
used, the sadhaka is offering all his mental colours and longings at the
lotus feet of Guru. The sadhaka is offering all the love of his heart to
his Lord. Thus the devotee's offering is purely psychic or psycho-spiritual
in nature. Whereas the offering done to various gods and goddesses in the
dogmatic religions is called nirma'ly since on those occasions those
followers are offering physical objects like food, incense, animals etc.
Baba has outlined this distinct difference between arghya and nirma'ly in a
few different discourses.

                       Present Day Music

Baba says, "The world of music today is like a person without a proper guru
or proper training. People want to show they can play without having paid
their dues. They are selling themselves for gold without realizing that the
real value of music is being lost thereby. Gold is becoming even cheaper
than glass. Whenever a ra'gin'ii is a little difficult they only show that
they can play the notes without going deep into the music. There is no way
of doing this with sindhubhaeravii, the same with mu'lta'nii vasanta (not
vasantaba'ha'r), so you no longer hear either one of them." (SC-2, p.129)

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