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Why Not Baba's Book

From: "Mohini Ghosh"
Subject: Why Not Baba's Book
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 21:29:36 +0530



One of the groups has always glorified the words Baba spoke in Bengali and printed them properly whereas what Baba spoke in Hindi they left lying in the dust.

When Baba spoke in Bengali about points of samaj then they always made sure that got published in Baba's books such as Varna Vicitra and Shabda Cayanika and Prout in A Nutshell etc. But when Baba speaks in Hindi about other samajas and
their histories etc, then those discourses they manipulate stating that Ac. Raghunath is the author of those talks.

By having the book appear in Raghunath's name then people do not even know that this is Baba's book. And that is what is discussed herein.

I am reminding us all of what was witnessed by thousands of margiis who personally attended those DMC's during Baba's northern India tour in the first few months of 1984. And several thousand more margiis are there who did not attend but heard about all of this.

Here then in story format I am sharing the details how Baba toured in 1984 but unfortunately the many discourses given on that lengthy tour never got printed in His name. Please read below.


Baba made an historic education tour in 1984 when He held more than one dozen DMC's across northern India & the following is the story of that time.

When Baba did His grand tour and conducted so many DMC's in Hindi speaking areas in 1984, Baba directly gave important guidelines to all the samaj secretaries from various samajas which He visited. Means it was an education tour and wherever He went all along the way Baba did field walks at so many temples, churches, forts, and old buildings. This was part of His pre-planned tour that during field walks He would visit so many historical and archeological sites. And always local margiis accompanied Baba on these walks and got the blessed opportunity to hear Baba talk about these places and much more.

Sure enough the DMC discourses and general darshans of this same 1984 tour which Baba delivered got printed in Subhasita Samgraha parts 16-17 and Ananda Vacanamrtam part 22, respectively. This was given. One other important point in all of this is that Acarya Raghunathji was assigned the specific duty of taking notes of all Baba's talks during that 1984 tour.

So this type of program was going on during that historic tour because, after all, this was Baba's usual way. Not just on this tour but throughout His life wherever Baba lived and wherever He visited always He told all the histories, stories, tales, factual analysis and so many things about the surrounding area wherever He was. And these things Baba told to the local Margiis and attending Acaryas - whoever was present. When living in Jamalpur, when touring Berlin Sector, when touring the Philippines, indeed all the time this was happening. So naturally also then on His grand 1984 tour of Hindi speaking areas Baba gave countless talks about the history and archeology of that area.

And as I say on His tour Baba visited many archeological buildings that were hundreds and even thousands of years old. Baba spent time at places that had a rich history of deep archeological importance such as temples, tombs, mosques, forts, monuments, historical buildings, etc. And Baba revealed a huge, never-before-known history during His tour which was noted down.


But the tragedy is that all those charming tales and hidden facts which Baba graciously revealed, all those things never got printed in Baba's name. Never.

In contrast though, in the Prout books so many talks given on field walks related with Bengalistan have been added after 1990. So why did Bangalistan get the upper hand while all the talks from Baba's tour of Hindi speaking areas get completely neglected. Why didn't the Hindi area historical research and Baba's other direct guidelines, why didn't those get placed in book form in the name of Baba.

Because after all, on this long 1984 tour of 4 months penance, thousands and thousands of pages worth of Baba's valuable teaching was given. Yet somehow it was deliberately left off the shelf of Baba's library.


Here then is the missing link: the answer why all those talks of Baba never got printed in His name.

For that historic 1984 tour, Baba gave the duty to Ac Raghunathji to collect and manage the note-taking and publication of those talks. So Ac Raghunathji organised all the talks given by Baba during the tour. This he did from 1984 up to 1993 and in his own way Ac Raghunathji was trying to get the Publications Department to print these things.

But Sarvatmananda pushed back and delayed the work. Sarvatmanandaji did not cancel the project completely. He did not throw it into the river; he is more crafty and cunning than that. Instead, he added one of his patented devious twists to the situation. Sarvatmanandaji demanded that the book be published, BUT in the name of Ac Raghunathji-- not Baba.


So that was the nasty point. Reason being Dada Sarvatmanandaji wanted to undermine those things. Means he did not want to highlight anything other than Bengali culture so all Baba's talks about Hindi speaking areas, he wanted to push them down into the mud. And what better way to effectively do this than to take away Baba's name from those discourses and instead assign them to someone else-- like Raghunathji.

Because whatever words come from Sadguru Baba, those words are treated as divine. Nobody can compare with BABA. So by manipulating the situation and instead crediting Ac Raghunathji and not Baba for giving all those talks, that was one way of undermining Baba's words about those Hindi speaking samaj areas. And that is exactly what Dada Sarvatmanandji wanted to do. To crush the existence and push down the validity of Hindi speaking areas. And in fact he did like that.

Because the book of history did in fact get printed in Acarya Raghunathji's name and still today it remains like that. About this book more I will tell below.


First though, with regards to Acarya Raghunathji, all we can say is that his position was like one bootlicker that time. That was why he did not adequately oppose Sarvatmanandaji's fraudulent scheme. And in the end Ac Raghunathji actually thought that this was alright. Because after all the book was put in his name and that way he got the credit and respect for that. So that was Ac Raghunathji's way in all of this, and even when he was the organisational president still he did not come forward to correct this thing. That is the proof that he approved of the whole situation.



But truly speaking those are all Baba's direct talks. And anyone who is at all familiar with Baba's style of discourse will easily understand that all those words belong to our Revered Baba, and not to Ac Raghunathji.  So it is a terrible wrongdoing that the book was done in a different way. It got titled as 'P.R. Sarkar on History' and the author's name is there in bold print: Acarya Raghunath. That is the tragedy.

Because in this way, who can understand that this is actually Baba's book? Nobody. Because the title of the book itself makes it look like Ac Raghunathji is writing about Shrii Sarkar's ideas on history. When in actuality those are all Baba's discourses.

Altogether Sarvatmanandaji has created a big mess in Baba's scripture in order to prove Bengali superiority. And all along the present B group spokesman Kalyaneshvarananda was aware about the adulterations and distortions being done to Baba's sacred discourses yet all the while he kept mum-- and just allowed that injustice to pass before his eyes.


Now it is the duty of one and all to put forth the demand that all Baba's discourses should be published in His own name and be included as part of Ananda Marga scripture.



The discourses Baba gave during His 1984 never got printed in Baba's own books. Instead Baba's discourses got published under Ac. Raghunathji name in his book titled 'Shri P.R. Sarkar on History' by Ac. Raghunathji. This above email tells this wrongdoing, but here following B group spokesman exposes his own position. Since long he was aware about the distortion done to Baba's discourses but never did he do anything to correct the matter.

B group spokesman Dada Kalyaneshvarananda once wrote:

"'In His 1984 tour, he (Baba) spoke about different places and Raghunathjii noted it down and was later published [in Ac Raghunathjii's own history book] as "Shri P.R. Sarkar on History."


"A'lo eseche ghum bheungeche, phuler vane raun legeche..."   (P.S. 2253)


 With the arrival of effulgence, all drowsiness & sleepiness have been vanquished. In the flower garden, new growth has come. The buds of those flowers which were in hibernation have now all bloomed. And they have filled the flowers with nectar; it is overflowing.

 Each and everyone's heart is vibrated with the new color. Each and every movement in life is vibrated in His flow. The air, the water, the earth, and the sky-- everything is filled with His vibration and charm. The advent of the new dawn has come; now there will not be any more cries or laments due to the darkness. In everyone's language and expression there will no longer be any bitterness - rather it will be saturated with sweetness and love. Love will be the source of all inspiration.

 This entire transformation has all happened due to the causeless grace of Parama Purusa; He created this momentum and changed the whole vibration of this entire universe. He filled it with His own color. The new dawn has come and the drowsiness of staticity and dogma has disappeared. The sweetness and charm of spirituality has come...

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