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DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program

From: "LiilaKrsna Deva"
Subject: DMS News: Uncultured Dance in Cultural Program
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 16:01:29 +0530



The RAWA cultural program at the May 2012 DMS displayed some things that we should all be aware about.


First off, the program itself was directed and organised, once again, by Sri Mrinal Pathak.

Here it should be understood that Mr Pathak earns his livelihood by directing dance / dramas for the general society. This is how he earns his food; so he is well-accustomed to creating programs that suit the Hollywood taste of the common public. That means he regularly uses 16-21 year-old boys and girls in his programs. And he encourages them to dance and sing together. Mr. Pathak's shows are designed in the ways of Bollywood and Hollywood. There is an open degree of sensuality in his performances.


For example, at his recently displayed performances at Ananda Nagar in May 2012:

(a) All females aged 16-21 danced with their mid-section totally uncovered. That means the entire region from just above their waist to just below their chest was totally bare.

(b) All males aged 16-21 danced with their entire top exposed, from the waist up. Males were only wearing a dhoti; their upper body was totally naked.

(c) These males and females - or young men and women - were dancing on the stage together, holding and touching one another, according to the role of their characters. In that way they were in each other's grasp.

We know of course that per the Ananda Marga system, adult males and females should not dance together on the stage; indeed, no females should dance in front of a male audience. That is just one crude scene. And our RAWA stage is not a night-club, where all kinds of sensual acts are put on display

(d) The males also had shaved all the hair from their underarm; this was visible to all. Of course we know this is totally against Baba's guidelines of 16 points, i.e. "Do not cut the hair of the joints of the body." This gives the wrong message to the audience.

(e) Amazingly, the theme of the show was how youths prepare their mind to become avadhutas and avadhutikas. Yet, in reality, the entire program only served to goad people's minds toward sensuality - not towards divinity. Our RAWA programs should goad the mind from muladhara cakra to the sahasara cakra - not sahasrara to muladhara. So see what Mr Pathak's dance program did - that is the irony.



Indeed, all of the above sets a tone of extreme sensuality and pseudo-culture. Never was such a degrading performance ever allowed to be done in front of Baba. Yet now this has become a regular feature of DMS where our dadas and didis, males and females, including margiis young and old, are essentially forced to watch these degrading displays again and again. It is completely against the spirit of our RAWA programs.


And now, our top Dadas herald such events. It is really quite shocking. See here how  Ac Acintanandji - the RAWA in-charge - spoke in such glowing terms about this program.

"Mrinal Pathakji is establishing Ananda Marga bhagavad dharma through these cultural programs. His work is unparalleled. He is a true dharmika. With Rawa, dance dharma will be established gradually. Everyone should follow in his footsteps." - Dada Acintananda


Those who attended please write what other things you experienced.

LiilaKrsna Deva


"Tumi prabhu ele ye rauna d'ha'lile ta'ha'r a'di-anta na'hi pa'i..."  (PS 4857)


Baba, You came and coloured everything in the divine color of effulgence and ideology. There is no beginning and end of Your magnificent love; You coloured everything. You Yourself ignited the fire of ideology in the sleeping and frustrated hearts of the people. And You filled their sunken, hopeless hearts with divine love. In this entire universe there is no comparison of what You did and of what You have done: How You poured Your loving grace unto one and all.

Baba, You brought a basket full of heavenly blessings along with You to distribute. And You showered and saturated the animate and inanimate worlds with that divine grace. You gave the direction to all: Live and let live. And You gave the teaching how one can grow physically, psychically, and spiritually. You fulfilled all the requirements to the highest capacity, done in such a way that, even in the future, nobody will say that they need anything more.  

Baba, since eternity You have been residing in the core of everyone's heart and mind. And You are living and You will go on living with everyone up to infinite time through Your ota and prota yoga. The serpentine noose of maya will be ripped to shreds with Your divine liila, "dharma moves secretly and does everything". And it will lead me to the divine Goal, You.  

Baba You came and saturated everything with Your infinite grace. You have filled everyone's heart...

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