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How to Shoe Away Owls

From: "R&L Pucillo" To: Subject: How to Shoe Away Owls Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 08:37:22 +0000 Baba "Pathe pathe ghuri toma'rei smari, dekhite na' pa'i keno bolo..." (PS 2904) Purport: Baba, I am wandering around on the path thinking about You. In my journey of life I am moving ahead, ensconced in Your divine ideation. By Your grace my life is passing in this way. Baba, even then I am not getting You. I am putting forth effort in my sadhana but I am not getting Your close proximity nor Your sweet, divine touch. Baba, I am not feeling Your intimate closeness in the way I desire; please tell me why that is. Baba, Your karuna'* is my sadhana. When You shower Your grace compassion then my sadhana is blissful-- otherwise my sadhana is dry. So I am just depending on You completely. When You shower Your karuna' then that is my sadhana. Baba, why are You playing this type of liila with me-- why are You not always coming in close to me in my meditation. Why do You remain so elusive. Baba, You are the Goal of everyone's dhyana. You are the Ista. Baba, You are the dearest One; You are the terminus. In everyone's mind and heart, You are the most venerable one: You are varaniiyo. Baba, until one gets You, they cannot be satisfied. You are the eternal and infinite Source. Only You can satiate everyone's heart. That is why everyone loves You and yearns for You. Baba, please bring complete satiation to everyone's mind; please light the lamp of devotion. Sometimes my sadhana goes up; sometimes it goes down. Baba, please light the lamp of devotion in my heart so that it remains eternally effulgent. Baba, although I want You to come close and sit and talk with me so I can see You, although this is my desire but You do not come close. You are not coming according to my desire. Baba, in that case, go on playing Your divine liila; there is no harm. Because by Your grace whenever I call You-- I easily get You in the deep core of my heart. By Your grace I see that You are sitting there smiling. For that very reason, I have surrendered all my love unto You. It is Your grace. Baba, I want You-- You are my dearmost. Please make me ensconced in the depths of Your ideation, eternally forever and ever. Baba, with Your ahetuki krpa, please shower me with Your parabhakti... ASTERISK NOTES (*): *Karuna': (Literally: 'Divine Compassion'); When Parama Purus'a sees the suffering of devotees, then He feels pained by how they are unable to move ahead on the spiritual path due to getting caught up in various problems and difficulties. In such circumstances, Parama Purusa cannot bear to watch His bhaktas go through so much struggle and strife. So in their helpless condition, when devotees are trying hard to progress but their pathway is completely obstructed and they cannot advance in their sadhana or spiritual life-- and again and again they are overcome by various complexes, bondages, and obstacles-- then by seeing His devotees beleaguered in this way, Parama Purus'a Himself comes and graces them. With His immense feeling of karuna' (divine compassion), Parama Purusa blesses His devotees and relieves them of their pain and suffering. This special grace is nothing but His divine karuna': Wherein Parama Purus'a graces the devotees and removes their troubles and hindrances so that once again they can move ahead freely on the path of spiritual salvation.
Namaskar, In these current times where groupist rulers have seized hold of our AMPS, everyone is looking for which way to turn. Everyone wants to know which direction to go-- what is the way out. This is the common question among all.
While to some the present scenario in AMPS may seem dizzying and beyond repair, actually to rectify and permanently overcome the situation we need only understand one simple formula-- nothing more.
Wherever there is darkness, crude negative leaders will rule. This is the equation. For example in the pitch-dark night, owls rule the earth. In that bleak scenario, the owls spread their wings, hunt their prey, and dominate and torture all other beings-- as everyone else is helpless in the dark of the night. Thus so long as there is darkness, the crude regime of the owls will continue. To overcome the situation, one might make the futile attempt to chase after every single owl, one by one-- in that very darkness. But that indeed is extremely difficult, if not useless. Because darkness is the ally of the owl. Best then will be if one ushers in the light of the new day. In which case all the owls will automatically scatter and hide in their holes etc. They will be gone forever. That is the magic formula.
Similarly, in our human existence, in our AMPS, in this dark era when crude groupist rulers are dominating the scene, then the only answer needed is the light of knowledge-- the effulgence of AM ideology. Baba says, "When fighting darkness, will you carry darkness in your pocket, or will you carry a torch? Certainly a torch. Similarly, to fight a man of avidya, do just the opposite thing to him, and then you will be victorious. These are the secrets of success. I hope you will do it." (AV-12) Thus when factional kingpins like Sarvatmananda or Rudrananda have been ruling AMPS since 1990, the only way to permanently rid AMPS from such groupist forces is with the light of neo-humanism and ideological understanding. As that sentient knowledge grows-- as that light shines-- then those dark rulers will be forced away from the scene permanently. Then all the owls will be gone.
Here the whole point is that in human life more and more mass awakening is needed. Because ignorance amongst the masses is the itself power of the exploitative rulers. This we have seen in the history of each and every country around the globe. Whereas inner understanding leads a people out from the darkness. This is Baba's common prescription. Baba says, "Diipajina'na means 'torch', that is, the knowledge that takes a human being from the darkness of animality towards the effulgence of divinity. In the initial stage, human beings require a torch to light up the way for them." (Nov 16, 1978, Delhi) According to Baba, in each and every angle of human existence, that initial spark of knowledge and awareness is what allows human beings to rise up to the next level. Similarly only the light of knowledge-- ideological understanding-- can set our AMPS on the right track and remove groupism from our organisation. Without that there cannot be success-- that is also Baba's teaching. Baba says, "If one walks in darkness one needs a torch otherwise one will fall down in a ditch." (SS-19) Hence without the light of more and more ideological awareness, AMPS will not be able to reach that era of neo-humanism. Without that inner understanding, this or that groupist will control the scene.
If we look around the globe we can see clear-cut examples where crude leaders come to the helm due to the ignorance of the common people. For example in 1947, both Pakistan and India got the gift of democratic freedom. Both were on the same playing field. But due to the varying level of public awareness, one country could move ahead and one could not. In Pakistan the level of education was lower, for that simple reason Pakistan has been governed by one suffocative and exploitative dictatorial regime after another since 1947. And most of that time they have been under extremist military rule. In contrast, due to the relatively higher standard of the Indian public, after 1947 India was able to step by step establish an open, democratic environment. And not only that, now due to higher public awareness, the loopholes of democracy are also being exposed in India. Certainly, as that public knowledge increases, then those democratic leaders will be pressurised to depart from the podium and the neo-humanistic era of Prout will come. Here the entire point is that negative leaders will continue in their heyday so long as the public remains in the dark. But as the public awareness increases then automatically those negative leaders will disappear in a flash.
Taking a look back in the history of our AMPS, who can forget those days of old in 1990-91. In that era our Marga was drowned in darkness. Everyone innocently and naively thought that Sarvatmananda and the rest of the Dadas in Centre were divine incarnations who would bring peace, justice, and welfare to the entire universe. This was the daydream those days. And in that period of extreme ignorance and unawareness, what happened? Sarvatmananda snatched the power and exercised unbridled control over AMPS. In a matter of days and months after 1990 he created one dogma after another and wiped out margii rights and instituted so many heinous rules. The Bhukti Pradhan system was destroyed; the ACB turned into his puppet committee; countless innocent margiis were tortured and humiliated; the dharmic paragraph about margii rights in Baba's AM Revolution discourse was removed entirely. Plus Sarvatmananda imposed countless dogmas like the fake Ananda Vaniis, crusty tiirthas and Memorials, and he falsely prefaced each AM publication with the blatant misconception, 'Translated with the original Bengali' etc. Indeed many hellish things and so much nonsense occurred in those early days after 1990. All because our Marga was in the dark. That is the rule: Public ignorance gives power to negative rulers. So without that light of knowledge all those misdeeds and injustices were allowed to be executed by those exploitative and power hungry rulers.
Little by little however, things are getting better and better in our Marga. There has been much improvement. As the ideological awareness rises in AM, then almost magically negative things stop happening-- step by step. For example, fewer blatant distortions and manipulations are being done to Baba's holy discourses. And the false line about "Translated from the original Bengali' has been removed entirely. And like that so many dogmatic things have completely stopped-- because the overall awareness has increased and margiis are no longer tolerating those wrongdoings. And as the understanding rises even higher, then those old distortions that have not been fixed such as the deleted paragraph from the AM Revolution discourse will be properly repaired. That is sure to happen. And we will fix other things such as paying non-margiis to translate Baba's divine discourses. Because as awareness increases then the problematic points will be resolved. Here the key ingredient is that mass consciousness is needed. As the ideological understanding gets embedded in AMPS and as those ideological principles are put into practice and followed, then the natural outcome is that the leaders will be better and better-- more and more neo-humanistic. That is the old crusty leaders will be effortlessly forced out from the scene and proper leaders will emerge and benevolently grab the reins. So it is a direct relationship: The more ideological awareness there is in our Marga, then the better those in the helm will be. That is the formula. Thus chasing away one groupist ruler one by one is not the way. Rather let the light of knowledge shine forth and then all those dark, dogmatic groupists will automatically flee from the stage. Then all the owls of darkness will be gone. Now then is the time to propagate and follow Baba's divine teachings of AM ideology and bring our organisation on the right track-- permanently shedding the dark dogma of groupism and ushering in that brilliant era of neo-humanism. Baba says, "'We have come to the world to perform great deeds-- for the physical welfare of all, for the psychic happiness of all, and for the spiritual elevation of all - to lead all from darkness unto light.' If, even then, someone says: 'No, darkness is good for me!' we will tell them: 'All right, darkness is good for you, but just once why don't you come and see the light - it is even better!'" (NH-LOI, Disc 11)
So the whole solution to groupism and negative rulers is quite plain and simple. With proper education and by following AM philosophy and by helping others to understand Baba's teachings, then naturally everyone's awareness will grow. In that case the tendency will come to fight injustice and indeed it is coming. And then the ideological base will be there to bring in proper leaders. And the reality is that this is the very process is going on this very instant in our AMPS. It is happening. In all the corners of the globe, margiis and sincere wts are rising up holding the lamp of AM ideology in which case those crooked persons in the helm are bound to disappear. All the owls of darkness will be gone-- shoed away. Every groupist leader whether H, B, NIA, or EC will vanish from the scene. That glorious day is fast coming. That era of neo-humanism is near, nay upon us.
By Baba's divine grace and infinite compassion, the beautiful new era of light is emanating in our AM society-- and growing more brilliant each and every moment. Baba says, "...The eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of darkness." (A'nanda Va'nii #49) Namaskar, Ramakrishna
Our approach is two-fold: First bring more and more light into AMPS and then spread that effulgence throughout the world and beyond. Baba says, "To build a healthy human race we should have given them proper guidance in philosophy, in science, in all branches of human knowledge - which we did not do." (NH-LOI, '87 Edn, p.99) So up till now we have not been able to spread the light of neo-humanism throughout each and every pore of this human civilisation. That could not be done-- not yet. But Baba has given us the duty to carry the torchlight to one and all and by His grace it will be done. Baba says, "Where the society is caught in the whirlpool of superstitions and prejudices - where it has lost its vision in the darkness of ignorance - there litterateurs and artists will have to come forward, even by taking risks. They will have to show the path to others with a flaming torch in hand." (PNS-10)
It is Baba's magnificent blessing upon us all that He has entrusted us with the spreading of His neo-humanistic ideology. And by His grace we will spread that to each and every human heart. Baba says, "The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts..." (Ananda Va'nii #49) And here following is Baba's divine assurance that we will get success and the new era of sentient peace and neo-humanism will come-- in AMPS and all around. Baba says, "You few are the torch bearers of human society. You are the pioneers, you are the vanguard of the human society. So it is your duty to save humanity." (Social Disc, Frankfurt)
*************************************** BABA SAYS
Baba says, "Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance one Cosmic Ideology will have to be adopted and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity-- the Cosmic Entity-- is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race." (To The Patriots) Note: Certainly Baba's above directive speaks for itself: He is the polestar and His teachings are to be followed. This everyone is understanding.

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