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Afghanistan & Lord Krsna Story

Date: 14 April 2009 From: "Parashram Laghate" To: Subject: Afghanistan & Lord Krsna Story Baba "Toma'r a'ma'r bha'loba'sa' keu va ja'ne, keu ja'ne na'..." (P.S. 1423) Purport: Baba, You love me and I love You. This very fact is not commonly known. Baba, about my and Your love, a few may recognise but many not. Some believe that love between the unit and the vast is indeed possible, but some do not believe this eternal truth. When the garland is prepared with only an insignificant thread, some think that it is just a collection of flowers. While others can understand that this garland represents the very sweet feeling and deep loving relation for Whom it is made. Nobody cares to recognize that on even small dew drops the whole sun is reflecting. In a similar way, the unit carries a deep loving relation with Parama Purusa. And in its little heart, Parama Purusa remains close by. How much energy one little molecule can assimilate, the ordinary intellect does not realise-- nay cannot recognise. The little flower which is dancing keeping the nectar in its heart, that is the entire sweetness of the flower and its meaningful existence. In the same way, the beauty of human beings is to carry the loving feeling for Parama Purusa in their heart. That is the Goal of life. And then life becomes successful...
Namaskar, The name Ka'ndha'har came from Ga'ndha'har, and the Lady Gandharii who married the King of Delhi King is named after her homeland. But this story does not end here...
Taraka Brahma - the Parama Purusa incarnate - comes onto this earth with a mission and everything He does is perfectly logical and clear. Everything happens with intention and can all be clearly explained - lest one has not the ears or mind to understand. Not long ago, one avadhuta grosssly misunderstood Lord Krsna's liila and this avadhuta wrongly explained about it to all. The avadhuta's misunderstanding about Lord Krsna is similar to his and his group's misunderstanding about Baba today. They think that Baba loves the Bengali samaj (Amra Bengali) the most. But this is just not true. Baba loves all samajas equally. Every bhakta surely understands this:
Every disciple of Baba has the right to propagate His teachings. But sometimes we see in our practical life that certain persons come forward to talk about Baba's teachings and in place of saying something meaningful they just create problems and confusion. And they pollute others' minds by their dogmatic junk, garbage, and silly beliefs. And on the top while doing this nonsense, they also project the false notion that these garbage things are Baba's ideas. In such a situation if readers are not aware about Baba's direct teachings from the books, then in their innocence they may start believing those wrong ideas and get misguided. Some time back in one email forum such an incident happened. The writer is one senior Avadhuta who was using the example of the Gandharii and Krsna dialogue (See Note 1). And in so doing this Avadhuta propagated his own negative idea in the name of Baba. In this peculiar situation who can think that keeping quiet is good. Rather to protect Baba's legacy, it should be accurately put forth what Baba has actually written in His book about this Gandharii and Lord Krsna dialogue.
The point of the current controversy is this. Avadhutaji wrote that Lord Krsna became speechless after listening Gandharii's question / accusation. As if, Lord Krsna did not have any answer to reply to Gandharii on the point of Mahbharata war. (See Note 2) But the fact is completely different. Lord Krsna had the answer but due to the nature of the circumstances He felt it was not appropriate to say anything. Means, the situation was not proper so Lord Krsna thought that keeping quiet on the matter is better. This is what has been divulged by Baba Himself and it is printed in the the book, 'Discourses on the Mahabharata'. For those who have gone through Baba's book, it is well known for them. Please read as follows. The dialogue between Lord Krsna and Gandharii begins like this. Baba writes: "Krsna consoled Gandharii and said, "Why do you weep? This is the way of the world - you will also depart some day. Why do you weep then?" Addressing Krsna, Gandharii said, "Krsna, why do you console me? It does not befit you." Krsna asked, "'Why?" Gandharii replied, "If you had not planned it, all my sons would not have been killed." Krsna replied, "The war was inevitable for the preservation of righteousness and the destruction of Papa. What could I have done, I am only an instrument." (Discourses on the Mahabharata, p. 53)
Now here comes the critical section where Lord Krsna opts not to give a reply even though in HIS own mind the answer is crystal clear. Baba continues, "To this Gandharii said, "Krsna, you are Taraka Brahma. If you had wanted, you would have changed their minds without a fight." It was a fact. But Krsna had to put an example before the world. Papa is defeated. Let there be a fight. Let the world see and take a lesson. If it had been done without a fight, the world would not have received the lesson. Krsna did not speak, though logic was on His side. There are numerous instances in one's life where one's ideas are correct, but one has to keep quiet. Lord Krsna was put in that state." (Discourses on the Mahabharata, p. 53) So by the above Baba's discourse, it is proved that Lord Krsna had His own logical reply but He opted not to vocalize it due to the nature of the circumstance. That is Baba's perfect and pointed explanation of the scene. Unfortunately in that e-mail forum our Avadhuta Dada gave an interpretation that was directly opposite to Baba's explanation. By this way it is clear that our Avadhuta Dadaji is far, far off the mark. Just like he and his corhorts are incorrect in the faulty understanding about Baba's samaj theory. Baba loves all samajas equally but they got it in their pea-sized brain that Baba loves Bengal best - such is their dogmatic misunderstanding. Here again are those important letters about samaj.
Here then in this following guideline Baba warns us in clear-cut, language to beware of those unqualified persons who try to interpret the scriptures with their limited knowledge. Because such persons always come up with the wrong answer due to their own narrow minded ideas and extreme misunderstanding. Such persons will always misguide the society. BABA says, "The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused." "There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures as a means of livelihood. They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience...[and] do more harm than good to the society." "[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect--to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures." (NSS) Namaskar, Parashram Note 1: 'Gandharii and Krsna Dialogue': For those newer margiis who may not be aware, Gandharii was the mother of Duryodhana and directly after the Mahabharata battle in which all her sons got killed, she engaged in one famous dialogue with Lord Krsna. More is told about this dialogue throughout this entire e-mail. Note 2: In his letter this Avadhuta falsely wrote: "Krsna had no answer when His devotee Gandhari (mother of Kaoravas) asked Krsna - why He made her children follow Adharma and got them killed?"..."Krsna had no answer....Krsna could not reply..." End of the writing of Avadhutaji. Note 3: Avadhutaji also wrongly told that Gandharii was a great devotee. But everyone knows that those who are really great devotees, they do not argue unnecessarily with their Ista. Rather they want to do each and everything to fulfill and satisfy the desire of Ista. That is called Ista-nista. So can you believe that a great devotee would curse the Lord. And it is commonly know that Gandharii cursed Lord Krsna. So Gandharii has her own agenda. She dos not like to move according to the great plan of Lord Krsna. So those who have a little sense about the standard of devotion, they know that Gandharii was not a great devotee. Rather she was just trying to make her first steps in the field of devotion. That is why she was following simple morality, not even satya. So in those old days Lord Krsna appreciated her to some limited degree because in certain ways she was better than the evil-minded Duryodhana at least. But still we cannot call Gandharii as a great devotee; otherwise it will be injustice. Because how we can call a person a great devotee when that person has the strong desire to curse Ista. Is it not like that? Note 4: Baba is very strict that we should (a) either lead people ahead in the right direction. Or (b) if someone is unable to properly teach others then at least they should keep mum instead of harming the society by giving faulty and useless advice. Baba warns us, "If one is not able to give the people proper guidance, then at least one should not misguide them. One must not divert them from the proper path." (NSS) Note 5: Here below Baba is directing us that to develop a strong, clean society it is important to step forward and point out others when they do wrong. Baba says, "From both the social and human standpoint, all have the right to take corrective measures against everybody else. This, in fact, is everyone's birthright. No logician can dispute the right of others in society to correct the short-comings of those who come in contact with them for one reason or other. The recognition of this right is unavoidable for the healthy well-being of society." (HS-1, p. 59) Note 6: The Avadhuta Dada being referred to in this whole letter is Dada Kalyaneshvaranandaji. No doubt for a long time he was the AM Engineering College Principal in Ananda Nagar. But on this point of scriptural interpretation he is seriously confused, jaded by his B group interest.
************************************************* - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows --the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p.10)

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