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True Realisation or Just Bagula' Bhagat

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:47:01-0400 To: From: dharma@eco-net... Subject: True Realisation or Just Bagula' Bhagat Baba "Kare ja'tra' halo shuru, bhule gechi se katha'..." (699) Baba, when exactly my journey started I do not know; it is not in my mind. I have completely forgotten the day when my journey towards You started. Since many lives, by Your grace You have been attracting me-- step by step.By Your causeless compassion I am moving in that divine liila-- reducing the radius gradually and coming closer & closer to You. How much I suffered on the way and, how many thorns pierced my feet and hindered my forward movement on the path-- that I do not remember. Those memories are not in my mind. On the journey towards You by Your grace I crossed the torturous fiery blaze of the burning desert. And other times I got totally drenched from the pouring rains of the thunderstorms. But, no matter what the obstacle, by Your grace You always gave me the strength and perseverance to move on. Baba, by Your grace You are always bringing me close to You. So many spring seasons and their beauty have come and I got intoxicated by that attraction. And in Your longing, in Your divine attraction, You filled my heart with devotion. And by Your grace I sang Prabhat Samgiita songs and kiirtan with heartfelt yearning and longing. In this way my life has passed-- sometimes in dark moments and sometimes in effulgent ones. But through it is, by Your grace gradually I have reached close to You, under Your shelter. Baba You are so gracious. Baba, You are my everything...
Namaskar, Recently one margii put forth his analysis about the current problems in our organisation. What he wrote is essentially correct, at least on paper. Now the trick is to see if what this margii has written is (a) something he has truly realised in the core of his heart, or (b) just a case of bagula' bhagat, a devious proposition to conceal his inner feeling. Fortunately, there is a clear-cut way to come to the right conclusion.
The margii points out that the main problem with the organisation these days (i.e. since 1990) is that those holding the posts are not up to the proper standard. The margii writes: "Those filling the positions were not selected with the welfare of the entire Marga in mind, were not trained sufficiently to do the job, and, most importantly of all, were not held accountable and given regular feedback from some kind of impartial oversight body." (10/24/08) So if really this is the realisation this margii has gotten then that is great. If really he believes this in his heart then it is quite commendable. Because in so many discourses Baba Himself guides us that one cannot be a sadhu, acarya, or postholder based on their dress or title alone. Rather they can be recognised by their action, behavior, and conduct. Then they are a sadhu in the true sense of the term. Hence, it seems that this margii has begun to realise Baba's directive: That our leaders must follow AM ideology. This margii is giving us a hint that he understands Baba's teaching; but for confirmation, we should now see how far this margii is readily to apply it in his day-to-day life.
As in this year of 2008, this senior margii, Vishvadeva (Oregon USA), has now understood Baba's teaching that those holding the post must act according to the mandates of AM, then this same Vishvadeva should be ready to apply this very understanding to many of the wrongs done since 1990. Those same group leaders who are in power today have had their hand in the soup since 1990, in which case bro Vishvadeda should be ready to admit that many of those organisational orders since 1990 were also unideological. Once he is ready to come forward on these matters, then we can all readily say, Vishvadeva has truly understood Baba's teaching-- otherwise not. Otherwise it will just be a case of bagula' bhagat, a superficial display done to befool others.
(I) In 1990, those so-called top post holders unanimously voted to create the dogmatic Mahaprayan. This crude enactment dictates that Baba is gone, when in fact Baba always remains with us, in our hearts. Hence those who claim to understand that the top post holders must act according to AM ideology, must then be ready to renounce the dogma of Mahaprayan. One should no longer follow it just because it was decided upon by some top post holders who went so far as to include the dogma of Mahaprayan as an appendix to CC-1. (II) So many injustices against margii rights have been carried out by top post holders: A) The Fake BP Manual (1997) was written and imposed on our Marga thereby making the BP system a hoax and stealing away the voice of so many margiis. B) Many innocent and defenseless margiis have been victimised, punished, and even expelled for pointing out wrongs committed by top Dadas. C) Fake Ananda Vaniis have been circulated by AM group leaders undermining Baba's true Ananda Vaniis. D) The key paragraph about margii rights has been removed from Baba's original AM Revolution discourse. E) The ACB has been turned into a mere puppet show run by groupist Dadas. F) Countless discourses have been distorted by ruling Dadas. G) And so many injustices and wrongs have occurred; the list goes on and on. And all of the above were invented, ordered, and executed by top Dadas who were holding the top posts.
So Vishvadeva can look back and reflect on his own life and see to what degree he followed those dogmatic orders or not. After all though, past is past; life is full of new beginnings. So now that he has come to the realisation that indeed those holding the top posts have not been adhering to AM ideology, then in his own life he should renounce those dogmas and follow the dharma of AM. Then we can say his realisation is complete, otherwise, well, it will just be chalked up as bagula' bhagat: A superficial, devious display to hide one's true colors. Otherwise, we might conclude that it is just due to his own personal and party interest that he is now suddenly blaming that top post holders are not up to the mark.
By Baba's grace more and more are coming to the realisation that AM ideals must be followed in AM and that those holding the top posts must adhere to the letter, word, and spirit of Baba's teachings. With this happening, our Marga is sure to be a great force of dharma on this earth. Baba says, "You are travellers of an impregnable path. You have to march ahead proudly with the flag of Marga upright." (SS-1) Namaskar, Dharma
*************************************** Unique Definition
Baba says, "Art for service and blessedness." (PNS-10, p.2) Note 1: In the above quote Baba is guiding us that all forms of artistic expression-- from music to drawing to writing-- are for elevating and serving humanity and goading the mind to more subtle thoughts. However in the past nobody could conceive of this beautiful and vast idea, especially in the west where art has become nothing but a showpiece for baser propensities. That is in part why Baba's teaching is so unique. Unfortunately some in our AM family have fallen away from His divine guideline. Because they are using Prabhat Samgiita just as a means of doing business and making a profit. To that end, they have changed the tune and melody of many Prabhat Samgiita cassettes to reflect pseudo-culture ways of doing in order to boost sales-- all done to earn money. Where they alter Baba's divine Prabhat Samgiita songs into crude, filmy "love" songs. This is the tragedy that is going on nowadays. Yet in our AM seminars those same people speak about the great virtues & deep spiritual value of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita. Please excuse me, but in that case how can we believe their words when in their action something else is going on. Prabhat Samgiita is one of His grand gifts to the humanity, by His grace we will soon propagate is according to His high ideal of service and blessedness.

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