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The Way Baba Prepared for Struggle

Date: 12 Jul 2009 10:34:09 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" == THE WAY BABA PREPARED FOR STRUGGLE ==
Namaskar, We know, and Baba has told us again and again, that life is not always smooth. One's progress and movement is systaltic in nature - up and down. So there will always be highs and lows. Everyone will experience such patterns in their life. This below Baba story is not just the recounting of a very devotional and tantric period in our AM history, but also a practical method for how we are to proceed in day to day life.
Those pre-emergency days in 1971 in Patna, Baba was vigorously preparing everyone for the difficulties that lay ahead. He was teaching so many do's and don'ts and then checking those things as only a Sadguru can. The scene was both riveting and exciting, as well as full of love and bliss. Baba, of course, did not say openly that the whole world would turn on Ananda Marga and that we would all be persecuted and put in jail. Only He hinted that there will be a time when the number of margiis will be few and Ananda Margiis will not be accepted etc. Baba was also telling margiis to start stocking extra food in the homes, schools, and jagrtis. Hearing this though, no one was worried. We all knew that Baba was the Parama Purusa and we rightly felt that nothing could harm us. We heard Baba's gentle warnings about the future but at the same time we did not really listen. It is just like if the weather is perfect outside - the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze, and there is not a cloud in the sky - then if someone says that a cyclone is coming, few, if any, will take it seriously. Same was the case with us back in 1971. Baba was there and that was enough. We could not think that such difficult days were coming. Trouble was around no doubt, but so was He and that was enough to satisfy us and think that everything would be fine.
In the Jamalpur days, Baba graciously gave yama and niyama for our conduct and dealing - for our betterment. In that phase He, of course, also delivered so many philosophical gems like Elementary Philosophy, Idea and Ideology, Ananda Sutram, and so much more. Our do's and don'ts in personal life though were essentially limited to yama and niyama. Around 1971, Baba began systematically giving so many teachings related with our personal dealing and way of living - most notably 16 Points. Prior to that some wholetimers were still drinking tea etc, but in 1971 all that stopped. No doubt, prior to 1971, some had gotten certain practices from Yogic Treatments so a few were doing fasting on occasion and / or wearing laungota etc. But in 1971, those practices and so many more became pervasive in our Marga and were made mandatory via 16 Points and other codes of conduct. Many may remember that before 1971, in order to have Baba's darshan, then VSS and in-charges would ensure all had perfectly memorized the Supreme Command. One had to repeat it perfectly either in Hindi, Bengali, or English. Then and only then would they be allowed to enter the darshan hall or room. But in 1971, that changed. Then everyone had to perfectly recite 16 Points in their exact order. That time Baba also began delivering so many discourses on various aspects of Sixteen Points.
Thus it was in Patna that Baba graciously first checked our Sixteen Points in so many different ways to ensure that we were all moving and growing properly on the path. Reciting the mere list of 16 Points was not all that was expected - we also had to follow. It went something like this. In the 2nd half of 1971 after shifting the office from Ranchi to Patna due to extreme social tension and unrest, we would regularly arrive - almost daily - at Baba's Quarters or the jagrti for darshan. AM was still growing at a good clip, but not at the booming rate as months earlier because the government and newspapers were releasing and printing so much false propaganda about Baba and the Marga. In that dramatic era, we would all file in to see Baba and when there were 20 or 30 of us, then He would graciously take His seat and we would all be inside the walled Patna compound seated in an open area focused on Him. It was all quite beautiful and charming. And as I say, those were the days when Baba has strictly checking 16 Points as He was well aware that the Emergency was looming eerily on the horizon.
In His divine manner, Baba would look around at the margiis present and openly ask us about our practices. But it would be done in a very special way. Baba would say, "Gopal, show us your shaoca manjusa. You have such a beautiful shaoca manjusa. It is very nice. Show it to us so everyone may see - after all this is one of our 16 Points." Baba had intentionally called on Gopal because He knew that Gopal did not have a shaoca manjusa. In response, in the course of this loving liila where Baba was watching out for the welfare of all, Gopal would feel a bit ashamed or humiliated or embarrassed, and internally understood that he would have to be more strict on the point of shaoca manjusa. And in that way, all the other margiis present understood as well that they would have to be strict, lest they get called on in front of all. Baba would do the same thing with the point of laungota. If anyone present was not wearing a laungota, then that was the person Baba would call upon. Baba would say, "Oh, Chandra Mohan, I understand you are very sincere in wearing a laungota every day. Is that not so. Don't you always wear your laungota. Tell us." Then everyone knew that Chandra Mohan was not wearing a laungota. Plus they all knew that if next time they did not wear one then they would get called on. Once all the physical aspects were addressed in this way, from food to fasting to taking bath properly etc, Baba raised the standard to the psychic & psycho-spiritual planes. He would check to ensure all repeated Guru Mantra before entering the room and that everyone was doing sadhana - all lessons - as directed. So by applying pressure, Baba was teaching and ensuring we were actively involved in 16 Points. None wanted to be pointed out so step by step, point by point, all began following. This was the way things were rolling those days. Baba was getting everyone prepared and ready. And not only that, in His loving liila, Baba would harshly rebuke and scold in-charges and VSS for allowing margiis to enter without following 16 Points. So they in turn began vigilantly checking to ensure all margiis were wearing laungota, carrying shaocamanjusa, doing pracara and properly following all the various element of 16 Points. By this way everyone became strong Ananda Margiis and could weather the storm that was about to come.
Now in this year of 2009, the same system applies. Sixteen Points will save us from all difficulties and keep us moving in the right direction. Baba says, "For progress in entitative flow, one is to lead a pure life, a moralistic life, a life based on moral principles. Do not do anything bad. What is bad? Bad is that which depraves human existence. Follow a strict code of morality. Live a pure life, a neat and clean life. Be strict in 16 Points. What will happen? Your entitative flow will get purified and will be in parallelism with your psychic wave." (SS_12) And here below Baba directly states that our strength and stamina will increase multi-fold by adhering to Sixteen Points. Baba says, "The more rigidly you follow the 16 Points, the more your mental strength will increase. It will increase so much that it will be more powerful than the collective mental strength of 100,000 people. In a psychic clash they will have to concede victory to you. A person who is physically strong can fight against eight, ten or twenty people at most, but no more than that. A psychically developed person, however, is able to fight against many more people. So you must endeavour to develop your psychic strength - this is your bounden duty. The more rigidly you follow the 16 Points, the more psychic strength you will acquire. It will not take you long." (AV-7) Thus in the same way that 16 Points gave Wts and margiis the strength to manage and thrive during the Emergency, today also 16 Points will fortify us in all the ways needed to spread His teachings and gain success. Let us also not forget that Baba is watching and those who follow His teachings of Sixteen Points will be graced more and more to proceed onwards. That is also His expressed guideline.
By Baba's grace ours is not the path of preya (mundane pleasure), but rather the path of shreya (Supreme benevolence). Sixteen Points is the way forward. Our duty is to follow and make sure other margiis are also following. Then our Marga will be strong, on both the individual and collective level. Baba says, "...In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points." (A'nanda Va'nii #45) Namaskar Karun
Guru mantra is of course part of Sixteen Points. It comes under point #9 of sadhana. Here below is one important story about the greatness of Guru Mantra.
Although Sixteen Points was formally given during the above time period in 1970-71, many of those teachings were already present in the form of various worker and margii conduct rules, Yogic Treatments, and other teachings. By giving 16 Points, Baba codified and explicitly listed all these rules and regulations into one concerted list.
*************************************** One Should Always Remember
Baba says, "However little one's capacity might be, if one constantly remembers that Parama Purus'a is always with him, that they are in the closest contact with Parama Purus'a, they will be able to do everything. They are not as small as they think themselves to be. And as long as they remember this closest association with Him, they can do much more than ordinary human beings. When this idea becomes permanently established in their minds, they become great. This is why no one should be disappointed or depressed in any circumstances; let everyone constantly perform great deeds, remembering that the flow of their capacity is coming from Parama Purus'a, and thus they can do everything." (AFPS-3, p. 62)

Why Baba Gives So Much...

To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Why Baba Gives So Much... Date: Sat 11 Jul 2009 22:31:46 +0500 (IST) From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth Baba "Jhar'er ra'te a'ndha'rete kendechilum van-ma'jhe..." (P.S. 3199) Purport: Baba on that very dark night when a big hurricane & thunderstorm was raging, that time I was crying alone in the deep forest. Nobody was there to understand the tale of my suffering. Nobody was close to me. Certainly You were there along with me, but due to my narrow outlook I could not feel Your presence. And in the height of that wild storm big branches were breaking off from the trees and crashing down on the ground. And all those tender buds and beautiful flowers were also completely blown off from the limbs of the trees; those buds and flowers were crying bitterly. That very dark, horrendous night was so disastrous. Baba, in the madhuvan* of my mind when that hurricane finished, then a sweet, soft, breeze started blowing by Your grace; and I began to feel Your divine, blissful vibration. And ultimately by Your great compassion that deadly night of the cimmerian darkness has passed away entirely; it is completely gone. Baba, You are the Saviour of all, the Benevolent Entity, the dearest one of my heart. Baba, my most close One, by Your grace please come closer and closer with Your sweet, charming, & attractive smile... *Madhuvan= Literally meaning "sweet forest"; But it refers to that remote, isolated, garden in the mind that is filled with spring blossoms, sweet fragrance, aromatic flowers, and a gentle & fragrant breeze. It is that tranquil mental abode where nobody is present except the devotee and the Lord. And there the bhakta and Parama Purusa sit together ensconced in that very divinely intoxicated atmosphere and they share the loving feeling of their heart in a very close, intimate, and loving way.
Namaskar, In countless discourses and in numerous slokas, Baba has supremely told that bhakti is the greatest treasure and that if one has bhakti then they have everything. Baba further proclaims that those on the path of karma and jinana cannot match the excellence of a bhakta-- of a devotee. It is interesting then to know: What is it about the path of bhakti that makes it so special; how is it that bhakti differs from karma and jinana; and why is it that ordinary people in the society do not place an iota of emphasis on devotion while Baba gives it top priority-- top billing.
In His famous, timeless sloka, Baba guides us about the uniqueness of the path of bhakti. And the first aspect of that teaching is as follows:
Bhakti bhagavato seva Meaning: Devotion is service to God
So the inherent inner desire of the bhakta is to serve Parama Purusa-- in all ways at all times. This is their inner-heart's feeling: To serve & please Baba. To make Parama Purusa happy. And Baba further more describes that to do that service one must be in His contact. Thus to serve Parama Purusa-- to serve Baba-- the bhakta must be in His closest proximity. Otherwise how will they be able to serve Him, please Him. By Baba's grace, bhaktas keep the closest link with Him all the time in order to serve Him, directly and indirectly. In total this happens in three ways. In dhya'na, the devotee channelizes all their love and all their desires unto His divine Self and by this way they are serving Baba in the spiritual realm. And in kiirtan, the bhakta lovingly sings the name of Parama Purusa and calls Him into their heart. This is serving Him in the mental sphere. In these above aspects, dhyana and kiirtan, by Baba's grace the bhakta is rendering service to Parama Purusa directly. And while living in this world, devotees indirectly do seva to Parama Purusa by serving His creation-- by viewing each and every expression as the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness. So when doing social service the bhaktas see Parama Purusa all around, in each and every direction-- thereby keeping His contact, indirectly. This is service to Baba in the physical sphere. Hence in all ways at all times, devotees are involved in serving the Lord-- i.e. pleasing Baba.
For the devotee-- by keeping His contact always and by constantly involving in the thought of Parama Purusa-- a unique transformation occurs: Bhakti becomes his very life.
Bhakti bhaktasya jiivanam Meaning: Bhakti is the life of the devotee
Baba says, "For a bhakta, bhakti and his life, his vitality, his vital energy, his very existence, are inseparable." (SS-24) Thus living a devotional life is what sustains a bhakta. It is not that sometimes they do bhakti and sometimes they do something else. Rather always they are in that devotional flow and that is energizing-- life supporting-- for them, not something tiresome. The relationship between a bhakta & bhakti is just like that of a fish & water. Fish do not feel burdened by living in the water. For them, that water supplies them with all their energy and vitality. It is their life. Likewise for devotees, they always want to think and live in that devotional flow-- remaining in Baba's contact. Bhaktas always ideate in that way. And that gives them tremendous energy; it is the pulse of their existence. So bhakti is not something extraneous or something burdensome. Rather it is their very life: Bhakti bhaktasya jiivanam.
In contrast for jinanis and karmiis, their mode of existence is totally different. Jinanis do their intellectual studies and karmiis do their action-- but that is not something that is part of their inner existence. That is not their sustenance. Those are external activities that are draining for them. The proof being that in difficult conditions both the jinani and the karmii get tired & fatigued etc. Those studies and those actions become unbearable and overwhelming for them. Jinanis get headaches and karmiis get muscle spasms. They cannot maintain their flow; their approach is not self-propelling. Their studies and their actions are something outside them. Hence those things become tiresome for them and give them terrible tension in life. But on the path of bhakti, that devotion becomes the life of the devotee. As Baba says, one gets their vital energy from that devotion-- by doing dhyana, by singing kiirtan, and by serving the society. For bhaktas, these things are energizing; it brings bliss; and it is their natural way of living. Baba says, "You know, jina'na is a practice. Karma is also a practice. But bhakti is not a practice, it is a principle. It is something quite natural, and naturally associated with your life. So, when one becomes a [bhakta], one becomes natural in one's mode of life." (SS-24)
Thus by Baba's many discourses and beautiful explanations we can say with full certainty that bhakti is such a unique force-- such an unparalleled thing, which Baba Himself proclaims is the highest quality in life. And as Ananda Margiis, by His grace, we feel this inside as well. Yet in the common, everyday society devotion is not at all valued. They place no emphasis on bhakti. Instead, if anything, it is seen as a liability-- as something that will hinder one's ability to do work in this world. And even if devotees explain the beauty and inherent value of devotion to the general populace still those people are unable to understand. So one side Baba says devotion is everything and on the other side regular citizens think in their crude way that devotion is meaningless, that it has no practical value. And Baba has given the answer to this puzzle. In order to understand the greatness of devotion one must first color the mind in that flow of bhakti. Without that one cannot grasp its beauty and inherent nature. From the outside one cannot know. Just as a thirsty person cannot grasp the importance of water until they drink some; similarly dry, materialistic minded people cannot ascertain the essential nature of bhakti until they taste that. That is why they remain blind to the fact that devotion is the greatest thing in this universe and that with devotion one gets everything. Baba says, "As soon as you are established in bhakti, everything will be yours; you will have nothing more to attain." (DKG, 'Pran'ipa'tena...- 2')
Here following is Baba's supreme guideline and blessing upon all Ananda Margiis. Baba says, "Devotion enables spiritual aspirants to attain the pinnacled goal of their lives. It is this devotion that human beings have been seeking since time immemorial. When they finally attain the Guru and get initiation, then they begin to walk on this path of devotion. And those who have started on this path realize that they are sure to reach their destination, that to reach their goal is the sole reason for their birth. You should remember why you have been born. Following the path of devotion, you will have to ultimately reach Parama Purus'a. This is the pinnacled point, the supreme point of human glory. You should always remember this, during your lifetime and even after your death." (Yoga Psychology) Namaskar, Ram Sahay
Here, in seed form, Baba explains the entire sloka that is the focal point of this topic.
Bhaktir Bhagavato seva', bhaktih prema svaru'pin'ii; Bhaktira'nanda ru'pa' ca, bhakti bhaktasya jiivanam.
Baba says, "Bhakti means rendering service unto Parama Purus'a. It is of the nature of love and a'nandam, or bliss. It is verily the life-force of the bhakta." (AV-33, 'Bhaktitattva')
It is not that sometimes devotees do jinana and karma. This is never the case. Because the studies and works jinanis and karmiis do is for their own unit prestige and ego etc. That is why they suffer from vanity and that is why mostly their lives are filled with frustration. Because they are principally involved in their own little ego. Thus devotees are never on the path of jinana or karma. When they study or do action then that is also part of their devotional flow because what they are doing is done in service to Parama Purusa-- to please Him. And this special state of top devotion is known as: Parabhakti
Baba says, "Devotees render services to the people because they know in the heart of their hearts, that the universe is the manifestation of Parama'tma'. Every mundane creature is the progeny of Parama'tma'. If one will do service to the people it will be tantamount to please Parama'tma'. A devotee performs sa'dhana' only because Parama'tma' wants this. Thus a devotee performs sa'dhana' only to please Parama'tma'. Such persons are called Gopa [bhakta]. Gopayate ya sah Gopah i.e. one who imparts bliss to Parama'tma' is Gopa." (14 Oct '66, Mumbai)
For those general people who have not yet tasted the sweetness of bhakti then step by step we should bring them onto the path first by helping them to do jinana yoga and karma yoga. Because those things are at least far, far better than depraved, crude activities. And step by step by doing a little jinana yoga and karma yoga, then they will begin to internally feel the force of devotion as they incorporate different spiritual practices-- like sadhana and kiirtan-- into their life. Baba says, "And what about karma yoga and jina'na yoga? They are the necessary preparatory phases for bhakti. You have to practise karma yoga and jina'na yoga. Through that practice you will ultimately be established in bhakti." (AV-20)
Baba says, "Those established in bhakti cannot indulge in any form of duplicity. Radiating deep love for humanity, they work tirelessly to establish an ideal social order free of all exploitation where human beings can stand up and fight against any type of injustice." (AV-7, p.17)

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