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Viks'epa Shakti Causes This Dogma

From: "Virendra Deva"
Subject: Viks'epa Shakti Causes This Dogma
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 22:41:37 +0530



Human beings are bound by the noose of avidya maya. One form of avidya maya is known as viks'epa shakti, which degenerates the mind into thinking that Parama Purusa is far away. 

Baba says, "Vikśepa means “the drifting away of the entity from the hub”, that is, increasing its radius. This vikśepa shakti teaches a person to keep away from the Father." (Subhasita Samgraha-24, The Noumenal Progenitor)


Side by side we know that devotion means serving Parama Purusa, and in order to serve Him one must feel His proximity. One cannot serve from a distance.

Bhaktira bhagavato seva'

Baba says, "Bhakti means rendering service unto Parama Puruśa." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 33, Bhaktitattva)

So viksepa shakti is directly contrary to bhakti. Bhakti demands being close to Parama Purusa and viksepa shakti is that subset of avidya maya which pushes Parama Purusa far away.

When one thinks that Parama Purusa is far then so many negative thoughts come in the mind. In that crude state, humans actually feel very comfortable with those debased thoughts. That is the terrible tragedy.

Furthermore, in society we see so many atrocities and wrongdoings. In most cases, those people think that, "The Cosmic Entity has nothing to do with me, He is far away." With that degraded mind-set they plunge into so many misdeeds


Unfortunately, in our Marga, the dogma of mahaprayan is nothing but the outcome of viksepa shakti. Why? Because the followers of mahaprayan think that Parama Purusa is far away. The term "maha" itself means "great" and "prayan" means "departure". Thus mahaprayan means that Parama Purusa departed to some far distant place. This type of thought comes when people are overpowered by viksepa shakti.

As long as people remain in the clutch of avidya maya they will not like to think otherwise. If anyone suggests something rational, they will react. That is because of the influence of viksepa shakti.

Why does avidya maya want humans to think like this? Because when anyone thinks that Parama Purusa is very close, then they will automatically be freed from the clutch of avidya maya. Yet this maya does not want to free its slaves. That is why it creates the illusion in the mind that Parama Purusa has gone far away.


Those margii brothers and sisters supporting mahaprayan should reflect on Baba's guideline related with viksepa shakti and try to analyse their situation.

Unfortunately, those in the clutch of viksepa shakti do not have the requisite degree of rationality to realise that the only way to overcome viksepa shakti is to surrender to Parama Purusa. It is not easy for humans to realise that,"I am overpowerd by avidya maya." That is very difficult.

As long as one is locked in the noose of avidya maya, one does not realise anything.

It is just as if you are sleeping, then at that time you do not know you are sleeping. It is only when you wake up that you realise, "I was sleeping."

Same is the case with the clutch of Avidya Maya. Those under her bondage cannot realise they are bound.

When the bondage breaks then they realise, "Oh, I was in bondage." .

So it is not surprising that the followers of mahaprayan will react after reading this. But I have full sympathy for them as, after all, they are our bothers and sisters.


Here below Baba furthermore details the horror of what happens to one sunk in viksapa shaktii.

Baba says, "Vikśepa means a repulsive force, the force repelling the jiiva from its Nucleus. That is, a jiiva is darted away, is drifted away, from its Nucleus by propensities, by depraving ideas, by depraving propensities. So these depraving ideas or depraving propensities are what is called vikśepa shakti. Clear? The jiiva is darted away from Puruśottama by mundane propensities.... Due to vikśepa shakti it [the jiiva] moves away from its Lord." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 33, Brahma Cakra)



"Eso tumi a'ma'r ghare, baso hiya'r a'sane..."     (P.S. 906)


O' my dearmost Baba, please come to my humble abode and sit in the inner core of my heart. For ages and ages, I have been longing for You. Baba, in one lonely place in my mind I have prepared a thousand petal lotus for You to sit-- and I have decorated it with the love of my heart.

Baba, by Your grace for such a long time I have been coming and going onto this dusty earth. In Your system of brahmacakra there is no leisure time for taking rest-- because those who have come they will have to go, and those who have gone they will have to come. So there is no period of rest in Your ongoing cycle of brahmacakra. Always one is either coming or going.

Baba, by Your grace, in one golden dawn, my spiritual journey started-- in my mind, in my mind. Baba, while moving towards You on this spiritual path, from time to time I go astray and I lose the way. I am incapable of walking properly, & that is why I go off the path. Please forgive me; and please bless me by showering a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace & bring me back onto the right path.

Baba, please come in my heart. In my Guru cakra I have prepared a one-thousand petal lotus for You in my mind. Please grace me by coming...

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