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We Should Open Their Eyes

Date: 02 Aug 2012 21:43:04 -0000
From: "Acintya  Deva"
Subject: We Should Open Their Eyes




Baba says, "According to the laws of nature, human beings are not carnivorous. So, if they eat meat they will catch numerous diseases. Vegetarians generally suffer from fewer diseases than non-vegetarians because they are more habituated to following natural laws." (Prout Nutshell - 16, p.10)

As we can all see, in His above teaching Baba is telling that animal flesh is not at all good for human consumption. Rather, eating meat invites numerous diseases. And nowadays after long research, western scientists and various researchers also have come to this same conclusion. Even then, this commonly agreed upon fact is not openly shared with the general public. So in their blind way the common public continues to eat all those meats & flesh foods. And in turn they fall prey to numerous diseases. This is the common phenomenon happening in our so-called more advanced countries - much more than in our so-called poorer nations.

And there seems to be no end to this downward spiral. Because capitalist pharmaceutical companies and various medical institutions do not want to reveal the truth that a meat-centered diet is the cause of numerous diseases. Reason being that they are not geared towards public education and the prevention of disease. Their main agenda item is to treat the horrifying symptoms which crop up from those diseases. That is their crude style of doing business. So their selfish agenda is to ensure that diseases multiply around the globe and become widespread. Failing that, they will find themselves jobless and without a big bankroll. Because a disease-free society means that the common mass will not be depending upon crude allopathic medicines, and no sales of crude medicines translates into a zero-dollar paycheck for those crooked pharmaceutical giants. So those drug companies are very anxious for people to become ill and stricken with disease.

And not just those capitalist exploitative drug companies, but even some low-minded, crude doctors operate in the same selfish way. Because the large majority of present-day doctors are well aware about the research and data how animal flesh foods is harmful for human health. Yet they keep these established facts from the innocent public and instead tell the people to eat more meat etc.

In result, because of this massive misinformation campaign by the capitalistic medical industy, the public health is being jeopardized. Despite living in this ultra-modern, scientific era, diet related diseases are multiplying. And people are passing most of their lives on medication and spending a huge portion of their income purchasing drugs to "treat" these diseases. All this has become commonplace, especially in so-called first world nations like the USA. This all stems from the deceitful policy of misinformation by the so-called doctors. Where they do not want to tell what is proper and what is improper regarding dietary habits, i.e. the dangers of eating meat.

And this terrible scenario is not unprecedented either. As a case in point, it took more than one century to significantly hault the tobacco industry from mauling the American society. For years the public was in the dark and getting more and more addicted to nicotine and smoking. Only now in the recent years has there been a more forceful campaign against those large tobacco firms in so-called advanced countries. Thus it has taken such a long time to release the public from the the tight clutch of the those greedy tobacco barons. Even then many people still smoke in the USA-- but certainly far less than before.

But one horrendous outcome is that now those money-grubbing tobacco companies have set their sights on the poorer countries where they continue their aggressive cigarette smoking campaign. And the general public is getting stuck in their cloudy net of chain-smoking cigarettes. So now awful diseases like lung cancer are taking root in those economically exploited areas. Tragically the simple, common people are suffering a lot in those places.

As A'nanda Ma'rgiis, it is our sacred duty to inform and educate the public about Baba's meaningful teachings concerning the natural laws of human health and hygiene. Baba's divine guideline is the panacea to serve all - they are our kith and kin.    

Acinta Deva

PS Intro: This following song is for teaching to non-margiis because it is a song in reverence to Lord Krsna. Baba has written this particular Prabhat Samgiita for devotees of Sri Krsna. Our duty then with this song is to learn it so we can teaching it to those bhaktas who take Lord Krsna as their Ista.

In contrast, we Ananda Margiis are fully devoted to Baba, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. So when we sing with our devotional heart, we sing to Baba - not Lord Krsna. In that case we select one of the innumerable dhyana songs related with Baba. The point being that for true devotees Ista is one and only one. For more about pointed devotion and strictness in Ista refer to Baba's colorful explanation of the shloka, 'Shriinathe...', from Ananda Vacanamrtam - 23, p.118.

"Ka'nu binu tha'ka' na'hi ja'y..."   (P.S. 3355)


Without Lord Krsna, life is very miserable - surviving itself is very difficult. Lord Krsna is that glittering Personality of my heart so when He is not present then I suffer terribly from the pain of restlessly longing for Him.
Day and night every moment I hear His flute in my heart. With the sound of that  flute, Lord Krsna is telling me that He loves me. He tells me, 'I love you, that is why I am calling you'. 

The flow of my life is ensconced in His ideation and it goes on fighting strongly against the deep fog and it is rushing with the high tide in a hundred directions, by His grace. 

My life is very painful in the absence of Lord Krsna...

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