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Fake Remedy By Dada

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Fake Remedy By Dada Date: Wed 27 Feb 2008 23:25:05 -0000 Baba "Dhu'lir dharn'iite madhurii d'ha'lite tumi esecho a'jike..." - P.S. 3383 Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace You have advented today to inundate this dusty earth with the sweetness Your divinity. Baba, You have come to give the balm of soothing nectar to those grief-stricken people who are crying in agony. And by Your grace You console them by telling: 'Don't worry I am with You; I will remove all your sufferings'. Baba, You have come to grant the power of speech to those who are mute and dumb. By that way, thinking of You, they can rise up and fight against disparities, injustices and exploitation. Baba, by Your grace for all these reasons You have come. Baba, for all those who were lagging behind; for those downtrodden people who do not get any respect; and for those most neglected souls who lost everything and have no money nor social prestige; for them, You have broken the jail of cimmerian darkness and staticity of their life. Baba, by Your grace You have smashed all those negative social bondages that were keeping these helpless people suppressed. Baba, by Your divine grace You have brought peace and effulgence into their lives. Baba, with Your divine love and attraction, You tenderly pull everyone close to You and bless one and all. Baba, You have wiped away the differences of rich and poor, high and low, and touchable and untouchable. And by Your grace You have lovingly brought all types of people together and joined them with one beautiful thread. Baba, today You have advented Yourself on this trouble-torn earth to grace everyone. Baba, those who were suffering from hopelessness and those who were submerged in cimmerian darkness, for them You have advented today. And in the shyness of their newly found joy, all these people have accepted You as their Goal. They have accepted You as their everything and surrendered at Your alter. The entire creation has gotten blessed by Your divine effulgence. In a very happy and exalted state, everyone has begun moving ahead, joyfully. Baba, with Your divine love and compassion You have come on this dusty earth to bless everyone. You are grace personified...
Namaskar, The other day, on the email, one of our respected and elder avadhutas put forth his own remedy for ridding oneself of ego. And we will surely look at that golden nugget of advice given by Dadaji. First, however, let us recount one famous incident that happened during a reporting session with Baba back in 1989.
Those days in 1989, Baba was working and directing our Marga at a spectacular pace-- anyone around clearly remembers this. Baba was implementing one program after another, and side by side watching out for the development and welfare of each and every disciple. During one particular reporting session Baba lovingly, yet sternly, looked at one worker and began strongly rebuking and punishing that Wt for his serious wrongdoing. It was later found out that that Dada had indulged in various sexual crimes. So on that day Baba was purifying that Wt of his sin. Of course inwardly, Baba was exuding His great charm and love-- all could feel that-- yet outwardly Baba was beating that worker ferociously. Then directly after giving punishment, Baba looked over at GS Dada and said, 'Now he (i.e. the Wt who was punished) is an ideal human being'. Then GS Dada turned directly towards that Wt and said, 'Now you are an ideal human being'. Then that worker replied, 'I will become good'. And GS Dada then repeated the same back to Baba. In His divine liila, immediately Baba became furious, and He said, 'What!! WILL become good?!? What nonsense!! Not WILL become good...He HAS become good!'. Then GS Dada turned towards that worker and repeated, 'You HAVE become good'. And the Dada hurriedly said, 'I HAVE become good'. Only then was Baba satisfied. Shortly thereafter, reporting was over and everyone went about their various duties etc. But during that time, that Dada was again thinking about his old lustful ways. Because later on that day, again reporting was held and at one point during that session, Baba looked over and said, 'Pashu!! (animal!!) Where is that sinner-- where is he!' Then with His eyes cast on that Wt, Baba said, 'You were still thinking about your nasty ways!!'. Baba continued, 'You made my ashram impure and dirty by your negative thinking. One should never do like that. One should not think of their past sins. Get him out of here! Kick him out! This is not the place for this!' So in the grand liila of it all, the Wt was pushed out...and then in His contemplative and sweet manner, Baba said that he should be called back and then and there the worker was allowed to re-enter the ashram. Ultimately though, it has to be noted that in the end, some months later, that worker left his wt-ship entirely.
Here the whole point of Baba's teaching is that if one does any misdeed or sinful activity, then one must repent, rectify the matter, yet never, ever look back at those past mistakes. So on that particular day, Baba was showering His immense grace on that worker as He was removing all that terrible sin from that Wt. Due to Baba's fathomless grace, He made that worker clean and pure all over again. All that Wt had to do was keep his mind away from such dirty thoughts-- nothing more. So Baba truly blessed that worker by wiping away the ill-effect of so many crude sins. Even then, due to his improper approach of again & again harboring those sinful ideas, that worker fell into the negative trap of mentally reviewing his lustful indulgences-- and by that way he could not keep his balance and he left. So the overarching ideal that Baba is giving is that one must never think about one's past sins. One must move on and think about Him. That is the whole idea.
Because each and every person on this earth has been born with various samskaras, and in this life or their past life, one has committed countless sins. Everyone has some garbage in their past. But Baba does not want us to think of those things-- that has no value, rather doing so is harmful as it will stain and dirty the mind. Never should one knowingly or consciously indulge in that habit of thinking about their past mistakes. Actually, the mind is such that it will automatically bring those crude ideas-- even when we do not want them to come and our job is to rid the mind of such impure thoughts. Those thoughts may come in sadhana or when moving in the town etc, yet always we are to push that crude thought aside by singing kiirtan or repeating our mantra or by thinking of Him. So there is no need to consciously think of those old, impure memories of old. Such thoughts will only drag us down. Never should we harbour them in our mental plate. As sadhakas we must always wipe away the burdens of the past by channeling the mind towards spirituality.
And here in this shloka Baba is giving this very directive that one must never allow the mind to get stuck thinking about past misdeeds.
Yassa pure ca pa pacche ca majjhe ca natthi kiuncanam'; Akiunca'nam' ana'da'nam' tamaham' bru'mi bra'hman'am.
Baba says, "I will call that person a Brahman whose mind does not run after any colour, who is neither obsessed by colour-laden thoughts of the past nor influenced by such thoughts of the present...One must free the mind from the influence of all colours. " (NKS, Disc: 24) Thus Baba's divine teaching is that we should never burden or dirty ourselves by thinking of one's past misdeeds and sins. We are to keep the mind light and colourless and not become beleaguered by the things of old. So Baba's teaching is quite clear-- He has left no scope for confusion or ambiguity. One must never entertain the crude recollection of their past misdeeds or sins.
Yet on the email, one elder avadhuta is actively promoting the idea that to overcome one's ego one must think about their past sins. This is the "special formula" this Dada is giving. Our respected avadhuta wrote: "occasional drift of mind to one's own defects helps mind not to be egoistic." So Dadaji is giving his own remedy that to overcome the ego one must think about their past mistakes-- otherwise one will never be able to overcome the ego. Obviously, this goes against Baba's divine teaching because Baba says that thinking about one's past misdeeds will only lead to one's degeneration. It has no positive outcome-- it will not help one overcome the ego. That is why Baba strongly warns us never to do like that-- and indeed no true sadhaka does. Rather we are to lighten our mind by forgetting about one's past sins and channeling our thoughts towards Him.
The only question remains then is what is the proper way to overcome feelings of vanity and ego-- since thinking about one's past wrongs is certainly not the proper way. For this Baba has given one beautiful remedy. Baba guides us that we are to think that, 'He is the Doer and Giver of everything. He has given us our sadhana, our intellect, and our energy to act. And not only that, He is the owner of everything. It all belongs to Him. There is nothing we own and all our talents are not our own bur rather His gifts unto us.' By thinking like this and remembering our sadhana, then one can never develop any feeling of vanity or ego. Because the mind will always be immersed in the sweet ideal, that everything comes from Him. It is all due to His grace and divine will.
By Baba's grace He has given us the proper way to keep the mind free of impure thoughts and He clearly tells us in so many discourses never ever to think of one's past mistakes and sins. This we should not do. Thus when one avadhuta gives such ill-fated advice on email, we should not pay any heed. Let us again and again remember that we are to follow the mandates of our Guru, and not any second or third entity. Here again is Baba's special teaching. Baba says, "You should think within that you are ever pure and enlightened – you are a child of Parama Purus'a. You should think that you are like a newborn baby who remains untouched or unaffected by the dirt and dross of sin." (AMWIL-11) Namaskar, Gagan
I touch the feet of our senior, dedicated avadhuta who with his sincere love and affection tries hard in life. I have full respect for him, but Ac Bhaskarananda Avt should not speak things against Guru, otherwise a few naive margiis will follow those negative teachings and that will not be good. So I humbly request Ac Bhaskarananda Avt to not repeat those dogmatic things he got from other religious books. That will not bode well for our Marga. Rather he should learn to only preach Baba's guidelines, and not any other crude doctrine.
************************************************* Origin of Polo
Baba says, "The well-known modern game of polo originated in Manipur's Kobe Valley...Originally, only royal princes used to play the horse-riding game of polo. For that a very hard ball was needed. The kind of bamboo that was used, used to grow in the eastern portion of Rarh, in slightly salty soil. Still today the best bamboo for making polo balls grows in the Uluberia suvdivision of Howrah District and in Midnapore District's Tamluk subdivision." (SC-3, p. 71)

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