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Which Samaj is Great

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Which Samaj is Great Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 01:50:21 +0530 Baba "Adrira ma'jhe tumi himagiri, pus'per ma'jhe pa'rija'ta..." (P.S. 1685) Purport: Baba, You are the Greatest among the great, the Sweetest among the sweet. Amongst all the mountains, Your status is like the towering Himalayas. Amongst all the flowers, You are like the most brilliant parijata flower. Baba, with Your own hand You are touching and playing the strings of the viina of my inner core-- which is situated in the depths of my heart. With Your soft, loving touch You are arousing the divine ecstasy in my mind. Baba, You have brought me on this earth again and again. And You have inspired me to love You in infinite ways. My whole existence has always revolved around You; but even then I could never be satiated to my heart's full content. Now You have brought me again on this earth. And by Your grace I have brought a basketful of love for You. It is in my heart. O' my Lord, please remain along with me always-- day and night, always. Among all the things which are dear, You are the Dearest. You are my Priyatama, the innermost One of my heart. Of all the things which I love, You are the most dear. You always reside inside my heart. Baba, what way You are, it is impossible to explain through language. I do not have any words to express Your glory. So I do sastaunga pranam to You-- thousands of times, infinite times, again and again. Baba, please keep me at Your lotus feet..
Namaskar, Everyone is aware that these days there is one particular group that likes to bang the drum and claim that their own Bangalistan is the top most--- that their A'mra Bengali samaj is better than all others. But this is nothing but their own group agenda. (See Note 1) Because we know that Baba's samaj theory recognises the specialties of all. In that regard Baba praises all the samajas. Means each and every place where Baba visited then invariably He praised that community and the qualities of their samaj. Because Baba wants to highlight the good things of a particular samaj in order give them a boost of self-confidence so that they can fight against exploitation and raise their standard. So Baba praised all samajas with the intention of removing their inferiority complex-- thus enabling them to move ahead. But B group's approach is the exact opposite. They are eulogising their own greatness in such a way as to inject inferiority complexes within other samajas all around the globe in our AM society. So their devious approach is one harmful tactic that goes directly against the spirit of Baba's samaj system. Because Baba inspires one and all in order to help the society rid itself from any and all negative feelings like inferiority complex. Means Baba loves all and He encourages each and every community to overcome their current difficulties and struggles. Baba helps everyone to recognise their inherent strength and talents. Toward this end Baba praised so many samajas so that each and every community could rise up and grow. Here then are some of the many examples where Baba praised various samajas when He visited that particular area. In the following quote Baba is glorifying how Chattisgarh samaj will serve as one guiding light to the whole humanity. Baba says, Chattisgarh "should have a very bright future. Let the people from other parts of the world come here and learn how far the people here have achieved progress, and in which ways they are going to bring about progress in other spheres of life. Let the light of Chattisgarh be ever effulgent, like a luminous star in human society, so that all may learn and be benefitted by it." (AFPS-4, p. 37) And here below Baba is encouraging and reminding the Bhojpuri people of the greatness of their land so they will raise their fist against injustice. Baba says, "From the economic point of view the soil of this [Bhojpur] area is extremely fertile...The [Bhojpuri] people are industrious, and the soil is fertile...If the land is not poor, why should the people be poor? There should not be poverty among the people at all in this area. So it is your bounden duty to make this beautiful fertile land free from exploitation." (AFPS-4, p. 53) Baba also highlights the speciality of those people of the Ananda Nagar area. Baba says, "Anandanagar has a unique glory, and that glory has developed out of the great sacrifice of many noble souls. Let Anandanagar provide guidance to the entire universe in spiritual practice, service, sacrifice, renunciation, and culture. This is what we should pray for, and this is the reason that we should build Anandanagar and help it radiate light to the universal humanity. This is what I want." (AFPS-4, p. 38) Baba continues, "Let Anandanagar be the medium of our cultural will not be difficult to establish Anandanagar as an ideal cultural and spiritual center." (AFPS-4, p. 39) And here below Baba is injecting Magadha samaj with the strength and courage to stand in the face of all opposition and exploitation. Baba says, "That Magadha which has given birth to noble persons...will never perish. There is no power on earth that can destroy it." (SC-1, p. 141) Furthermore, by the following lines it is clear that when Baba visited any samaj then He praised not one but many aspects of the samaj. A case in point occurs here with regards to Mithiila samaj. Baba says, "Mithiila is situated in the eastern part of India, at a different longitude, and as such it should and does have its own almanac...Thus we see that in all respects Mithila has its own specialities...This proves that Mithila has all along had its own script and alphabet." (AFPS-4, p. 47) Baba continues, "The children of the present-day Mithila, should remember that even five or six thousand years ago there was a great civilisation at Mithila, and it was a pre-Aryan civilisation: That is, it existed even before the Aryans migrated to India. Thus you can easily understand how ancient was the civilisation of Mithila." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba says, "The very land of Mithila is the land of Tantra." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba adds, "The people of Mithila are very rational-minded and intellectual by disposition. There was no differentiation of caste among them even as far back as in the post Buddhist age." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba concludes, "In fact it can be said that the Maethili language has the oldest history of all the Sam'skrt-derived languages in India...This language is at least 1200 to 1300 years old, and its literature is 900 years old." (AFPS-4, p. 50) And here below Baba is highlighting particular attributes of the Pahari and Dogari samajas. Baba says, "Pa'ha'r'ii is a separate language, not merely a dialect; and Dogrii, too, is also a separate language, as I have told you previously." (AFPS-4, p. 55) Similarly when Baba visited overseas then He always praised and encouraged those local samajas as well. By this way it becomes clear that Baba injected strong inspiration within all the communities which He visited. This is one special approach that He did everywhere. So none should think that Baba only praised Amra Bengali samaj. (See Note 2) Indeed the entire spirit of Baba's samaj theory encompasses the welfare of all-- whether He physically visited a place or not. Baba's overall guideline is that every samaj and community should grow. Baba says, "Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let none get the scope to think that their life has become useless." (Ananda Vanii #19) So there is no question of any land being high or low. All are the creation of Parama Purusa, and He loves all equally. About this there should be no complex, no feelings of inferiority, no dogma. (See Note 4) We should all live remembering that all samajas are great, all human beings are great, and that all are His progeny. Baba says, "You must never encourage superiority complex, inferiority complex, fear complex, defeatist complex etc. You are the very children of Parama Purusa. Hence you are not inferior to anyone. You must not encourage any inferiority complex, for you are the members of the highest and noblest family. Because Your Father is the most revered Entity of this universe." (AFPS-4, p. 22-23) Namaskar, Ramanuj Note 1: Here below Baba exposes the negative tactics and strategies of those groups who harm the society by promoting their own selfish and narrow-minded agenda. Baba says, "Self-seeking people do not want the collective intellect of the entire human race to be utilised for the welfare of the entire human race; rather they want to perpetuate divisive tendencies in the society in the name of humanity. Because if they succeed in creating a rift in human society, that will pave the way for their personal benefit or self-aggrandisement. Thus they concoct various so-called scriptures, they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect. This sort of mentality is called dogma." (AFPS-4, p. 61) Note 2: When Baba toured from place to place then Baba talked so much about the positive things of the local samajas. But B group leader Sarvatmananda did not like the idea that other samajas should get the place in Baba's books. That is why when he was in power then only those things about Bengal got printed because in Sarvatmananda's kingdom he wanted to paint Bengal as the best-- and push down all others. So to remedy the situation and clean-up the mess that Sarvatmananda created, now the samaj secretaries of those samajas which Baba visited and talked about the greatness of that land, those samaj secretaries should publicly promote those discourses and talks given Baba about their area. That will help remove the dogma that "only Bengal is great". Now please read note 3. Note 3: Although on this point of the superiority of samaj H group is keeping mostly quiet, it is well documented how they have curtailed the rights of margiis on numerous accounts. So H group has their own bag of groupist tricks and negative agendas. Note 4: Here Baba is guiding us not to accept the dogma that any particular samaj is better than the rest. Rather we are to directly oppose such a misguided idea. Baba says, "A person who wants to promote other's welfare, a person who wants to serve the entire humanity must keep away from dogma. Not only that, he will have to staunchly resist dogma." (AFPS-4, p. 61) Baba continues, "It is not enough to keep away from something which is considered a veritable sin, it is not enough to lodge only verbal protest against sin. But one will have to wage an uncompromising fight against it. This is the greatest criterion of a truly righteous person." (AFPS)
*************************************** We Should Also Do According to His Example
Baba says, "Generally there are three ways to ascertain the views of great personalities: first, by what they said; secondly, by what they did, even though they may not have said anything; and thirdly, even though they may not have said or done anything, by what they did not say -- one way or the other -- on a particular issue." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.159)

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