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In Memory of Ac Tadbhavananda Avt

Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:31:43 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: In Memory of Ac Tadbhavananda Avt To: Baba "Toma're balo kii na'me d'aki, kon bha'vana'y mete tha'ki..." (P.S. 4940) Purport: O' Baba, O' my Lord, please guide me how I should sing Your glory and chant Your name. How should I contemplate and ideate on You. Please guide me. In the dawn of the morning I see this colourful world and I listen to the chirping of the birds with my own ears. This is all because You have bestowed Your divine grace on me. You have done and are doing so much for me. In my infancy when I was completely helpless then You provided me with the affectionate heart and lap of my mother. And also You have given so many things through the medium of my laokik father. And also with so many teachers. They all helped & guided me; this is Your grace. You arranged everything for me, in a very systematic way. What I have, everything is Your gift. Even my mind, my heart, my prana, that also You have given with Your grace-compassion. Baba, You have graced me so much in all the ways. I could not contribute any substantial thing. I did not do anything meaningful on this earth. Please guide me how I can sing Your glory with a content heart and full feeling...
Namaskar, Our Marga recently witnessed the loss of one of our respected avadhutas, Ac Tadbhavananda Avt. From all corners of the globe, family margiis and wt's alike shared their memories and thoughts of Dadaji. Truly his passing had a profound effect on our Marga. Furthermore, as we know, history is history. The facts can never be hidden nor discarded forever. With all due respect, let us take a look at some important aspects of Dadaji's life so that we may all learn from his example. Here then is a review of a few of Dadaji's efforts in this world.
Up until 1990, Baba controlled and guided the Marga with His divine love and disciplined manner-- this we all know. He made sure all were keeping toward the dharmic mark and in that way our Marga grew by leaps and bounds-- unprecedented growth for any organisation ever to be formed on this globe, all due to His divine grace as Baba lovingly harnessed everyone's energies into one flow.
After 1990 things became different, this we also know. Without Baba's direct physical presence, various persons veered from the path. This was especially true in Centre. At that time Sarvatmananda had a stronghold on the organisation and he had all the CC members, Purodhas, and Central Wt's within his control. And it was this groupist control that lasted up till 1994-95, thereafter a competing group formed-- Rudrananda's clique That is a separate story. Unfortunately, it was in these times-- i.e. in the early 90's-- that our respected Ac Tadbhavanandji swerved from the path. Let us then take a brief look back in time for our own understanding and learning.
In those years from '90-'94, Sarvatmananda needed all sorts of stooges, spoons, and yes-men to get his "work done". Without an army of lieutenants and foot-soldiers there was no way Sarvatmananda could railroad funds, tear down the Margii side of the organisation, distort Baba's books, and eliminate his compeitiors etc. So it was in that time that Sarvatmananda kept people like Tadbhavananda under his wing. Because those days Tadbhavanandji had a huge influence in the Prout movement and he had the capacity to coax and befool large numbers of margiis, especially in Hindi speaking areas; and secondly, he enjoyed living under Sarvatmanand's factional umbrella. So Tadbhavanandji did huge things for Sarvatmananda such as pilfer and route all of the world's Prout funds towards the Amara Bengali samaj, plus he also funded the biggest, daily newspaper in AM: Nutan Prthvi, the paper of the Amara Bengali samaj. All done at the expense of the rest of the samajas around the globe. And side by side Tadbhavanandji kept a blind eye towards or even executed many of Sarvatmananda's tricks: Demolishing the ACB system, scriptural distortion, ruination of BP post, and so many nonsense activities. Verily, he aided Sarvatmananda-- silently or actively-- in all these crimes. So from A to Z, our dear Tadbhavanandji had all the makings of a first-class stooge. And Sarvatmananda knew it well. Because to be a top-level stooge, two things were needed: (a) The capacity to do something and (b) obedience to the groupist kingpin. And Tadbhavanandji possessed both these qualities. This was the way things were working in those years from 1990-95.
In the face of all the heinous crimes & anti-dharma plans being executed by Sarvatmananda, then a few dharmic margiis began opposing those sinful acts by writing & printing circulars-- firstly done in India. Those circulars pointed out the scriptural distortions committed by B group, and emphasized the need for Baba's discourses to be printed "as is"-- as well as opposed crimes such as the murdering of our own acaryas by Sarvatmananda's hitmen. Because those days, so much groupist brutality was going on and so many of Baba's original discourses were being spliced, tainted, and destroyed by the top groupist forces: Everything from AM Revolution to Ananda Vaniis and countless discourses in between. And on the top, those groupist agents were inserting that it was all being 'translated from the original Bengali'-- even Baba's discourses in English, Telgu, Fiesch, and so many others. Such groupists were telling it was all coming from Bangla as this was Sarvatmananda's dream. And the circular writers were outrightly opposing these crimes, misdeeds, and falsehoods and demanding that Baba's discourses be printed in their true form-- "as is". This made Sarvatmananda's blood boil so he went into action.
Here we have to remember that this was the era when strict censorship was in vogue: Email forums like Ananda-NY etc were closed down and banned in the blink of an eye and in general no one dared speak out against Sarvatmananda's strict rulership. Everything was basically quiet, except for the voice of those early circular writers. So to shut their mouth and stop their presses, Sarvatmananda went on a crusade to flush out and destroy those circular writers-- all of which led to the first expulsion(s) in Ananda Marga. And here is how Sarvatmanandji did it. He decided to form one inquiry commission to "look into the matter". And this prestigious, 3-person committee was comprised of (1) Ac Tadbhavananda Avt, (2) Vicitrananda Avt (alias Bratishvarananda Avt), and (3) Jagadiishvarananda Avt. And their collective duty and appointed job was to move around India, conduct interviews, pressurise margiis, and find out who was opposing Sarvatmananda's heinous regime. So this inquiry commission was not on a 'search for truth' investigation but rather on a 'search & destroy' mission to uphold Sarvatmananda's heinous activities. And Tadbhavananda played a big role in this as he was appointed as the chairperson of the inquiry commission. So Sarvatmanandji entrusted him with a huge take and gave him huge clout. All because Tadbhavananda was his A-grade stooge. And verily, Tadbhavananda was the ideal choice as he was Hindi speaking, a man of action, and decidedly loyal to Sarvatmananda. The fact that he was not a native Bangla speaker-- unlike the other two members of the commission-- combined with his background in Prout gave an 'air of credibility' to such an illegitimate inquiry commission, when really he was nothing but a prime tool of Sarvatmananda. And in the end, that inquiry commission did its allotted job: It found out that circular writer and expelled him from the organisation-- without so much as a written chargesheet. Just that circular writer was banished on flimsy allegations. And Tadbhavanandji played a big role in this witch-hunt. Of course, nowadays, circular writing is the theme of the day: Everyone does it and the idea of expelling someone for writing their opinions publicly is absolutely ludicrous. Yet that was the way things were back in the early to mid 90's in Sarvatmananda's heyday.
The next phase of Tadbhavananda's career-- after he fulfilled his inquiry commission job-- is like living in murky waters. Because for reasons best known to him, after December 1995, Dada T had to be 'out of sight' and 'out of mind' for a while and he had to totally avoid all activities related with the Marga. This went on for some years. When he did surface again, he was a shadow of the man he used to be and was trying to muster up his old energy but he could not quite do it. Ultimately, he decided to settle down and try to live a quiet and secret existence in Delhi. No doubt he was still loyal to Sarvatmananda and by this time the B regime was on the fringe so they were looking to drag Tadbhavanandji back into the limelight in order to champion their cause. This happened on and off until finally on the fateful day in May/June 2004 when Rudrananda interfered and sent his gorillas on site and got Tadbhavananda arrested by the CBI. Tragically, this spelled the end for Dada T. Those few years in the harsh jails of India were the straw that 'broke the back' of a man already suffering from sickness & disease. The torturing, the inhumane conditions, the corruption, the stench-- all these things made life unbearable for Tadbhavananda. Those few years in jail were really his undoing and led to his demise.
In an effort to save their fallen hero and bring respectability back to their faction, the B brigade pushed hard to get Dada T released from the Indian jail system. They cited health reasons for this maneuver yet hidden behind was their secret plan to use Dada T upon release to highlight the cause of B group. And all this did in fact happen-- but it was too little too late. Already the Sarvatmananda crew was beyond being able to rectify their tarnished image and already Dada T had become too sick. Even then, goaded by their own selfishness, Sarvatmananda & Co brought Dada T to the podium on more than one occasion. But he could not deliver the punch they needed-- and in some cases he just made some slips. After all, he was aged and worn-out and had a whole cloud of sinful misdeeds floating in his mental chamber. But B group had little tolerance for such slips and they let him know. Ultimately, then this was the way Dada's career reached its twilight: Amidst disease and groupism. At times he tried to shake himself of all this-- as within every man is the seed of dharma-- but it was too little too late. Stuck in the muck of Sarvatmananda's groupist agendas and broken by Rudrananda's inhuman act of getting him arrested, there was little that Dada T could do other than live out his days and accept his fate-- unable to undo the wrongs he committed in the past such as hunt down, banish and expel innocent BP's and circular writers.
What happened next, everyone knows. Time, karma, and this ephemeral world catches hold of everyone at some point in time, and in that desperate condition, Tadbhavanandji breathed his last. In the end, we can say that he was a man of great potential who ran with the wrong crowd, and it cost him dearly. Who does not have fond memories of Dada T-- we all do. Even then we must be realists, we must be dharmikas, and take note of this man's tragic fall. We must remember, that no matter how great a man may seem to be, no matter what strengths and qualities he may have, no matter how much energy he may seem to possess, ultimately dharma alone remains. And if one leaves his human dharma and turns his back on righteousness, as Tadbhavanandji did, then there is little on this earth that can save him. And sadly enough, this is what we all must remember as we take one last look back on the life of our dear Ac Tadbhavananda Avt. Now all that can be done is learn from his mistakes of swerving from the path of dharma and pray that Baba will save him. Let our wishes aim in this sweet direction. And let us remember that no matter who one may be, if they turn their back on dharma, their days will be a tragic and unfortunate end. Let this unenviable fate happen to no one.
By Baba's grace, dharma will be forever by our side and we will not get caught up in any underpinnings which keep us from our cherished goal. We should live this life to achieve Him and not get sidetracked by any crude, groupist agenda. Only in this way can we move from mortality to immortality. Baba says, "Discarding all vagaries of pleasure and pain, human beings have to progress from the mortal world towards immortality, towards the touchstone of Absolute Bliss – and when this is attained, everything is attained." (SS-3) Namaskar, Motilal
*************************************** Food Problems and Their Solution
Baba says, "Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population. But due to lack of coordinated co-operation, collective efforts, a proper ideology and proper planning, the human society has been fragmented into many belligerent groups and sub-groups, and into rich and poor nations. Because of this fissiparous tendency, human beings are presently incapable of producing enough food to meet the demand. The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems." (PNS-13, p.44)

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