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What is This?

Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 22:08:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pradiip Deva
Subject: What is This?


"Utta'l moh-jaladhi ghire rekhechilo more prabhu eto din..."  (P.S. 2366)


Baba, as I am just a very ordinary human being, I got caught up in the noose of pashas (bondages) and ripus (internal enemies). The worldly lust was too strong; I was surrounded by the high tide & upsurging ocean of mundane attachments. Baba, in this way, I was kept in the dark for so long, O' Prabhu.

Baba, O' Parama Purusa, my condition was miserable; I was lonely & isolated. In my heart there was no one whom I felt close to in this world; I had no one to call my own. The musical instrument of my mind was just engaged in chanting my own greatness and glory. In this way my time was getting wasted - engaged in my own self-aggrandizement.

Baba, You did immense grace on me. On one auspicious dawn You came close to me with silent footsteps. With the showering of Your ahetuki krpa', You made the bud of my mind blossom in countless spectrums of colours and forms. My life became meaningful, by Your grace.

Baba, for ages and ages I was not aware about You. You are so gracious; Yo  made me realise and recognise you. Baba, in the past I was not aware how sweet You are. But with that divine, sonorous, and attractive sound, and with the melody and rhythm of the songs, You became the most intimate one of my heart.

Baba, jinanis think that You can be attained by logic and reasoning. And karmiis think that You can be held on the strength of actional faculty. O' my Dearmost, You made me understand that neither external strength nor logic & reasoning have the capacity to get You. Baba, You can only be held by love.

O' my Dearmost Baba, everyone has infinite desires. Knowingly and unknowingly everyone wants You - they cannot be satisfied by worldly gains alone. Baba, in everyone's heart, You always gently swing back and forth like the hope of the creeper plant. And, at the end of a their grand journey, that very eternal & infinite longing culminates and becomes one with You...



Baba says: "Dharmashastra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation; it must be practical, rational, infallible, and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truth. It must be aptavakya. A scripture is a guiding entity. The Subhasita Samgraha series of books are the scripture of Ananda Marga ideology." (APH-4, 'Our
Spiritual Treatise')
By Baba's above guideline we can understand that only the divine, eternal, and spiritual teachings of Sadguru are dharmashastra-- nothing else. Unfortunately some Dadas mistakenly think that when they stand up and talk after collective meditation then that is also dharmashastra. But by Baba's above guideline it is evident that this is just their misnomer or dogma. A Dada's talk can never be called dharmashastra. All that can be said is that if what those Dadas talk about is based on Baba's teachings then we can say it falls within the realm of svadhyaya. And if what those Dadas are talking about after collective meditation is just their personal tales about how they were riding on a bus or other silly or sweet stories of their travel, then that is just their own gossip. In which case that really should be shared during meal time-- not directly after collective sadhana.


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