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Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #5

Subject: Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #5
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 14:49:50 +0800 (SGT)
From: narayan panda


~ Part 5 ~

(Note: This is the 5th letter of this series. Link to the prior 4 letters are noted below. - Eds)


"I have merged myself with my mission." [Both versions of the fake quote wrongly attributed to Baba contain this phrase.]

"About the above bogus quote - pages and pages can be written - but really I think no need. The reasoning is perfectly clear. That Divine Entity which is the Cosmic Nucleus and the shelter of all does not merge into any lesser entity like mission. That just does not happen. The Supreme Shelter does not Himself take shelter in anything else. No way - no how."
(About That Famous Bogus Quote, posted 9/6/12)

I support your view. Till now I was thinking it was Ba'ba's written statement. Now, however, I understand that it simply cannot be Baba's statment because it is illogical and contrary to the spiritual teachings of Ananda Marga.

Here I wish to raise two distinct matters.


After reading your article, I remembered Baba's teaching from His book "Neo-Humanism - The Liberation of Intellect". In one section, Ba'ba' explains that devotion shouldn't be accepted as a cult but rather as the highest mission in life. Baba Himself is the highest mission in life. So it is illogical to say that He has merged Himself with mission. He Himself is the mission. So then how could He have merged into some separate entity called mission. It is impossible.

This quote - "If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission" - is totally misleading, illogical & bogus.


Next I want to recount one incident from history and parallel that with the situation in Ananda Marga.

500 years ago, the dogmatic followers of Shankaracarya (priests of the famous Puri temple) were totally against Caetanya Mahaprabhu because Caetanya was not adhering to their caste and untouchability sentiment. Plus Caetanya had many disciples who were Muslim - this also was a point of contention for those Hindu priests of the Puri temple. So they were furious with Caetanya Mahaprabhu and vowed to make amends.

Here is what they did.

Those dogmatic followers of Shankaracarya invited the great Mahaprabhu to the Puri temple, and in a dark moment they murdered him in cold blood. To hide their sinful deed, and placate and appease the disciples of Caetanya Mahaprabhu, those Hindu priests told those disciples that the great Mahaprabhu's physical body actually entered into wooden idol of Lord Jagannath. Those conniving priests claimed the body disappeared totally inside the wooden idol and did not return. And indeed the body was never found.

Hearing this, most of the disciples felt gloried, awed, and proud that their guru Caetanya Mahaprabhu had become one with Lord Jagannath. Or, in a phrase, you can say that they were totally duped by the chicanery of those sinful Hindu priests.

Here we have to remember that it is not at all uncommon for the masses of India to believe such mythical tales. This is the land where they firmly believe that Hanuman jumped 30 miles across the sea to Sri Lanka, and that Hanuman ate the sun thinking it be a piece of fruit etc. There is no shortage of outrageous stories that are embraced as truth by such followers.

So when those faithful disciples heard that their revered Caetanya merged into the idol of Jagannath, they believed it wholeheartedly and felt that really he is great. Little did they suspect Caetanya Mahaprabhu had been murdered by those dogmatic Hindu priests. Only a few disciplies harbored such sucpicions and they were in the extreme minority.

By this way the Puri temple priests achieved three things: (1) They effectively eliminated their enemy; (2) they effectively appeased and satisfied Caetanya's disciples; and (3) they effectively set the stage to further guide and lead Caetanya's disciples in the future - those disciples would respect and follow their word. Such was the tactical victory made by those sinful Puri priests.

Similarly, this so-called quote - "If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission" - has been propagandised with a similar agenda as what those crooked priests of the famed Puri temple (Orissa) propagandised after they murdered Caetanya Mahaprabhu.


In the case of Ananda Marga, Dada Sarvatmanandji himself introduced / re-introduced this quote in October 1990 because at that time he was the organisation. He ruled over everything and he thought that by this quote everyone will be convinced fully to blindly follow and execute his order. This fake quote suited his needs well. Other Dadas who helped him in this regard included: Bhaveshanandji, Tadbhavanandji, Vratishvaranandji, Vijayanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, among others.

Some naive people may justify that the terms "mission" and "organisation" are two different things; but, practically speaking, they are not. In Bengal, mission means organisation such as the Ramakrishna Mission. And not just Bengal, the world over people talk about the Christian Missions. In these cases, they are talking about the Ramakrishna organisaton comprised of people and projects and the Christian mission comprised of people and projects. In common parlance mission means organisation.

And indeed if you read the propagandised quote it carries the same meaning - that mission is an organisation where people gather and work:

"If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission."

So it was in that spirit, whereby mission means organisation, that Sarvatmanandji created this fake quote. His intent was: Baba has merged in the mission (i.e. organisation) and the way to please Him is to work for the organisation and follow your higher authority. This was Sarvatmanandji's plan for keeping all power concentrated in his hands. Remember, back in late October 1990, the whole of AMPS was very different - it was a monolithic structure under the dictatorship of one person. It was not fractured; there was one person the top seat. And indeed the plan worked; nobody opposed Dada Sarvatmananda.

Here is the proof: Just a few days later Central Committee unanimously declared the Mahaprayan Divas observance as an annual pilgrimmage to Tiljala - thereby making Kolkata the focal point. The mandate was for all to come to Tiljala to observe so-called Mahaprayan; it was not allowed to observe this anywhere else - only Tiljala (Kolkata.)


Hence, just as those Hindu priests fabricated one tale that Mahaprabhu merged into the Jagannath idol in order to appease and control all his disciples, similarly Sarvatmanandji concocted that false merge in mission quote and attributed it to Baba to eyewash legions of margiis and wts. Sarvatmanandji's plan was that they should follow his every word because he (Dada Sarvatmananda) was the organisational head and Baba had merged Himself into the mission / organisation.

And we can see that Sarvatmanandji got success.

In the next few short years, he carried out so many dastardly deeds by his mere order: Mahaprayan dogma, Fake Ananda Vaniis, Expulsion as a weapon and so much more. Sarvatmanandji did so many things because he had harnessed the obedience of workers and margiis by concocting this single quote: "If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission." For this reason, so many listened to his every word and followed his command.

What then is the difference between Dada Sarvatmananda's approach and that of those dogmatic priests of the Puri temple. Both fabricated outrageous tales in order to bring scores of followers under their control.

I think now the point is clear.

N. Panda


(1) Here is the version of the bogus quote propagated by Ac. Sarvatmanandji and other Dadas starting in Oct 1990:

"I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my mission, because I have merged myself with my mission."

(2) Here is the quote as it appears in the unofficial book - Supreme Expression I - which was published by an outside group / agency:

"If you want to see Me, do my Mission because I am merged with my Mission. I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. I am in your hearts and you are in mine. Only devotion can demand my physical presence." (Supreme Expression I, p. 57 (1978)

"Supreme Expression I is not an approved or official publication of AMPS. Rather it was published by an outside group. And this they readily acknowledge on the title page. There they write: "For a complete list of original books, please contact Ananda Marga publications as indicated on the following page." This is the exact line from the title page of Supreme Expression I. So Supreme Expression is not an official book; rather it was published by an independent publishing house in the Netherlands. In that case, how could such a publication be relied on as the sole and trusted source of a supposed quote which is wholly against the ideological ethic of Ananda Marga." (Re: About That Famous Bogus Quote #2, posted 9/15/12)


"Jyoti-ujjval pra'n'occhal tumi priyo..." (P.S. 2229)


Baba, O' Parama Purusa, You are the Divine Controller of this vast universe. You are the brilliant effulgence - full of vitality & saturated & with the love. Baba, You are my dearmost. By Your own glory You are glorified. O' Parama Purusa, You are ever-adorable.  

Baba, I do not have the strength to catch hold of You. With my little strength and with whatever means I have, I try to catch You - but it is impossible for me. Instead I remain engrossed in my own self - unit "I". This 'unit I' is preventing me from coming close to You. Baba, please transform my 'I-feeling', make it Yours.  

Baba, with my own strength I will not be able to get You. With the thread of the spider's web I will not be able to bind You and hold You. Please grace me, and allow Yourself to get held. This is my only request to You. Please keep this open for Your consideration.  

Baba, in my mind & in my heart, I have deep longing for You - to have You close. Please grant me this by Your causeless grace. Baba, please come in my shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, & dhyana and make me Yours...

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