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This is a Devotional Area

Date: 24 May 2012 21:43:36 -0000
From: "Shivadayal  Singhal"
Subject: This is a Devotional Area


"Eso eso bandhu eso jiivaner prati nishva'se..."   (PS 213)


  O' my dear most Baba, O' my Bandhu, please come in my life. Please come in my each and every breath. I want to remember Your name as my Ista mantra always. When You come in my mind and sit on the white lotus, then Your sweet fragrance permeates my whole being.   Baba except You I have no one. You are the only one with whom I can open my inner heart. And that time I tell You all those things which I never share with anyone. I express to You all my inner feelings. With no one else can I do like this, I only these things with You, secretly.   O' my dear most Baba, O' Bandhu, please grace me by coming in my life. I am waiting in longing. Baba, I do not have anyone other than You...


One day Baba was on His field walk with margiis and workers in the city of Ludhiana then He told them that, 'Today I spoke on a devotional topic because this area is a devotional area. Usually I give discourses on philosophical and intellectual subjects in Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala etc'. (09 July '79, Morning Field Walk, Ludhiana)

Every margii is aware that in certain areas Baba speaks more on philosophical subjects and in other places He rarely speaks philosophically - but speaks mostly on devotional topics. For some margiis it was a mystery why Baba was doing like this. But the above lines from the Ludhiana field walk reveal everything.

Although it is true that the words Baba speaks are not solely for the audience sitting there that day, because His discourses are for all up to eternity. But at the same time the audience likes to hear something which is sympathetic to their mind. So Baba satisfies their feeling.

Thus when an area is devotional He chooses devotional subjects and when the area is other than that He chooses intellectual topics. Because in AM teachings, both aspects are needed. So according to the area Baba gives the style and content of His discourse.

One can easily confirm this by reviewing various discourses and checking the place and evaluating nature of the topic. But this does not mean that in certain areas all are intellectuals. Nor does it mean that in another areas all are devotional. Surely though we can say that there is a dominance or tendency in a particular area. That much can be said. That is why, accordingly, Baba chooses the topic of discourse: devotional or intellectual.


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