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Baba's Plan: One Grand Procession

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:38:23 -0000 Subject: Baba's Plan: One Grand Procession Baba "Ei anurodh prabhu tava caran'e, manake a'ma'r shubh pathe calio..." (P.S. 2098) Purport: Baba, I place this request at Your lotus feet: Please guide me and goad my mind towards the path of welfare and divinity. If ever I am surrounded by hopelessness, then please light my heart with the lamp of hope and lead me unto the path of effulgence. Baba, I ask Your grace: Do not allow fear, shyness, hatred, and all these pashas (bondages) and ripus (enemies) block my path of forward movement towards You. Baba, please grace me with Your thundering voice of the samvit shakti-- "awareness"*. If ever my mind gets negatively affected with attachment of materialism and indulges in crude worldly enjoyments, then that time please awaken the tender human qualities which are sleeping in my heart. When in my heart, my human feelings become drowsy and sleepy, that time my mind degenerates and I get attached towards those mundane, worldly things. And I get involved and start indulging in those crude affairs. So that time, please grace me and awaken my human feelings. Baba, please give me strength so I can march ahead on Your path, in a very straight direct way. Make it so that I will never lose the track; make it so taht I wiol never fall onto that negative path. Baba, please remain along with me, all the time. Always keeping Yourself as my guide on this journey of forward movement. Baba at Your lotus feet, this much request I have: Please lead me from the darkness to the effulgence... * Samvit= "The popular meaning of sam'vit shakti is "awareness" - awakening from slumber. With the help of sam'vit shakti, unit beings become aware of their existence. They realise that they are the crown of creation, the most evolved beings whose goal is to attain the supreme rank and dispel the darkness of the avaran'ii shakti of avidyamaya." (Baba)
Namaskar, Here is one beautiful memory that many other may also recall. It is related with our most beloved Sadguru Baba and how He has infused the needed dynamism to build up a society based on dharma.
All are aware that Baba used to live in Patna. And during His residence there, various types of Prout organisations were made active with the inspiration of His sweet scolding and prodding. This was all going on just after His Jail period. That time, under His guidance, the Proutist federations like UPSF, UPYF, UPLF, UPFF, UPIF all got activated. Then the moment came to activate our Didis' side. As we know we have the GP Department.
So then Baba gave one special program that was really unique. The plan was that sisters should protest against the exploitation of females. And the creative part of the program was that the Didis/sisters should organise one big procession. And that was exactly what was done. So many margii sisters and Didis made one big public march to uphold the dignity of women. And it was a huge success. It was a consciousness raising event and countless people became active on the issue. Some youths were even holding sticks in their hands and tearing away crude advertisements by the roadside which had a negative picture of females. All in all many good things came in result. And when the report of procession was given to Baba then He became very happy. Some special details about this program I will also recount further down in this email. But that time the whole event was held because of the on-going exploitation against women.
For instance, in our lives we regularly come across different media, newspapers, magazines, as well as different posters on the roadside which depict females in crude way. People are making big, big banners and posters in this way to sell their articles. Unnecessarily females photo has been attached to an advertisement when advertising for many products. Surely we all may have seen such things. I think around the globe irrespective of any country almost everywhere, male domination is going on. Of course for males, the opposite sex is females. And it is a natural instinct to get attracted to the opposite sex, especially if one's mind is impure. So then, because all around the globe male dominated society is there these days, then businessmen paint the picture of females to attract males and thereby sell their products. Most likely, if society was dominated by females, then crude business people would have painted males' photos and they might have used males to attract females to sell their products. And empty the pocket of female customers. But now things are opposite. Advertisements are based on the exploitation of females because of the currently male dominated society. Where the motive is to attract males for purchasing their goods by showing the picture of elaborately decorated and exposed females. This very cunning and devious type of exploitation is going on. Some people are aware but most are oblivious.
Now, as I told above, I am coming back to the story. We know our AM and Prout fight against all sorts of exploitation. So that time in Patna the procession was organised to raise the awareness of the public against the exploitation of females. And as is seen all around, female exploitation is going on by businessmen by placing females photos in their advertisements in 'negative way'. So in that grand procession a huge stir was created. Young sister youths and students were keeping buckets of black paint with so many brushes. And wherever they saw negative pictures of females, then they were just destroying those negative advertisements with the black paint. All along the city streets this was going on. Both on the main road and also on so many side avenues also. In that was they procession had a huge effect in that area. And the news got published in the newspapers also. And the common mass appreciated the work done by our procession. Plus, Baba was extremely pleased by all this.
And some very good effect happened also: For some limited time thereafter I saw that many such negative advertisements got reduced and or eliminated completely. So that was one point of success. Of course, though, to completely wipe out any such exploitation then indeed constant hammering is needed. So this is our ongoing work of both AM and Prout. And previously in our programs, we were raising the slogans and opposing the negative societal trends. We were bringing the banner and protesting that females should not be negaively portrayed in advertisements. Means our Marg was upholding Baba's dharmic guideline that as Proutists and Margiis our duty is to fight against female exploitation and uphold the dignity of women. So we should remember that Baba has guided us to build up all the sectors of society and, in that same spirit, He has warned us to be careful not to sacrifice the sanctity of women.
Here are a few of the many teachings of Baba that lead in that direction. Baba says, "Men...should always endeavor to save the prestige of women. As the mothers of men, women can claim this much as a right." (CC, '95, pt 1, p.49) Baba says, "Special attention should be paid to the comforts of women during festivals, at spiritual conferences, and on other occasions." (Caryacarya) And here Baba emphasizes the need to elevate and safeguard women's place in society thus ensuring a bright future of humanity. Baba says, "We stand to create a powerful, dynamic and upsurging social consciousness, especially among women, so that they are inspired to rise, abolish dogma and annihilate all symbols of slavery, and usher in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievement." (PNS-13, p.49) But now what is going on in some public programs is against the word and spirit of Baba's mandates. A few people are making public programs these days that are moving in their own direction, against the dignity of women. About this further down in this email some examples have been given.
These following words of Baba stand as great inspiration for one and all. Baba says, "The significance of life does not lie only in living. Animals also live. But life to us means something more -- rather something much more. To us life means living for a great cause." (AFPS-9) Namaskar, Parashram
The on-going negative trend by B group in their public Prabhat Samgiita programs is quite apparent and, on the whole, rather degrading. These days they are using various alluring female dancers who are in the peak age of their physical attraction-- i.e. 20-25 years old. So by seeing the body, look, and dress of the female dancers it is clear how they are being negatively projected as tools of allurement. Just so that B group draw in the public and thus sell their cassettes and gain more profit. Unfortunately these programs are going on all around and in this way Prabhat Samgiita is becoming the tool of female exploitation. People are simple and they may not understand this but this way they get exploited. So this is B group's special tactic to use those 22 year old alluring girls to stockpile profits for their Prabhat Samgiita sales. And this has been going on in DMS and programs all along since 1990. So this is the common malady. And recently these things are continuing to occur in these programs.
Of course we know that this was never Baba's approach. And I myself remember when I personally attended the Shravanii Purnima program in 1990 then that time just a young girl of 5 or 6 years of age was dancing Prabhat Samgiita. And that was Baba's strict rule and we all witnessed this. That only those pre-adolescent girls should be on the public stage dancing Prabhat Samgiita.
But now something completely different is going on. Our Prabhat Samgiita which is such a devotional and dharmic treasure and now they have polluted this thing. It is sad. People should understand that Prabhat Samgiita should not be used to satisfy the crude instincts of certain negative people. And women should also not get exploited. So these B group Dadas like to project themselves as being the God-Fathers of Prabhat Samgiita, but in reality their all plans and programs in this affair is way off the mark. Because just in order to maximize profits, B group is pushing ahead in their negative direction: ruining Prabhat Samgiita and exploiting women.
Unfortunately, H group is no better because for years now they have buried Baba's divine Prabhat Samgiita in the dust and ashes. Just it is lying in uncared way and instead they used their full resources to propagate PP Dada's silly rhymes known as Shraddha Suman. PP Dada wrote more than 10,000 of these things and H group was getting them all recorded and put into books yet Baba's beautiful Prabhat Samgiita is not getting propagated at all. So both the groups have their negative agendas in this regard and Baba's Prabhat Samgiita is getting compromised as a result. But whatever injustice H group is doing along these lines, that is completely dwarfed by B group's massive public campaign that maligns women and places one negative mask on Prabhat Samgiita. Altogether the whole scene is sad and unfortunate. But I have full faith that by our collective effort we will not allow such negative affairs to go on much longer.
Note 2: The Universal Proutist Federations known as UPSF, UPYF, UPLF, UPFF, and UPIF accordingly refer to the (a) Student, (b) Youth, (c) Laborers, (d) Farmers, and (e) Intellectuals, Universal Proutist Federations.
****************************************** Basic Characteristic
Baba says, "The present world is plagued with numerous problems. To solve these problems we need ideal men and women who are highly evolved from within; strong men and women whose lives are based on the solid foundation of spirituality. In the absence of such people the problems will remain unsolved." (AMI-10, p.759) Note: In this DMC discourse, Baba guides us that the problems troubling the globe nowadays can only be solved by spiritually minded soldiers-- true sadhakas. Only those whose mind and heart have been dyed in the ocean of cosmic ideation can lead the society into to the new era of peace and fulfillment. Such evolved spiritual revolutionaries have the unique ability, by His grace, to bring forth Prout. Side by side Baba warns us that without such people at the helm, society will continue in its downward spiral. Baba's teaching is quite obvious so most in our Marga are understanding, but still of our so-called Prout leaders of NY sector confused. They never tire of praising atheist Chomsky is savior of entire world. But actually acc to Bab's def of NH this person is most probably just one "vocal revoltionary". Because time and again they get confused into thinking that this athesitic type of mundane leaders who can befool thousands of people with their tall talk can be a leader of Prout. Baba's golden guideline is that without spirituality no human being can solve even meagre problems what to say about grave problems.

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