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Baba's Special Way

From: "Ratan" RSW@STARPOWER... To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Baba's Special Way Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 23:06:47 -0000 Baba "Ga'nera jharn'a' baye ya'ya, bela' abela' na'hi ma'ne..." (P.S.#4868) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace the fountain of Prabhat Samgiita songs is flowing eternally, completely independent of the normal cycle of time. Your blissful songs flow according to their own schedule, according to their own routine-- not caring about day or night, summer or winter. The divine flow and sweet melody of Your Prabhat Samgiita songs are dancing on the jagged path. They lead one towards that vast Cosmic Ocean-- towards the fountain of effulgence, towards You Baba...
Namaskar, From age to age when Taraka Brahma advents, then He has His own special way of revealing His message-- all depending upon the level of the society. That is why we see that each Divine Advent reveals a totally new approach for establishment of His mission: All unveiled in His own unique manner.
When Lord Krsna incarnated then the society was in a different stage of development. The people were simple and needed to hear things in straight language. In that environment Lord Krsna openly proclaimed that He is the Divine Entity-- Mahasambhuti-- and that He has come for a special purpose. "Krsna said in the Giita, as well as elsewhere, that all must follow the path shown by Him."
Mama vartma'nu...
"'If people resort to the path that I show they are sure to attain salvation in the end...I will liberate You'." (NKS, '97, p.210) And in another shloka Lord Krsna has proclaimed:
Paritra'n'a'ya sa'dhu'na'm'.....
"'I incarnate Myself in this world from age to age for the annihilation of the wicked and the protection of the virtuous'." (NKS, Disc 24) So these divine messages Lord Krsna shared with one and all. And the common people of those days totally accepted-- if not embraced-- His call.
Today's society is distinctly different-- the standard is something else. And this is reflected by Baba's vastly different approach from Lord Krsna's way. Rather than openly declaring His arrival on the public platform in front of one and all, instead in this complex era Baba has employed a multitude of ways and techniques for revealing Himself and putting forth His mission.
On the purely personal level when relating intimately through His ota yoga with one particular sadhaka then Baba reveals Himself in so many ways. He reveals Himself to devotees in the form of dreams or deep sadhana experiences. By these ways the sadhaka gets deep intuitional confirmation of His divine appearance. Or Baba Himself might directly tell about His Cosmic Dance to one margii in PC. And then to others Baba has discussed in the natural course of the day that He has come for some mission. Or He might raise the kundalini of one sadhaka and put them in a high state of samadhi. Through all these types of personal approaches and through other various ways Baba has lovingly called devotees near Him and revealed the fact of His coming. Otherwise how could people know about the divine Advent of Mahasambhuti. Without any hint or glimmer of His divine appearance then one unit being could never fathom that the Great Cosmic Entity has taken human form. Because when we are only unit beings with limited minds and when He is the residing Lord of the visible and invisible worlds then how could we fathom that all of this expressed creation and unexpressed universe resides in the nucleus of His mind. Without His grace, this is far beyond our conception. Hence accordingly, He has blessed various aspirants-- i.e. Ananda Margiis-- by bring them close to Him.
So while through His ota yoga-- yoga of individual association-- Baba has personally awakened the consciousness of sadhakas and revealed His divine advent to them, in the public sphere His ways of communication were distinctly different. For example, when the world came to see Him during the time of Dharma Samiiksa, then that time in various reportings Baba used to tell that, 'A flying camel or a flying buffalo came and told me this news'. So rather than telling openly that He is that Omniscient, Omnipresent Entity, instead Baba would use humour and interesting tales to express or point out the truth. Thus when one person in a lonely place engaged in some negative act and if that individual never told anyone about this, then to correct that person's conduct Baba would say that, 'One flying pink lizard has told me...'. And then Baba would expose the fact. Of course those understanding Baba's jokes knew that there is no flying buffalo or flying lizard etc. Just this was Baba's psychological way of expressing Himself on the public forum. Certainly we know Baba is the All-encompassing witnessing Entity and that nothing transpires in this universe without His awareness. Yet, for various reasons best known to Him, He chose not to reveal or openly proclaim on the public forum who He was. Mostly likely because there were various standards or disciples and members of the society in His audience etc. This is one possibility. So the standard of society is different now than during the time of Lord Krsna's era. And the proof is that Baba does not reveal everything openly. Rather He uses jokes like that of the flying buffalo, or some bird, or some crocodile etc to say what He wants to tell. Even then His approach is not limited to this.
In the philosophical realm, Baba has used the books "Nama'mi Krs'n'asundaram" and "Namah Shivaya Shantaya" as a way to project HIS A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy. So in the name of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna, Baba has put forth all His views. In those books He has revealed indirectly so many philosophical and devotional treasures. When describing Nandan Vijaina Baba is telling about Lord Krsna's beauty and charm.
Apu'rba ta'r cokher ca'oya'....
"His look is unique. The scent of His body is unique. His movement, coming and going, is unique...." (NKS, '97, p.225) So in the above shloka on the philosophical plane it can be said that here Baba is talking about Lord Krsna. Yet in the practical sphere we all know that through countless demonstrations Baba has shown that He Himself is the personification of all those divine beauties and charms. His scent is that of sweet sandalwood or flowers-- and He makes others carry that scent as well. All these things He has done. So devotees understand that in the above shloka Baba is indirectly talking about Himself. And to satisfy those jinanis, He has given these books in such a way that they studied the books "Nama'mi Krs'n'asundaram" and "Namah Shivaya Shantaya" as a historical survey or philosophical discussion of Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva. But in truth Baba is indirectly telling about Himself and revealing all His beauties and grandeur and showing how one can get Him etc. That is why bhaktas just view those two books as the expression of Baba-- Lord Shrii Shrii A'nandamurtiji.
Plus in so many other discourses and books such as in His Ghost stories or Shabda Cayanika etc, Baba has revealed much about His own personal experiences and fathomless insights. Because in all these accounts He regularly comes in contact with 'one figure of light and shadow' who uncovers all kinds of unique truths about this universe. So this is yet another way that Baba reveals His inner Self. And devotees can easily understand and feel this truth in their heart; but for jinanis He remains a mystery.
So by all these ways-- and numerous other avenues-- we can understand that through various means Baba is uncovering the divine truth and revealing Himself and putting forth His AM ideology.
Here below in His story about those watching a magic act, Baba unveils the special way for knowing all the precious secrets of that magician. Baba says, "The magician wants people to witness the display. But what will the spectators or the intelligent persons amongst the spectators who want to join the magician's party, do? They will develop love for the magician and join the party. After joining the party, each and every secret of the magic will be known to them." (AV-2, Discourse #45) So by watching Him and falling in love with His Supreme Self we can get everything-- all the answers. This is Baba's guideline.
By Baba's grace in the following shlokas He colorfully reveals the inner truth of this vast Cosmic expression and shows how we can attain that Supreme stance.
Ya evaeka udbhave sambhave ca'.
Baba says, "The Creator of the universe is a Great Magician...All these magical expressions, magical displays, have their origin in Him. He expressed Himself in the form of so many magical displays. And it is that Magician who retains and nourishes the magically created objects; and finally those objects go back to the inner arena of that Magician." (AV-2)
Ya etadviduramrta'ste bhavanti'.
"That intelligent spiritual aspirant who comes in close contact with the Magician by dint of his extreme love for the Magician attains immortality." (AV-2) Namaskar, Ratan
In Shabda Cayanika, Baba is also using this series as a way to put forth the truth about historical events and cultural phenomena that would otherwise be difficult to prove. But by using the voice of a ghost or a luminous being, then Baba can effortlessly tell all that He want to say. And devotees will get the inner truth and know how to apply that in today's world. Hence books like Shabda Cayanika are another way of putting forth difficult to prove facts such that jinanis cannot object or argue and devotees understand that Baba is revealing 100% truth. One wonderful example of this is the story about Viresh Vijay in Shabda Cayanika where Baba tells about the special traits of great revolutionaries. And there are countless other wonderful depictions where Baba has beautifully revealed so many grand secrets and solved so many historical puzzles etc.
****************************************** Sadhana Point
Baba says, "Where there is no love, the mind will not run after Him. So dhya'na also becomes meaningless." "Dhya'na is withdrawing the mental propensities from all extroversive entities, and then collecting those withdrawn mental forces, mental propensities, and urging them towards the Supreme Entity. If there is no love for the Supreme Entity, this movement cannot be done." (Patna, 31st August, 1978)

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