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Barely Known Point

Date: 13 Jul 2011 21:06:41 -0000
From: "Subhash Deva"
Subject: Barely Known Point


"Tumi sudha'taraunge khelicho raunge saba'r saunge niyato..." (PS 700)


Baba, since eternity You have been playing Your divine game. By Your
grace it is filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are
playing with one and all - blessing everyone. Baba, You never get tired;
You never stop; You go on working day and night. Your liila is eternal.
Baba, even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies,
and also when there was no existence of the vast sky, when there was
absolutely nothing, then in that great void You were ever-present,
remaining alone. Even before and prior to the beginning of the creation
You were there, emanating with Your divine vibration. Baba Your liila
cannot be expressed in words and language. Since eternity You have been
present and You will remain forever. You are the Supreme Nucleus of this
whole cosmic cycle...

                  == BARELY KNOWN POINT ==

As we approach the full moon I felt this topic is most appropriate.

By Baba's grace, I had His darshan on a few occasions - one of which was
in Patna during the year 1971. Usually when in His Presence, I would
just watch and listen intently, mesmerized by His divine aura.

On this particular occasion, the idea came in mind to note down Baba's
words and ideas in my diary. So that is what I did.


The following is not an actual transcription for publication, but it is
an accurate review of what Baba discussed on that day. Afterwards, my
notes were checked with those of two different Dadas and PA Dada gave
his approval.

I have discussed this below topic on numerous occasions with margiis in
my unit and then I began to think that in this electronic era, more
should have access to this information. After all, everything is due to
His grace and He has come for the upliftment of all. In that case, how
can I rightfully keep this to myself or to my village locale.

I will feel especially graced if any or all of the below helps others on
the path, coming closer to His lotus feet.


Specifically, that day was the unique occasion wherein Baba clearly
described why fasting is so important for our human growth and
development and how fasting counteracts the negative effects of the
celestial bodies during certain lunar days, or tithis.

What He told in this Patna darshan is not in any of the published
material (that I am aware of) about fasting. It is not in Caryacarya
part III nor in other publications.

I have since asked many acaryas about this and they too cannot tell if
or when Baba discussed this topic in other places. So this does seem to
be quite unique material.

                          PART 1:


In this darshan, Baba began by telling that due to the pull or
attraction of certain celestial bodies like the moon and the sun, the
liquid portion of the earth rises. Baba was detailing how the tides of
the ocean and sea levels are affected by the pull of the moon on
particular lunar days, ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day, pu'rn'ima',
and amavasya.

(Note: Of course, the modern day sciences of geology and physics have
verified this fact. The earth's oceans and tides are primarily 's
affected by the moon etc and can result in tidal waves and other
dangerous conditions.)

Then Baba began to systemically explain how even the liquid section in
our human body also gets affected on such lunar days (tithis).
Specifically the liquid portion rises up and disturbs the regular
functioning of the brain and other primary organs in the upper regions
of the body. One's thinking and sadhana are affected on these days.

(Note: As you may know, our bodies are 70% to 75% water / fluid, so when
the liquid portion of the body is affected, its affect is quite dramatic
and can even make people to do crazy things. That is why lunacy stems
from the root luna meaning moon. Due to the effect of the moon, people
lose their mental balance. This is also recognised in the common society)

                         PART 2:

                 THE EFFECT ON THE CAKRAS

In the next sequence, Baba began detailing the effects on the cakras.
Because when the liquid portion rises up then the upper cakras are

Under normal conditions, the vishuddha cakra (5th cakra) to the
sahasra'ra cakra (7th cakra) are purely for subtle and sentient
pursuits. These cakras are totally sattvika or sentient.

The manipura cakra (3rd cakra) to anaha'ta cakra (4th cakra) deal with
both higher and lower works, both spiritual and physical activities.
Baba has classified these as being ra'jasik, a mixture of crude and subtle.

Then the two lower cakras - muladhara (1st cakra) and svadhisthana (2nd
cakra) - only deal with baser activities, as they are ta'masik in
nature. But as we all know certain crude works need to be attended to in
this life, so those lower cakras also have their purpose.

That is how Baba described it in this darshan.

Now here comes the key point:

On certain lunar days - tithis - like ekadhashii, or the 11th lunar day,
pu'rn'ima' (full moon), and amavasya (new moon), the liquid portion of
the body rises up and disturbs the functioning of the upper cakras -
i.e. the ra'jasik and sentient cakras, which means the manipur cakra all
the way up to the sahasra'ra cakra are all affected.

(Note: Baba also differentiates between lunar days known as tithis and
solar days known as din in Sanskrit. And it is these lunar days or
tithis which create this disturbance in the body.)

On those aforementioned lunar days or tithis (ekadashii, purnima &
amavasya), due to the adverse effect of the moon's pull and the ensuing
rise of the liquid portion of the human body, those higher cakras cannot
function normally. In turn, our entire existence is negatively affected.
Our regular and higher functioning of mind becomes impaired.

                           PART 3:


The ancient yogis - being practical scientists and researchers - knew
well that the upper cakras could not carry out their normal manner of
functioning on those tithis, so they came up with a solution.

And that solution was: fasting.

Then Baba revealed one very interesting idea. He told us that when one
fasts, a vacuum is created in the stomach - because there is neither
water nor food in the belly - and that vacuum pulls the liquid back
down. That brings relief to our entire system on these lunar days.

(Note: Many Wts familiar with Baba's discourses that this Patna
discourse is one of the few places, if not only place, where Baba
revealed this point about creating a vacuum in the stomach.)

In that case, when fasting during those lunar days like ekadashii, then
the higher organs are no longer hampered by the liquids which would
normally rise up on those lunar days. Hence, the lungs, heart, thyroid,
brain etc can work smoothly as usual.

That is the great benefit to the physical and mental body during fasting

Baba also then gave proof of this theory. He told that those suffering
from arthritis and gout will experience worse conditions during
ekadashii and other tithis. They will not experience any remission on
these days. Because the liquid portions of the body rises up and creates
problems for such patients.

So for all these reasons and more, fasting is a necessity for human
health and vitality.

                             PART 4:


Then in a very sweet manner Baba began to discuss about the fasting
system in Ananda Marga.

He explained that our fasting days occur on the following tithis:
eleventh moon (ekadashii), full moon (purnima), and new moon (amavasya).

Then He said how He did not prescribe four fastings to family people -
just two, i.e. the two fasting days of ekadashii. That will help them
greatly in their physical and spiritual life.

Wts are required to do four fastings as they need to engage in more
spiritual activities. Baba was careful to explain that Wts are not, by
definition, more spiritual or devotional than margiis, but clarified
that due to the nature of Wt life, they have more spiritually oriented

Finally, Baba added that all family people are welcome to fast 4 times
each month, but for them it is not a requirement. Should, however, any
family person adopt the practice of fasting on purnima and amavasya,
then they will not be questioned in any way. If they desire, they may
freely do.

                           PART 5:

                     UPA'VASA NOT ANANSA

Baba then clarified that our fasting days are more than just days where
we refrain from taking food. Not eating is known as anashana in Sanskrit.

But that is now our approach.

We call our fasting days as upa'va'sa. Then Baba explained the meaning
several times using various examples and definitions from the realm of
linguistics, and we all repeated and replied.

Upa' means "near", and va'sa means "sitting". Hence upa'va'sa means to
sit or reside or live near the Lord.

Here below is a quote from one of Baba's published discourses on

Baba says, "Upa” is a Sam'skrta prefix. In Sam'skrta there are twenty
recognized prefixes, and one of these prefixes is “upa”. “Upa” means
“proximity”. And “Va'sa” means “to live”, “to reside”. The word
“upava'sa” means then, “to live near the Lord”. “Upava'sa” – on these
days of fasting, what are all spiritual aspirants to do? Mentally they
should live near their Lord. On all other days they are to remain
balanced between objective adjustment and subjective approach. On these
days of fasting, however, on these days of upava'sa, one remains in
closer proximity to the Lord than to one’s mundane duties. That is why
these days are known as “upava'sa”. The word “fasting” does not
represent the proper sense or proper spirit. The Sam'skrta term for
going without food is “anashana” – “ana” means not, “ashana” means
eating – not “upava'sa”. But these eka'dashii, amavasya and pu'rn'ima'
days are days of upava'sa." (AV-6)

The above passage was given in a discourse from 1978. It nicely
complements what Baba told us that day in 1971 about upa'va'sa so I have
included it here.

Let's now return to what Baba told us in Patna (1971).

He told us that during fasting, one may encounter difficulty in doing
intense physical labour on that day. Some people may not experience any
hardship, but for others doing tough physical tasks may be beyond their
reach. It varies person to person.

In that case on upa'vasa', one should engage in more intellectual and
spiritual pursuits, and less in physical duties. One should goad the
mind toward higher echelons of philosophy, ideology, and devotional
life. On these days, one should sit near Parama Purusa. That is what
Baba repeats again and again.

Thus our fasting days are not just anashana (not eating), but upavasa as
we are to pursue maximally in the spiritual realm and remain with the Lord.

                        BABA'S BLESSING

So these are the chief notations that were in my diary from that day.
Because this posting is written in letter format and because it is an
email etc, I have adjusted my notes accordingly, but all the facts and
points are included.

Again I will say that perhaps the two unique points from that darshan are:
(1) A main function of fasting is to free the upper cakras from the
negative effects of liquids rising up in the human body.
(2) The way this happens is that a vacuum is created in the stomach due
to a dearth of food and water and that vacuum pulls those liquids back

The principles - both physical and spiritual - of our fasting days allow
us all to progress, despite the inherent difficulties of living on this
earth. It is truly Baba's grace that He has given a method and solution
for overcoming every problem.

By Baba's grace He has given us all the opportunity and practices to
live eternally at His lotus feet.


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