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Answer: Because there is Bliss

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 06:37:06 -0000 To: From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth Subject: Answer: Because there is Bliss Baba "A'sha'r a'loke ele, bha's'a'r atiit tumi, a'ma'r duhkh-klesh bhula'ite..." (PS-1754) Purport: Baba, You are the embodiment of hope, inspiration, and bliss. Language is wholly incapable of expressing Your greatness. Baba, in this poignant moment, You have come here to remove my agony and sufferings, and to wipe away my tears in these dark days. Whatever accumulated degeneration and negative things were there in my mind, You removed everything in one blink of the eye. Baba, this is Your grace. Baba, nobody except You is mine-- to whom I can relate my pain. You are the only entity in this universe who is mine, to whom I open my heart and express everything. Indeed there is no one else in this entire universe except You, to whom I can tell the inner feelings of my heart within these three worlds, tribhuvan. O' my dearmost Baba, You are the nucleus of all effulgence. Please grace me by singing the song of divinity in my ears. Baba please come close to me. I have prepared one freshly blossomed flower garland for You which is full of fragrance. And I am waiting for that auspicious moment when You will come, and then in a lonely place I will offer that garland to You. Baba, You are my everything. And with Your arrival all my sufferings have gone, because I have gotten You. This is exclusively Your grace...
Note: The Trailer Quoter (TQ) at the bottom of this letter offers a clear resolution to the recent outbreak of violence in hot-spots around the globe such as in southern Kyrgyzstan and upon the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan. Namaskar, Invariably on one of our Marga networks the question gets raised, "Who is an A'nanda Ma'rgii?". And veritably speaking, the question is certainly an important one which holds deep significance. Since, after all, our two-fold duty is both to be Ananda Margiis and also to create more Ananda Margiis. Given this, we should all hold an agreed upon, clear-cut idea of what constitutes being an A'nanda Ma'rgii. On this point everyone is encouraged to write in with their thoughts and realisations. And side by side as a community we should investigate and collectively reflect upon Baba's divine teachings on this all-important matter.
As we all know Baba has magnificently taken advent and clearly presented the spiritual cult for all to follow. This is His great boon upon us all. As some may remember, initially Baba called the path as 'the straight path' or Rju Ma'rga: Baba says, "The meaning of the word rju is 'one who moves straight ahead' or 'that which is straightforward'...Rju path means 'straight path', one that does not bend right and left." (SC-2) So at the outset, those who followed Baba's tenants were the adherents of the straight path or Rju Ma'rga. However, being that omniscient Cosmic Entity, Baba knows that "straightness" alone does not satisfy the infinite longings of the human heart. Human beings want something more-- humans want bliss, eternal bliss.
Hence, to appease that special a'kuti (longing) of human beings, Baba has graciously created A'nanda Ma'rga-- literally meaning, the 'path of bliss'. And by His grace, AM is that blissful movement to the Cosmic Hub, to Supreme blessedness. Baba says, "The path which leads to supreme bliss is a singular one; there is no second path. The path is one, and only one. If this universe is considered as a circle, its nucleus is the blissful Purus'ottama to which every point on the circumference is connected. If any microcosm located on any point of the circumference wants to reach the Nucleus, he will have to move with Cosmic ideation, floating on the divine waves of bliss. From no matter what point on the circumference one measures the distance to the Nucleus, that radius will always be the same. This radius is termed the a'nanda ma'rga-- the path of bliss." (DT-2, 'Sadhana') Thus this movement on the path of A'nanda Ma'rga starts with human life and culminates in eternal bliss. And along the way, along that radius while moving on the path, one is "floating on the divine waves of bliss". This is Baba's expressed teaching.
So, per Baba's guideline, feeling and receiving bliss is part and parcel of the movement on the path of A'nanda Ma'rga. Indeed it is an essential element of that journey. It is just like when one moves towards the sun then step by step one feels progressively warmer and warmer. Similarly those moving on the path of A'nanda Ma'rga naturally feel more and more bliss as they progress along the path toward the Supreme One. This 'bliss' is a natural outcome of one's movement on the path of A'nanda Ma'rga. Thus each and every A'nanda Ma'rgii feels a blissful vibration as they journey forward.
By Baba's grace, within the practical cult of AM He has given all the particulars for moving ahead on the path. And by following Baba's selected teachings of do's and don'ts, one is able to move with ever-accelerating speed-- thereby feeling more and more bliss. Baba says, "In A'nanda Ma'rga this divine flow of Brahma is embedded in different lessons of spiritual meditation. Thus, those who practice this meditation, whether in the present or the future, whether within time or beyond time, will certainly cry, sing and dance with exquisitive spiritual joy, and advance steadily towards the blissful Macrocosmic stance." "Advancing thus, establishing oneself in yama and niyama, and becoming a true sadvipra, one will attain oneness with the Supreme Entity. Developed human beings will have to move along this Macrocosmic flow of Brahma. One who tries to remain aloof from this divine flow does not deserve to be called a human being. One should bear in mind that the highest fulfillment in life lies in movement in the Cosmic flow. The path along which this movement takes place is called the path of bliss, the path of A'nanda Ma'rga." (AMIWL-8, 'The Macrocosmic Stance & Human Life') Following Baba's teachings of yama and niyama and Sixteen Points etc are requirements for advancing on the path. Keeping away from these practices only means inviting one's degeneration. And by incorporating those AM practices into our life we will enable one to move ahead-- in a speedier and speedier fashion, feeling an ever-increasing amount of bliss.
By all this we can understand that an Ananda Margii is one who actively feels that bliss which is an inherent quality of traveling the path of A'nanda Ma'rga. By this way we should gauge ourselves. Because entering onto the path and plumping oneself down and sitting still is not enough. That stagnant position does not qualify one as an A'nanda Ma'rgii. Rather one will have to move and by that movement one will receive bliss-- one will be "floating on the divine waves of bliss". This is Baba's clear-cut guarantee and part and parcel of being an A'nanda Margii So once again we should gauge ourselves. We should see if we are moving fast or slow. The speed of one's movement is measured by the amount of bliss one feels. In this way we should frankly question ourselves: 'Am I really an Ananda Margii-- am I feeling that bliss which Baba says is an inherent aspect of moving on the path. Or am I just a margii in namesake only-- just calling oneself an A'nanda Ma'rgii but not tangibly feeling that bliss which is the cornerstone or defining point of one's movement along the path of AM. Person to person we should all ask ourselves in our heart and truthfully evaluate how far we are A'nanda Ma'rgiis. The answer lies within each and every one.
So A'nanda means bliss and the degree to which one is feeling that bliss in their life is that degree to which one is an Ananda Margii. Some lazy persons may say that 'Oh, there is no need to feel bliss just I am an A'nanda Margii'. But this is nothing but their own stagnant quality. Instead those who are ardent followers will zealously ask themselves how far they are really getting bliss and simultaneously desire to receive more and more bliss. And by Baba's grace He has given the perfect formula: By following His teachings one will get bliss. So if one is not feeling any bliss or if one wants to feel more bliss then there is tremendous hope as well as a practical approach. Because as we engage more and more in His devotional cum spiritual practices and incorporate these divine ideals into our heart then naturally bliss and nectar pours throughout one's entire being-- until one is totally drenched in that supreme bliss. This is Baba's expressed formula. And by this way we can all joyously move ahead by His grace.
Here below is Baba's great assurance that the path of Ananda Marga is for one and all and that by His grace we will get success and progressively become one with that divine bliss-- and reach unto Him. Baba says, "In Ananda Marga, this wave of the Supreme Consciousness is to be attained in the process of meditation (sa'dhana'). That is why, in present or future, if anybody does this sa'dhana' with great determination, they will also dance, sing, laugh and weep, and thus they will move on towards that Supreme. In this way, by moving and moving, establishing themselves in morality, becoming 'sadvipras' (spiritual moralists), in the true sense of the word, they will become one with that Supreme form of Bliss. Human beings will have to dive into this wave of the Supreme. This is the true success in life. The is the A'nanda Ma'rga-- Path of Bliss." ("Brahmabhava and Human Life") Namaskar, Ram Sahay
Question: Who is an Ananda Margii? Answer: One who feels the divine bliss that naturally comes from travelling on the path of AM. By this way we can easily understand that a simple farmer who sincerely does his sadhana practices etc may be feeling tremendous bliss in his life and qualify as a top-grade Ananda Margii; whereas, someone else may be holding the top post of Purodha Pramukha or GS etc but they may be drowned in their own ego and ignorance, thus having a dry mind devoid of any bliss. In that case we cannot call that post-holder an A'nanda Ma'rgii. So it varies from person to person depending on what they feel in their heart. And the best judge of this is oneself.
All are aware that Baba began teaching the blissful practice of AM sadhana before creating AMPS. So first He began initiating aspirants into the cult of Ananda Marga; and those who followed this path of bliss became known as Ananda Margiis. And then per His desire in 1955, Baba formed the organisation-- AMPS (A'nanda Ma'rga Pracaraka Samgha). So Ananda Marga is not a structure per se but rather a way of life. Therefore A'nanda Ma'rgiis are adherents of the path of bliss and living according to those ideals and the organisation AMPS has been made to further propagate the teachings of AM.
************************************* Current Affairs & Neo-Humanism
Baba says, "Dogmas have taken root in the human mind. People cannot get rid of these false ideas because they have been injected into their minds since childhood. As a result, one human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and caste also have different sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas." (PNS-9) Note: You might have heard of the outbreak of extreme violence and ethnic cleansing in southern Kyrgyzstan as well as the attacks on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan. All of this killing and bloodshed is going on because people view others as being different - different in ethnicity, beliefs, race etc. The solution is not to calm down the rioting with police and army personnel. The real solution is to spread the gospel and teaching of neo-humanism. As we know, neo-humanism fosters the idea that there is one Parama Purusa. He is the source of everyone and everything; we are all His progeny, i.e. brothers and sisters. In that case, how can we view anyone as being different, foreign, alien or outside of our universal human family. Tragically, out of their ignorance, people see differences due to religion, ethnicity, color or race etc. In both southern Kyrgyzstan and in the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan, terrible violence has erupted. In both cases Muslims are attacking Muslims due to differences in ethnicity and creed. There is no solution other than neo-humanism. All these superficial differences - which are the cause of so much fighting - are external; internally we are all linked. We have all been created by Parama Purusa. When people continue to look upon humanity as being composed of so many divisive groups, then of course one day there is going to be a huge explosion. What are small problems today will reach catastrophic proportions tomorrow. The only way out is to harbor a broad outlook based on neo-humanism. Even then a few think that it is an impossibility, i.e. neo-humanism will never become the theme of the day. We should never fall prey to this type of defective mentality. Rather we should always remember that any philosophy popular today was unknown long ago. Over time, it became popular due to continued propagation. Similarly neo-humanism may not be popular today but tomorrow it will be widely accepted and embraced because it is only panacea for the rampant troubles plaguing humanity. With full zeal we should propagate the gospel of neo-humanism, otherwise these clashes and riots between various human groups will go on and on. They will never end. Only neo-humanism is the real and permanent solution.

Story: Baba Told, "Baba has Gone in Your Heart"

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Story: Baba Told, "Baba has Gone in Your Heart" Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 14:18:22 Baba "Tamasa' ka't'iche bihag d'akiche, purva toran'e khuliche dva'r..." (P.S. 4647) Purport: By His grace, today in the eastern horizon the sun has come, the birds are chirping with full joy, the darkness has gone. The crimson dawn is rising-- everything is beautiful; everything is charming. The door of a new era has opened. O' my brothers and sisters, everyone get ready. Do not remain drowsy and in a state of slumber-- Arise, awake. O' children, boys, and girls of the world, break the jail of dogma and staticity and come out. Now it is our duty to fulfill those great tasks which were started by sages in the past. We have to remain vigilant and keep the lamp of neo-humanism effulgent forever. By Baba's grace today all the darkness and staticity has gone; a new brilliant era has come….
Namaskar, As every A'nanda Ma'rgii knows, when Baba was living in Madhu Malainca, i.e. the Baba's Quarter (BQ) residence in Lake Gardens, Kolkata, then He would occasionally go to the Tiljala compound and remain there for a day, 3 days, or however long He wished. This was part of Baba's regular program those days. Furthermore, at each and every BQ, one Dada is posted as the caretaker and he attends to the various duties regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the BQ. Once, what happened, one time in the late 1980's, Baba went to Tiljala and after a few days He came back. And according to the system or protocol, many margiis, including the caretaker Dada, received Baba by singing Prabhat Samgiita when He returned back to Madhu Malainca (Lake Gardens). When coming out from His car, after receiving a mala from the caretaker, in a very gracious and jolly mood, Baba smiled and softly asked, "While I was away, when anyone asked you, 'Where has Baba gone', what did you tell them?". "Baba, I told them that, 'Baba has gone to Tiljala'", the caretaker replied. "And when I go to Ananda Nagar then what do you say when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone'", Baba asked. "Then I tell them that, 'Baba has gone to Ananda Nagar'", the caretaker responded. Hearing this Baba started smiling and asked another question. "What if I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation what will you say to people when they ask you, 'Where has Baba gone?'". Then the caretaker kept quiet. He was now in a fix as he had no idea how to respond to Baba's query. Rather he was thinking that he would reply, 'I do not know'. Seeing this, Baba Himself gave the answer, "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'". Baba then inquired, "Do you understand?". "Yes Baba", the caretaker said.
Although it is a very simple story, but at the same time it is very mysterious also. This story is quite popular, but some understand and some not-- still today even. That is why it is mysterious. But the matter became quite real after 1990 when Baba did not tell where He was going - and then people understood its value. On the one hand, some non-margiis take it lightly and think that Baba was just making a joke and there is nothing more to the story than that. Whereas true bhaktas know that Guru's every word has a very deep meaning. And especially since this above story happened in the late 80's, they understood that through this story Baba was giving a hint about the forthcoming situation. Afterwards some understood in this way. But at the time nobody could fathom what was to come. Here the point is that later on some people understood that Baba's comment-- "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'"-- was related with the fact that on 21 October 1990 Baba did not tell where He was going. The meaning is then that since Baba did not tell where He was going on that very occasion of 21 Oct 1990, then margiis understood that the answer to the question, 'Where has Baba gone', is that Baba has gone in your heart.
Those days, in the late 1980's, it was commonly understood within the entire Marga that Baba sees and watches everything. Because on a daily basis in reporting or dharma samiiksa or in general darshan etc, Baba would reveal each and every moment of what a sadhaka was thinking and doing. And Baba would constantly remind us that we cannot hide anything from Him. At any time He could reveal the entire course of events. Nothing was outside of His divine vision. So when people heard the above story, they took it seriously. Everyone thought, "Yes it is true that Baba is in the heart", and the proof is that He sees and knows everything. If He was not in the heart, then how could He know what is going on. So this was everyone's understanding. For any human to say, "I remain in your heart", then it is indeed an outlandish type of statement. But when Baba says it, it has deep meaning. And everyone understood it as true. The pointed was accepted quite readily and taken very seriously. Now you are reading this story - and you may or may not know, but Baba is in your heart and watching you. If you feel this way then that is best.
When Baba as the Mahasambhuti was in physical form, then He was living both inside the heart of His devotees as well as in external physical world. He was residing in both of the places. And when He withdrew His physical manifestation, then still He continues to remain in the heart-- to this very day. That is the way to look at the situation. So all along He was in the heart of His devotees and still He remains there, only now He no longer is in external form.
Once again, the mystery is that Baba was giving the hint that He is not going anywhere other than, "residing in your heart". But those not understanding took it very lightly and thought that it is a joke. Unfortunately, by this way they drowned themselves in the dungeon of dogma. And they forcibly closed their own eyes to this very simple and divine teaching: That Baba always remains in the heart. It is rightly said that to understand Guru's word is not easy. It can only happen with His grace alone. Baba your liila is unfathomable. All bhaktas of the Marga know and feel that Baba remains always in the heart - watching and showering his blessing.
By His grace, in Prabhat Samgiita #4425, Baba has given the line,
"Vrnda'vanam parityajya pa'damekam na gaccha'mi..."
"I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with my devotees in their heart." Namaskar, Ramanuj Note 1: This above story was told by Dada Keshavananda, a longtime PA (Personal Attendant) to Baba.
By all of the above, we can easily understand that Baba was foreshadowing what we should say and think when He is no longer physically present on this earth. That time Baba was graciously infusing the idea that when we do not know where He has gone then we should think that Baba has gone our heart. That is Baba's meaningful guideline. And indeed it applies perfectly to His physical disappearance from this earth. Unfortunately, some could not understand Baba's above teaching-- even today. In that way, each year on 21 October 1990 they organise their dogmatic program of Mahaprayan-- 'the so-called great departure', which means that Baba is gone forever. But from Baba's above story, we can understand that there is no such thing as Mahaprayan. Rather, October 1990 signifies the time when Baba remains exclusively in the hearts of His devotees. However, various self-serving groupists are determined to make their so-called Mahaprayan festival as one great gathering in hopes of bringing huge money into their pocket. Basically, their intention is to turn Kolkata into one dogmatic tiirtha on the basis of "Mahaprayan". This has been their self-serving plan. But little by little that plan is eroding more and more. Because Ananda Margiis-- the devotees of Baba-- are not at all attracted to the Mahaprayan program as it unceremoniously declares that 'Baba is gone-- forever'. And no devotee likes to think in this way. Nor is it true. By Baba's grace, in the above story, He has given the perfect response: "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'". That is His divine guideline and that is what we should follow and realise in this life.
*************************************************** Remedy
Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

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