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Watch Out! This Tragedy Can Happen Anywhere

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 12:04:43 -0000 (GMT) From: Jayashrii Subject: Watch Out! This Tragedy Can Happen Anywhere To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Jeo na' ogo prabhu, anek katha' a'che ba'kii..." -P.S. #683 Purport: Baba, oh Prabhu please do not go away. Please remain with me-- I have many a tale to tell You. Please come to my home. Please understand this unique opportunity: I am all alone in the house. Nobody is here, so please come. Baba, in pleasure and pain, during both negative and positive situations, all the time I am calling You. And always I am remembering Your name. During all the 24 hours, whatever I do, my hands are always busy in work but my mind is at Your lotus feet. I remember You; it is Your grace. Even if I risk losing everything I want You to my heart's content. Baba, You understand my entire situation but You never console me. I am surrounded by the darkness these days. I do not have any happiness. Baba I do not want anything from You, only this much I want: That You please come close and sit beside me. The doors & windows of my mind are always open in longing for You, waiting for Your arrival. Baba my Lord, please do not go away leaving me deserted. Always remain in my heart...
Namaskar, Bullying is a growing problem in schools where bigger, mean-spirited kids physically assault and/or mentally harass their peers. Whereas it used to only happen in the hallways of schools, now it happens throughout cyberspace and the digital world as well as via person-to-person contact in schools and neighborhoods. That makes life extremely difficult for victims. Tragedy struck recently when one victim of bullying, 14 yr old Phoebe Prince (MA, USA), took her own life by hanging herself in her own house after undergoing a particularly harsh week of bullying tactics. The news article is appended below for your review. That small town never imagined such a horrifying tragedy could take place in their midst. But it can. And it can happen near you as well. So beware and take proper precautions. We should all carefully watch our children and be intimately aware of what is happening in their lives, especially those in their early teens. Open communication and loving support are two of the main ways to ensure school bullying does not affect the life of your children. Then of course there are pathways of community action and school involvement.
There are two parallel running themes that most endangers youths to the perils of bullying. 1) Children affected by materialism view school more as a venue for dating and sexual presentation than anything else. This leads to jealously, name-calling and fighting. 2) A lack of parental love leaves kids without a base or foundation in life. In that case their school life is their entire support system. Hence when school bullying occurs, they have nothing left to fall back on. Both of the above can be explored more deeply and explained at length. There are facts, statistics and studies available. Suffice to say here that capitalism draws most moms out of the house for full-time work endeavours in which case they are rarely around their children. Secondly, when the whole pseudo-culture media market revolves around sexual allurement and body image etc, then naturally young impressionable kids are deeply molded in this way, especially in this cell phone, internet era. Wherever capitalism abounds, all kinds of social issues like school bullying are bound to crop up. Unfortunately now capitalism is only spreading more and more. Everyone should be alert. Below my signature please read the tragic case of the young Phoebe Prince who took her life. The report is from the Boston Globe. Namaskar, Jayashrii
THE UNTOUCHABLE MEAN GIRLS By Kevin Cullen Globe Columnist / January 24, 2010
Like a lot of kids her age, Phoebe Prince was a swan, always beautiful and sometimes awkward. Last fall, she moved from Ireland * *into western Massachusetts, a new town, a new high school, a new country, a new culture. She was 15, when all that matters is being liked and wearing the right clothes and just fitting in. She was a freshman and she had a brief fling with a senior, a football player, and for this she became the target of the Mean Girls, who decided then and there that Phoebe didn’t know her place and that Phoebe would pay. Kids can be mean, but the Mean Girls took it to another level, according to students and parents. They followed Phoebe around, calling her a slut. When they wanted to be more specific, they called her an Irish slut. The name-calling, the stalking, the intimidation was relentless. Ten days ago, Phoebe was walking home from school when one of the Mean Girls drove by in a car. An insult and an energy drink can came flying out the car window in Phoebe’s direction. Phoebe kept walking, past the abuse, past the can, past the white picket fence, into her house. Then she walked into a closet and hanged herself. Her 12-year-old sister found her. You would think this would give the bullies who hounded Phoebe some pause. Instead, they went on Facebook and mocked her in death. They told State Police detectives they did nothing wrong, had nothing to do with Phoebe killing herself. And then they went right back to school and started badmouthing Phoebe. They had a dance, a cotillion, at the Log Cabin in Holyoke two days after Phoebe’s sister found her in the closet, and some who were there say one of the Mean Girls bragged about how she played dumb with the detectives who questioned her. Last week, one of the Springfield TV stations sent a crew to South Hadley High to talk to the kids. One girl was interviewed on camera, and she said what was common knowledge: that bullies were stalking the corridors of South Hadley High. As soon as the TV crew was out of sight, one of the Mean Girls came up and slammed the girl who had been interviewed against a locker and punched her in the head. The Mean Girls are pretty, and popular, and play sports. So far, they appear to be untouchable, too. South Hadley is a nice, comfortable middle-class suburb that hugs the Connecticut River nearby and a certain attitude. “Things like this aren’t supposed to happen in South Hadley,’’ said Darby O’Brien, a high school parent, wondering why the bullies who tormented Phoebe are still in school. “And so instead of confronting the evil among us, the reality that there are bullies roaming the corridors at South Hadley High, people are blaming the victim, looking for excuses why a 15-year-old girl would do this. People are in denial.’’ School officials say there are three investigations going on. They say these things take time. That doesn’t explain why the Mean Girls who tortured Phoebe remain in school, defiant, unscathed. “What kind of message does this send to the good kids?’’ O’Brien asked. “How many kids haven’t come forward to tell what they know because they see the bullies walking around untouched?’’ They were supposed to hold a big meeting on Tuesday to talk about all this, but now that’s off for a couple of weeks. O’Brien is thinking about going to that meeting and suggesting that they have the kids who bullied Phoebe look at the autopsy photos. “Let them see what a kid who hung herself looks like,’’ he said. Last week, Phoebe was supposed to visit Ireland, where she grew up, and she was excited because she was going to see her father for the first time in months. She did end up going back to Ireland after all, and when her father saw her she was in a casket. Phoebe’s family decided to bury her in County Clare. They wanted an ocean between her and the people who hounded her to the grave. --
Phoebe Prince Update: Nine Teens Charged in Girl's Suicide
March 29, 2010 5:04 PM
NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (CBS/AP) Nine teenagers face charges for allegedly hounding and harassing 15-year-old Irish immigrant Phoebe Prince, bullying her to the point where she hanged herself to end her misery. Out of the nine teens, two boys are charged with statutory rape and they and a clique of girls are facing charges including stalking, criminal harassment and violating Phoebe's civil rights. School officials are not charged even though authorities say they knew the girl was being bullied and they didn't stop the harassment even after Prince's mother came to two of them with her concerns. Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said the events before the teen's death on Jan. 14 were "the culmination of a nearly three-month campaign of verbally assaultive behavior and threats of physical harm" widely known among the student body. The 15-year-old was insulted and threatened almost from her first day at South Hadley High School, bullying her in the halls, library and through text messages. Prince was harassed for having a short relationship with a popular boy in school. On the day she hung herself, Prince was pelted with a beverage container and cursed at as she walked home from school. Scheibel said the harassment began in September, occurring primarily in school and in person, although some of it surfaced on Facebook and in other electronic forms. At least four students and two faculty members intervened to try to stop it or report it to administrators, she said. Prince's family has since moved away from the area. Some students accused of participating in the bullying have been disciplined by the school and will not be returning to classes. The teens who face criminal charges under the indictments announced Monday are: Sean Mulveyhill, 17, of South Hadley. Charged with statutory rape, violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury, criminal harassment and disturbance of a school assembly. Kayla Narey, 17, of South Hadley. Charged with violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury, criminal harassment and disturbance of a school assembly. Austin Renaud, 18, of Springfield. Charged with statutory rape. Ashley Longe, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful offender with violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury. Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful offender with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury. Flannery Mullins, 16, of South Hadley. Charged as a youthful offender with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury. Three 16-year-old South Hadley girls, whose names were not released, face delinquency charges that include the civil rights offense, criminal harassment and disturbance of a school assembly. --
******************************************** Love For All
Baba says, "The sense of differentiation and distinction are of no value to devotees. For them, all become one, all discriminations disappear. Only human beings can have this type of mentality and that is why they are superior to all other beings." (AV-7, p.12)

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