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Painted In Sensual Lesbian Colour

From: "Sara Piler" To: Subject: Painted In Sensual Lesbian Colour Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 02:46:29 +0000 BABA PS Intro: This following song was written in the Urdu language. "Karata'ra ha'ma're, tumhare liye yaha'n a'na'..." (P.S. 4165) Purport: Baba, O' my lord, for You I have come on this earth. Baba, whether You love me or not, but please do not play hide and seek. Indeed I want that You should love me. Baba, You are the star of my eye-- You are the charm of my life. Without You my existence is meaningless. Baba, You are the most attractive and divine Entity-- brilliant like divine effulgence. Baba, Your divine love is expressed in each and everything of this world-in the flowers' fragrance, the children's smiles, the beauty of the rainbow. All the sweetness comes from You. All the beauty of the entire flora and fauna, everything expresses Your love. Baba, You have saturated this entire creation with Your grace-compassion. Your love resonates within each and every thing. The inherent beauty of every entity is the expression of Your love, the reflection of Your love. Baba, whether I like it or not, but I am residing in Your heart. I am within You. Baba, You are the nucleus of this entire creation. My everything is revolving around You. I do not know which form You are but the entire universe is within You. Baba, You are surrounding everything. You are within and without each and every created being. Baba, You are my Lord; You are my everything. And my only duty is to serve You, to please You-- and do all those things which You like. Baba, You are my ultimate Goal. Baba, my Lord, You have brought me on this earth for You-- to serve You... Note: The Urdu language originally started around Delhi when outside soldiers were not aware how to speak Hindi. But they were going to the market and speaking in their broken language. In this way they started interacting with the local people. By this communication this language first sprang and it became know as the market language. So when Hindi and Arabic were mixed then this new language took shape. And since this language was spoken by a group of soldiers using a military uniform (wardi). That is why the name of the language became known as 'wardi'. And over time and due to a similarity in pronunciation 'wardi' became 'Urdu'. This historical and linguistic guideline Baba has given in His grammar book.
Namaskar, According to our AM philosophy and practical tantric approach, the seat of the mind is in the ajina cakra. Encouraging animal propensities leads the mind towards the lower cakras. Whereas the seat of the mind is above the indriyas. So when the mind is moving ahead towards the atman towards the Parama Purusa, that is higher movement. That is progress--'utnati'. Then the mind is moving upwards that Supreme Stance. And when the mind is just involved in sensual pleasures then it is called degeneration. In that case the mind is racing towards the lower cakras-- not higher ones. Naturally then to lead the mind towards Parama Purusa it needs some help. And that help is bhajans, Prabhat Samgiita, Kiirtan, and also sadhana.
So Baba has given His blessing of Prabhat Samgiita; and Prabhat Samgiita is a very helpful means for goading the mind toward the higher realm. This is the purpose to lead and goad the mind which is involved in various mundane activities etc. So the precious gift of Prabhat Samgiita is one step whereby people can move easily to the higher world. That is why before sadhana one sings Prabhat Samgiita and then kiirtan and then one starts their sadhana. These are the steps. And that is the divine purpose of Prabhat Samgiita to create one link between devotees and Parama Purusa. So this comes within the realm of art-- that is within the scope of aesthetic science. And in Tantra the direction or aim of aesthetic science is towards the higher self.
But whatever may exist of aesthetic science in western society, that is towards sensual pleasure. Because the philosophers and psychologists of the western traditions could not understand anything more than that. Such type of people thought that sex is everything. That is why it is the common practice in western society that all kinds of negative things are appreciated. But in tantric cult it is not done because ultimately it degenerates the mind. Likewise Shankaracarya's mayavada (illusion theory) got saturated in Indian soil and people got affected or painted in that way and thus people began to ignore the world etc. Similarly the philosophy of western thinkers has gotten saturated in the public's mind. That expression comes in various writings, behaviors, slang languages, crude literature, book cover and in the company advertisements. Indeed on each and every excuse whether it be the portrayal of nature, a picture, or a design, one can see that very negative things have been done. And those who created this crude art are well aware about their degraded hidden intention. Because it was done intentionally to make their art popular. And if anybody tries to challenge them on this then they automatically have their crude justification that, 'No this is just one flower that I did', or that 'it was folded in that direction', or that 'it was naturally hanging in that direction' etc. When in fact they themselves purposely tilted and skewed things with their black undertone. And that is exactly what has happened with the case of one recently released music CD in our Marga society. So those who have negative crude sensual desires, they infuse that in their art and products and in turn those things sell like hotcakes. Because in this materialistic era the taste of the common public is like that.
For this entire reason Baba guides us that art and literature should not go in the hands of traders / crafty, opportunistic businessmen etc. Otherwise this will ruin the society. Because traders like capitalists on the cheap lower propensities of the common public. And they do like that. So unfortunately nude literature etc is quite common. And advertising companies do the same. Their monograms / products / everything is soaked in negative allurements and degenerated body language. Means so far as their degenerated minds can imagine, to that awful and distasteful degree they colour their world with sexual overtones-- in open and or in hidden fashion. Because on the front they openly highlight females in all sorts of crude ways and then in other graphic styles they negatively portray the private parts of males and females in all sorts of crude symbolism and trashy ways. Here I am not writing in such a vivid manner-- as I do not want to make this mail too graphic. But what I am writing is understood by anyone exposed to western / capitalistic pseudo-culture, which by now has spread across the globe. And those aware about such things can easily understand.
Here then is how all this coincides with Jyotsna's recent Prabhat Samgiita CD: (This is the Jyotsna formerly of Suva who now resides in Spain.) 1. In the present example, Jyotsna's CD cover of "Reddish Flower" is moving in that same negative direction. What opportunistic techniques those capitalists do, and what slimy strategies those advertising agencies do, and what animalistic approaches the movie industry does-- all those dark ploys Jyotsna rolls into one and uses to undermine Baba's sanctified Prabhat Samgiita. 2. Because the theme of her whole entire CD is centering around her negative interpretation of one of Baba's sweet, sentient Prabhat Samgiita songs, Raktim Kishalaya (PS #50). But step by step Jyotsna ruins that and the most blatant and obvious aspect is how she depicts it on the cover where she painted one very crude thing in the name of a deeply reddish flower. 3. Means Jyotsna did exactly what those negative advertisers do. She took an innocent and unblemished gift and portrayed that in the most dark and nasty way imaginable. In which case all her negative desires got expression. Yet if approached by anyone then, then hiding behind her own duplicity, then she will just say that "oh, it is just one flower". But let us see to what degree this is really a flower. 4. Because if you look in any botany book or see the real flower up close, then you will not see that the central area of this type of blood red flower has a black hole at its center. Such that when the entire surrounding area of the cover is heavily coloured in blood red and when the clarity of the "flower" is deftly smeared and fuzzy and fleshy borders are made. And when it has a 'black hole' in the center, then it takes on one crude depiction. Even then the crude Jyotsna type of degenerated artist will defend it as being just a "flower". Only Parama Purusa is aware of her intention, and she is aware of their intention, and those who are understanding they also know of her intention. 5. Otherwise the maker will stand there all day and justify the point and what is more to say than that--- that it is flower. But those aware about the history have seen the things, they can see what darkness lurks behind.
6. So this is the point about her lewd and erotic CD cover. And not only on the cover but she pasted it on the CD itself centering her erotic painting around one very crudely strategic spot. Indeed this one is even worse than the cover as it does not even remotely look like a flower. Even Jyotsna and her lesbian cronies would be tongue-tied and hard pressed to defend this with their duplicitous and care-free logic. Because their "this is a flower" response is not going to work here. We all know that at present this world is flooded with pornography and crude art. And as Margiis our point is not-- at least at this stage-- to go round knocking the door of every prostitution hall or negative cabaret. But when those agents come in full force and jump into our holy Prabhat Samgiita as a means to satisfy their negative and lustful ways. Then which margii is going to stand by and serve them tea and invite them to carry out their crude desires. No one. Because here the point is saving and protecting Guru's Prabhat Samgiita and maintaining its authenticity and grace. This is the crucial point. Because what crude techniques are being carried out in the guise of erotic lesbianism is no joke-- rather it is...
7. Actually their whole negative whole strategy is similar to what ploys B group is doing. Even it is a further extension of that. Because B group is placing crude, filmy singers on that cover but now what the erotic lesbians are doing with this present Prabhat Samgiita CD is even more extreme. Some like sister J might justify the matter that that, 'Look, they [B group] are stealing match sticks and I am stealing gold-- then where is the difference. Both are thieves then what is wrong'. Because the same thing is happening here. Some are putting filmy females and another is putting a particular negative body parts. Then what is the difference. And B group is justifying that it is common standard practice to follow the filmy industry approach. And Jyotsna is side by crying out that lesbian eroticism is also common, in western society. So Jyotsna is propagating and justifying in her own way. 8. And the real tragedy is that why they polluted Prabhat Samgiita in this way. That is the sad and terrible part. If cabaret type of things are done in the cabaret place then it is surely crude and negative; but if done in the jargrti or Baba's room then see what negativity is happening. And all the while under the guise of being close, they are doing. So this is sad point and tragic things that are being done.
9. Here now is some of the further background to this entire situation. 'Raktim' means crimson color and 'kishalay' means tender leaf. So the literal sense is those most tender, newly grown leaves that have a light crimson hue. The first growth of spring. It brings a whole sense of newness and freshness. The youth of spring which is clean and unblemished. And in reality this is just Baba's artistic, poetic expression for those tender innocent youths who are pure and spirited and not at all guided by negative or devious means. Rather they are the innocence and cleanliness of spring. So the inner sense of raktim kishalay is 'I am a simple innocent youth'. And indeed this is further supported by the fact that the Patna UPSF was titled as Rakta Manjari which reflects and portrays the student / youth movement. But in her crude approach Jyotsna completely abandoned this sentient way and instead painted the whole thing in her negative blood-red color. In the ways of the subversive, underworld of lesbian sexuality and betrayal. Because first off she put the whole affair in her blood-red color which brings up the crude, animalistic forces. Indeed everyone in AM is well aware that red is the color of communists etc. All this is dark red or blood red style is communist approach. So who in Ananda Marga can appreciate this. Communism is the most negative force against AM. And communism is bound up in crudity and they have done so many inustices against AM then how can one person design their entire CD in that negative color and misinterpret the first word to mean that. When red itself is the color of communist negativity-- nothing in AM is red. And the sentient vibrational color of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita collection itself is white. yet guided by crude propensities J painted a sea of blood-red. So when Jyotsna's entire work is based on the wrong understanding of the first word of this entire CD and in that way it got painted in that negative direction & that in itself ruined the whole CD, then who has time to go through and see step by step and count up all the black spots and point out all that negativity that got collected on this CD. Even then here is further background about the song, 'Raktim Kishalay'.
10. 'Raktim Kishalay' is the song of the youth army. That means in VSS camp in their marching song in the morning and evening they always use this song. So it is a VSS army marching song. And it is related with youth. Because youth are very young and innocent and they do not harbour any negative feeling or ulterior motive or hypocrisy. Just they are very energetic, straight forward etc... And VSS has a special duty and this is the only marching song of AM -- the only one approved by Baba. So always this song 'Raktim Kishalay' is sung during or just after the marching parade and side by the time of 'Voice of Baba'. And there Baba is saying that at the time of life and death then fight is necessary.
11. Voice of Baba
"As a soldier you must not search for worldly pleasure or comfort. Be ready for all sorts of sufferings. Let suffering be your asset. Suffering will help you in establishing the Sadvipra Raj. You must not argue, you must not think twice, you should 'do or die'. I do not want to see the face of my defeated son in flesh and blood." Yours affectionately, Baba 11a. By all this one can get a strong sense of the dharmic quality of Baba's grand marching song, 'Raktim Kishalay'.
12. Yet in this very marching song of Baba, sister Jyotsna inserted her element of eroticism. B/c this is a marching song with full zest and force of soldier life. Yet in that very environment of do and die, she took it all in the wrong direction and she wrongly inserted her own words, 'Oh my love'. When in fact such words are not at all present in Baba's original composition. And by the entire spirit of this marching song, such words do not belong. So it seems Jyotsna could not withhold her erotic fancy so she inserted these words on her 'title track' to go hand in hand with her crude cover painting. This negativity happened because she forcibly imposed her crude perverted sensuality onto the scene. Otherwise what else can be the reason. 13. So this is the officially approved military marching song by Baba, and she made it erotic. We should be alert because this is not an ordinary scene. This type of extreme degeneration is not happening gradually over the course of 1000 or 2000 years like Buddhism etc etc. Just in the matter of a short while all this is going on and one after another imbalanced crude persons like this lesbian is coming forward and putting forth all sorts of nonsense. So we should all be alert and see the stand of dharma and not allow all sorts of negative acts to crop up. All going on quickly right under the nose. But Baba warns we should be ready to break their teeth and hit them.
14. Indeed Baba warns that it is not to go in crude public's hand. Each and every Prabhat Samgiita books says like this. And indeed in my heart I feel so sad how she ruined Guru's gift of Prabhat Samgiita in this way. And after reviewing it is clear that each and every song Jyotsna put in wrong way. Because this is a marching song and she inserted the words her own words. As it was based on this very song that she painted her blood-red organic emblem on the cover in that crude manner. When in fact that is not at all the spirit or meaning of 'Raktim Kishalay'. Because 'Raktim Kishalay' signifies something newly born, tender and innocent-- not something bundled up in the height of crude erotic passion. Yet Jyotsna depicted it in that way. Hence in each and every way she is moving in her own direction against the flow. That type of very unique and revolutionary song she painted in crude and negative fashion. 15. And the whole intention behind this subversive creation is that it was done to get the money. Befool the margiis and grab their money. And all done on some high pretext. 16. Plus the whole cover she made blood-red, and the whole insert she made blood red, and where all these ideas came. Who can say. So even though she is cheating and manipulating the situation, but no Margi will like to keep this in their house. 17. Her display is far lower and more crude then common type of people; it is more crude. And because she does not have any field to exploit in the society so she is doing to margiis in the field of Prabhat Samgiita. Business people know the sentimental weakness of the public. And she also knows. And in the negative light she has taken to cheating in the name of Baba. 18. Those who have love for Baba cannot appreciate such things. Because His Holy treasure of Prabhat Samgiita is a most personal and devotional gift which He has entrusted and bestowed upon all devotees. Yet one or two persons like Jyotsna have jumped in to the scene and painted everything in their own crude color and taken to selling that on the street with Baba's name written all over it. Just thinking in this way and picturing the scene in my mind's eye many feel completely uneasy that such a scene... 19. Challenge: So this is the matter. Now anybody can go see her CD and go to the dictionary and see what negative things that she did. After consulting the dictionary then again pick-up Jyotsna's CD and see the words and what pictures she made. And then by viewing all this in balanced way you will see what extreme negativity has taken place. And surely those with a sentient mind and devotional heart will understand. Without that one may not. 20. That is why Baba has entrusted Marga devotees-- and not anyone else-- to be the guardians of His divine Prabhat Samgiita collection.
Only by taking the help of positive microvita it is sure that such negative scenes get rectified and once again dharma reigns in AM society. Baba says, "You are to do something concrete to save the universe from its depraving effect, otherwise the future of not only humanity but of all living beings is dark. So you will have to become more active and work jointly with maximum speed and maximum zeal to do something concrete with the help of positive microvita." (MVNS, p. 75) Namaskar, Shanti Note 1: It is commonly seen that lesbians and homosexual-- those driven by crude desires-- lose their finer sense. Those subtle human feelings get smashed to dust in the wake of their raucous sexual escapades and crude mental thinking. Because they have no responsibility in the social sphere so they just roll around chasing one negative desire after another and their minds get painted in that negative color. In direct contrast family people are balanced and dedicated to raising their children in a nice way and at the same time they are ready to sacrifice for the welfare of society. So by thinking in this universalistic outlook married family people become more and more refined. But devoid of all this lesbians just waste all their energy bathing in the mud of crude enjoyment. And the proof is this that if Jyotsna herself had her own daughter of 18 or 20 years etc and had raised her in a principled manner, then surely Jyotsna would not have made such a degenerated painting for the CD case. Because by being involved in society building etc she would have cultivated more refined taste and sensibility. But without such a role just she fell deeper and deeper into animalistic propensities and thus crushed any finer sentiments. Altogether her case is no different than that very crude and negative theater group led by Jane Fonda that was exploiting the female body in order to degrade the local people and make a profit. What way they were calling their erotic theatre group, that degraded name I cannot reproduce here. But who can forget what scandals Fonda and co. were doing in trying to bring their nasty act around the globe. Their exploitation knows no bounds and is based on completely low propensities. And crude lesbians like Jyotsna fall into this same degenerated category. Note 2: This entire scene happened because her each and every cell is dyed in the negative ways of lesbianism. And they are just sensually crazed type of persons who run after all their crude propensities. So they can do any nonsense. Then who can appreciate their way. And not only that but even after getting a lot of abuse she does not like to accept Baba's guideline that lesbian is negative thing. Note 3: The whole scene is like one crazy crow was sitting on the golden crown on your head and began urinating there-- when of course you only have one crown. Then who can tolerate this. Same way 'Raktim Kishalay' is the only military marching song which we have and Jyotsna has come along and tainted it with her eroticism etc. So then how is she different than that crow-- or she is worse. Note 4: Here Baba instructs us that we are not to tolerate those going against AM. Baba says, "You have to build up society by your collective efforts. You know when the weaver weaves the clothes then rats and termites engage in trying to cut it. Then the weaver has to protect the clothes from rats and termites. In the same way when you are building anything then without any delay various types of "termites" and "rats"* will try to destroy that. You must be careful. Above all those who have a pious motive to build up something, they ultimately get victory. But "rats" and "termites" do not have pure motive so ultimately getting destroyed is their fate. Just they leave some dirty, ugly mark in the pages of history." "By seeing those ugly, black marks, in future people think 'oh, it seems this was attacked by termites and rats. Oh it appears that the termites and rats which came to attack and destroy this, but instead those rats and termites broke their teeth and got annihilated'. "It is the universal law. So as you build up good things, be vigilant to keep sharp eyes all around. Be sure to protect your work from "rats" and "termites".** " Baba's discourse continues: "In the past females were preparing mango jelly in summer. And to shoe away the crows & to protect the mango jelly, one boy from the house was always standing guard with large stick in his hand and sharp eyes watching for those crows. Same way you should always be alert & vigilant to save your work*** from termites and rats. Then work will be done..." "Today again you take oath to build up the earth by your own individual and collective efforts. We have come here to beautify this earth. We will make it so and we will go on doing this our whole life. This will be our main collective vow." - AVM (Hindi) part 24, p.149. ASTERISK NOTES: * When Baba was saying this then HE started smiling. That time He was giving hint indirectly using the metaphor that those who are trying to destroy HIS things, teachings etc, they are the real termites and rats. ** Same meaning as asterisk #1. *** Here work means AM ideology. Note 5: All the parts of this entire letter were written in colletive manner as many in the unit including RS Dada contributed their thoughts, ideas, and feelings to this most important topic.
Parama Pita' Baba Kii-- Jai!!
**************************************** Most Rare
Baba says, "'Sukrataer manavo bhutva'. This human life is attained through the medium of lots of clash and cohesion. Of all creatures' existence, this human existence is the most rare. But even rarer is the human body that has been perfected through Sadhana." (AV-3, p.55)

Work of Crude Mind

From: "Mirabai" To: Subject: Work of Crude Mind Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 18:15:04 -0700 Baba "A'ndha'r sa'gar pa're esecho, esecho ru'per sama'rohe..." (P.S. 810) Purport: O' Baba, from across the cimmerian darkness You have come. You have come in the festival of form and color*. Baba, You are smiling with the glittering of effulgence. You are smiling with the expression of intuition. The divine things which were previously beyond the reach of everyone, now You made them the property of all. Those spiritual treasures which were not easy to access, You have graciously bestowed that upon one and all. Baba, You have inundated everyone's heart with bliss. You are floating in the tune and melody of Your divine songs. You have expressed Yourself; You have come with the Love; and You are now within the reach of deep ideation and language.** Baba, please come slowly, very slowly, to my kutir (hut) with the soft and divine movement of crest and trough. Baba You have graced and advented here within the reach of everyone... * Here in this line Baba is symbolically revealing that before the creation started then Parama Purusa was alone and He was just existing as divine effulgence. And all around Him was blackness-- no form, no shape, no color. Everything was dark because dark is no color. etc. And such a state of blackness is the Cimmerian darkness.. But now when He has created this expressed universe then it means Parama Purusa has Himself manifested or He has appeared in different colors and shapes, in the forms of various created beings: flora, fauna, animals, plants, human beings etc. That is why it is said that after crossing the Cimmerian darkness You have come in the festival of form and color. (Please refer to the shloka, 'Na' sada'sat sukta.... paroyata' from the chapter on the Vedas, from SS-16, Agra DMC 1984.) ** The Parama Purusa who was unexpressed and took the form as Taraka Brahma. Now devotees can lovingly share and sing His glory and greatness. And they are doing so. Whereas earlier it was impossible before He advented when HE was just in His expressionless state of Nirguna Brahma.
Namaskar, One burning topic has come in relation with our song, music, and melody. Some serious things are going on in our Marga family all around-- even reaching the distant corners. Especially the English knowing margiis may be aware about the events, even then it is a topic that strikes deep in the hearts of devotees from all the lands. Here following is one Baba's story that will shed light on this entire matter.
As we all know, Baba has graciously blessed us by composing His own songs for guiding us along the path of devotion and dharma. And in the very beginning He Himself was giving the purports or meanings of these songs as well-- otherwise how will everyone understand. In this way He set a perfect standard for how the purports of His Prabhat Samgiita are to be done. And then under His careful watch and guidance step by step Baba began allotting this duty of translation to others.
DMC 1/1/83
And the first person to take the charge of doing the Hindi translation was Dada Cidghananandaji. After all he was a Hindi Professor at the AN College so people had high hopes; but it was soon found out or at least news was spreading that Dadaji was taking certain liberties with his duty-- by changing the Prabhat Samgiita into his own Hindi poetry. And this all got confirmed and exposed at the January 1 DMC in 1983, when Dadaji was called upon for the first to read his Hindi translations of Baba's songs. Then as soon as Dadaji began reciting his purport then immediately Baba began rebuking him and questioning him that why he did like this. Because after all Baba has given the clear-cut system and guidelines of making purports but Dada Cidghananandaji was not following and instead he was doing his own way. And this Baba clearly did not like. Because the thing was Dadaji was changing the original songs into his own negative purports, which were too literal in translation. So in front of one and all Baba scolded Dada's approach because it had no sense and did not give any proper description of the song. And Baba further mocked him by telling that that changing "a'che" to "hai"-- from the verb "is" in Bangla to the verb "is" in Hindi-- that is not going to work. And the entire margii audience laughed at Baba's joke. Because purport means to give some proper explanation. But Dada was just making his own literal translation. The whole scene is similar to one person explaining that the term 'cupboard' means "cups" and "boards". When in fact it is ludicrous to say like that. And if anyone tries to translate it like this then everyone present will laugh at their foolishness. And such mockery was the scene that day when Dadaji was reading out his poetic translation. By this way all understood that proper purports are to be given and over the years many began doing like that but that time in his narrow approach Dadaji was just doing one literal makeover into his own poetry and not purports. Ultimately by seeing Baba's strong scolding then all understood that such poetic translations were negative and this was further proved because Dada Cidghananandaji was immediately relieved of his duties and Acarya Candranathji was given the charge for managing the Hindi translations and this he did for years and years. So by all this it is clear that Baba has given certain ways and systems for the handling and explanation of His treasure of Prabhat Samgiita.
And all along it was also emphasized that Prabhat Samgiita must be sung in its original language. If the song was originally written in Sanskrit then it is to be exclusively sung in Sanskrit. And if written in English then it is to be sung in English. And if given in Hindi or Urdu then similarly those songs are not to be translated into any other language and sung. Never was this done. And likewise with the songs written in Bengali. And if anyone is doing this and contravening the matter, then they no faith in Guru. Because the word of Baba is mantra and without His grace then nothing is possible because in Tantra Guru's grace is everything-- Guru Krpa Hi Kevalam. So we do to please Him and we must not go against His desire. And if He wanted to translate and sing His Prabhat Samgiita in languages other than the original, then He would have expressed this just like He directed that His discourses and Ananda Vaniis are to be translated into the local languages. But never did Baba issue such a directive with regards to Prabhat Samgiita. Means Baba clearly did not approve of such things with his Prabhat Samgiita. Rather Baba strongly emphasized that everyone should sing the songs and it must be done in the local language. And proof is it was the common daily practice at the Baba's quarters during reportings to when going on fieldwalk and then also at DMC etc, on all these occasions it was the rule for all Ananda Margiis to receive Him with Prabhat Samgiita by singing the song in the original language. And if anyone was not singing then Baba would become furious and He would say, "Have you come here for only for some drama party-- or some music concert"; "Those who are not singing should not be allowed-- push them out". Hence in dramatic fashion Baba has lovingly guided us all along to sing His Prabhat Samgiita songs in the proper way, in their original language. That is the system and all devotees feel in the heart that Guru's teaching has unique value & deep meaning.
Unfortunately in the current scene one person has taken it upon themselves to take up the misguided task of wrongly translating Baba's poetry and songs-- & in so doing they have blatantly overstepped their bounds. And even worse that that. Because on her newly relapsed music CD titled 'reddish blossom', Jyotsna is breaking Guru's rules in multiple directions. Because on the one hand she is making negative poetic translations and then she is not singing the song in the original language which Baba has given. Instead she is making fake poetic translations in English and then singing those things in the wrong language. And then she even titles the song in this negative manner. And not once but on each and every track all this nonsense is going on. For example on the third track of the CD she is manipulating Baba's pristine Prabhat Samgiita. Because this song is 'Tumi nikat'e haite...", song #181 of Baba's collection which was originally given by Baba in Bengali. But then in her crude fashion Jyotsna is doing the misdeed of giving that song an English title. That is the first black stain. Then she makes her own negative poetic translation, and then she sings the song on the CD in the wrong language. So just on this one track alone one after another sin is going on. Because going against Guru's desire is a sin and that is what Jyotsna is doing by each of these misdeeds or black stains. Then multiply that by that fact that all these wrongs are going on in each track. Means she has done similar negativity to PS #50, #110, #127, #647, #1197, and more. Then you can see how the sins are piling up and that is without even fully analysing the musical aspect-- which is also not according to Baba's system. So altogether the whole thing is a mess and an insult to the devotional sentiment of Ananda Margiis. Because in so many ways Jyotsna has broken all Guru's rules and clearly gone against Baba's desire with regards to the sanctity of His Prabhat Samgiita. And on the top she has set created one black trend and other simple or otherwise type of people may get enticed to follow her dogmatic example. And then that mess will also have to get cleaned up. So from all sorts of perspectives then this entire CD is one poisonous contribution. Even then sister J is not going to change her ways very easily, because similar things she has done in the past never did she rectify the matter and now here with her manipulation and distortion of Prabhat Samgiita, matters have only gotten worse. The thing is such types of persons like some professional musicians etc are only concerned with their pocket and with their belly. They do not care about Baba's system or desire so they are pseudo and half-baked margiis. They are cheaters and have nothing to do with ideology. Just they are living in the house like mice and termites. They have come just to eat and fill their pockets. They create problems only. So those who are making these negative translations and renditions are the worst cheaters and culprits. Because they are aware about and know the proper way but due to their self-interest they follow the negative path anyway. Whereas if a new person is innocently doing then they may be excused and guided to change. But if then they are not rectifying then they also fall in that negative category.
And if senior long-term persons are doing such negativity, as in this current case, then if others are supporting they are also culpable. Both parties are culprits. Because supporting sin is also a crime. In any country if anybody supports a crime or murder then they are also charge-sheeted. So those who are appreciating the negativity done to Prabhat Samgiita, they are also sinners. And they are exposing their standard that how low and degraded they are and how they do not care about Baba's teachings. Just they show themselves as being senior and gloat how they are guiding others when in fact just they are just misguiding. Those who devotees can understand this and those very devotees who want to move according to Baba's own footsteps, they will avoid such negative people as a venomous serpent. So as we solve the problems of today we should always remember how this will create a more brilliant tomorrow. Here following is Baba's special grace. Baba says, "The people of today shall proceed ahead... the future of humans is bright...May you all be blessed.' (BABA, AV-5) Namaskar, Mirabai Note 1: On the CD cover itself, Jyotsna side by side grossly accuses Baba that He could not make the Prabhat Samgiita available to one and all but now she herself has done so and managed the situation. Means she is gloating that she has graciously covered up for Baba's incompetence. Her ego is so huge that she has audacity to proclaim that Baba what could not do, she herself did. As if she herself is the saviour. By reading the 2nd para of the back cover of Jyotsna's 'reddish blossom' CD then this is all quite evident. So see the terribly lowly state of Jyotsna's psyche-- only she is involved with herself. Note 2: Preserving the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita is one important task. So if anyone else has more points to add on this issue then that will be most appreciated and welcomed. Because if we do not maintain the speciality and uniqueness of Prabhat Samgiita, then who is going to do.
******************************************** What is Butter Thief
Baba says, "The fact is that the Lord belongs to the devotees and will certainly do what is needed for their spiritual progress. Therefore, He will have no other choice but to steal their sins. He will have to take away their sins without their knowledge. What do we call taking something belonging to others without their permission? We call it stealing. So, He steals, and as He steals sins, He is called Hari. What happens to the devotees after the sins are stolen? Their minds become pure. Usually the human mind has different weaknesses and frailties." Baba continues, "Take the case of cream: when churned, its essence (butter) is separated from the non-essential part (whey). Similarly, once the sins are stolen the real essence of the mind, which is called a'tman, is separated from the mind. That is why Hari is nicknamed `makhan cor' -- the butter thief. It is wrong to take these words literally. Take it for granted that Krs'n'a never stole the cream or butter from the milkmaids' houses." (AV-8, p. 20)

Right to Advise

Date: 23 Aug 2004 00:05:16 -0000 From: "Divyacaksu Deva" To: Subject: Right to Advise BABA "D'eke ja'i sa'r'a' na' pa'i, e ki kat'hin hrdaya..." (P.S. 3184) Purport: Baba, I go on calling You, but I never get any response. Your heart is tough. You do not care about my longing; that is why You never respond. Sometimes You come close and sometimes You go on smiling, keeping Yourself distant. What type of drama or divine play is this. With the melody and rhythm of the dance, You go on floating like a tidal wave in the ocean. In all the ups and downs of Your various vibrations I always feel Your sweetness. Baba, in all the ages You are; You remain all the time; You never get lost. You are also present in those memories which have already faded away. There also You are. You are ever-present in the nucleus of everything, manifested or not manifested. Everything is saturated with Your love, Your grace. Baba, You love me and You want to listen to my call again and again, that is why You do not respond. This is one way of Your loving expression. Baba, I surrender everything unto You...
Namaskar, We all know that for the right development of our AMPS, there needs to be coordinated cooperation between Acaryas and Margiis. Indeed this is the system as given by Baba Himself. But directly after 1990 this whole thing went awry and one critical example of this is the debacle of the ACB system etc. Here following is the history as it was faithfully recounted and explained.
Dada guided us: 'First off you have to know what is ACB. ACB means "Advisory Committees and Boards". By understanding this full name of ACB, the meaning is clear that here the work of the margii composed ACB is to give advice, & not just blindly execute like robot. Do you understand'? I replied, 'Excuse me Dada I am confused all these years I was thinking differently. My uncle is ACB member. He was appointed as ACB member in 1993 and since then he is involved in executing the order of Sarvatmanandaji and those others who followed in his footsteps. I never heard that they ACB Members have to give advice also.' Then Dada replied again: 'Okay, means I have to tell more deeply about ACB [Advisory Committees and Boards]. You know that Baba's AM ideology is unique. And you also know that this is the first time in human history that family margiis got the right to work in, organize, & execute the org activities along with Wt's with coordinated cooperation. It is not just theory. In 1957 in one of the BABA discourse "AM A Revolution" first it appeared in the book Tattviika Praveshika. Later on this discourse is included in Prout Part 11 but not that paragraph. Means that paragraph is deleted from Prout and also from ZY Find'.
Dada continued, 'In His working order, Baba made clear cut system and involvement of Margis equally into the organisation. For this Baba created different systems like UBP, BP, LFT, ACB, PKB, etc.. So margiis can work side by side with WT's without any inferiority complex. That means WT and Margiis work together with the relation of coordinated cooperation.'
'But presently ACB members are working in a completely subordinated relation. Means ACB Margiis do not have any right to advise, just they execute. In other words ACB members are like loyal servant.' 'And the proof of this is that those getting the post do not have right to advise. Just they follow. Otherwise they would have advised that why all these margii rights are being taken away such that Baba's teachings about this are being deleted in our scriptures and the BP system is being taken apart.'
'The point is that in Sarvatmanandaji's war chest of negative rulership he invented so many things in order to maximize his power and crush margiis into the dust. So the various ACB's he just made into his selected people / slaves. This was instituted by Sarvatmanandaji. Some few are still thinking that Sarvatmanandaji is one great hero but so many nuisances he did. Especially in the realm of margiis rights because it was he himself who tore apart Baba's Bhukti Pradhan system, distorted the scripture, created dogmatic tiirthas, and relegated margiis to a 3rd class position. 'And still so many of his negative deeds are still being carried out-- either by himself or by others. But Sarvatmanandaji is the main culprit because he created all these dogmas. And specifically with regard to the ACB, all along he was looking to create some slaves to uphold his negative rulership those days. And that is what he did by manipulating the ACB system. Just he selected persons of his choice who would obey and follow and accept all sorts of injustices in exchange for a touch of butter-- ie. post.' 'Of course most margiis rejected such a negative scenario and nowadays alll around the globe margisi are strongly opposing the injustices carried out initially by Sarvatmanandaji whereby he ruined ACB and BP rights and created so many other dogmas like tiirtha, Memorial, Mahaprayan.' 'But unfortunately a couple persons accepted the subordinated role of slave as designated by Sarvatmanandaji. Some have linked up on the ACB and some more recently as family acaryas and some as both. And still today in the aftermath of all this it is still going on. But Sarvatmanandaji stands as the main culprit. Because as the inventor of such injustices and dogmas he is primarily responsible for all the harm done.' 'Just like in all the dogmatic religions they created so many tiirthas in Mecca, Rome, Jerusalem etc. And this nonsense has been going on for centuries and centuries. So those new priests who by habit etc are carrying out these dogmas, how much can they be blamed when this negative system has been in place since the beginning. Whereas those crafty, opportunist preists who created these negative things, they are the worst culprits. They are the demons in human form and others like the newer priests just started following them.' Then we can see who is the main black agent for ruining the ACB system.
'And with regard to the ACB these days, overall one outcome is that very good margiis --those who are upholding Baba's guidelines-- they have no place on the ACB these days. 'So instead others have filled those slots, those willing to jump in and become slaves in exchange for that shiny title. And same is the case with the creation of the recent rounds of family acaryas. They are basically the same type of selected persons etc. In similar fashion it is known all around this ACB has lost its inherent power to advise when such persons are sitting in the chair. Because if they really had the power to advise then they would have surely advised that Baba's things be kept in tact.' 'No doubt superficially it looks like these ACB members are doing something because they move around hither and thither and have all these mock meetings and are making all sorts of decisions. But on their head one shining sword is there waiting to sever the ties between them and their post should they speak up in true sense. So for that reason such persons overlook the matter of margii rights and instead accept the role as slave in order to keep their post of ACB member.' 'So this is the situation. All stated by Sarvatmanandaji. So although in the limited time he was in the stronghold of power but in that moment he did all these things. 'Further', Dadaji said, 'I like to a few two critical points: a) First ACB changed into obeying Board. b) And also side by side ideological proofs have been deleted that was available in AM A Revolution chapter.' c) 'And All these negative things have been done after '90. And you know all who did and who is responsible.'
Finally Dada gave one final example that made the point about the ACB all the more clear. Dadaji responded, 'In one company a ceremony was going on and with pomp and show some prizes have been distributed with great honor. And those who were recipients they were having full ego at the ceremony they received beautiful prize. And you know what was the prize? Prize was one golden crown. And one by one recipients received this crown with full honor by placing this crown on their head. And recipients were enjoying this high status. Not only that when they saw that the audience was clapping their enjoyment multiplied. And it was such a unique scene that the recipients were thinking in a completely different way from the audience. Because the crown was on the head so the awardees/recipients were not able to see that on the crown the word "slave" have been written'. Dada continued... 'So both the audience and the awardees were enjoying the scene for two different opposite reasons. Awardees were thinking that they were kings and that's why on their head one crown has been awarded. But the audience was seeing that how these awardees are foolish and they are accepting themselves as slave by placing their crown with "company slave" imprinted on the front. Not only that it was clearly visible to one and all in the audience that crown was made of plastic and also printed "slave" on front. That was the reason of their clapping & as it was only made out of plastic only, in material sense the crown had no value and above all it meant accepting slavery. And all know the significance of "slave".' 'And top of all company managers were smiling that they got some slaves'. 'So all were happy with their different reasons. Recipients for their receiving their crown, Audience by witnessing plastic material and "slave" thinking that how these persons are foolish who are willingly accepting company slavery. So that is why audience was clapping. And mangers were smiling because they got some slaves'. Listening to Dadaji's story, everyone in my family started laughing and laughing and my 2 1/2 yrs son was also laughing although he did not understand anything about ACB and Margii rights etc.. The overall conclusive point is that people like the ACB members who have latched onto such posts, although in theory they do have the right advise but unfortunately in the present scenario this is not at all working in that way. Here following is Baba's grand directive for building up one human society: Baba says, "The more human beings live in unity, shoulder to shoulder, the greater the welfare of the human race will be." (PNS-7, p. 35) Namaskar, Divyacaksu Deva Note 1: Sarvatmanandaji wanted to created slaves so he did all those things like ruin BP rights and margiis rights and in this way he captured many things including the ACB. And still this negative system is being passed down from generation to generation. And not only that but he also created all those dogmas such as those negative tiirthas / Holy lands which he started at the Tiljala Memorial etc. All in all it is just like what was executed in the past by numerous social & religious exploiters. That's why these days all around so many good margiis are rallying around to maintain the sanctity of Baba's teachings and the AM ideology. And they are step by step opposing all the negative injunctions invented by Sarvatmanandji etc. All in all best is follow Baba's guidelines for building a healthy human society. In the Prout song which He Himself composed, Baba guides us, "Expel the brutes from the psychic stratum". (FEE FY FO FUM) And here again in His own Prout song, Baba directs us, "Expel the parasites from the spiritual stratum". (FEE FY FO FUM) Note 1A) Margis and WTs both are two wheels of one cart: AMPS. If one wheel is small, then think what will happen to the cart. It will not move forward but only in circles. So best is to stick to Baba's system. When both Margiis and Wt's have equal rights and responsibilities. Then, no one is high; no one is low. But at present the ACB system is degenerated. ACB members do not have any right to advise but only to execute. That is unfortunate. It lost its value, only ACB word remains. With this present way of working side by side and maintaining the relation of subordinated relationship that is not at all good. No doubt many margiis at present are ACB members. But they are treated as lesser and they do not have any right or scope to put forth suggestion or advice. Anyhow my conclusive point is that ACB means Advisory Committee & Board. Not the committee only to execute the order of The reigning party-- ACB is not robot. Note 2: Along with all the negativity done to Margii rights etc, scriptural distortions, Bhukti Pradhan rights etc, countless other wrongs have been committed. See here how Sarvatmanandaji manipulated and changed Baba's plans in relation to Ananda Nagar. As we all know Baba has taken great care in the right development of Ananda Nagar. In the practical field that means each and every inch of land of Ananda Nagar have been allotted and demarcated by Baba for different projects. But Sarvatmanandaji is personally responsible for throwing away Baba's system. Because Baba Himself has given so many specific programs and names of different locations of Ananda Nagar that got overturned during Sarvatmanandji's regime. For example, from Baba's Quarter to Engineering College, they changed the name of the road to "Memorial Road" and shifted Engineering College far away. Furthermore, the foundation stone of this Engineering College was done by Baba Himself. And also it has its own old huge original building. Then it got decided by Sarvatmanandaji to demolish that building and shift the College. So see the blatant disregard for Baba's system. And countless good margiis protested on this Engineering College point to the powers that be. But it was turned down. Even many concerned persons wrote dozens of letters in protest. But ultimately they were rejected and or threatened to keep quiet. Who is behind all this?? --you know the reply. Furthermore Baba has clearly ordered that around Ananda Nagar, proper care should be taken because poor persons are living in that area. So Baba has ordered not to erect any new multi-story building. According to Baba all buildings will be up to ground floor only. Then a few benefits will happen: (1) The neighboring people will not be feeling complex of rich and poor. By that way, they will come more close. (2) Maximum land will be occupied. (3) Third benefit will be, more natural environment. Even then all this negativity got carried out at Ananda Nagar. First of all, to appease PP Dada, a PP building have been created. That place was also allotted by Baba for some other project. Of course those days PP Dada was one "front-man" in the hands of Sarvatmanandaji. Plus Tadbhavanandji was a grand tool in the hand of Sarvatmanandji those days. And in that way the then Dada T dutifully sucked up the margiis money from around the globe and then created the multi-story Prout Palace in Ananda Nagar. Which of course directly contravenes Baba's own directive and desire. Hence all these things were directly spearheaded by one group leader with the selfish interest to build up his own power and position. Note 3: Recently, Dada Krtashivanandji is again highlighting himself and his crew as being the great proponents of AM ideology and dharma. And some ACB margiis have taken to highlighting his stand. So see the irony, because Dada Krtashivanandaji is himself responsible for destroying margii rights and creating one dogma after another. Because for years, since 1990, directly or indirectly he has accepted & supported all sorts of nonsense things that are ultravarious to Baba's teachings. And he is well known for masquerading various events and befooling margiis for the sake of organisational post and power. Even then some of the various ACB's are heralding him as a great. Unfortunately that is the present standard.
**************************************** Sadhana Point
Baba says, "We have various cakras-- mu'la'dha'ra, sva'dhis't'ha'na, man'ipura, ana'hata, vishuddha, a'jina', etc. The mind, instead of exerting its control directly from the sahasra'ra cakra, exerts its control through the other cakras, the other plexi. Hence in order to advance spiritually, one has first to establish control over these lower cakras, then finally over the sahasra'ra cakra. If one, conversely, tries to control the sahasra'ra first while the other cakras remain uncontrolled, spiritual practice on the sahasra'ra may be hampered. Not only that, even if the sahasra'ra cakra can be brought under control, the final result will not be good if the subsidiary cakras are not brought under control. It is not enough that the driver of the car be efficient the car as well must be free from any defect." (15 January 1980, AV-17) Note: Some quack acarya knowingly or unknowingly misguide margiis by telling that, 'only do sixth lesson and that is enough'. These acaryas in their confused way think that because sixth lesson is very important and people have less time in their busy life, so if they do sixth lesson that is enough-- that will suffice. And they discourage that other lessons are not needed. And this happens primarily when margiis ask Dadas to revise their lessons and in reply those acaryas tell that, 'No need to do, rather just practice sixth lesson'. But this misguided approach which these types of acaryas are preaching is not consistent with Baba's teaching. Rather what they are preaching is detrimental for sadhakas development. So we should follow Baba's above teaching and practice all the lessons of sadhana.

Example of Unpointed Devotion

Date: 17 May 2004 02:47:17 -0000 From: "Ramashankar Suman" To: Subject: Example of Unpointed Devotion Baba "Goloker Hari, gokulete ele ka'ha'r bha'gyaphale..." (P.S. 4677) Purport: Today the Parama Purusa has come; the Hari has descended from the world of bhavatiita to bhava. From the world of transcendentality to this relative existence. The Lord of Divinity-- of the divine loka / satya loka-- has descended on this mortal world. Whose tapasya has bore fruit. Whose longing has brought Him here. What is the reason behind His advent. Or just it is His grace. Today He has expressed himself in form and color, so charming so attractive. He is playing the flute of divinity which he has brought from so far away. And He is playing that divine instrument in this mortal world. Today the Ajana Pathik has come. He is playing His divine liila with each and every one. In the divine world He was infinitely sweet and now in the same way He has descended and is expressing His sweetness. As sweet as He was in his nityaliila, that same sweetness He is now carrying on this earth. That very divine Entity, Ajana Pathik the Parama Purusa, has been secretly along with me always, since eternity. But now by His grace He has descended here in this mortal world and He has expressed Himself in my dhyan with form and color. Today that very Ajana Pathik has come from the world of immortality to mortality. That very Hari of the divine world has come for us today. It is His grace... Namaskar In the Hindu religion there are not only 100 - 200 gods and goddesses, but rather several hundred million gods & goddesses exist in India. That is why in a joking way people say that 33 crores of gods and goddesses are there. Most probably this proverb started when the Indian population was 33 crores. The sense is that each and every individual has their own way of addressing their worship by creating their idols and various temples and in that way they give the new name to their god. (See Note 1) Some idols have hands and feet and proper human form whereas some are not human; rather they are demi-human mixed with animal form. And some deities are without any hands and some are of no shape-- just one little stone. And that stone can be any type. And not only that but each of the gods and goddesses have their mount. And that is their vehicle by which they tour around. Just like Lord Ganesh whose face is that of an elephant and he has a human body-- Ganesh's mount is a mouse. So many different types of mounts are there. Some has the mount as a lion, some have a tiger, others use a dog. And so many mounts are there like: donkey, buffalo, peacock, eagle, owl, swan, and much, much more than that. Here is another aspect. Each and every god and goddess carries their own imaginary stories and histories. So if you repeat their name in puja according to their liking then that is fine. But if you do not then they will destroy everything in their fury. Thus many gods and goddess are of this horrifying type also. They are very furious in nature. Then there are some deities who are satisfied by just the offering of water while for other gods you must have to sacrifice some animal. And without making this type of blood bath they will never be satisfied. Rather those angry gods will destroy your family and children. The whole village will die. So people have to give some animal as sacrifice. So the general sense is however much the population is of India, then the same number of gods and goddesses are also there. Included in all of is that within their worship the fear complex has been injected. Therefore with the paranoia of fear people have to take their god's name. Otherwise they are shaking with fear that their god will destroy them. Means if their idol is unhappy then that is not good. So behind the worships of all these thousands of gods and goddess is the psychology of fear-complex. Usually then people worships more than one god and goddess in their house. And overall the common public repeats all kinds of names of different deities and idols-- as many names as they know they repeat. So people are aware about a minimum of a few hundred gods and goddesses and they worship all. In that pursuit, each and every day of the year has been fixed for various types of worships. from Sunday to the next Saturday all the days, dates, months, on each and every day one has to do some or other type of worship. Monday is allotted for Lord Shiva, Tuesday is allotted for Hanuman and like this each and every day is fixed. But certain special days are fixed for the grand puja that will supersede the worship of all other gods and goddesses. So on that special occasion everyone has to do that one grand puja. And in all these pujas the various rituals are completely different from one god to the next. So in this country one after another puja or worship is going on and on and on. Such that one day after the next the whole life is unfolding as a puja festival. If you ask any simple illiterate persons, they can tell you the names of 200 or 500 gods and goddesses and they chant those names in usual way. As part of their daily routine. Because if people are suffering from the fear of ghost then they chant the shloka of Lord Hanuman and they ask that monkey god to save them. And if they want money then they call upon goddess Laksmi. And if they want to destroy their enemies then they worship goddess Durga. And those who want knowledge-- like students-- they worship the goddess Sarasvati. So students have nothing to do with Laksmi or Hanuman at the time of their exam. So common Indian persons worship hundreds of gods and goddess in their normal usual way. And those who are sincere worshippers they have to repeat several hundred names of various gods and goddesses. And in their puja rooms there may be hundreds of pictures or photos or statues may be there-- according to their capacity. Once when delivering the discourse Baba was joking about these type of rituals. First though He gave the dharmic teaching that puja should be to only one God. And to addresses that God by one particular name-- not many. (See Note 1) And then in a joking manner Baba began telling about one of his known persons and how that person performed their puja in the morning. In colorful style Baba was describing how that person was worshipping. First that person was chanting and singing up and down, and then with folded hands he was doing namaskar in all the 10 directions by looking this way and then that way. All this drama was going on in his own where he was surrounded by countless photos and pictures of various deities. And all along incense was burning. And in that twirling fashion he as saluting all his idols, and he was chanting the name of one after another: Jaya Ma Kali..., Jaya Bholenath..., Jaya Ganeshji..., Jay Durga Ma..., Jaya Jaya Jagadambe..., Jay Ganapati Ganesh..., Jay Ma Kali Smashan Wali..., Jaya Laksmiji... And more names were chanted... ...Jay Bhagavan Jagannath...., Jay Ram Chandrajiki..., Jay Gange Ma'..., Jay Sury Bhagavan..., Jay Shyama'..., Jay Shani Maharaj... ...And so many more... the number of his idols were countless. So like this that dogmatic worshipper was chanting his idols names and addressing them in his room which was overloaded with photos of the various deities. And up to the sky and all around he was doing namaskar and saluting one idol after another. Finally this worshipper proclaimed aloud that: To all the devis and devatas if by mistake I have forgotten anyone's name then please accept my salutation. I do not want to leave anyone's name out or make anyone unhappy. So after listening to the scene which Baba was describing, then all the margiis present started laughing. And Baba told that this way of doing puja is meaningless because the mind is going in so many directions, unfocused. We know that in our 16 points that one point is very significant: Ista. Before 16 Points was implemented, then margiis were still doing in their own way as they were sidetracked because of their Hindu dogma. Because initially those who came in AM, before that many of them were worshipping one or another goddess. So they had their attraction and it took some time to break that. Of course those who were strong, they broke their negative attachment quickly when they realised Baba's greatness. So they become devoted & pointed towards Baba. Also, around 1969-70, then some problem came when side by side people were confused. And they were raising the jaya (victory) sloga of mother Uma. Thus in their confused way some margiis were thinking this mother is of equal importance as Baba. But after the defection period and with implementation of 16 points, then this problem was resolved. Altogether a pointed mind is needed in devotion and every sincere margii knows this very point that our devotion should be towards Baba and not towards any other thing. No true Ananda Margii appreciates this type of japa where they are just holding the mala in the hand and repeating Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna..., Krsna, Krsna. Likewise no Margii appreciates other japans that just include chanting Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., Shiva..., ... Rather we are all habituated to the devotional chanting of Baba-Nam-Kevalam or the repetition one's own Ista mantra. Because this is the pointed way of having a devotional link with Parama Purusa. Bifurcating the mind will not do, rather it creates degeneration. But as narrated above, the Indian dogmatic way of religious life is going on. And even some of our senior, long-term WTs in their confused state of mind, they were calling Baba as Lord Shiva. But Baba did not like this. But anyway this happened because of the dogma of that particular margii. Because they had attachment for their old religion. Because in South India the common people worship Lord Shiva; and in western India they worship Lord Krsna; and similar thing is there in Bengal where people like to worship goddess Durga. Thus many margiis in their extreme simplicity and unawareness they were addressing Baba just like a goddess those days-- that He is like Goddess Durga. In their innocence this was done. Plus margiis of Central India those days were referring to Baba as Lord Ram. But anyway all these dogmas got rooted out when Baba started giving discourses on one-pointedness towards Ista. Even then one old-style expression was done by Dada Bhaskaranandaji; so this was proof that the standard was poor. Here is how Dada Bhaskaranandaji used a different name to address Baba: "I addressed Baba as Shiva. I repeated the long Dhyana Mantra of Shiva in front of Him which ends with Paincavaktram Trinetram, which means 'You have five faces and three eyes'." - Dada Bhaskarananda By reading this, it is obvious that this way of addressing Baba is one seriously dogmatic type of expression. And that time Dada Bhaskaranandaji was avadhuta. But even then he was confused when he did this. I do not know whether he is still so confused or if he understands that Baba should not be addressed as Shiva. But most probably Dada B is still confused about this otherwise he would have written in his story that 'what I did wrong'. But he did not write like that. Means just a few days ago when he again posted his story then he did not admit or recognise his faulty approach. This all shows that what is the spiritual standard of those senior Dadas. We should be careful then. Our measuring scale is Baba's teachings. If anyone will lose sight of Baba's teaching then... Now it is up to you to see and reflect upon this entire situation by using your devotional perspective. At the same time in this respect Baba guides us with the following story that has deep devotional import. Please read below. BABA says: "You know the old story of Hanuman, a great devotee. It has been stated that once upon a time Hanuman was asked by certain other devotees, Hanuman, you know that there is no difference between Ra'ma and Na'ra'yan'a. They are the same thing, no difference... there is no philosophical difference between Na'ra'ya'na and Ra'ma. The meaning of Ra'ma is Parama Purus'a; the meaning of Na'ra'yan'a is also Parama Purus'a. Oh, Hanuman, when you are a devotee, you are an elevated soul, then why do you use the word Ra'ma only and not Na'ra'yan'a?" The reply given by Hanuman is very important. You should remember it. He said,
"Oh, my brothers, you see, I know that philosophically, fundamentally, or spiritually, there exists no difference between Shriina'tha [Narayan] and Ja'nakiina'tha [Rama]." "I know there is no difference between Shriina'tha, that is, Na'ra'yan'a, and Ja'nakiina'tha [Rama]." "I know there is no difference, but, my dear gentlemen, for me the word Ra'ma is the only word that has some meaning, and for me the word Shriina'tha, or Na'ra'yan'a, has no meaning. I do not recognize that word." (AVM-23) In conclusion Baba guides us: "You sa'dhakas, you boys, you girls, should remember that the most valuable, the most important, word in this universe for you is your personal Is't'a mantra; and for you, all other words bear no significance, no meaning, no importance." (AVM-23) Namaskar, Ramashankar Note 1: Here Baba guides us that for one-pointed devotion then only a single particular name should be used for addressing God. Failing that one's approach will be useless. Baba says, "The yogii should know the single name of his Is't'a and not two names or three names. Wherever the Is't'a is singular entity in name, form, and idea, in ideation and also in ideology, success is sure, success is fully assured." (SS-12) (Now see note 2). Note 2: Below Baba is further emphasizing the devotional science that the name of one's Ista is everything. Baba says, "For each and every sa'dhaka the most important of all words is his Is't'a mantra. For a particular sa'dhaka, the only meaningful word, and the most precious word, is that person's own personal Is't'a mantra. For the sa'dhaka, the Is't'a mantras of others have no value. For you the most meaningful, most valuable, mantra is your personal Is't'a mantra; and others' personal Is't'a mantras have no value for you. They are meaningless words." (AVM-23)
****************************************** Baba's Blessing
Baba says, "Common people do not know how to do, what to do, what is the destination. They want guidance. They want guidance from certain people whom they respect, whom they accept as their object of adoration. They respect those people because of their high moral conduct...You boys and you girls, you are to establish yourselves as developed human beings and as blessed with the glory of human excellence at the helm of every affair. Society will recognize you because of your service, because of your sacrifice. And not only that, everybody is expecting that they will get your help, your assistance, your guidance, when there is a dire necessity for the same. You boys and you girls, you should know that I solely depend on you for the translation of our lofty ideology." (AV-34, p.85-6)

Which Samaj is Great

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Which Samaj is Great Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 01:50:21 +0530 Baba "Adrira ma'jhe tumi himagiri, pus'per ma'jhe pa'rija'ta..." (P.S. 1685) Purport: Baba, You are the Greatest among the great, the Sweetest among the sweet. Amongst all the mountains, Your status is like the towering Himalayas. Amongst all the flowers, You are like the most brilliant parijata flower. Baba, with Your own hand You are touching and playing the strings of the viina of my inner core-- which is situated in the depths of my heart. With Your soft, loving touch You are arousing the divine ecstasy in my mind. Baba, You have brought me on this earth again and again. And You have inspired me to love You in infinite ways. My whole existence has always revolved around You; but even then I could never be satiated to my heart's full content. Now You have brought me again on this earth. And by Your grace I have brought a basketful of love for You. It is in my heart. O' my Lord, please remain along with me always-- day and night, always. Among all the things which are dear, You are the Dearest. You are my Priyatama, the innermost One of my heart. Of all the things which I love, You are the most dear. You always reside inside my heart. Baba, what way You are, it is impossible to explain through language. I do not have any words to express Your glory. So I do sastaunga pranam to You-- thousands of times, infinite times, again and again. Baba, please keep me at Your lotus feet..
Namaskar, Everyone is aware that these days there is one particular group that likes to bang the drum and claim that their own Bangalistan is the top most--- that their A'mra Bengali samaj is better than all others. But this is nothing but their own group agenda. (See Note 1) Because we know that Baba's samaj theory recognises the specialties of all. In that regard Baba praises all the samajas. Means each and every place where Baba visited then invariably He praised that community and the qualities of their samaj. Because Baba wants to highlight the good things of a particular samaj in order give them a boost of self-confidence so that they can fight against exploitation and raise their standard. So Baba praised all samajas with the intention of removing their inferiority complex-- thus enabling them to move ahead. But B group's approach is the exact opposite. They are eulogising their own greatness in such a way as to inject inferiority complexes within other samajas all around the globe in our AM society. So their devious approach is one harmful tactic that goes directly against the spirit of Baba's samaj system. Because Baba inspires one and all in order to help the society rid itself from any and all negative feelings like inferiority complex. Means Baba loves all and He encourages each and every community to overcome their current difficulties and struggles. Baba helps everyone to recognise their inherent strength and talents. Toward this end Baba praised so many samajas so that each and every community could rise up and grow. Here then are some of the many examples where Baba praised various samajas when He visited that particular area. In the following quote Baba is glorifying how Chattisgarh samaj will serve as one guiding light to the whole humanity. Baba says, Chattisgarh "should have a very bright future. Let the people from other parts of the world come here and learn how far the people here have achieved progress, and in which ways they are going to bring about progress in other spheres of life. Let the light of Chattisgarh be ever effulgent, like a luminous star in human society, so that all may learn and be benefitted by it." (AFPS-4, p. 37) And here below Baba is encouraging and reminding the Bhojpuri people of the greatness of their land so they will raise their fist against injustice. Baba says, "From the economic point of view the soil of this [Bhojpur] area is extremely fertile...The [Bhojpuri] people are industrious, and the soil is fertile...If the land is not poor, why should the people be poor? There should not be poverty among the people at all in this area. So it is your bounden duty to make this beautiful fertile land free from exploitation." (AFPS-4, p. 53) Baba also highlights the speciality of those people of the Ananda Nagar area. Baba says, "Anandanagar has a unique glory, and that glory has developed out of the great sacrifice of many noble souls. Let Anandanagar provide guidance to the entire universe in spiritual practice, service, sacrifice, renunciation, and culture. This is what we should pray for, and this is the reason that we should build Anandanagar and help it radiate light to the universal humanity. This is what I want." (AFPS-4, p. 38) Baba continues, "Let Anandanagar be the medium of our cultural will not be difficult to establish Anandanagar as an ideal cultural and spiritual center." (AFPS-4, p. 39) And here below Baba is injecting Magadha samaj with the strength and courage to stand in the face of all opposition and exploitation. Baba says, "That Magadha which has given birth to noble persons...will never perish. There is no power on earth that can destroy it." (SC-1, p. 141) Furthermore, by the following lines it is clear that when Baba visited any samaj then He praised not one but many aspects of the samaj. A case in point occurs here with regards to Mithiila samaj. Baba says, "Mithiila is situated in the eastern part of India, at a different longitude, and as such it should and does have its own almanac...Thus we see that in all respects Mithila has its own specialities...This proves that Mithila has all along had its own script and alphabet." (AFPS-4, p. 47) Baba continues, "The children of the present-day Mithila, should remember that even five or six thousand years ago there was a great civilisation at Mithila, and it was a pre-Aryan civilisation: That is, it existed even before the Aryans migrated to India. Thus you can easily understand how ancient was the civilisation of Mithila." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba says, "The very land of Mithila is the land of Tantra." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba adds, "The people of Mithila are very rational-minded and intellectual by disposition. There was no differentiation of caste among them even as far back as in the post Buddhist age." (AFPS-4, p. 48) Baba concludes, "In fact it can be said that the Maethili language has the oldest history of all the Sam'skrt-derived languages in India...This language is at least 1200 to 1300 years old, and its literature is 900 years old." (AFPS-4, p. 50) And here below Baba is highlighting particular attributes of the Pahari and Dogari samajas. Baba says, "Pa'ha'r'ii is a separate language, not merely a dialect; and Dogrii, too, is also a separate language, as I have told you previously." (AFPS-4, p. 55) Similarly when Baba visited overseas then He always praised and encouraged those local samajas as well. By this way it becomes clear that Baba injected strong inspiration within all the communities which He visited. This is one special approach that He did everywhere. So none should think that Baba only praised Amra Bengali samaj. (See Note 2) Indeed the entire spirit of Baba's samaj theory encompasses the welfare of all-- whether He physically visited a place or not. Baba's overall guideline is that every samaj and community should grow. Baba says, "Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let none get the scope to think that their life has become useless." (Ananda Vanii #19) So there is no question of any land being high or low. All are the creation of Parama Purusa, and He loves all equally. About this there should be no complex, no feelings of inferiority, no dogma. (See Note 4) We should all live remembering that all samajas are great, all human beings are great, and that all are His progeny. Baba says, "You must never encourage superiority complex, inferiority complex, fear complex, defeatist complex etc. You are the very children of Parama Purusa. Hence you are not inferior to anyone. You must not encourage any inferiority complex, for you are the members of the highest and noblest family. Because Your Father is the most revered Entity of this universe." (AFPS-4, p. 22-23) Namaskar, Ramanuj Note 1: Here below Baba exposes the negative tactics and strategies of those groups who harm the society by promoting their own selfish and narrow-minded agenda. Baba says, "Self-seeking people do not want the collective intellect of the entire human race to be utilised for the welfare of the entire human race; rather they want to perpetuate divisive tendencies in the society in the name of humanity. Because if they succeed in creating a rift in human society, that will pave the way for their personal benefit or self-aggrandisement. Thus they concoct various so-called scriptures, they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect. This sort of mentality is called dogma." (AFPS-4, p. 61) Note 2: When Baba toured from place to place then Baba talked so much about the positive things of the local samajas. But B group leader Sarvatmananda did not like the idea that other samajas should get the place in Baba's books. That is why when he was in power then only those things about Bengal got printed because in Sarvatmananda's kingdom he wanted to paint Bengal as the best-- and push down all others. So to remedy the situation and clean-up the mess that Sarvatmananda created, now the samaj secretaries of those samajas which Baba visited and talked about the greatness of that land, those samaj secretaries should publicly promote those discourses and talks given Baba about their area. That will help remove the dogma that "only Bengal is great". Now please read note 3. Note 3: Although on this point of the superiority of samaj H group is keeping mostly quiet, it is well documented how they have curtailed the rights of margiis on numerous accounts. So H group has their own bag of groupist tricks and negative agendas. Note 4: Here Baba is guiding us not to accept the dogma that any particular samaj is better than the rest. Rather we are to directly oppose such a misguided idea. Baba says, "A person who wants to promote other's welfare, a person who wants to serve the entire humanity must keep away from dogma. Not only that, he will have to staunchly resist dogma." (AFPS-4, p. 61) Baba continues, "It is not enough to keep away from something which is considered a veritable sin, it is not enough to lodge only verbal protest against sin. But one will have to wage an uncompromising fight against it. This is the greatest criterion of a truly righteous person." (AFPS)
*************************************** We Should Also Do According to His Example
Baba says, "Generally there are three ways to ascertain the views of great personalities: first, by what they said; secondly, by what they did, even though they may not have said anything; and thirdly, even though they may not have said or done anything, by what they did not say -- one way or the other -- on a particular issue." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.159)

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