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Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 3

Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 07:12:56 -0000
From: J. Erikkson
Subject: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 3


"Toma'r ka'che ca'i na' kono ma'n, ca'i na' kono yash..." (P.S. 825)


Baba, by Your grace I am not asking for any name, fame, or prestige from
You. These types of desires I do not have. By Your grace, I do not want to
plunge myself into the vanity of all those worldly things. Rather I want to
keep my mind exclusively focused upon Your lotus feet. This devotional
longing I have, by Your grace.

Baba, since the crimson rays of the dawn, You have colored my days with
the rainbow color. You have decorated everything. It is Your grace.
When evening falls, then I feel Your close proximity and Your divine
dance. I see Your liila in the form of countless stars shining in the sky.
Baba, all the time You are with me-- in all the spheres of my life. You
make everything charming and colorful.

Baba, what You have graciously done for me is enough. You have granted
me everything. By hearing the chirping of the birds, I listen to Your
songs. In this way, I feel Your blissful presence. And when the sky is
covered with clouds and by the dance of the peacock, You create beauty in
my life.

Baba, everywhere I feel Your divine grace-- Your eternal presence in
this divine liila. Baba, You are behind each and every expression of this
universe. You are in every form. Everywhere I feel Your presence. I am
never alone. In my good days and bad times, always You are with me. And in
this way everything becomes meaningful and joyful. Baba, You are so



This is in follow-up to what others have written on this critical topic. We must not allow certain factional heads to continue in their ways, lest all our AM land will be gone.

This letter contains lists of those Dada involved in selling AM land and other critical details. First however let's discuss this very important point given by Baba in His Procedural Orders.


As many are aware, by His grace Baba issued Procedural Orders that both clarify and detail how AMPS should operate. In many of these Procedural / Organisational Orders Baba has specified that AM land holdings and properties must be protected. Here are two such procedural orders:


Procedure Order of 25/1/67: Duties and Responsibilities of Secretary of Land Dept

Procedure Order of 25/1/67: Land, Building & Farm Dept

Both these Procedural Orders mandate how to protect, keep, build, utilise AMPS land.

However, there is not a single Procedural Order about the selling or destruction of AM lands. What does this tell us?

Well it is similar to how in Caryacarya Baba guides us that we are to serve animals but He does not include instructions for how to sacrifice animals. Thus it is obvious that we are not to sacrifice animals. Likewise Baba clearly instructs how to help and guide our brothers and sisters; there is no mention of killing anyone. So we know we are not to harm any person - rather we are to help and serve one and all. It is quiet clear.

Similarly, in Procedural Orders, as there is no mention about how to sell AM lands, it is quite evident that Baba does not want this done. He does not want AM lands sold. Whereas, there are a number of Procedural Orders detailing how to protect our AM lands. So that is what we should do: Safeguard organisational land holdings.
And of course on so many occasions Baba instruction us not to sell AM lands.


Here is some of the known history about the selling of AM lands. This particular case is that of the Patna Baba Quarters land.

In 1998 Mantreshvara'nanda the senior group leader of Kolkata faction, was GS of the organisation and in those days our AMPS was not openly divided into groups. They were all together under one roof. That means Rudra'nanda, Parmeshvara'nanda, Nigama'nanda, Vandana'nanda, Sarva'tma'nanda, Giita' didi, Sumita' Didi, & Dyotona' Didi were all together those days.
In that setting, the Ba'ba' quarter land in Phulwari Shariiff, Patna, Bihar, India which was just little less than one acre was sold to a Muslim butcher (meat slaughterer / businessman) for millions of rupees with the justification that Centre is in debt and needs money.

Thus this critical AM land holding was sold - unbeknown to margiis - by all these top Dadas etc. They were all involved and gave their approval.

As we all know, the group leaders of all factions in our organisation have ruined things by cutting AMPS into pieces. Groupist leaders of all groups are responsible for this heinous crime. Those who have any love for our organisation will never do this.


Groupist leaders have only one intention behind their so many actions. And that is to build their "Ra'j" - i.e. kingdom. They regard our AMPS organisation as a milking cow - Dudha'roo ga'ya - which they want to milk to the hilt for their own selfish gain. They want to make more and more personal & factional wealth by milking our organisation of all its properties.

In this regard Central workers started selling the lands and when the organisation split then all group leaders were involved full title in this business of selling of AMPS land and property. They are all stealing from the organisation. 

The groupist leaders of all factions are the same. 


Here is the common political strategy and psychology which we must all consider.

In any country where the ruling party indulges in corruption then the opposition party raises the issues of corruption not because they are against corruption themselves but because they want a share of the wealth from that corruption. They want that same power for themselves. So members of the opposition parties captialise on whatever opportunites they get to make money through corruption.

In the same way, the leaders of all groups are the same. On this critical issue of selling lands, they are all together and they have same idea. No group is against the idea or  principle of selling organisational land and property. They have all done it in the past and given the opportunity they will all do it in the future.
The main point is that no group is against the theory, idea, philosophy, or principle of selling organisational property.


Such a heinous crime in Patna was committed with the full support of Central Committee which was the compilation of all of today's groupist leaders of all factions.

Back in 1998, various margiis like Mohan TT and UPSF leader Nirainjan opposed this heinous crime of selling land of the organisational land in Patna. And then in June DMS A'nanda Nagar 1998, they tried to meet PP dada and discuss this issue with him. At that time then all of Centre ordered an attack with la'thiis and knives on such margiis.

Everyone should know that Parmeshvara'nanda was the first person who ordered volunteers to physically attacked those margiis who were opposing land sale by saying “Kill them, they are supporters of Maniisananda”. Centre captured some of those margiis (Mohan TT, Nirainjan etc) and locked them in one room to kill them. This went on for some time. These margiis were released only after the news spread to police and margiis everywhere.

We must remember that in AM killing members is not uncommon phenomenon. Who can forget that fateful day when one certain group led an offensive and killed Dada Abhipremananda in Ananda Nagar. That was cold-blooded murder.

Here the whole point is that to fulfill their groupist agenda, these top Dadas will go to the far reaches of the earth. And on this point of land selling, they are all in this together. In the past they collaborated on such land sales and in the future, they are all totally ready to sell AMPS land holdings in order to bring money into their groupist fold.

By Baba's grace we all have to be ready to stand for AM teachings. Baba has mandated in Procedural / Organisational Orders that AM land must not be sold. But groupist chieftains are not paying heed. Hence it is the duty of all to come forward and safeguard this most critical issue. By His grace, and our collective effort, success is sure.
Please write in with your thoughts and news about what is going on in your area.


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