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Life of Sadhakas & Noose

From: "Ramlal Sharma" To: Subject: Life of Sadhakas & Noose Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 23:00:11 Baba "Pita' ma'ta' bandhu sakha' a'ndha're a'lokavarttika'..." (P.S. 218) Purport: Baba, You are my most intimate and loving One; by Your grace You are so close. Baba, You are my father and You are my mother; You are my friend as well as my eternal companion. Baba, You are my everything-- my One and only. By Your infinite grace You are that divine lamp of effulgence, always guiding me along the proper path in life. Baba You are everywhere. By Your grace no one is ever alone or helpless. You are ever-present carefully watching over everyone. Baba, by Your grace You are always residing in my heart. Baba, with Your infinite compassion, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, You are always present to provide a gentle touch. Amongst the thorns & tears You are the soothing balm of the lotus flower which relieves all pains and sorrows; and in scorching heat of the burning fire You are that refreshing, calm, cool sandalwood. Baba, You are the ultimate Savior. When one has lost everything then in that bleak hour You are the only shelter. You are that divine jewel which makes everything else into a shining jewel as well. By Your touch, unit beings become divine. That is Your causeless grace. Baba, You are the best of everything. In the beautiful rose garden where all the flowers are aromatic and fragrant, You are the most gorgeous-- You are the most beautiful. Baba, You are the most effulgent Entity in this vast universe. Baba, You are the Cause of everything. You are the Source and You are the Origin. Baba, because You are, I am. You are the breath of my very life. Without You my whole existence is meaningless. Baba, You are my dearmost, You are my everything. You alone are the eternal lamp of my heart. Baba, please grace me by keeping me in Your divine shelter...
Namaskar, By Baba's grace we have all come onto the tantric path of AM - the path of pure spirituality. Baba says, "Vaedikii diiks'a' is to request God, request the Lord, to show one the right path. And after a long time, when the Lord is satisfied, He arranges for Ta'ntrikii diiks'a'. Ananda Marga diiks'a' is Ta'ntrikii diiks'a'." (AV-3) So ours is the fast path where the Guru is Brahma Himself and where every sadhaka's progress is rapid. One life is all it takes to get moks'a (salvation).
As we are moving very quickly towards our final destination - i.e. onto Baba's divine lap, we must take proper care along the way. For instance, if one is walking slowly down the sidewalk in a quiet town on a sunny day then there is not much danger involved. Because one's speed is quite slow. But if one is aboard a rocket that is blasting off into outer space, then there is the potential for grave danger. Because one's speed is quite fast. Likewise, those involved in material life are just revolving far around the Cosmic Hub, similar to a person slowly moseying down the street. Hence they are not exposed to many dangers (i.e. allurements etc). Whereas as sadhakas of the Marga we are making a straight line to the Cosmic epicenter. Our speed is super fast - like that rocket. In that case, every allurement and obstacle under the sun will come our way.
Given our great speed, we must be extremely careful. We are burning all kinds of samskaras very, very rapidly. We are leaving behind the old ways of past animal lives, embracing the ideas of neo-humanism, and striving to lead life divine. Along there way, so many problems, difficulties, temptations, and obstacles that confront us. Nearly each and every day brings a new hurdle. We may be lured by greed, tempted by the opposite sex, prestige, fame, occult powers - so many things may befall us, i.e. all the sa'dripus (six enemies: physical pleasure, anger, avarice, vanity, blind attachment, envy) and all the as't'apasha (eight fetters: hatred, doubt, fear, shyness, dissemblance, vanity of lineage, cultural superiority, and ego), and we also may fall prey to all kinds of negative microvita. And indeed we see such things happening in our Marga every day - it is a very real reality: - Family margiis stray from the path to pursue material wealth; - Wt's get caught up in nonsense behaviour and sexual scandal and leave the Marga; - Some join a particular group due to their pride of cultural legacy or lust of power; Others think they are so great and then leave AM in order to start their own ashram or yoga group. All these things happen daily in our Marga. And still others think that their sadhana is very high and therefore they are above so-called normal people. Sadhakas with this kind of superiority complex can never enter the kingdom of Parama Purusa. Hence there are a whole slew of difficulties that may befall us. Why all these difficulties? Because our minds are focused and moving ahead quickly so we face an endless barrage of allurements as avidya maya does not want to let us go. She (Maha Maya) likes that we should remain in her bondage. Whereas if we become liberated and attain salvation, then she must be our obedient servant. Thus, she is using all her tricks to keep us in bondage. Whereas those who are leading ordinary mundane life are already keeping themselves in bondage. Thus Maha Maya focuses more of her energy on us as we are moving quickly out of her grasp. So if we are not careful those things -- the gross temptations of avidya maya etc - can catch hold of us and bring about our degeneration.
Here the point is not that we should suddenly become scared and leave the path and take shelter in materialism and animal life so as to slow down our speed. That is not the point and doing like that will only invite a whole new slew of problems. We should move ahead at our rapid pace but at the same time we should be acutely aware of the dangers that might drag us down. We should be aware of those temptations and know how to combat them as well. And the best way to overcome any obstacle is to surrender to Parama Purusa and desire to please only Him, and not harbor any personal desires. For this, we must ask His grace.
Failing to surrender to Parama Purusa means inviting so many problems as sadhakas. Without His shelter, there are so many types of negative microvita that can allure us. Baba says, "Kinnara microvita is that category of microvita which creates a thirst for beauty – a strong desire for beautification and decoration. The word kinnara means “receptacle of beauty” or “a beautiful and graceful structure”. This category of microvita creates a tendency in the human mind to make the human body as beautiful as the many forms and figures it observes in the external world. This tendency or propensity is called “kinnari vrtti”. If the kinnaras direct the mind towards crude matter instead of leading it towards the subtler layers, they are considered to be enemy microvita or negative microvita." (MVNS) Thus we should always be aware what we desire in life. If we desire the wrong thing such as physical beauty and charm, we may become negative microvita itself. Same is the case if we chase after fame and fortune or so many other worldly things. Negative microvita will swallow us. Baba says, "There is yet another category of microvita whose collective name is called “videhaliina microvita”. These microvita cause the human mind to rush from one place to another, and finally lead it away from Parama Purus'a. They keep the human mind oblivious to the supreme purpose of life. Due to their inner thirst for material gain, they force the human mind to go around in circles, like bullocks trudging endlessly around an oil mill. They make the human mind restless, and by misdirecting it, throw it into utter confusion." (MVNS) Thus along with the sa'dripus and as't'apasha', we must keep all kinds of negative microvita at arms length.
Perhaps the most dangerous thing is to think that, 'I can never fall - it will never happen to me.' After all, people always thinkg Baba says, "Suppose a person is practising spiritual sa'dhana' regularly, properly, and with proper inspiration and sincerity, but some other desires, some other longings, remain coverted in the person’s mind. The person is a good person, he or she is sincerely doing sa'dhana', but in his mind he thinks, "If Ba'ba' gives me ten lakhs – or five lakhs – or only two lakhs – everything will be managed properly. Oh, no! I won’t ask for these things. No, no, no, it is bad, it is bad." That desire, that longing for money, remains in him, although he is a developed soul, not a bad person, not at all a bad person. So what happens? Because of his piety, after death he gives up the physical structure, the solid body, and gives up the aquatic structure, that is, apatattva, also; but the other three factors – tejas [luminous factor], marut [aerial factor], vyoma [ethereal factor] – remain with him, with his detached mind." ('Ghosts and Evil Spirits') In that case a person become negative microvita instead of attaining Parama Purusa. Here is yet another example. Baba says, "“I am a good sa'dhaka, but haven’t any vocal power. I can’t dance properly, I can’t sing properly, my vocal cord doesn’t function well. I require more attributions, more qualifications – and if I get more qualifications I will get promotion in the service also. Oh, no, no, no. These are all bad things. These are all bad desires. A person should not have any desires.” When such a person dies, they also get that type of body, luminous, gaseous and ethereal. These three bhu'tas are there. These people are called vidya'dhara." ('Ghosts and Evil Spirits') In that case a person become negative microvita instead of attaining Parama Purusa. So there are any number of ways that one might get transferred into becoming negative microvita and they all stem out of improper longing. We should desire to please Parama Purusa - nothing else. Otherwise even good people will get caught in the net of negative microvita and float for centuries across the universe as disembodied souls who could not attain salvation.
Here is yet another problem that can pull us down off the path. Baba says, "If one gains occult power, one may do so many things. In the third stage of sa'dhana', a sa'dhaka gets some occult power. And after getting the occult power, suppose that he becomes engaged with that occult power, he wants to display that occult power. What will happen? He will fall down. He will be nowhere. He will not remain a sa'dhaka. So in that stage, in the third stage, one will have to be very, very cautious. And even with those occult powers [one should say], “I want Parama Purus'a, not the occult powers.” Do you follow?" (AV-30) The attainment of occult powers is not some far-off fantasy. Here above Baba Himself says that occult WILL appear on the doorstep of every sadhaka. It is an inevitability, but we are to pass them by and not pay heed to such allurements. We must focus on our goal of pleasing Parama Purusa and surrendering to His sweet will. Unfortunately, many get lured in this crude direction of occult powers. They want to be able to do things that will catch the attention, praise, respect, and awe of others. It is common. In the material sphere, one may buy a sports car or become a half-naked super model, and in the realm of spirituality one may become a slave of occult powers. That is how they satisfy their strong urge to command the attention and respect of others. In that case, all their hard-earned spiritual attainment becomes lost as one will never ever get close to Parama Purusa.
One of the main things we have to remember is that every human has emerged from animal life. That is part and parcel of the cycle of brahmacakra. So the ways of animal life are well known to us. And in general, people march towards things that they are familiar with - not toward new things. Spirituality is new to humans; we have not been there before. So it take a lot of effort to move in that direction. In contrast, the allurement toward carnal pleasures is well known to us and easily gotten. In that case, if we are not careful, at any moment one can fall in that direction: Sex, greed, crude food, excess sleep, etc, etc.
By Baba's grace, we have all come onto the path of life divine and are moving ahead quickly. We should be aware of the obstacles - hence the above letter - and be proactive to remain on the true path. Let us fill our lives with His teachings, song, dance, and sadhana. The more we think and involve ourself with Him, the less we are prone to fall into problem. No one should be scared of negative microvita or avidya maya. Though, we should be aware and honest with ourselves about the direction in which we are moving. Then, by His grace and with His practices, we are sure to be successful in this very life and attain Him. Baba says, "You will never attain Him through your erudition, intellect, valour, or vanity. You are to attain Him through constant ideation, sweet devotional sentiment, and intense spiritual longing." (AMIWL-7) Namaskar Ramlal

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