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Baba Story: Deoghar DMC Guru Puja

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 23:14:57
From: V.J.K. Rajpurhit
Subject: Baba Story: Deoghar DMC Guru Puja


"Ga'n geye tumi path calechile balechile kan't'h mela'te..." (P.S. 2788)


Baba, You are so gracious-- most beautiful. That day when I saw You
while moving on the path, You were singing. And that very time You told me
that I should follow the song accordingly and sing. That I should emulate
Your style. Baba, You are so charming. Even then because of my shyness, I
was standing at a distance looking at You-- I did not come closer.

Baba, after that I could not follow the song because of my shyness and
fear. And also there was a strong doubt in my mind: I was thinking that
You are not my own. But Baba You graced me and granted me samvit and
all the confusion and dilemmas were wiped away. So now I am searching You
everywhere on & off the path. Baba You are so gracious.

Wandering around I was searching You in the deep forests and jungles, as
well as in the vast, frozen lands surrounding the huge ice-covered
mountains. But I could not get You anywhere externally. Even in those
hard to reach places in the dense forest that is not at all accessible--
there also I could not get You. So now I am searching You only in my mind;
and today, by Your grace, You have granted me samvit. Baba, please come
in my bhajans, kiirtan, sadhana, and dhyan and make my life successful...

Note: Baba has blessed us by giving us this special guideline that we
should not search Him externally. But unfortunately some dogmatic people
continue to seek Him out in various holy lands or mahasamadhi places etc.
In their naivete and innocence they do not understand this aforesaid Baba's


Last week, a letter was posted about Baba's correction of the
pronunciation of Guru Puja during Kullu DMC.

At that above DMC (Nov 1 '79), Baba instructed how we must be very
careful in pronouncing the two terms, Gurave & parama'. The first should
be stated as Gurave, not Guruve; and, parama must be pronounced with a
long "a" (ucchi) at the end.

Below, this letter also presents a scene from a DMC wherein Baba is
correcting the pronunciation of Guru Puja. This occurred at Deoghar DMC
(1984). For your review, a sound file has been placed on the AM-GLOBAL
blog. (


On that day of January 8, 1984 at Deoghar DMC, Baba beautifully
concludes His discourse-- What is Dharma.

Then Baba graces all by reciting Samgacchadhvam, followed by 'Omn
Shanti, Omn Shanti, Omn Shanti'. Then Baba showers His special blessing
of varabaya mudra upon all present. This is all quite apparent by
listening to the audio file on the blog.

Then the request is made for Guru Puja to be done, Baba grants
permission, and the then PA Ramananda indicates that Karunananda should
lead the Guru Puja.

During the first round of Guru Puja, a mistake in pronunciation is
committed, and Baba lovingly unleashes His sentient anger so as to
properly teach us the correct way to do Guru Puja. By listening to the
sound file, one can hear Baba scold Karunananda multiple times for
mispronouncing one of the key words in our Guru Puja chant. Of course
Baba is not really angry, rather He is feigning anger to get our
attention and learn the proper way. As the all-compassionate Sadguru,
this is Baba's divine working style. Many who were around those days
came to understand this about Baba.

After Guru Puja, Baba gives His "Let everybody be happy...Let everybody
see the bright side..." blessing.


Before detailing the nature of the correction at that particular DMC,
let's take a moment to reflect on the great importance of our Guru Puja
practice. Since we do this multiple times daily, we should always keeps
its significance in mind, as well as the best way to practice it. .


Of course in the practice of Guru Puja, every sadhaka offers a lotus

After kneeling in the proper posture one should close their eyes and
with the palms open visualise the form a mental lotus. The colour of the
lotus will be the colour of that worldly object which is most dominating
or disturbing to their mental flow during sadhana.

For instance if one is facing financial difficulties or if one is just
greedy for money, then that sadhaka should visualise a green lotus-- or
the dominant colour of money in their locale.

The idea being that each every material object has 5 tanmatras, or
inferences. All the tanmatras should be utilised in Guru Puja when
offering a mental lotus. This makes the mind more involved in the
practice and provides a very strong and positive effect. The five
tanmatras are: Sound, touch, form (sight), taste, and smell.

Money makes a crumpling sound when it gets stuffed into a bag or taken
out of a wallet. And it has a smooth feel to it since it is made out of
paper. So when doing Guru Puja the lotus takes on a crumpling type of
sound as well as a smooth touch. Those represent the first two tanmatras.

Since the third inference is form, then that is the time to visualise
the colour of the louts, which in this case is green.

The 4th tanmatra is taste. And the taste of money is known to all. So
when doing this practice then the taste will be as if one is chewing on
dry paper.

The 5th and final inference is smell. That also should be utilised in
Guru Puja. Hence the whole lotus which get pictured in the mind takes on
the smell of money.

Applying these five tanmatras are very important to our Guru Puja practice.


And here following Baba Himself has given this below guideline which is
highly linked with how tanmatras are to be used in that practice of Guru

Baba says, "Any object which creates bondage in the mind has its own
particular colour. In those early days people used silver coins. While
thinking of those silver coins, their minds would be coloured silver.
Today, people's minds are coloured by the thought of paper currency. When
someone thinks of an iron safe, one's mental object becomes the iron
safe. When someone goes to the bank to deposit money, the bank's
signboard becomes his or her mental object... All such things become a
person's mental objects, one by one. The mind always takes something as
its object, each object having its specific colour." (NKS, '97 Edn, p. 174)

And like that each and every tanmatra or inference takes effect in the
mind. So in our Guru Puja practice they should all be offered to Guru.
Baba guides us as follows.

Baba says, "Surrender all one's mental colour to Parama Purus'a, and
thus free oneself from the bondage." (NKS)


In addition to using all the 5 tanmatras, other key aspects of Guru Puja
are: Bhava (ideation), purity of mind, and pronunciation.

Some may think it is okay to mumble or blatantly mispronounce words when
doing Guru Puja, or even skip words entirely. But this is not at all

Rather we should orally or mentally recite-- depending on the
circumstance-- each word with diamond-like clarity and precision.

And that is exactly what Baba is expressing that the DMC in Deoghar.


Specifically, at that Deoghar DMC, when Karunananda begins reciting Guru
Puja everything is ok, at least is the first stanza. The problem arises
when he begins the second stanza of the first round of Guru Puja.

Dada begins reciting, "Ajinana..." and within a few seconds Baba
forcefully interrupts him.

The problem was that Dada was saying, 'Ah-john'. And Baba emphatically
states that that is the wrong pronunciation leftover from the Rg Veda.

The tantric or Yajurvediiya pronunciation is 'Ah-gyan'. And that is the
way are to say it. That is what Baba explains.

Unfortunately, Karunananda could not understand this right away, and
again he mispronounces it and then again Baba corrects him, only this
time more forcefully. This happens two or three times until finally the
term ajinana is properly pronounced.

It is only then that Guru Puja is allowed to continue.

By listening to the audio file on the blog, the correct pronunciation
will be clear to all.

So we should all pay particular attention to our pronunciation of the
Guru Puja mantra. Without proper pronunciation, Guru Puja will lose its
effect. We should all then be adamant to strictly follow Baba's many
pronunciation guidelines regarding the recitation of Guru Puja.


It is Baba's grace that He has come to lovingly correct all our wrongs
and show us the path to salvation. He even pays careful attention that
we should recite our Guru Puja chant properly, as exhibited at that
Deoghar DMC of 1984.

Baba says, "That Guru, that expression of Parama Brahma that dispels all
your spiritual darkness is Parama Brahma. That is, Parama Brahma
exhibits Himself in the form of Guru just to dispel your clouds of
ignorance and spiritual slumber." (AV-3)


New PP: Talks on the Town Part 2

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 18:03:40 -0000 To: From: Mishra" Subject: New PP: Talks on the Town Part 2 Baba
== NEW PP: TALKS ON THE TOWN == ~ Part 2 ~
Namaskar, Here is more talk on the town regarding the next possible PP.
1. B group has been engaging in many rounds of meetings in Ananda Nagar. Some of the members of 3rd front have also been participating in those meetings. At this point, they have decided and agreed that their choice for the next PP is Keshva'nandajii.
2. Sarvatmananda & Co. are also putting forth the false claim that if there will not be just one PP, then there will be permanent division within the organisation. But only naive and stupid people will be duped by their ploy. Already there is a distinct division in AM. B group opened their own shop years ago with all their own postings; plus Rudrananda has no desire to invite B group back. Both sides caused the division; and both sides like this division. They cannot live together. Mentally and emotionally they are worlds apart. So for all practical purposes they are totally divided. Only the last piece of paper is waiting to be signed. It is just like one married couple that has been estranged and separated for years; all that is left is to go in for the final divorce paperwork. So that is the reality of the situation. But now Sarvatmananda is trying to lay claim that if two PPs are made then the division will occur. That is ridiculous. This is just his phony ploy to try and get sympathy from the margiis, or from whomever he can convince.
3. One and about the permanent division: Rudra'nanda will be happy to see division. He does not care about division etc. Just he wants his dream post of PP. That's all. 4. By the Kolkata camp telling Keshava'nanda should be PP, they are sending a clear signal to Rundrananda & Nigamanana that Keshva'nanda is not their man. Rather Keshavananda has a soft corner for B group. 5. There are several meetings in Ranchi. Nigama'nanda is calling many Grhii a'ca'rya's for their support and suggesion. Last night he called Prata'pa'dityajii and asked his suggesion. Prata'pa'dityajii told about Ra'ma'nandajii. 6. All in all this entire PP situation is no different from what happens when the head priest of a big temple dies or when a big-wig politician dies, then everyone scratches and fights each other in an attempt to grab post. They are just like greedy dogs fighting over a dead body.
7. Nowadays there are countless of good sannyasis; but due to lack of unity & disinterest in politics they just end up engaging in their own work or service projects. They avoid bigger organisational issues.
8. There were 59 purodhas before the division with B group. Later on Ranchi made some and they were below 50 in 2005. Finally Ranchi administration called 37 purodhas in Nov. 2007 for CC election. That is other thing that many did not come to attend election. Many of these 37 purodhas became 3rd front CC memebers also. Now Rudra'nanda is telling that those who are member of 3rd front CC will not be invited to the meeting to select PP. Because when they have already participated in the formation of a separate CC, then how can they deserve to sit with the Ranchi Purodhas. That is Rudrananda logic. And with good reason because if this happens, then Rudra'nanda has A majority. That's why Nigama'nanda is sad and is trying his best to stop Rudra'nanda. 9. Now Rudra'nanda and Nigama'nanda both are agreeing that PP should be selected by the consensus of all. There will be not any election. When Rudra'nanda saw that Nigama'nanda is anti (i.e. against Rudrananda), then Rudrananda threw name of Svarupa;nandajii to be PP since he is Rudra'nanda's man. In response, Nigama'nandajii threw name out the name of Nirmegha'nandajii. Now all these names are gone from the race.
10. The PP post is dream post of Rudra'nanda. He will not give up very easily. It is a known fact that he will not call Kolkata group for discussion. Sarvatmananda is ready to break away fully and have his own PP. And it is also true that Rudrananda will not make any other person PP, besides himself. Because how can he believe Ra'ma'nanda or Keshva'nanda-- when they were never his slaves. And on the other side, it is also a bitter fact for him that his strongest friend Nigama'nanda is his anti. In this situation i think that If Rudra'nanda feels that it is difficult for him to become PP then for him, in this condition, Dhruva'nandajii is the best candidate. Many say that Nigama'nandajii will also agree with this deal. Because by this way there will be not any problem. The same situation or power distribution will be there. Nigama'nanda and Rudra'nanda have both been controlling Dhruva'nandajii for the last 10 years. He is the best person for both of them. For Rudrananda, the worse case scenario is that if really he cannot be PP then he may pick Dhruvananda or create huge chaos and kidnap various Purodhas so he can control the next election He may pick someone like Dhruvananda who is a cancer patient. In that case, he may die soon and then again Rudrananda will get opportunity to become PP. Some think that Rudra'nanda will not tolerate any alive person on the post of PP except himself. And side by side, Sarvatmananda has every intention dividing and making his own PP. Namaskar, Satyanarayan

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