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Wt Nepotism in Care

Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 07:02:13 -0000 To: From: Subject: Wt Nepotism in Care Baba "A'ma're dekhe calecho prabhu more pu'n'ya phale..." (PS 4477) Purport: Baba, because of the virtue of having Your grace, I can feel that You are so close and that You are looking at me all the time. Baba, You are with me each and every moment, in the brilliant effulgence and in the cimmerian darkness-- constantly, all the 24hrs. In my good days and bad days always You are and will remain along with me. Baba, You are so gracious. Baba, when I am surrounded by the fog of hopelessness and despair, & when my life becomes burdened, then it is very difficult for me to move ahead-- all my inspiration is lost. And when I cry in pain and the tears are rolling down my cheeks like a river, and when I am drowned in pessimism, then I think that this life is useless and that this whole world is poisonous. In that case I feel it is better just to die. When I am in such a crisis, then with a very pleasant and sonorous voice, Someone appears in my mental abode and in a very sweet & intimate way He whispers, 'Do not worry, I love you'. Baba, the effulgence of Your divine love never gets extinguished; Your love is eternal and never fades or ends. In this mundane world, everything comes and goes. Baba only You are eternal and infinite. You are the sweetest Entity. You are that force that never stops. You are that magnificent bliss that never diminishes-- always that bliss is growing and growing. Baba, You are my everything: The be-all and end-all of the life. By Your grace I am under Your shelter. Baba, in the deep core of my heart the only request I have is that: Please do not forget that I am sheltering myself in You, at Your lotus feet. Baba, by Your infinite grace-compassion You are remaining by my side always...
Namaskar, Baba's design of AMPS is unparalleled; the organisational systems themselves are perfect. Yet without proper personnel, things can go awry. That is what we face nowadays. Tragically, the Food & Care Dept is one such example. Good and earnest workers who need care and medical support do not get it due to Wt nepotism, ie group leaders only offering help to their cohorts and spoons, no one else. Specific cases are cited below. However, the Food & Care Dept was formed with an entirely different intention in mind: To help all workers based on the feeling of universal fraternity and neo-humanistic feeling.
As many may be aware, the Food & Care Dept comes under the jurisdiction of Dharma Pracara Secretary, as far as the organisational structure is concerned. In essence, the Food & Care Dept addresses the wellness, health, and medical needs of our workers. Whenever hospitalization, doctor's care, or medical attention is needed, then the Food & Care Dept will intercede, facilitate and take direct action. And that is exactly what we saw happening in the many years prior to '90. If a worker fell sick, needed an operation, or had to be under a doctor's guidance, then the Food & Care Dept would ensure that the worker was properly cared for. All the needed arrangements were made. Because we all know that when a person is sick, that is not the time for that individual person to start having to manage their own treatment plan. Being sick is a full-time job and no ill person has the time or energy or funds etc to oversee their own care, especially our Wts. So the Food and Care Dept fulfills that distinct need. It provides whatever resources necessary to bring that Wt back to 100%. In that sense our Food and Care dept is not like some so-called, first-world nation's health care system, wherein minimal support is provided and the patient is left to care for themselves for weeks and weeks, or even left to die by themselves. Our department is not like that. Food & Care provides everything for that sick or injured worker until they are perfectly ready to go back into the field and function at their top-most level. That is the very humane and effective way in which Baba designed the department. And for years and years it was running like that. But after 1990 that has not been the case. Since then the Food & Care Dept has been politicized, hijacked and indeed ransacked. To get proper attention, one has to be a "yes man" or bootlicker of the ruling regime, without that one will be left to suffer, even die.
One other important aspect of the Food & Care Dept is that margiis from all over the globe can contribute (financially or otherwise) to the system. So let's say a worker was posted in GT sector for many years and then was transferred to Manila. Then shortly after arriving in Manila the worker gets sick. Of course the Food and Care Dept has a general fund to aid that worker, but in addition, margiis from GT or any other sector, upon hearing the news, may wish to donate funds specifically for the care of that worker. So the set-up and running of the Food & Care Dept is dynamic and very much margii supported. Of course, margiis should always donate to the general fund as well. Unfortunately, at present, this entire Food & Care Dept has become quite dysfunctional, so before donating any money one should investigate and ensure that their funds will not get diverted toward some groupist court case or battle plan etc. Even then, one should not become cynical - just careful - because if truth be known most in our Wt and Marga family are very good, dedicated sadhakas. There are a few who are spoiling it for all. Thus it is only a matter of time before the situation becomes straightened out and proper.
Underneath it all, the most important component of our Food & Care Dept is a basic sense of neo-humanism. When a sadhaka's heart has been touched by their meditation practice and Baba's love, then they will be ready to help one and all. In AM, when we see a sick or hungry person on the street, we do not first ask them their caste or religion and then decide if we should help them or not. To us, all are part of our universal human family, so we extend love and support to one and all, irrespective of their caste, creed, race or community etc. We never think, "O this person is Muslim, let them suffer and die." Rather we think this person is the divine child of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji and the veritable expression of Parama Purusa and it is my duty to do everything I can to help them unconditionally. That is our approach in Ananda Marga. And all who do sadhana naturally feel that way. But when one loses their sadhana and instead gets tangled in the web of favoritism, groupism, racism, and Wt nepotism then things can become gruesome. Then the unthinkable can happen. Then one might turn their back on those in need. Tragically, that is the sad fate of the Food & Care Dept in today's organisational climate.
As we all know, the basic spirit of Ananda Marga is to serve one and all, especially those in need. Baba says, "Help the weak and the helpless in all possible ways." (CC-2, 'Society', pt# 7) But at present, our Food & Care Dept is not doing this. 1) Can you imagine that one of our own Didis attending one of our own camps suffered a broken hand and not a single superior came forward to help. Top Didis made nasty comments like, "Oh she is of a lower caste and if she were not a Wt then she would not get medical treatment so we need not help her." Such were the words of Didi Ananda Dyotona when our dear Solapur DSL Didi Brc. Shucismita' broke her hand. In then end, our dear Didi had to take service from people outside the Marga for medical treatment, but by then it was too late and her arm / hand will be crooked for life, not to mention the physical and emotional and mental pain she had to endure above and beyond her initial injury. Here case is documented in these two letters. And this is not an isolated incident, just a recent one. 2) Unfortunately, there are numerous other cases where good Wts who need nutritional support and medical care to restore their health, but often they are ignored or slighted. This is the theme of the day. Some Dadas have even died due to neglect in the realm of medical treatment. Because nepotism has taken hold of our Food & Care department wherein one only gets care if they are part of a certain click or faction and ready to lay down their life for group interest. Then care comes, otherwise not. But this is totally improper. The Food & Care Dept should not become a groupist bargaining chip for receiving treatment. 3) In the name of welfare and help, huge money continues to pour into the Food and Care Dept but it gets swallowed up instead of being used in a neo-humanistic manner. Actually Centre collects millions of rupees for Food and Care Dept. Didi Ananda Nitimaya' is Central secretary. But she never helps any didis except some of her spoons. Also on the dadas side centre only helps those who are spoons and characterless. They only help their tools. This is the shameful state of the Food and Care Dept. Baba's divine system has been pillaged by despotic rulers. Good workers are then forced to suffer or be swept into the net of groupism, lest they meet their physical demise. It is a most ugly scenario. However the situation will turn around by His grace. Those who have transgressed the code of neo-humanism by resorting to nepotism will face the reaction very soon. Nature will not spare them of their inhumane actions. And, good workers and sincere margiis are bound to rally together and bring back the integrity to our Marga and this much needed department.
Here Baba has strong words for the likes of Vishvadevananda, Rudrananda, Nigamananda, Ananda Dyotona and Didi Ananda Nitimaya' who blatatnly overlook the welfare of other workers. Baba says, "One who does not come forward to help when seeing a person in distress is unworthy to be called a human being – he or she is a slur on Ananda Marga." (CC-2, 'Society", pt# 12) Of course the problems are not limited to H group alone. B and EC also suffer in this way. Ultimately the answer lies in (re)creating a healthy Marga order where all can flourish and get the care they need. We should work for this from this very moment.
Baba warns in His discourses in Human Society that a community cannot last if it fails to pay heed to the welfare of its members. That is what we see happening now in the end of this vaeshyan era. In countries like the USA, the society is coming apart at the seams due to neglect and selfishness of top capitalists. As things become unbearable, the common people are slowly being awakened to what is going on. They are bound to rise up and revolt. The same will happen in our Marga if things do not change in a hurry. Because as Baba warns, no society can stand if the common people are not cared for in a basic way and treated with dignity and respect. The collective resources must not be abused or misused - things like medical care cannot be allotted for special interest groups while those in need are overlooked. When such a blatant division or disparity occurs in the material sphere then that society is on the brink of destruction. We should not allow such a thing to befall our Marga. By raising awareness and taking collective action by rallying the many good people in our Marga, the situation can be made proper once and again and our Food and Care Dept can become a vibrant example for nations and communities across the globe.
By Baba's grace, His culminating teaching is that life in the Marga should mirror the laws and governances of society. The same recipe that makes a strong society will make our Marga able as well. By caring for those in need and making an ideal Food & Care Dept, our Marga will be a model of justice and unity. Baba says, "What is society like? It is like a group of people going on a pilgrimage. Try to imagine the scene! Suppose one of the pilgrims is struck down by cholera. Will the rest of them continue on their way, leaving the sick man behind? No, that would be inconceivable for them. Rather, they will break their journey for a day or two, and cure him of his disease. If he is still too weak to walk they will carry him on their shoulders. If some people run short of food, others share what they have with them. Together they share their possessions, and together they march ahead, singing in unison. In their eagerness to move ahead with others they forget their trifling differences which might have led to angry exchanges and court cases in their families...The essence of cooperation resulting from this collective movement aims at expanding a person’s mind by striking down the barriers of meanness. I repeat that a true society is like such a group of pilgrims who attain a deep psychic affinity while travelling together which helps them solve all the problems in their individual and social lives." (AFPS-6, 'The Spirit of Society') Namaskar, Mahesh
****************************************** Sadhana?
"Baba says, "Whatever a man is to do in his spiritual life he is to do-- why? Because he is in love with the Supreme Entity. Love is the first word, love is the starting point, and love is the last point." (AV-12, p. 13) Note: Baba's above guideline is very beneficial for sadhana. However these days some innocent or simple people just do meditation for "mental peace". And ever worse some wts do sadhana for show-- to pose themselves as someone great. Such workers do hardly an ounce of sadhana when they are alone; but when they go to margiis' houses then in Hollywood style they sit in meditation for a long time. All done in order to put themselves on display and create one show that they are highly elevated sadhakas. Certain margiis do a similar thing when they attend retreats. But by looking at the on-going conduct of such margiis one can understand how far they are really doing sadhana or not. It is just like if you are approaching one animal at night. At first you may think that it is a tiger or a lion, but when that animal makes its weird 'Huan, Huan' sound, then you know that it is just a jackal. Same is the case when being around those types of few margiis and wts who put on a show of sadhana. By their conduct and dealing they just expose themselves etc.

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