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Baba Story: Devotee's Love Attracts Parama Purusa

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 23:05:27 -0000 To: From: NJK Majumdar Subject: Baba Story: Devotee's Love Attracts Parama Purusa Baba "Ga'nera jharn'a' baye ya'ya, bela' abela' na'hi ma'ne..." (P.S.#4868) Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace the fountain of Prabhat Samgiita songs is flowing eternally, completely independent of the normal cycle of time. Your blissful songs flow according to their own schedule, according to their own routine-- not caring about day or night, summer or winter. The divine flow and sweet melody of Your Prabhat Samgiita songs are dancing on the jagged path. They lead one towards that vast Cosmic Ocean-- towards the fountain of effulgence, towards You Baba...
Namaskar, The life of the devotee is filled with love, longing, and sweet feeling for Baba. And by His grace Baba sweetly responds to the call of the bhakta's heart. This following story beautifully reflects this.
The year was 1957, and Acarya Kishunji was stationed in Phulawa'risharif, working for the Bihar Military Police (BMP), when he got word that Baba would be coming to perform DMC in that very town. Being a devotee, Ac Kishunji was very excited to attend and put forth a request to his chief and supervisor, Birju Babu, the Subeda'r Major, or Assistant Major. Major Babu was not supportive of the Marga but would never openly say anything against AM. Anyway, when Kishunji requested time off to attend Baba's daytime DMC program at the local engineering college, then Major Babu replied, 'You have your evenings free to attend General Darshan, so then what is the need to go during the daytime to attend DMC'. Major Babu was very diplomatic yet firm in his response as he politely and tactfully rejected Kishunji's request.
As he was well aware about the militaristic ways of the BMP (Bihar Military Police), Kishunji understood clearly that there was little to be done to overturn his supervisor's decision. Internally though, Kishunji was in a state of agony. He was tormented and wounded by the idea that, 'My beloved Guru has come to the very place where I am stationed and I cannot attend His DMC program.' Day long, this idea was burning in Kishunji's mind & heart. He was completely upset that he would not be able to see Baba. He viewed the situation from a thousand different angles, but there seemed to be no hope in sight-- he would miss DMC and miss Baba. He was crying and thinking what a drama it is that, 'Baba, You have come yet I am not going to be able to see You.' In this desperate and melancholic frame of mind, Kishunji became drowsy after taking his midday meal. He fell into a sleepy stupor, with all those feelings of anguish swirling in his thoughts about having to miss DMC.
How many minutes had passed it was hard to know, when suddenly the loud sound of a car horn brought Kishunji back to his worldly senses. Honk! Honk! Honk! The car sound was blowing again and again. Kishunji was sure it must be some governmental vehicles out in the street. He got up and went to take a look....
...Behold, there was Baba! Indeed PA Dada was helping Baba out of the car and now Baba was walking towards the entrance of Kishunji's quarters. Kishunji, usually quite stoic in life, suddenly burst into uncontrollable tears. Tears were flowing and flowing as he saw Baba come towards his residence. Kishunji was crying loudly and more loudly-- the neighbors began thinking that something was wrong or that someone had died. Never before in his life had Kishunji cried like this for Baba; he was totally overcome with emotional-cum-devotional yearning for Baba. His whole life he had served in the military police, so he was trained and accustomed to being quite reserved in his response. This then was totally unusual. The floodgates of sentimental feeling for Baba were overwhelming for him as he cried more loudly for Baba.
Baba majestically entered and said, 'How are you, I have come to see you'. Kishunji was completely enamoured with Baba and totally amazed that Baba had blessed him by coming to his governmental quarters. Per the custom, Kishunji offered Baba some fruit. Baba just smiled. Then Baba gently and compassionately consoled Kishunji for all the mental difficulty he had been going through about not being able to attend DMC. Kishunji felt completely relieved-- his heart was fully satiated by Baba's sweet presence. In total, Baba stayed at Kishunji's house for 15 minutes, and over that time Baba showered much love and affection on him. All of Kishunji's psychic afflictions vanished and were washed away in the wake of Baba's overflowing love. Then Baba indicated that it was time to go as He had to hold general darshan in a short while. In that way, Baba and his entourage took leave. Kishunji felt blessed and thought the entire occasion was nothing but Baba's causeless grace.
By Baba's grace, He has brought us under His shelter. He knows our inner thoughts and worries. He is there to heal our wounds and soothe our pains. And by His grace He is always showering His love and compassion on us. This above story of Ac Kishunji serves as a blissful reminder how Baba lovingly responds to our call. In truth it is He who has awakened our hearts, in that way we begin longing for Him, and in response He showers us in His overflowing love. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a hears all your internal thoughts. Nothing is unknown to Him. He is like a tape recorder in your mind. You may be forgetful with the passage of time, but not Parama Purus'a." (AMIWL-10) Baba says, "Parama Purus'a is not an impersonal entity, or an entity moving far away in the boundless sky. He is your personal entity. One who doesn’t entertain any thought about past, present or future, but simply says, “I have come to take shelter in You,” is sure to get the shelter of Parama Purus'a and will certainly be lifted onto His lap." (AV-5) Namaskar, Nagendra

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