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Who Does Not Want

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 21:26:47 -0000 To: From: "Hariish Dev" Subject: Who Does Not Want Baba "(Tumi) a'lo jhalmal u's'a'y ele, a'ndha'rer ja'l chinrile..." (PS 3983) Purport: Baba, You have come in my heart when the blissful dawn was glittering in effulgence. By Your grace, You have wiped away the net of staticity and crude darkness from my mind. In a flash You have also removed the dogma which had accumulated since ages. Baba, You are so beautiful. O' my dearmost, You know how to make such a divine magical display. By Your grace You have created a heavenly panorama-- complete with the beauty and grandeur of colour, by Your divine play. Baba, in the blink of the eye, You bring lowly and depraved persons close to Your bosom, without making any differentiation or disparity about who is virtuous and who is sinful. Baba, You are my beginning as well as my end, my Goal, my everything. Baba, my whereabouts, my name, my place, my address-- everything has become one with You, by Your grace. Baba I offer You my heartfelt surrender and sastaunga pranam thousands, millions, crores, & an infinite number of times-- again & again. Baba, by Your divine grace You have arrived in my heart and showered me in Your supreme effulgence. You are my own; You are my everything...
Namaskar, Every human being wants to be successful. Whether in the realm of art, law, medicine, schooling, business, literature, science, or architecture - or any other field or endeavor - everyone wants to be successful. Knowing how to be successful then is an important recipe. By Baba's grace He has given us His special guideline. Because in one Hindi discourse, Baba reveals that the 'Seven Secrets of Success' apply not just to spiritual life, but to worldly life as well. Let's then investigate how these work.
Of course all the aspects of the Seven Secrets of Success have their own unique utility. So we shall take a look at how they all apply in this special circumstance. At the same time in His Hindi discourse Baba gives marked importance to the point of shraddha'. As He tells us, there is no direct English translation for the term shraddha', yet in its more traditional usage, Baba describes shraddha as the following. Baba says, "When one ascribes everything to one’s goal, or one’s object, or to the Supreme Subjectivity appearing as one’s object, and moves, or rather directs one’s everything towards Him, then that movement is shraddha'." (AV-3) So in the spiritual realm, shraddha' means pointing all one's energy and love towards Parama Purusa, and not toward any number two or number three object. Everything is goaded towards Him. This we all know. The interesting thing becomes, how does this apply to worldly life. In His Hindi discourse, Baba neatly describes how shraddha' manifests in worldly life. Suppose there is a father and a son. The boy wants to study engineering, but the father is pressuring him to study medicine. Yet the boy has little or no interest in becoming a doctor. In that case, if forced to pursue medicine, the boy will not get success. Because Baba's entire point is that to get success in worldly life, one must have inner inspiration or inner motivation for what they are doing. Then and only then can one get success. That is the key point.
Unfortunately, in today's materialistic society, where money is the be-all and end-all, so many people in so many lands engage in work or jobs that they do not care about. They have little or no interest in their day-to-day endeavour. But they do it to earn money, for prestige, to please their parents, or to just survive etc. This is the way in so-called first world and various so-called third world nations. There are innumerable cases of this round peg in a square hole phenomenon. That means, there are so many people who have a keen interest in one realm, but spend all their time doing something else - either to earn money, or due to family pressures etc. Haven't we all gone into a shop or office and noticed that the people working there appear to be going through the motions like robots and have no real interest in what they are doing. The same happens in student life as well when children are pushed by their parents in a particular direction. In that case, according to Baba, that worker or that student cannot get success. Because as Baba guides us, one can only be successful if they have inner motivation and inspiration for what they are doing. That is the special point Baba is making in His Hindi discourse about how the Seven Secrets of Success apply to worldly life.
Here then are how the other spiritual elements apply to achieving success in the mundane sphere. Vishva's: In spiritual life this means have firm determination for one's Goal. Yet Baba guides us that in worldly life this is also needed. If before studying for an exam, a student thinks that, "I will never be able to pass", then they are doomed. Certainly they will not be able to get success. Similarly, if an adult walks into a job interview thinking that, "I will not be able to get this job - it is beyond my qualifications", then they will have little or no chance of getting that job. So vishva's in worldly life is a big point. It refers to having confidence and a positive outlook before pursuing any endevor. Guru Puja: In spiritual life, Baba guides us that this means surrendering to the will of the Guru. Then one can serve and attain Him. And in worldly life this point of Guru Puja has great importance: It means having respect or reverence for one's teacher. Yet in the modern world, there are so many loopholes and so much rampant hypocrisy that students & citizens alike lose respect for their teachers and leaders. Either their teachers punish them unduly or their teachers preach some ideal such as abstinence or non-smoking, when they themselves are indulged in that. Likewise, various social leaders preach noble values yet they themselves are caught up in scandalous affairs. This is a daily occurrence, and this undermines one's ability to get success. Because one loses faith in their teacher or societal leader, in which case they cannot learn from them. Samitabhava: In spiritual sphere, this means complete mental balance. And this same type of psychic equanimity is needed in worldly life. For instance, if a student or interviewee is very nervous or shy, then they will not be able to perform well. A student may become so nervous that they even get easy questions wrong, because they have lost their mental composure. Likewise, a professional seeking employment or putting on a presentation may be so shy that they are unable to convey their skill-set or knowledge to others in the room. And there are so many other examples. For instance, one's marriage may end in misery, if one constantly gets angry or acts in an erratic manner toward their spouse. So mental balance is highly needed in all aspects of worldly life. Indriyanigraha: We all know how control over the motor and sensory organs is needed for success in spiritual life. And same is the case for worldly life. If a student drinks too much whiskey or beer or wine at a party, then they will be inattentive in class the next day. Or, they may sleep through class entirely. Likewise, if a big business executive indulges in too much gossipy talk, then they will not be prepared for their meeting or they may underestimate their competition. Because loose talk diverts the mind from important obligations. It is also commonly seen how important politicians show sexual weakness and this can undermine if not ruin their entire career. So having proper restraint and control regarding the ten indriyas is highly needed to gain worldly success. Pramitahara: Just as proper attention to diet and food is needed in spiritual life, it is also needed for mundane success. If a student overeats then they will not be mentally sharp for their examination. Similarly, if a person grossly overeats time and time again, they will become obese, in which case they will suffer from all kinds of ailments from shortness of breath to heart disease, and that will keep them from discharging their duties properly. So food and drink must serve to keep one healthy and fit. Then only can one get success in worldly endeavors. No Seventh Factor: The same is true in worldly life as in spiritual life. Baba says, "There is no seventh factor. That is, if you practise these six factors, you require no seventh factor." (AV-3)
Today's world is more competitive than ever. Getting success is not easy. The standards are high and the competition is tough. Whether it be the global economic market, the political arena, student life, or any other realm, day by day the requirements for getting success get stiffer and stiffer. There is no such thing as an easy victory anymore. There are too many people gunning for the same thing. So if we are slack in any of the above points, then someone with a more pointed vision will come forward. In that case, success will not be ours. Because living in today's world is not a joke.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us all with great teachings which lead us to success. And in His Hindi discourse, Baba has given us the way to utilize the Seven Secrets of Success in our worldly endeavours. So we should pay heed to this doctrine not just in spiritual life but in all our worldly dealings as well. Baba says, "You, boys and girls, should remember the points and do accordingly. It will help you in your all-around success." (AV-14) Namaskar, Hariish
********************************************* Desire For Money is Dangerous
Baba says, "Suppose there is a very elevated person who often ideates on the Supreme Consciousness, but who has some greed for wealth. He does not, however, express it openly to the Supreme, nor does he even think of it directly. He thinks indirectly, "Oh, since I am a devotee of the Supreme Consciousness, He will certainly give me enormous wealth and make me immensely rich." Those who harbour this sort of covert desire are reborn asyaks'as." (YP, p.78) Note: Yaksas are one type of negative microvita. Those unfortunate beings who got degenerated and took on a form less than human, sub-human. Not only that but they got caught up in that bondage of punishment for thousands of years. And only then after their extreme punishment did they again get opportunity for human life.

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