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How to Best...

From: "Girish Chandra Mitra" To: Subject: How to Best... Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 23:31:48 +0530 Baba "Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a' bhariyechilo, ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo. Naetikata' ha'riye phele jar'er pu'ja karechilo..." (PS 4756) Purport: Those immoralists who were worshippers of crude materialism, in their wicked way, such anti-social elements have spread thorns all around to harm & destroy others. They intentionally wanted to hurt innocent people. But these same anti-social elements have gotten wounded and annihilated by their very own thorns*. Such sinners were only infatuated with dogma; they did not have love and affection for anyone. They wanted to establish crude materialism at the cost of millions of lives-- but everything went into vain. Their hellish plan totally crumbled. The natural tendency of the human mind is to oppose sin; and the innate feeling of the human mind is to be free. In their attempt to pulverise these two unique human qualities, the sinful demons used a steamroller to try and crush the human spirit. But ultimately those immoralist themselves got destroyed by those very blows. And the victory of humanity and dharma got established, by the grace of Parama Purusa. The golden dawn arrived by Baba's grace... Note: In this first line of the above Prabhat Samgiita, "Ka'nt'a'y ya'r'a' bhariyechilo ka'nt'a'r gha'ye ta'ra'i gelo", Baba Himself shows how the immoralists have destroyed themselves-- by their own very blows. One boomerang effect happened. Likewise in His below discourse, Baba is directly referring to the downfall of communism & stating how the communist leaders will meet this same dark fate. In 1982 Baba delivered this following passage and within a decade all the main communist leaders were wiped away from the face of the earth. Baba says, "The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS, Shivokti 10) Note 2: In the above song, Baba employs two English words: dogma and steamroller. Thus even though the entire song is in Bangla, the above two words are used in the lyrics and printed using Bengali script. After being transliterated into Roman Sanskrit, the words are written as: d'agama' & s't'iimarola'r.
Namaskar, Baba has clearly stated in various discourses that in general people want to do something to help and improve the society. They have a genuine desire to do something good. But the main hurdle in this process is that they do not know how to proceed; they do not know what to do. Because bringing about real social welfare and the upliftment of humanity is not an easy job. Therefore, in their confusion, people often end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, or they do something which produces an undesirable result etc. So in order to best serve the society and ensure that really we are bringing welfare to the humanity, we should pay heed to Baba's below directives. Because only His crystal clear tenants stand as the guiding light for bringing positive changes and prosperity to the world.
One of the most common things people think to do in their attempt to improve society is to immediately engage in some constructive work. They mistakenly think by this way they can bring about a good result. But as Baba warns us this does not always work. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233) For example, nowadays in our Marga, people have gotten frustrated by the way the organisation is running so in their naive way of thinking they decide that by hook or by crook they should engage in some 'constructive work'. Because in their limited view they think this is the only way to serve the society. Following this pathway, they may go off on their own and start their own Master Unit, or they may form their own service project, or even they may even start their own social service organisation etc. Or they may resort to other ways in order to do something concrete for the world. But Baba warns us that such faulty approaches will not work. Because ultimately we have to form one unified human society. And by dividing the organisation or breaking away on one's own just because it seems easier to do some 'constructive programme' that way, this will not bring about a beneficial result. Initially from a narrow-minded perspective it may look like the project is really great; and by this way people may get ego-satisfaction. But ultimately such efforts will go in vain. Because where is the guarantee that their project will not undergo some difficulty. In that case what will they do? Run away and start yet another new programme or organisation etc. So those who blindly think that doing constructive work is the first and foremost means to serve the world cannot bring true welfare to society. Rather, they end up creating more divisions and factionalism or some other wayward result. This we have seen in the past and this we will see in the future also. That is why Baba has issued His strict warning against this way of doing. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through constructive programmes." (NKS, '97, p.233)
Secondly, people often think that at any at all cost they must wage a war against injustice. They think that by this way the world will become better. But here again Baba directly warns us that this approach also will not work. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233) For example, in the hoary past, when slavery was at its peak either in the US, Egypt, or wherever, then merely waging a war against those slave-owners did not work. Because those slaves were being fed and housed by those slave-owners and many of the slaves were thinking that everything was alright. They were not thinking that anything was wrong and they did not want to see anyone opposing those slave owners. In that case fighting against those injustices will not be fruitful. Similarly today, if with the full banner of struggle one attempts to stand up against the ruling vaeshyas, then many people amongst the common mass will not support that fight. Because those people think that they get their bread and butter from those capitalist business leaders. And if those capitalists are torn down then the people think they will be without food and water. Or they simply feel obliged and indebted to those ruling capitalists. Whatever the case may be, in both the above circumstances, with regards to those ruthless slave owners and the blood-sucking capitalists, even though there is the presence of massive exploitation, fighting outrightly against that injustice will not bring about true social change because the people are not ready to support that stand. About this Baba has given His clear-cut guideline. Baba says, "Revolution may not take place unless the exploited masses are psychologically prepared for revolution. If the people do not support revolution, the clarion call for revolution will not be heeded." (PNS-21) For this reason Baba warns us that merely fighting against injustice cannot bring welfare to the world. Baba says, "It may not be possible to bring about social welfare through...the struggle against injustice alone." (NKS, '97, p.233)
So in order to bring about real positive changes to the world, another key ingredient is needed. Something more is needed. And that special requirements is social consciousness. This is Baba's expressed teaching. Baba says, "Without arousing social consciousness, it is next to impossible to bring about social welfare." (PNS-21, p.63) Thus to really uplift the humanity there must be wide-spread education amongst the common people until their eyes are open and their mind is awake. So arousing social consciousness is the first and most important step towards bringing lasting positive changes to the world. Here again in His below teaching Baba furthermore emphasizes the need to arouse social consciousness amongst the people. Baba says, "In order to save humanity from economic exploitation (whether politico-economic or psycho-economic), you must raise the people's consciousness, otherwise they will never be able to successfully resist psycho-economic or politico-economic exploitation." (NH-LOI, 'Exploitation & Pseudo-Culture') Thus whether in our Marga or in the general society, one key point for doing real service and creating that wave of positive change is heightened awareness about the conditions of the day. Once the people are awakened to the fact that something needs to be done and that there is exploitation rampant in every corner, then in a united away they will rise up and support the call for progressive social change.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us with His Proutistic vision for bringing about social change-- where the minds of the people get awakened and aroused and people develop a heightened social consciousness. By this way truly positive changes are made and society can advance. Baba says, "The old era is replaced by a new era-- one collective psychology is replaced by another. This type of revolution results in all-round development and social progress." (PNS-21, p.60) Namaskar, Girish
In our own AMPS it was just a few short years ago that some margiis were not commonly aware that groupism was rampant in Centre. In that case people were not ready to hear or listen to any plans or ideas about fixing the problems. But now that social consciousness is gradually spreading amongst each and every margii. All are becoming aware about the lustful ways of the various groupist leaders and that there is a distinct need for everyone including those at the helm to follow Baba's teachings. On this foundation of understanding, step by step we are getting in prime position to bring about all the changes needed to create that seamless AMPS organisation that is firmly rooted in Baba's ideological teachings. Ours will soon be that AMPS which will lead the whole humanity from darkness into light.
******************************************** Most Precious Jewel
Baba says, "When one suddenly finds any jewel-- any rare and costly jewel-- then immediately they pick it up and keep it close to their breast-- leaving everything else behind, forgetting all other things, not even caring about their prestige. As far as possible one then keeps it hidden from others. Among all the jewels, the most precious is Parama Purusa." (SC-10)

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