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To Form One Human Society

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 22:54:18 -0800 From: Shaelendra Mathur Subject: To Form One Human Society To: Baba "Mor na'hi je samay, mor na'hi je samay..." (P.S. 499) Purport: Baba, when I was longing for You & my heart was full of devotion for You, then You did not come. Now though my heart is completely dry. I have lost all those charms and attraction for You. Yet in this desperate condition, now You have graced me by appearing before me. Baba, I am completely plunged in worldly problems and worries. I do not have time to follow spiritual practices. Yet in this very dry phase You have come. It is Your grace. Baba, the bakul flowers of my mental garden have wilted and fallen; there are no more flower petals. The night jasmine has already fallen from the tree and is lying in the dust. The devotional lamp of my heart got extinguished long ago. O' my dearmost Baba, in this dreadful situation, by Your grace You have come. I did not have time to even receive You properly. Baba, why did You wait so long. Baba, all my friends have gone far away; they are lost. Their love evaporated somewhere, floated away. My hope of having the flowers has already dried up. Baba, even then with Your sweet and soft smile You have come and sat beside me. O' love personified Baba, in this odd and difficult atmosphere You have appeared, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, As this happy new year rolls in and we start 2009, we should again contemplate how to move forward in creating one human society.
Most are aware that 3500 years ago Lord Krsna tried to unite the then scattered India. And that time India encompassed a huge area stretching from present day Thailand to the Middle East. And not only that being a tropical country, the population was very high since peoples from all over came and took shelter in that bountiful land. And in the dramatic setting, the Mahabharata was arranged. So that was the first effort to form one society-- to unite the various groups and clans. Prior to that, 7000 years ago Lord SadaShiva also guided the primitive people of that era not to fight against different gotras. So He tried what way He could those days-- but it is well accepted that Lord Krsna's efforts were more intense. And now today, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji's approach far surpasses all prior attempts. Because in numerous fields and various aspects Baba has graciously put forth many grand and revolutionary ideas-- and He has also brought them into practice as well. Plus, as we all know, Baba has built up one colourful organisation and He has collected and attracted people from all corners of the globe. In that way sadhakas from all parts started singing the samgacchadhvam mantra in one harmonious voice. Thus, forgetting all differences of class, color, race, etc. Overall, people could not even dream that such a thing could occur. Because since ages and ages so many pseudo gurus and reformers came, but they could not lead a unified march or remove the fundamental differences of caste, color etc. But with His divine touch, Baba has infused so much positive activity and He has given the universal teaching that no one can be expelled from AM society.
Even then as soon as opportunity availed itself, Sarvatmanandji created the negative and wicked process of expulsion and completely discarded Baba's teachings. And later on to a lesser degree H group did that same thing. And now one wrong trend has gotten established-- all due to Sarvatmanandaji's initial misguided and groupist dealings. As he threatened innocent Wts and Bhukti Pradhans to carry out and defend his sinful deeds. And he terrorised others that no one should point out his distortion of Baba's teachings. And this only led to the further degeneration and factionalism of AMPS. So in total various factions & factions have emerged and the whole things-- our whole AM society-- is oozing negativity, such that the only way left is to follow Baba's teachings.
As we all know, Baba is quite clearly against any expulsion theory. In HIS discourse, 'Social Psychology', Baba safeguards the status of everyone in our Marga. There is no question of outcasting or debarring anyone from social service or from our AM family. All types of punishment in our Marga are for a definite period, fixed period, not unlimited. But the very 'expulsion' term means the punishment is lifelong. That is why Baba does not accept expulsion philosophy. Because ultimately it balkanizes the society and such type of actions which divide the society have no place in our Marga. So again here critical point is that Sarvatmanandaji's invented groupist strategy of expulsion violates Baba's code that punishment must occur within a "definite period". Please read the following. Baba says "The only punishment in our Ma'rga is disallowing offenders from taking part in social functions for a fixed period." (AFPS-7, p.12) And in His discourse AM A Revolution, Baba states in many places that expulsion is prohibited. Baba says, "Harsh social punishment such as creating not find any place in our society." (AFPS-7, p.6) By all this it is clear that there is no case where someone may be permanently thrown out of our AM society. Expulsion is not an option in Ananda Marga. Hence the question then becomes, when expulsion is forbidden in our AM, why have there been on-going discussions over the year by our respected Acaryas about how to expel someone? When the very act of expulsion is opposed by Baba. After having consulted with senior Margiis, family acaryas, and Bhukti Pradhans about this most important issue of expulsion, then we came to certain conclusions to share with one and all. This whole strategizing about expulsion occurred because both H and B groups want to reserve their exclusive right to expel someone for their selfish group interest. That is the nature of the H-B war. Fight for the post, grab the power, and expel those who oppose you. For many years B group did like this and then later on H group began following this same negative pattern. So both groups are reluctant to revoke the expulsion philosophy. Overall point is that both the H and B groups are selfish and both want to keep the weapon of expulsion in their pocket as a means of revenge for today or tomorrow.
Plus one other nonsense thing is going on behind the scenes. Groupist kingpins are saying & justifying that 'Baba Himself created a Procedure Order to do expulsion so we Dadas can also do like this'. This is the logic that those raucous leaders are giving.
However, we should all be aware that there are many things which Baba did as Guru in physical life which we disciples should not do. Baba was giving blessing using the varabhaya mudra, Baba was accepting sastaunga pranam from Margiis, Baba was lovingly scolding people using His cane, Baba was allowing devotees to sing kiirtan to Him, and like this there are so many things which Baba was doing which we disciples should not do. Doing so it will be sinful. And the historical example of is there with Lord Krsna also. In physical life, Lord Krsna had to kill many demons. But we do not have the right to kill anyone. That is why in our AM scripture Baba has given the teaching that capital punishment is not good. See in Social Psychology (PNS 3) and Mass Murder (PNS 15) for reference. So if any Margii, WT, Central Dada or anyone does any of these things which only Guru can do --like giving varabhaya mudra or punishing others with a stick etc-- that will not be good. Rather it will be sinful. It will bring and lead to that person's degeneration and cause harm to society.
Likewise this issue of expulsion is quite clear. If we expel people from the Marga that will be a contravention of Baba's teachings and surely a negative result will follow. Not only that if we accept H and B groups' false logic that expulsion is allowed then what will people think about AM. Surely the society will think that Baba is very controversial. Because on the one side Baba's philosophy grants social security to one and all; and on the other hand AMPS leaders are expelling members from the Marga just like past religious Hindu and Christian priests, mullahs, etc did. With their personal vengeance they mercilessly expelled those who opposed their sinful deeds. So now our Dadas are following in the same footsteps as those mullahs. They are turning AM into a religion. Because just as religions did a disservice to the formation of one human society, same thing we are seeing, step by step, in our AMPS since 1990.
So what is the way? How are we to move ahead? How should we think about all this? The overall sense is this. For us our guiding light is Baba's AM scripture. As disciples we are to follow what Baba has taught, i.e. what He has given in His scripture to do. And doing those things is our welfare. The things NOT written in our scripture, i.e. in our shruti, darshan and smrti shastra, that will be sinful to do. All the current groups & factions are attached with the outdated religious dogma of expulsion. And in that way they brought it into AM. But when rational Margiis and Wts come forward this negative theory of expulsion will be thrown away and the people responsible for following this expulsion theory will meet their fate. Because this expulsion theory is contrary to unity and the creation of one human society. Here following is Baba's warning Baba says "In this present age of transition, you are seeing many theories change and being discarded before your very eyes. If any group of people clings to the skeletons of the past they will also be rejected." (PNS-13)
If Baba's dharmic teachings are followed then this will lead to the formation of one human society. Because after all Baba's blessing is there. Indeed there is no other way than to follower Baba's teachings. And not just those inside AM, rather the whole general public will have to follow Baba's teachings to save themselves. There is no other way. Namaskar, Shaelendra Note 1: Procedure Order = All senior margiis and WTs know that in 1969 some defectors went against Baba. Means they were against Ista. So because they went against the Ista, in that unusual circumstance one procedural order was made in 1969 by Baba. And Baba had full right to do this. And in time of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna similar things happened. But now the situation is completely different. Nobody is against Ista. People are fighting to root out the corruption in our organisation and they are getting victimised. This history of the post 1990 period says that B or H, whoever was in power misused or abused this power. And they are reaping the consequence. And those not yet reaping the consequences will reap the consequences of these sinful deeds in the near future. Demonic laughter and revengeful attitudes cannot remain any longer in the kingdom of Baba when dharma is everything.
************************************************* - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows --the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p.10)

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