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Dogma: 'Write to Higher Authorities'

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 23:27:38 +0530 To: From: Matt Ornbecker Subject: Dogma: 'Write to Higher Authorities' Baba "Jyotsna' ra'te niilodadhisrote svarn'balira tat'e..." (PS 1366) Purport: Baba, O' my Dearmost, I have many things to tell You. I want to pour my heart to You. Baba, I will tell You my most intimate thoughts and tales, and I will sing the feelings of my heart in the tune of the flowers that are opening their petals and dancing in that gentle, ocean breeze, on the golden, sandy shore of the deep, blue ocean on a moonlit night. O' Priyo, in that charming and divine atmosphere, I will surrender everything unto You, at Your alter. Baba, I do not know any song to sing to You. Only I have practiced one, simple tune-- that is all I know. Yet that tune is fully saturated with the longing of my heart. All my feelings are enveloped in that tune. O' Divine Entity, that melody contains all the feelings of my heart. Baba, by Your grace, in that deeply loving atmosphere, everything will be vibrated with the rhythm and divine bliss of that tune which I am going to sing for You. Baba, in my ekta'ra' [1], there is only one tune. By Your grace whatever love I have is saturated in that tune. In the pollen of the tune and in the blossoming love, I will gently whisper that very song in Your ear. O' Priyo, I will pour my heart at Your alter... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #1366: [1] Ekta'ra': Here below Baba distinguishes between the ekatara and other instruments and also comments on the world of music in this modern era. Baba says. "The sitar or esraj do not fall into the category of ekava'da. Some people think that ekava'da means ekata'ra' [a one-stringed instrument]. No, the Sanskrit word for ekata'ra' is samava'da, not ekava'da...The world of music today is like a person without a proper guru or proper training. People want to show they can play without having paid their dues. They are selling themselves for gold without realizing that the real value of music is being lost thereby. Gold is becoming even cheaper than glass. Whenever a ra'gin'ii is a little difficult they only show that they can play the notes without going deep into the music. There is no way of doing this with sindhubhaeravii, the same with mu'lta'nii vasanta (not vasantaba'ha'r), so you no longer hear either one of them." (SC-2, Disc:12)
Namaskar, Our duty is to make a dogma-free human society and to do that we must first create a dogma-free AM society. That only stands to reason. Of course, all of Guru's teachings are 100% dharmic and dogma-free; but, on their own, a few misguided persons invariably bring in certain dogmas into our AMPS. This is what happens-- reason being their minds are plunged in atma sukha tattva (principle of selfish pleasure). Due to their own selfish desires, they drag this or that dogma into AM because it suits their petty agenda-- that of post, power, name, fame, money etc. That is what we see happening these days. So to remove such falsehoods, we need to raise awareness about the matter, expose each particular dogma, and give the proper solution. Here is one such case that needs to be addressed.
Since 1990, it has been the policy of some to proclaim, 'Write to higher authorities...write to higher authorities', whenever a point was raised that they wished to smother or push aside. This is the veritable history. And Baba says that we should use history as a tool to analyse the trends of the society so that we can make the society better. And indeed, this dogma of 'write to higher authorities' is one such trend. Unfortunately, in this day and age, 'writing to the higher authorities' is the same as hurling something into a black hole. The matter will never be seen or heard from again. And actually, up until 1998, various margiis were sincere in writing to the higher authorities. Courageous margiis were raising issues about the organisation to Centre, but no reply ever came. Rather such innocent margii writers were victimised, tortured, and expelled. Because up till '98, all the groups were still living under one roof. They were all bound together by some black pact. And in response they would collectively toss aside any issue about organisational wrongdoing and jointly attack the margii who raised that matter. That was standard practice those days-- who can forget.
So back in the early to mid 1990's, whenever any point was raised about organisational impropriety then immediately a whole chorus of folks would chant, 'write to higher authorities'. This was their chosen mantra. That is the factual history. And so many good margiis wrote, but they were always left with a bitter experience. Such margiis sincerely wanted to solve the problems but only mud was tossed on their face for raising the matter. And then when they began to talk with others about the issue, then the goody-goodies and bootlickers of Centre would repeat, 'write to higher authorities, write to higher authorities'. For example, when the point of groupism in the AMPS was first raised on the public platform, then various persons vociferously chanted the chorus, 'Do not speak about this just write to higher authorities'. This was their token dogmatic response in order to toss the matter aside and silence that margii. Yet the strange thing is, some 8 or 10 years later when those very same persons woke up from their stupor and realised that groupism was indeed a terrible problem in our Marga, then all of a sudden they themselves began publicly raising the issue about groupism on their email forums. Then they no longer believed in their chosen dogma of, 'write to higher authorities'. That dogmatic slogan magically disappeared. And same was the case with so many issues such as: Scriptural distortions in AM books, Fake Ananda Vaniis, margii rights, distorted BP Manual, ruination of ACB, expulsion, and so many points. Whenever these burning issues were first raised by brave margiis for the common welfare and to bring ideology back into our Marga, then immediately a whole onslaught of goody-goodies would reply, 'write to higher authorities'. This was their dogmatic way of trying to suppress the point. Yet, ironically, some years later when it served their self-interest or party politicking then those very same goody-goodies would suddenly bring that same matter onto their email forums. This is the well-known and undeniable history. So when an ideological margii first raise the point, goody-goodies would try to smother it; but when that same matter invaded their own self-interest, those goody-goodies would then start banging their drums.
For years and years, one particular sector's ACB did not want to hear anything about groupism or any other problem in the organisation. They were the perfect pets of Centre and they would obediently ostracise anyone who raised the matter of groupism and would lecture them to just 'write to the higher authorities'. Yet years later, when those very ACB people found that the ruling group no longer catered to their needs, then all of a sudden they began barking all around about the problem of groupism. Not out of their ideological zeal or moral strictness, but because their selfish interest had been stepped on and their egos were pricked. Although they may not like to remember this truth, this is the well-know history.
Before writing further on this topic, it should be clarified that 'writing to the higher authorities' is a veritable way of addressing an issue-- so long as the higher authorities are moral and dharmic. But when since 1990 our AMPS higher authorities have themselves been drowned in groupism, then what is the use of writing to such so-called authorities about groupism in AM. And when those same higher authorities have been indulging in (a) distorting Baba's books, (b) curtailing BP rights, (c) issuing Fake Ananda Vaniis, (d) using expulsion as a weapon, and (e) victimising innocent margiis etc, then what is the use of writing to those higher authorities about those very issues.
It would be the same as writing to Fidel Castro and telling him that communism is bad because it suppresses the voice of the people. Who in their right mind can think that Castro will do anything about it. No one. Because it is Castro himself who is suppressing those very people. Or it is just like knocking on the door of one gang leader or one mafia boss and complaining to them that there are a whole bunch of bullies, robbers, and hitmen moving around on the streets. Raising the matter to such gang leaders or mafia bosses is useless since they are the ones responsible for putting those robbers and hitmen on the streets. Furthermore, if anyone raises the matter to them, then they will tie that person's ankles to a block of concrete and toss them in the river.
Similarly, when since 1990 our AMPS authorities have been the agents of groupism etc, then what is the value of writing to them about the problem of groupism. It is not like they are going to take the matter seriously and punish themselves or place themselves in jail. That is not going to happen. Rather they will muffle the point and attack, victimise, ban, and expel the innocent person who raised the matter. In that case, the solution is to communicate with others and make everyone alert. That is the only way to solve the matter. Because if anyone writes to the higher authorities then they will be victimised and labeled as an enemy, Indeed those higher authorities will take calculated and deliberate measures to isolate and torture that margii. Because the matter is only between them and that margii. But if that margii writes openly then those same authorities cannot victimise the person because it will look bad in the eyes of the common people. So when the authorities are crooked and sunk in crude dealings such as tearing down the ideological pillars of AM, then the only way to rectify things is to raise the matter on the public platform. At the same time, none should think that 'writing to higher authorities' will never, ever have any value. It is only because the moral integrity of AMPS leaders has been so low that 'writing to higher authorities' has no value these days. So in this present era, 'writing to higher authorities' is jast an impotent affair. That is why, nowadays, it is a dogma to advise others to 'write to higher authorities'.
Even then, various people jump into innumerable discussions and advise, 'write to the higher authorities'. And who is it that does this? In essence we can say that there are three types of people who resort to the dogmatic slogan 'write to higher authorities'. Firstly, those who are indulged in that very problem will resort to this tactic. So a confirmed groupist will give the slogan-- 'write to higher authorities'-- if someone wishes to complain about groupism. Because they want to dismiss the issue and cover up their own misdeeds. Secondly, bootlickers, spoons, and goody goodies will also chatter 'write to higher authorities' because they are getting some 'lift' from the 'powers-that-be' and they do not want anything exposed about those so-called leaders. Rather if those fellows are able to subdue the matter by saying 'write to higher authorities', then they will get some perks. For years and years various ACB personnel were in this category. And the third type of persons who will resort to this dogmatic tactic are those who do not care about the matter. If anyone is small-minded then they do not like to hear about anything that is beyond the periphery of their little mind. Then in that case, in a distracted and uncaring voice, they will meekly say, 'write to the higher authorities'. For example, if you tell a Hindu about the problem of women's rights among Muslim women, then that Hindu will not care about that matter. Because he thinks that, 'why should I worry about such Muslims etc'. So he will tell the person to bring the matter to the government. But when that same Hindu's own daughter is getting exploited, then he will certainly take a strong stand, raise the banner all around, and demand that justice be served. Same is the case with some in AM. If you tell them that the organisation is in trouble then they will not care and will just off-handedly tell, 'write to the higher authorities'. But if something happens in their own life-- such as they get cheated out of a bank loan or someone steals their automobile-- then all of a sudden they will become quite proactive .
So this dogma-- 'writing to higher authorities'-- is not a stagnant affair. It is always changing. Because in the current scene, various persons use this phrase when it suits their self-interest. For example, if they are a goody-goodie of the ruling faction then if the BP elections are done improperly or if there is some sexual scandal by one top Dada etc, then that goody-goodie will never allow anyone to raise the matter publicly. Rather they will repeat again and again, 'write to higher authorities'. That will be their new ista mantra. But as soon as their chosen faction topples down or if for some reason they fall out of favour with that ruling group, then that very goody-goodie will take to the airwaves and tell all. That is why ten years ago various ACB fellows did not like to talk about groupism and that is why today they are oh-so-anxious to spill the beans about groupism. Because the tables turned on them-- it no longer fits their needs to keep mum about groupism. But all along, solid, ideological margiis continue to raise one dharmic point after another in order to improve the state of affairs in AMPS. And all along various goody-goodies and sinners will dogmatically reply 'write to higher authorities' because that best suits their need. And yet for their same self-interest, such goody-goodies and sinners may one day raise that issue as if they are a great dharmika just because it temporarily suits their petty interest. That is why one day some may vociferously dogmatically proclaim, 'write to higher authorities'; and that is why the next day those same persons may one day be barking in public about the same affair. Because their whole modus-operendi is goaded by self-interest. But all along ideological margiis will be unphased by the ranting of such sinners and goody-goodies. Rather they will steadfastedly move ahead on their ideological journey-- doing anything and everything to please Baba and bring AMPS back into the limelight.
Baba pointedly rebukes such goody-goodies who knowingly resort to the dogma of telling others 'write to higher authorities', when they themselves know that nothing is going to be done by those higher authorities or when they themselves will only raise the issue when it suits their self-interest. Baba says, "There is no place for hypocrites in our organization." (AV-23)
By Baba's grace, the various dogmas which a few have brought into AMPS-- like 'write to higher authorities'-- will soon be gone forever and we will create that monolithic AM structure. Baba says, "Your future is bright – not only bright, but guaranteed. A new spiritual life free from all sorts of dogma is sure to come in the near future." (SS-18) Namaskar, Mahendra
To those brave margiis and wts who continue to raise the banner of AM ideology regardless of what internal difficulties might arise, Baba has given the following message. Baba says, "You should build a new human society at the earliest possible moment. Regarding those who are likely to create obstacles in your path – let them do so. You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious. Those who once opposed, or are now opposing or will oppose in the future, will in the future admit: 'Yes, we are now driving our vehicle safely and comfortably along the very path which that vanguard once opened by clearing the jungle.' This means that those who cleared the obstacles in the beginning will later be recognized as pioneers. The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law. And at the same time you should also remember this simple truth: that in a jungle the number of tigers and lions is always few; the jackals far outnumber them. Yet in the jungle the tigers and lions reign supreme, not the jackals. The jackals are sure to howl, that is their nature; but the tigers and lions will not be frightened." (AV-6)
********************************************* Desire For Money is Dangerous
Baba says, "Suppose there is a very elevated person who often ideates on the Supreme Consciousness, but who has some greed for wealth. He does not, however, express it openly to the Supreme, nor does he even think of it directly. He thinks indirectly, "Oh, since I am a devotee of the Supreme Consciousness, He will certainly give me enormous wealth and make me immensely rich." Those who harbour this sort of covert desire are reborn as yaks'as." (YP, p.78) Note: Yaksas are one type of negative microvita. Those unfortunate beings who got degenerated and took on a form less than human, sub-human. Not only that but they got caught up in that bondage of punishment for thousands of years. And only then after their extreme punishment did they again get opportunity for human life.

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