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Re: Painful Story of One Wt #3

From: Viniita Deva
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:45:44 -0400
Subject:  Re: Painful Story of One Wt #3




On 06 July 2012, Manorainjan Deva wrote:

"when GS Dada Citsvarupanandji heard that Umeshvarananda had accepted 500 rupees from a local Ranchi margii, then GS became furious and ordered Umeshvarananda to come before him. Next, GS Dada sternly told Umeshvarananda to remove all his clothes. GS gave the duty to Ac Dharman Brahmacari to make sure that Umeshvarananda undressed; then GS told Dharman Brc to bring a big, big stick. Without any other recourse, Ac Dharman followed GS's orders and brought one giant, strong stick.

In his full fury, GS furthermore demanded: "First give me that 500 rupees! That is my money. Where is that money!"

They searched Umeshvarananda's clothing and belongings and found some money. They counted it and saw that it was less than 500 rupees.

In his rage, GS ordered: "Vomit whatever food you ate with that money."

Umeshvarananda stood still.

GS Dada then proceeded to mercilessly beat and whip Umeshvarananda's naked body 11 times with that big stick on his buttocks. Huge marks and welts immediately erupted on Umeshvarananda's body. It was a vicious beating and a hideous sight.

Then GS Dada said, "If you ever accept money from Ranchi margiis again, I will kill you and bury you here in this Baba Quarters; then I will do sadhana on the very ground where you are buried. The police will never know anything."



When I read the above account, it reminded me of Baba's story about the Kingdom of Darkness in His book, "Under the Fathomless Depths of the Deep Blue Sea." In that story, Baba depicts the nasty ordeals of how the ghost leader was notoriously greedy.

Specifically, the ghost sadhu and "spiritual leader", His Holiness Bhutananda Maharaja (note: Bhut literally means ghost) hides an entire tray of sweets. The greedy Bhutananda ghost does not want to share them with anyone; rather, he wants those sweets entirely for himself.

At the same time, His Holiness Bhutananda lets it be known to one and all that he is fasting that day. Yet, secretly in his mind he is thinking about devouring those hidden sweets. Later, while all alone, His Holiness Bhutananda hastily tries to retrieve and eat those sweets, but in his hurry he cannot find them. Bhutananda becomes absolutely furious. The outraged ghost goes on a wild tantrum and starts interrogating & beating his innocent disciples over those missing sweets.

Here is the excerpt from Baba's book:

Then His Holiness [i.e. Ghost Bhutananda Maharaja] turned around in search of the malpo sweets. He was amazed to see that there was nothing there. The sweets were missing.

His Holiness was beside himself with anger. “Hey you fellows, who ate the malpos? Don’t you know they were meant for me? Who ate them? Vomit them out immediately. I won’t spare you until I’ve eaten those malpos!!!”

The disciples said, trembling, “Believe us, Your Holiness, we didn’t eat them. We swear by touching bones, we promise by touching cow-dung, we pledge by touching dead bodies that neither did we eat them nor did we allow a cow ghost or a cat ghost or even an ant ghost to touch them. It is really a strange thing, Your Holiness.”

His Holiness roared, “I don’t want to hear these things; I know you have eaten them. Vomit them out! I shall eat them.”

There ensued a big scuffle between His Holiness and his disciples. An initial shouting match became a bloody battle...Male and female ghosts were arrested in large numbers. Many of them were beaten with sticks to get a forced confession that they had eaten the malpo sweets. No one, however, would confess to such a downright falsehood."
(Under the Fathomless Depths of the Deep Blue Sea, p. 26-9)


Now decide for yourself what is the difference between the antics of Ghost Bhutananda Maharaja and those of GS Dada Citsvarupananda?

Awaiting your reply.

Viniit Deva

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