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Story of One Inquiry Commission Chief

Date: 17 Feb 2009 23:19:26 -0000 From: "Subhash Dholakia" To: Subject: Story of One Inquiry Commission Chief Baba "A'laker saurrathe saba'y nite tumi esecho..." - P.S. 1089 Purport: Baba, You have come with the shining chariot of divine effulgence. You have come to take everyone to the divine realm. You do not differentiate between who is great, who is meagre, & who is small etc. You listen to everyone's tales-- to everyone's feeling of the heart. Baba, even without seeing You, I have loved You. I am always feeling close & loving towards You. And even when I have not heard about You, I have been attracted by Your divinity. Baba, You are so gracious. You do not make judgements based on one's merits or demerits. You love all, unconditionally. And I understand that You are always present-- across all time and space. O' my dearmost, You have done so much for me, and in return You do not want anything. In spite of knowing about hundreds of defects in me, You have made me Yours and accepted me as Your own. Baba, You have showered Your causeless grace on me. You have come here on this dusty earth to take everyone onto the path of divinity. Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, Today one person is tooting his horn and titling himself as a champion of margii rights when in fact this same exact "champion" played a peculiar role as inquiry commission chief in a story that unfolded years ago in the mid-1990s. Some are aware about this following factual event involving one inquiry commission chief, but many more are not aware about it. That is why the story is being encapsulated here below: So everyone can understand who this person is and evaluate what he is doing nowadays. We should see if really this person is fully committed to Baba or instead to some groupist agenda.
Before sharing the upcoming account about this inquiry commission chief, it should be stated that all the groups and leading factions are involved in their own crude agendas. Rudrananda's H faction is a heinous attempt to strangle the organisation; Sarvatmanandji's B team is nothing but a power-driven crusade of extreme groupism; EC is a factional gathering of opportunistic puppets; and NIA/NIM is a crooked agenda to legalise racism and stands as someone's lustful plan to "finally" become a Purodha-- at any hellish cost. So all the group's have their own agendas; all are tainted. Whereas various margiis and sincere wt's around the globe only harbour the great desire to put forth Baba's mission.
As every margii will surely recall, from 1990 up to 1998, B group was in full control of the organisation and imposing their groupist injunctions in every nook and corner of AM life. Sarvatmanandji and his gang threw away Baba's original BP manual and made their own false rules; they distorted so many of Baba's discourses; they threatened and victimised countless innocent margiis; and in general Sarvatmanandji and his B group patrol created hell all around-- making everyone's life very difficult. That time there was no H group per se as all those people were still in line following Sarvatmanandji. That is how it was in that era of B group dominance. Now most have forgotten those ugly days when if someone just wrote one public letter about the atrocities in AMPS then it was a punishable offence. Today people are active on the email all day long and writing about the organisational conflicts, but that time hardly anyone was writing and to do so meant jeopardising one's entire existence in the Marga. But in that suffocating environment, i.e. in the height of B group's rule during 1994-95, some brave margiis from across Delhi sector began writing letters in opposition to the injustices which Sarvatmananda's regime was perpetrating. Some margiis wrote open letters about margii rights and scriptural distortions; some were writing about the various dogmas B group was creating like Fake Ananda Vaniis; and others were telling how innocent margiis and wt's were being tortured by Sarvatmananda. And various other letters were written and circulated-- some signed and some unsigned.
That time in 1995 Shrii Narayan Panda, the Bhukti Pradhan of Vishakapatnam, wrote openly about the curtailment of Bhukti Pradhan rights and scriptural distortions. Because those days Sarvatmanandji was creating so many fake rules dastradly injunctions around the BP post and he was printing "Translated from the Original Bengali" on the title page of every AM book, even though many of the discourses were given by Baba originally in English or Hindi. These were but some of the many atrocities that B group was doing. Seeing all this, Pandaji did not feel at all comfortable keeping quiet; dharma was at stake. So he bravely came forward shared many dharmic and important points about margii right and scriptural distortions. He signed his letter and discretely passed it around to approximately 50 committed senior margiis.
In that time of 1995, Sarvatmanandji formulated one inquiry commission to investigate who was writing. Because, as stated above, many of the circulars were unsigned and done anonymously while some were signed such as Pandaji's letters. So Sarvatmanandji appointed his pet spoon, family acarya Pratapaditya of Gorakhpur to head that inquiry commission. Here it should be known to all that Pratapadityaji gladly welcomed this opportunity since it suited his personal agenda to get prestige and fame in the organisation. In contrast Pandaji wrote his letters out of a deep love for AM ideology. Comparing the two then Pratapaditya is a traitor type and a stooge, whereas Panda valiantly stands as one of the real vanguards of AM ideology. As the history shows, within a short period of time, that inquiry commission headed by Pratapaditya quickly & unceremoniously removed Panda from his elected BP position-- for the sole reason that Pandaji wrote letters about margii rights and scriptural distortions. So in that dark era Panda was quickly ousted by Pratapaditya's inquiry commission and Panda was forced to give up his BP post. This was all engineered by Sarvatmanandji-- from behind the scenes.
And in Pandaji's place Sarvatmandji appointed one of his B group loyalists, Shastriiji, to assume the post of BP of Vishakapatnam. At that time Sarvatmanandji vehemently forbid any election to be held, just he appointed his own tool. Even then, losing his BP post was not the only injustice Panda suffered. Sarvatmananda directly ordered for Panda to be isolated and barred him from all social service projects in Ananda Marga. Furthermore, no Dadas were allowed to go to Panda's house etc. This type of harsh isolation and punishment against Panda went on for some time. And the "mistake" was what? Opposing the fake rules put forth by Sarvatmananda's exploitative regime.
Here we should take a deeper look into Panda's life in comparison to the inquiry commission chief Pratapaditya. This will help round out our story. Panda was held as a very dedicated margii and his whole family participated in revolutionary marriages and indeed his entire extended laokik family is dedicated to the grand ideals of AM and all of Baba's teachings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pratapaditya of Gorakhpur is the only one from his family who is in the Marga. During last 30-40 years he did not even try to convince any of his laokik family members to join. This is a well-known fact in AM. So all around Panda is well respected and honoured for his commitment and dedication to Baba while Pratapaditya is hated in Gorkahpur because he is an egoistic problem creator. That is why still today all the local margiis keep away from Pratapaditya. And Pratapaditya likes it that way because he is hardly involved in AM life anyway.
Finally, after undergoing the tortures of isolation for quite some time, the idea came in Pandaji's' mind to make communicate with the chairman of the inquiry committee, family acarya Pratapaditya. So Panda contacted Pratapaditya and asked him for guidance about his punishment and what he would need to do to be reinstated in the organisation.
Upon hearing this then immediately Pratapaditya became quite happy and excited as this was his big opportunity to capitalise on the situation. Because Sarvatmananda had entrusted Pratapaditya with the duty to collect "certain information" and with Pandaji coming to him asking for help, then this was Pratapaditya's big opportunity to please his boss Sarvatmanandji-- by getting hold of that valued information. So the cunning Pratapaditya of Gorakhpur told Pandaji as follows: 'If I do you the favour of reinstating you within the organisation and getting your BP post back, then I need you to do a few favours for me. First, I need you to apologise and repent to Sarvatmanandji and Centre for all the trouble you created. What was that trouble? Opposing the fake BP rules and scriptural distortions. So accept your blunder. Second, you must admit publicly that one local Wt had misguided you and "convinced" you to write those circulars about BP rights and scriptural distortion. These two things you must do. Plus you must also put in writing that the same local wt does not follow PP Dada on any matters. All these favours you must do for me in order to get your BP post back.' So the above are the three things Pratapaditya was forcing Pandaji to do in order to get reinstated.
Actually Sarvatmananda had a particular interest in expelling that local wt so he wanted to pressure Panda into testifying against that Wt. Because to date Sarvatmananda did not have sufficient evidence to expel that WT who was posted in Vishakapatnam. So Sarvatmananda was trying hard to force Pandaji to give a false testimony against that worker. In this way Sarvatmananda was going to expel that wt who was posted in Vishakapatnam those days. And it was all sitting on Pratapaditya's shoulders to collect all this information in writing for Sarvatmananda. By that way the expulsion of the WT could be done. And in exchange of course Sarvatmananda would handsomely reward Pratapaditya and shower him with praise. Knowing all this, Pratapaditya was quite happy that Panda came to him because then Pratapaditya was in a position to coerce Panda into testifying against that WT etc. And if done, then Pratapaditya could basically guarantee Panda his BP post back. Since Sarvatmananda had already devised that this would be the trade-off for that "valued info" against that WT. Thinking through all this, Pratapaditya wrote a letter in his own handwriting to Panda about how to quickly execute this and get reinstated. Pratapaditya was extremely excited because he felt he was getting closer to his cherished goal of getting a flower garland and other perks from Sarvatmanandji. All he needed was those false testimonies by Panda against that Wt. So Pratapaditya told Pandaji: 'Proceed accordingly and I will talk with Kolkata office about your Bhukti Pradhan post back as quickly as possible'. In this way, Like this Pratapaditya was pressurizing the situation.
When Panda read this hand written letter from Pratapaditya then he thought what a degenerated fellow Pratapaditya is. So Panda felt bad and he never communicated furthermore with Pratapaditya about this. And Panda never agreed to Pratapaditya's sinister plans. Instead Pandaji showed Pratapaditya's hand-written letter to various other margiis and they all agreed that Pratapaditya is a real rascal type.
For everyone's knowledge and awareness Pratapaditya's original hand-written letter has been scanned and will be posted in the next couple days to a website for all to see.
Ultimately the dharmic minded Pandaji refused to accept those suffocating stipulations imposed by Sarvatmanandji which were suggested by Pratapaditya. So Pandaji's period of isolation went on and on and he was not reinstated nor allowed to contest elections so long at Sarvatmanandji was ruling. Only later on when writing public letters itself became a common and accepted practice was Panda allowed to again participate in AM activities and contest elections. Ultimately Pandaji got elected to the BP post by the local margiis of Vishakapatnam. As they were very glad to have Panda back. Slightly thereafter, Sarvatmanandji's hand-selected BP named Shastriiji formally joined the B group camp in 2001 and he was awarded to be the BP of the B group faction in Vishakapatnam. This is how Sarvatmanandji worked his devilish ways. And that is this story how a good margii like Pandaji was shunned and tortured and how a spoon like Pratapaditya was the favoured medium of Sarvatmanandji to carry out this nasty and deceitful plan.
So this is the irony of today that now the hypocritical Pratapaditya is coming forward and writing openly about margii rights. He is plotting that by this way he will get name and fame since the atmosphere has changed. No longer is it stylish to follow groupist leaders etc. So in his hypocritical way Pratapaditya is posing as being the great vanguard of margii rights. But this is just his empty ploy because it is well known all around that Pratapaditya has a long and indisputable history of siding with one groupist regime or another and revoking margii rights. This is the known history of Pratapaditya-- like the days when he gladly opted to become Sarvatmananda's inquiry commission chief. So today as Pratapaditya proclaims himself as a champion of margii rights, balanced minded people understand that this is nothing but hogwash.
As we know those who valiantly sacrifice personal comforts and put forth the golden path for others to follow are the real vanguards of society. So it was then that Shrii Narayan Panda of Vishakapatnam set the pathway of writing openly about margii rights in an era when such things were totally unacceptable. But due to Panda's dharmic efforts, now A'nanda Ma'rgiis around the globe are freely writing their viewpoints on the shape and growth of AMPS. Baba says, "You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious. Those who once opposed, or are now opposing or will oppose in the future, will in the future admit: "Yes, we are now driving our vehicle safely and comfortably along the very path which that vanguard once opened by clearing the jungle." This means that those who cleared the obstacles in the beginning will later be recognized as pioneers. The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law." (AV-6)
By Baba's grace and by everyone's vigorous efforts we will restore AMPS back onto the map of dharma-- very soon. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a has blessed you with the hands to work and legs to move; has infused you with the stamina to act; has endowed you with practical intelligence, so make the best use of them in the fight against the demons. You must not sit idle relying on fate. Be vigorously active." (A'nanda Va'nii #46) Namaskar, Subhash
*************************************** Mister or Shrii
Baba says, "The Samskrta word Shrii means 'the most charming personality'. The word 'shrii' is derived from sha + ra + uniis. 'Sha' is the acoustic root of the mutative principle, and 'ra' is the acoustic root of energy. With the help of these two things, 'sha' plus 'ra', human beings are moving, dancing, speaking, and doing so many things. Obviously they need 'sha' and 'ra' very much. The Supreme abode of 'shrii' is Parama Purus'a." (SS-12, p.4) Note: In this above quote, Baba is describing the meaning of 'Shrii' so that we can understand why we call Him 'Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji'-- not 'Mr. Anandamurtiji'. Naturally in our life we should then address Him in the way which He likes to be called. However, because of their dogmatic beliefs, some jinanis prefer the term 'Mister Sarkar' or even just plain 'Sarkar' instead of 'Shrii'. In that case we should gently try to make them aware about their dogma. The central idea is that 'Shrii' is a very meaningful term and we should not only use this when addressing our Beloved Guru, but everyone should use the term 'Shrii' before their own name as well. This is Baba's direct teaching.

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