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Dada's Books: Are They Misleading

From: J_deva@markwebmail....
Subject: Dada's Books: Are They Misleading
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 04:46:52 -0000



In his book, "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi), which translates as "My Mysterious Baba", Dada Keshavanandji shares many of his experiences of being alongside Baba. As we all know, Keshavananda served as PA to Baba for years and years. So he has many remembrances.

However, that does not mean that Dada was always able to interpret everything properly. In particular, on pages 46- 48 of his book, Keshavananda tells the story of Yamara'j, the god of death. And he gives his own interpretation as well. It is a most interesting story and it is all recounted below.

The fascinating part is that after Keshavanandaji first started telling this story years ago. Thereafter, in 1980, Baba Himself delivered a discourse in order to correct Keshavanandaji's faulty interpretation.

Tragically, years later and still today, when writing his book, Keshavananda remains in the dark about the very story which he himself tells. He is still telling it with the wrong understanding - despite Baba's correction. Is that not ironic?


When Baba is that most vast Entity, i.e that Cosmic Purusa, then as human beings, as unit microcosms, it is not always possible for us to perfectly understand Baba's each and every action. And in certain cases some people get it totally wrong-- 100% false & backwards.

The overall idea being that there are so many scenarios and interactions and Baba has His own special Supreme way of dealing. Naturally then it is not so easy for us to exactly say what is what & which is which.

More specifically, with all due respect and honor, those in Baba's physical contact cannot be fully depended upon to properly recount and explain each and every aspect of Baba's expression.

As a case in point here following is the story of Yamara'j - god of death - as told by Dada Keshavanandji, who as we all know was PA to Baba.


Over the years Keshavanandji has told this story at a variety of seminars, classes, & trainings. Hence, many of us are well familiar with Dadaji's portrayal. And of course, more recently, he has printed it in his book, "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi). (Note: To date, this publication has yet to be translated into other languages, as far as we know. - Eds)

Here following is that story.

(Note: This is not a direct translation from the original Hindi version, but rather an accurate summary of that story.)

During the jail period, there was a convicted criminal, nay murderer, who was given the duty by the jail officials to serve as Baba's personal cook. The convict's name was Ramchij Rajawa'r' of Chhapara' District - as you may recall. And he served Baba well.

In the greater liila, Ramchij was blessed with the opportunity to be with Baba - such are the loving ways of Parama Purusa.

One day while Keshavanandji was along with Baba then Ramchij Rajawa'r' excitedly came up to them and asked if he could tell the story of one occasion how he (Ramchij Rajawa'r') had experienced his own death.

Baba gave His approval so Ramchij proceeded to give his account.

Ramchij Rajawa'r' said: 'Baba, one day I died - I experienced death. I was suffering from a fever lying there on my cot and two uniformed officials approached and told me in an authoritative voice that my time had come and that I must go along with them. With no other option I followed their order and step by step they led me up to kingdom of the god of death-- to Yamara'j.'

'I waited there with the guards and when my turn came then the those two officials firmly brought me before the grand throne of Yamara'j. And they loudly announced my name to the god of death.'

'They said, 'Here before you we have brought Ramchij Rajawa'r'.'

'Immediately, the Yamara'j became furious and he loudly shouted at those at his two officials.'

'Yamara'j scolded them, 'You neglectful fellows. I (Yamara'j) did not tell you to bring Ramchij Rajawa'r'. I told you to bring Ramchij Ahir. You have confused the names and brought the wrong person. You completely misunderstood my command. Now go back and return Rajchij Rajawa'r' to his locale and bring me Ramchij Ahir. Immediately do as I say'.'

Ramchij Rajawa'r' continued on with his story:

'The next thing I knew I was now lying on that special type of stretcher used for carrying bodies to the cremation ground. And I was surrounded by all my family members and various persons from my village. I saw that they were all crying. So when I opened my eyes and spoke to them they were startled and completely overjoyed.'

'And the first thing I said to them is where is Ramchij Ahir. I want to know about Ramchij Ahir. Right away two boys were sent to go get Ramchij Ahir.'

'They ran across the village and saw Ramchij Ahir milching his cows and then Ramchij Ahir looked over at them and then fell over - he died then and there, at that very moment.'

In that way Ramchij Rajawa'r' recounted his story to Baba one night about how he had been brought to the doorstep of death. And
Keshavanandji heard it all.


Afterwards, when it was quiet, Keshavanandji looked at Baba and asked if things like this really happen. Baba just smiled.

Seeing Baba's response and noting that Baba did not object to the story, Keshavanandji concluded in his own mind that Ramchij Rajbhar's story is a 100% accurate and stands as a realistic depiction about death. That's to say, Keshavanandji concluded that such mistakes can happen: Sometimes the wrong person is mistakenly put on their death-bed.

Thus thinking that he had heard a most amazing and incredible story, Dadaji began recounting this story in so many different lectures, seminars, and classes etc - all the while describing how due to an oversight or error in Yamara'j's system, sometimes the wrong person dies.

And indeed that is how he wrote about it on pages 46 - 48 of his book "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi).


However, some years after that initial event, in dharmic fashion Baba corrected and clarified the matter for one and all.

In His discourse "Yamara'j Ki Katha'" in Kolkata on 24 Feb 1980 (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 18 (H) & (B)), Baba makes explicit & detailed reference to Ramchij Rajawa'r's story about the god of death. And the first thing that Baba says is that his helper - Ramchij Rajawa'r' - is not a liar and that he saw everything in a dream. This much Baba says to begin and then Baba goes on to tell the entire story about Ramchij's death - like experience.

And in the culminating section of that discourse, Baba directly states that such mistakes regarding death never happen. Baba tells that Parama Purusa is in control of each and everything in this vast creation in His divine kingdom, and that one faculty of Parama Purusa is that of Yamara'j - god of death. Hence, since the Divine Controller Himself is the Yamara'j, Baba directly states that such mistakes about the wrong person undergoing death never, never happens. In the kingdom of Parama Purusa such oversights never occur.

Thus, in His clear-cut, precise manner Baba unveils the truth about such types of mistakes, i.e. that they never happen. All this is clearly given in Baba's discourse-- "Yamara'j Ki Katha'" in Kolkata on 24 Feb 1980.


By reading and hearing Baba's perfect clarification, we can all understand that from the very beginning Keshavanandji misunderstood Baba's reaction to the story when it was first told to them by Ramchij Rajawa'r' in the jail.

That time Keshavanandji thought that since Baba smiled therefore He was insinuating it is true and that such mistakes can and do happen at the time of death. But that was the wrong conclusion entirely. Means Keshavanandji was off the mark.

So this is one clear-cut example how someone was telling a Baba story that was clearly shown to be incorrect. Because it is Baba Himself who corrects the story. Even then, Dadaji's book (2010) was published 30 years - 3 entire decades - after Baba's discourse on this topic and still Dadaji got it wrong.

Now in 2012, 32 years later, tragically, Keshavananda remains unaware that he is giving the wrong teaching. Here's the proof: Dada told it in the wrong way again in his book, "Mere Rahasyamay Baba" (2010, Hindi), on pages 46 - 48, and still no errata page has been publicly issued.


The natural question is why did this happen. Why after all these years, after all it was 30 years between Baba's 1980 discourse and the 2010 publishing of Dada's book, is Dada still telling the story incorrectly.

We can only conclude that Dada is lacking in common sense. Even though he was Baba's PA still he could not understand Baba's simple gesture. That is one part. And the second aspect is that Dadaji wrongly thinks he knows all of Ananda Marga ideology, therefore he does not read Baba's books and could not come up with the right conclusion.



We should all be aware that there are serious mistakes in so many books written and published by Dadas. The above is but one example of many. More are coming. The overall spirit is the Baba's Personality and teachings should be properly portrayed and if any book written - by a Dada or anyone at all - goes against this ethic, then the wrong needs to be pointed out and corrected.

PS Intro: This below song reflects that deeply spiritual truth how Parama Purusa is always graciously calling the jiivas towards His divine Self through His eternal sound of omnkara - His murali dhvani, the divine sound of Cosmic Consciousness.

"Tumi je d'ekecho a'ma'y, a'ja je ghare tha'ka' da'y..." (PS 736)


Baba, it is impossible for me to remain here in my house because You have graciously called me to come close to You. Baba, I want to respond to Your divine call. Baba, it is difficult to comprehend how wonderfully magical Your tunes and melodies are. Baba, You are so charming. O' my Dearmost, in the abode of my mind, the divine vibrations of Your flute resonate incessantly - ceaselessly. By Your grace, I hear Your flute always: While sleeping, in my dreams, and in my awakened state. Baba, You are so gracious; You are residing in my heart all the time, all the 24hrs. Baba, even if I want to forget You, how can I forget You. Your greatness is beyond conception. No matter how many octaves I know, You are remaining beyond them all. You are beyond the reach of my limited human capacity. Baba, the soothing resonance of Your divine flute makes me float beyond all the lokas in Your rhythm, in Your song, and in Your blissful melodies. Baba, O' Divine Entity, please give me shelter at Your lotus feet...

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