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How An Ordinary Person Becomes An Intellectual Satan

Date: Mon 28 Jan 2013 22:47:31 -0000
From: "Liiladhar Deva"
Subject: How An Ordinary Person Becomes An Intellectual Satan



Here following is one critical teaching from Baba about how those who accrue knowledge, without the spirit of welfare, pollute their own mind and endanger the greater society.

"The endeavour to assimilate things in the spiritual world is harmless and blameless. And the attempt to assimilate something in the psychic world, if it is directed towards the welfare of humanity, is also harmless. Otherwise, it pollutes the minds of people and makes them intolerant: it leads to conflicts between dogmas and theories and degrades people to the level of animality."

"In the past, the world has witnessed many struggles between dogmas, which have caused much bloodshed; this was a regular occurrence in the Medieval Age. And in the present day also, we witness clashes between one theory and another, which cause no less bloodshed; rather the bloodshed is greater than before. The degree of intolerance has increased immeasurably. People have lost faith in their fellow human beings; one state has lost faith in other states. In all spheres of life these days, people think one thing, say another thing, and do something entirely different. That is, hypocrisy is now at its peak."

"Now the question is: What is the motivation behind this? It is the tendency to assimilate ideas without the spirit of welfare – and, still more than this, the tendency to acquire the objects of material enjoyment in ever-increasing quantities."

"So whether in the material world or in the intellectual world, the predominant tendency that makes today's people, both individually and collectively, rush headlong without control, is the instinct of greed. The propensity of greed, if not controlled by rationality, or benevolent intellect, or spiritual practices, will lead to premature death. Nothing can save human beings from this. This instinct of greed has brought the present humanity to such a state that people no longer consider anything as sinful. Rather, they consider the “sin psychology” as a mental weakness, and the worst of sins are being glorified as the height of intellect, not only indirectly, but also openly." (Shivas Teachings – 1 (continued) (Discourse 10))



In His above teaching, Baba clearly warns us that when people gain knowledge goaded by self-interest and not the motive of welfare, then the outcome is extremely harmful. That is the main guideline which Baba has expressed above. Tragically, that is what we see happening in this modern era.

In result, this earth has become "poisonous", where people have lost faith in their fellow humans. The root cause is one: Assimilating ideas without the spirit of welfare, i.e. acquiring knowledge for a selfish agenda, devoid of concern for others.

In their persistent quest for expansion, people are gaining more and more knowledge. Yet when that knowledge is not fortified with a benevolent outlook and a welfare motive, it is misused. People are employing their brains and intellect for harming, cheating, and deceiving others. They engage in clashes over one theory and another which cause tremendous bloodshed. In result, this earth has become unlivable for the common person.

The chief cause: Acquiring knowledge devoid of any welfare motive, just for selfish ends.

Most are increasing their intellectual capacity so they can gain the upper hand to achieve their selfish agenda. With their insatiable hunger for acquisition, people are hoarding psychic and physical wealth. Out of greed, they are willing to harm and hurt innocent people. This leads to conflicts over various dogmas and theories. There is a blatant lack of concern for others - what to speak of those high ideals of selflessness and sacrifice. Those ideals are essentially absent.

For these reasons, people have literally lost their regard for their fellow human beings. They look upon others with suspicion, fear, ambivalence, hatred, jealousy, and skepticism. All trust is gone. That is the unfortunate trend of this modern era.

And again the chief cause is one: Acquiring knowledge devoid of welfare motive and using that for selfish endeavors.

Bear in mind, knowledge is very important. One should learn. When accompanied by a benevolent intention, that knowledge can be used to help others and do great things on this earth. Goaded by self-interest, that knowledge will only harm society. In that case, knowledge is dangerous. Those who thirst after knowledge for selfish reasons are deadly. That is the main problem on this globe nowadays - knowledge for selfish pursuits leads to conflicts between dogmas and theories in the form of war, exploitation, and the imposition of harmful doctrines. These poisons are engineered by demons who have a lot of knowledge but are extremely selfish and crooked. They are the cause of countless massacres, and much bloodshed and infighting.

Beware of intellectuals who acquire knowledge without any service mentality - they are very dangerous. That is Baba's explicit warning. We should be careful.

Liiladhar Deva

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic, completely unrelated to the above letter.
It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Common People, Who Through Their Sweat And Blood,

Provide Vitality To Human Society - We Can't Ignore

   "Social progress is not and can never be achieved by individual effort. Some people lend their brains, others their hands, and others their legs. If we consider things carefully, to say that the legs are inferior and that the brain is superior, or that the brain has no value – that intellectuals are always exploiters and manual labourers are all that count – are both equally dangerous ways of thinking. The most important point to consider is who has utilized his or her ability and to what extent. Hanuman [the mighty monkey, a devotee of Rama in the mythological epic the Rámáyańa] fetched huge boulders to build a bridge across the sea, while the squirrels collected small pebbles. Yet intrinsically both these actions have the same value. We have no right to question anybody's sincerity, nor can we scoff at it. We cannot give more appreciation to those who have not utilized their potentialities properly but have done more work than to those who have fully utilized their talents."

   "Days roll on. Empires, wealth and valorous human deeds ride on the wings of time, creating only brief flashes of brilliance. Against this panorama the efforts of common people, like those of the squirrels, do not receive recognition – they are like stones lost in the shadows of towering mountains. The leaders of society perform outstanding feats which are recorded in glowing letters in the annals of history. The students of later ages do research on them. But the common people, who carried the golden banners of these heroes, disappear into oblivion. If we try to think of all of them, we will never finish. Is it possible to print everyone's obituaries in the newspaper? Is it possible to arrange commemoration services or to build shrines in memory of everybody? But in my opinion there is no use thinking about whether it is possible or not. Those who are magnanimous will openly recognize the greatness in the outstanding achievements of those who lived in the past, regardless of their intellect, education or rank. Those who through their sweat and blood provide vitality to human society do not need our approbation; but even so, why should we commit a social injustice by ignoring the work they have done, their karma sádhaná?" (Human Society - part 1, Social Justice)

Note: Baba's above teaching and guideline applies to all realms of life, including the struggle, growth, development, propagation, and establishment of our own Ananda Marga. There are countless nameless, faceless devotees who underwent tremendous hardship in order to propagate the ideals of Ananda Marga. They never came in the spotlight; their names were never in the newspaper; and their addresses may never be known; but, they sacrificed much for the great cause of dharma and universal well-being.

Here they are:

1. The widow whose only son or daughter became a wholetimer in Ananda Marga. In her old age, she suffered because no one was there to take care of her. Her progeny left to serve the greater humanity and due to a lack of governmental or other support, she could not get proper care. The latter years of that widow's life were filled with emotional challenges, loneliness, and physical hardship. To that widow, we pay our regards. Who can forget her sacrifice.

2. The mother whose children became LFT's to valiantly serve humanity. Instead of earning and bringing home funds for their laokik family, those idealistic youths sacrificed for the greater good of humanity. Yet their mother was faced with the prospect of "losing" her children - the very ones she raised. To see this unfold before her very eyes was painful and disheartening. No one can understand that woman's pain. Even then she held on - amidst the struggle and hardship. Who can forget her sacrifice.

3. Those sadhakas (male and female) who faced victimisation, humiliation, and torture by standing up to organised and non-organised religious and social dogmas like caste marriages, racial hatred, and women's rights etc. Who can forget their sacrifice.

4. The hundreds and thousands - wts and margiis alike - who were unjustly jailed by one tyrant trying to wipe out Ananda Marga. Such innocent sadhakas were arrested, put in isolation, and deprived of the basic necessities like proper food. Some were sentenced to grueling chores and work detail, while others were tortured outrightly. Their sacrifice cannot be forgotten. Who can forget their sacrifice.

5. Those sadhakas who held firm to Ananda Marga ideals in the face of huge backlash and oppression from the government, communists, local social pressure, and the various dogmatic religions. Through no fault of their own, they were sidelined, attacked, and rejected by the status quo. Yet these great sadhakas never bent - they maintained their ideological vision and standard. They sacrificed everything for Ananda Marga. We cannot ignore the work they have done - their karma sadhana. Who can forget their sacrifice.

6. Those brave Wts & Ananda Margiis who lost their lives in massacres and barbarous attacks by the communists. Their grand contributions for the cause of dharma will never be forgotten. Who can forget their sacrifice.

7. Those wives who shouldered more of the domestic responsibilities while their husbands were deeply involved in spreading the name of Ananda Marga and the glory of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. Their husbands were unable to properly attend to their domestic responsibilities. Those margii wives had to maintain the home without proper support from their spouse. Yet they carried on, endured the hardship, and managed well. Their determination and hard work continues to stand. Their sacrifice can never be forgotten.

8. Those children who grew up only with their mother because their father was involved in the callings of Ananda Marga dharma pracara and service projects. Due to a lack of paternal guidance and support, their emotional needs were not adequately fulfilled. Yet they tried as best they could - many becoming strong sadhakas and devotees of Marga Guru. We cannot overlook their hardships and how they continued to strive. Who can forget the sacrifice of those young children.

10. All those who faced opposition - whether they be educated or illiterate, rich or poor, or ordinary or not - we should recognise everyone's contribution. That is what Baba's teaching tells us. Because of their dedication to the aims, disciplines and tenets of Ananda Marga, they faced so much trouble and animosity, yet they remained firm and spread the teachings of Ananda Marga by their own conduct and sacrifice. No matter how unimportant they may be in the eyes of the public - they are honoured and regarded by sadhakas around the globe. Those brave souls have put forth unparalleled contributions to establish Ananda Marga. Who can forget their dharmic efforts - who can forget their sacrifice. We cannot.

11. Those Wts who left worldly attachments to spread Ananda Marga ideology and the gospel of neo-humanism. Such workers experienced tremendous hardship - a number were jailed and killed. They all faced difficulties, and in some cases life-threatening, problems. Yet they remained true to the dharmic ideals of Ananda Marga as given by Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. Their efforts will live on and on in the hearts of sadhakas - all over. We cannot ignore the work they have done - their karma sadhana. Who can forget their sacrifice.

How can we forget the hardships, sacrifice, and tenacity of all those who endured struggle for the sake of propagating and establishing a great ideology. Forever they remain in our hearts and minds. Parama Pita Baba Kii - Jay!

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