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Seeing the Bright Side

From: "Satiish K Bhatia" To: Subject: Seeing the Bright Side Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 22:02:28 Baba "Toma'r a'sa'-ja'oya' hoy na' kabhu, prabhu ekatha' jeneo na' ja'ni..." - P.S. 274 Purport: Baba, You always remain with me & with everyone eternally; that is why it is said that Your arrival and departure never happens. I am aware about this eternal truth, but even then I do not know and I remain forgetful. I know this very thing but also I do not know. Your welcoming and Your farewell are not possible because You are eternally present. This is such a mysterious thing that I know and even then I do not know. I do not like to believe. Sometimes I think You are near and sometimes I think You are far. That is my misunderstanding. Baba, You have created this world in such a way that when anything is flourishing or blooming that very time the seed of destruction is hidden within. In due course it perishes. This type of divine play is going on in this cosmic cycle, eternally. On the one side with Your two eyes You saturate everyone with Your love, and on the other side from Your third eye the flame of fire is coming which burns everything. In this creation of Yours the sweetness of effulgence is always accompanied by the black shadow of death which falls gradually. But in this entire divine play You are the black shadow and You are also the effulgence; You are everything. Baba Your welcoming and farewell never happens because You are omnipresent...
Namaskar, Every Ananda Margii is aware that Baba guides us to "see the bright side of everything" (See Note 1). And while the phrase seems to be quite simple, still there remains some basic misunderstanding about this by a few persons. Let me explain further. In dharmic fashion Baba sets the tone that in our AM we are to see the bright side of everything and side by side oppose all sorts of dogmas, exploitation and wrongdoings in order to guide the society on the proper path. However a few people in their confused & superficial way cannot grasp how this is all working together. So instead they foolishly reason that seeing the bright side means not pointing out the negativity in society, or not fighting against injustice. But this is just their daydream.
For greater clarity then we should see Baba's practical working style and other related examples to best understand the inner sense of "see the bright side". In one regard it is just like how parents view their children. Proper parents always see the bright side with regards to their children's growth and development. With love and affection they see everything; they never overlook the lesser qualities. And by this way they are seeing the bright side and watching out for their child's welfare. For example a mother may think, 'Okay my child has 80% very good things but to help them improve and make them more bright certain aspects of their life need correction.' So the mother lovingly tells her child, "Don't be lazy. Study more. Go and prepare your lessons." All those things she tells. By this way she identifies and addresses the defective behaviours of the child. All done with the benevolent motive to correct those wrong habits and thus increase the brightness of her child. Means this is seeing the bright side. Whereas 'seeing the negative side' means if anybody does not want to make someone else better, then they will only abuse others with the intention to put them down. Many persons do like that. But this is very bad and this is not at all working hand in hand with seeing the bright side. (See Note 2) That's why Baba guides us that we should have a sympathetic opinion regarding the person to whom we are dealing. And then find out their mistake, and remove that.
The whole spirit then behind "seeing the bright side" is to rectify the defects in order to build up a seamless and vibrant society. And who is not aware that the present humanity is suffering from many ailments. So in dharmic fashion Baba exposes all the various problems and ailments that are present in the society. Such as dogma, negativity, exploitation by capitalism, crudity of communism, and many more things. Baba is highlighting the fact in bold letters that now society has very little on the good side. To rectify the situation, Baba guides us to think in a pointed way and remove the disparities and exploitation. Then society's brightness will come and shine more and more. Hence by seeing the bright side the main intention is to fix the problem. To make others aware about the defect and address and repair it. And make the situation better and better. So in AM our aim is to fix society's various problems. And toward that end Baba has also graciously given the solution to each and every problem as well. So ours is the practical approach. In contrast, those who just criticize and abuse others without ever offering any solution-- that approach is negative (See Note 3). And no well-intentioned person will do like this. For example, a mother doesn't only criticize her child. Rather the mother instructs, "Don't be lethargic and negligent about your health & hygiene. Go and take bath." So here the mother's basic point is: 'don't be lazy on the point of cleanliness'. So this is not mere criticism. Because immediately following comes the direction to go and take a bath. And by that way the child will be clean. So the intention of the mother is to improve the child's condition. This is seeing the bright side. Similarly if someone says that "My neighbor often gets himself drunk and may one day hurt himself. We should help him." Out of a feeling of concern if someone talks this way about their neighbor, then that is not a negative action. Rather, it is positive. Because the person wants to make their neighbor better-- he wants to see his brightness more shining. And in that way a solution has been given to help him. Likewise people wash their clothes with the same positive motive-- to remove the stain and make their clothes more fresh. So finding out the stain does not mean one is seeing the negative side or indulging in anything detrimental. Rather by taking the time to remove the dirt one is making everything brighter and more clean. And of course the top example of all is Baba's role during Dharma Samiiksa. There, in historic fashion, Baba goaded so many sadhakas unto the path of supreme beatitude by lovingly pointing out their defects and mistakes. And in this way those devotees moved ahead with increasing speed toward their cherished Goal.
So in this process of "Seeing the bright side", the benevolent motive is the main factor. Whereas those seeing the dark side criticize without the intent to help. That is where their approach is wrong and completely poisonous. For example, take the case of the communist's approach (See Note 3). Communists always try to blacken the name of the capitalists by telling about their negative qualities like greed etc. But the communists' approach is completely wrong. These communists are a prime example of those who see only the dark side. They see the negativity, abuse the capitalists, but they don't have any solution. They don't have any solution or positive way to fix the problem and elevate the standard of society. Just out of their self-interest they are tall talking about other's black spots. By this way those who do not understand get befooled by those communists. Whereas our approach in AM is not like that and the directive 'See the bright side' works in a completely different way. Regarding the defects of capitalism Baba outrightly exposes the short-sighted, materialistic, and selfish nature of capitalism. And side by side He provides the Prout-- which is the perfect solution. Because by implementing Prout everybody will become healthy, and everybody's face will be shining with joy. Because step by step the physical problems will vanish, the psychic ailments will be identified and solved, and by this will people will be able to advance in the field of spirituality. And thus build up a strong and healthy God-centered society. So all around, Ananda Marga's teaching is ensconced in the motive of welfare: By pointing out the injustices and negativity, fixing the problem, and leading the whole society along the path together to the final desideratum.
Hence the supreme spirit of "See the Bright Side" is imbibed in each and every moment of Baba's working style and is embedded within the entire AM ideology. Thus as Ananda Margiis we are living in the world, and our duty is that we should help clean the society and make it better. Likewise we are living in this organization (AMPS) so our duty is to not overlook the wrongdoings. Rather, we should find out the problems and fix them. If something is not going according to Baba's teaching then we should rectify that. By this way our organization will be better and better. By properly following the inner spirit of Baba's divine guideline of "See the bright side" that is the only way to move ahead and build up a healthy and vibrant society free from exploitation. Namaskar, Satiish NOTE 1: During countless DMC gatherings and on other auspicious occasions Baba graciously recites the following Sanskrit shloka in giving His blessing-- the central idea being: "See the bright side of everything".
"Sarve'tra sukhinah bhavantu sarve santu nira'maya'h; Sarve bhadra'n'i pashyantu na kashcid duhkhama'pnuya't. Onm' sha'ntih onm' sha'ntih onm' shantih."
NOTE 2: Here below Baba points out that if someone only indulges in pointing out the negativity in others without any benevolent intention to build up their character then that is very harmful and wrong. That is 100% against the spirit of seeing the bright side. Please read the below examples. Baba says, "In many cases the behaviour of teachers is far more despicable. Even after studying volumes of books on psychology teachers deliberately hurt the sentiments of their students with offensive remarks. Instead of trying to reform the bad habits of their students, they assail their minds with caustic language." (HS-1, p.8) Baba says, "There are many teachers who wound the sentiments of a student by ridiculing either his caste or his father's profession saying, "The plough suits you better than the pen, my boy," or "You had better join your father at the potters wheel." Even today such utterances come out of the mouths of many teachers." (HS-1, p.8) Baba says, "If a student is ugly there are teachers who will grimace and say, "Your intelligence is like your appearance." In addition to all these offensive remarks, many teachers adopt other methods of torture and intimidation while presenting their lessons." (HS-1, p.8) So in these above examples those misguided teachers are not acting according to the spirit of welfare. Hence their ways have nothing to do with seeing the bright side. NOTE 3 : We have seen how communists only indulge criticism after criticism without any practical intention to remedy the situation. Baba says, "Those who are leftists in the world are even more dangerous...they are deliberately seeking out the dark and dirty aspects of life and, like flies, growing fat on the secretions of society's festering sores. It must be remembered that flies do not heal sores-- rather they exacerbate them, because the very puss of these sores provides them with their vital juice. So the filthy aspects of society are the only wealth on which these [leftists] subsist." (PNS-10, p. 24)
*************************************** Uniqueness of Ta'raka Brahma
Baba says, "A Maha'kaola is one who makes others kaola by his infallible spiritual guidance. But Ta'raka Brahma is a different Entity, a unique Entity for He is the spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, Kaola, and Maha'kaola, all in one. He is also something more: He acts as a compass in every stratum of society." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.50)

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