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Baba's Flying Messenger

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 22:41:18 -0000 To: Subject: Baba's Flying Messenger From: RB_MAURYA@ecectronic... Baba "Sukhe dukhe a'mi toma'y bha'loba'si, toma'r tare ka'ndi ha'si..." (P.S. 2679) Purport: Baba, in both my pleasure and pain I love You. I cry as well as laugh for You. My entire existence is revolving around You. You are my everything. You are the jewel of my heart-- the most precious and attractive thing. In my mental sky You are the only shining Entity, like the full moon. You are my everything. Baba, I do not know since which hoary past You came in my life. And when You made everything effulgent. You created this world and since the dawn of this creation You are. Since that time the divine effulgence is still shining as it is--unchanged. It did not become faint. It does not obey the time factor. It is eternal. Baba, You are One but You are expressing Yourself in infinite ways. You are that Singular Entity but also You have created many. This whole creation is also Your form. So You are always playing Your divine liila with this world which You have created. This divine liila is a mix of darkness and effulgence. By this way and with the attraction of Your love, sometimes You keep me close and sometimes You keep Yourself at a distance. Baba I am singing Your name and keeping Your warm feeling in my heart-- all the time, day and night. 24hrs. It is Your grace...
Namaskar, As Ananda Margiis, the best memories and most beautiful experiences in our life revolve around being with Baba-- either through our dreams, in our sadhana, or being in His physical proximity. All these remembrances bring a wave of sweetness and bliss. And truly we are blessed to have His personal touch in this life. That is nothing but His divine grace. One of the greatest things about Baba is that everything He does is aimed towards bringing us closer to Him. His teachings, His stories, His affection, His scolding, His directives, and His humour are all done for one special reason: So that we may be drawn closer to Him and realise His infinite love. In that way, everything He does is for our betterment and growth and this following story leads in this very same direction.
We have all heard the line, 'A flying buffalo or camel or lizard or various other types of animals have come and whispered in my ear'. This extremely humorous explanation was Baba's way of telling us that He is aware about each and every thing and that He is always with us-- caring and watching.
One time at DMC in April in Daltonganj, all the margiis and acaryas had assembled and were excitedly waiting for Baba's divine arrival into the Pandal. The year was 1984. There was so much anticipation and so much electricity in the air and our Marga was on the rise. Everyday Baba was giving new teachings and every week more and more devotees were coming from around the globe to be with Baba. The days of Emergency were now long behind us and everything in AM was thriving. New people were swarming into the Marga.
So in that anxious moment when all were waiting for Baba's august presence, the pandal was filled with the devotional chanting of kiirtan. And after every round as the kiirtan was sung, we are were sure that at this moment Baba would make His arrival. But alas it was not to be. And again the devotional longing would mount in kiirtan until the thought of Him still not coming was unbearable. We were all lost in His thought and His rhythm. Then just as it seemed that the kiirtan would go on forever, there was a massive call from the front of the pandal, 'Parama Pita Baba Ki!' and we all shouted 'Jai!". Still there was no physical sign of Baba's arrival but we could feel that any second He would come forth. Then again came the call 'Parama Pita Baba Ki' and in unison everyone responded 'Jai!'. This went on for 4 or 5 more rounds until the sound reached its peak and every cell of everyone's existence was totally focused on His coming.
And in that electrifying moment, Baba emerged from behind the stage and did His folded hand blessing to all. A wave of bliss spread through the mass of devotees who had gathered. And in a majestic way Baba walked across the stage, using His cane in the most regal manner. Cries of, 'Baba, Baba, Baba' filled the air. And all the while there were Dadas surrounding Him watching His each and every step. When Baba reached the dais and turned to sit down, then immediately PA Dada came forward and removed Baba's shoes and helped get Baba comfortably situated on His seat. Pillows were arranged and everything was made neat and clean. A glass of water was offered to Baba and He sipped gently from the glass taking a small amount of water. Little by little, the sound in the Pandal began to lessen as all eyes became fixed on Baba. Everyone was watching Him intently to see what would happen next. Then in a joyful mood, Baba asked, 'How is everyone? Have you had enough to eat? Are you alright?'. And everyone responded, 'Yes Baba'.
Then came the call for brothers kaoshikii. Still at that time, kaoshikii was relatively new, and everyone was learning to improve their rhythm and form. So in that spirit, a kaoshikii competition wa to be done in front of Baba. So many brothers participated and Baba gently nodded approvingly as they did their dance. At that time, many of the margii sisters were thinking to themselves that they would not have to dance kaoshikii today as they were not prepared. So after the brothers finished their dance, then Baba look around and everyone was waiting for the inevitable-- for Him to request the sisters to dance kaoshikii. But it did not happen. Baba delayed and the room was quiet. And then in the next moment, in Hindi Baba said, 'A flying camel has come and told me that the girls do not want to participate in the kaoshikii competition'. After saying this, then Baba was smiling and looking all around the pandal and in response everyone started smiling and laughing. Seeing this whole scene, then the sisters quickly came forward and said, 'We want to participate in the kaoshikii competition'. Then Baba replied, 'As you like'. And accordingly those sisters did their competition in kaoshikii and Baba gave His approval.
So during reporting and dharma samiiksa etc, and in various circumstances, Baba would tell that, 'A flying buffalo has told me...'. This was His charming & sweet way of telling us that He is always with us. In countless reportings He did like this. By this expression, we are to understand that we are not alone and that we cannot do anything in hidden or secret. We should always think that He is watching. Through this approach, then the sadhaka will become pure and sanctified as one will not indulge in negative things because they will think that Baba is always watching. And certainly, if one cultivates this habit and thinks that Baba is always watching, then their real spiritual life starts. Furthermore, when they start thinking in this manner all the 24 hrs, then they are established in Brahmahood. In that stage they cannot do anything wrong. Verily this entire process is one practical way of doing second lesson. This process is also used in dhyana as well. Because a devotee serves Parama Purusa then they should feel that He is watching.
We know that human life is for sadhana but obstacles invariably come from avidya maya. One or another trick of maya keeps the sadhaka blinded and gives them the feeling that materialism is everything. And another form of avidya maya pulls them away still further by giving them the false notion that spirituality is meaningless and garbage. Indeed we all have to be very careful about these two negative forms of avidya maya.
By Baba's grace when a sadhaka moves one step closer to Parama Purusa, then one feels the presence of vidyamaya and inspiration comes in the mind that, 'human life is very short and my goal is Parama Purusa and I want Him'. When this feeling comes then the sadhaka rushes headlong to Parama Purusa and in a very short span reaches Him. Then only does human life become successful. In this entire approach, Guru's grace is everything so we should always beg for His grace. O' Lord please be gracious. Baba says, "The greatest human treasure is devotional sentiment, devotional wonts. This devotional wealth must be preserved; otherwise humanity will lose its most valuable possession. The people of the present-day world have made considerable progress, so now they must not permit this highest human treasure to be destroyed. Whenever we see that the pressure of external circumstances threatens this life essence, we should pray to the Supreme: 'O Lord, please be kind enough to protect our inner vitality from total destruction. Save us from the agony of total loss'." (NH-LOI) Namaskar, Rambabu
First and foremost, it is the unquestioned truth that Parama Purusa knows everything. And sure enough, there was one way for Baba to come forward and say, 'I know everything'. But this He did not like to do as it sounds a bit arrogant in this present era. In the past however, Lord Krsna did proclaim as such because the society was ready to listen. But in this present era, Baba chose not to say like this. Instead, Baba opted for a more indirect approach. So He employed the use of one 'messenger' who would tell Him everything. Sometimes that messenger was a flying camel, or a flying buffalo, or a flying lizard etc. There were so many animals who 'came to Baba as messengers'. This was Baba's chosen style. Yet internally we all know that Baba knows everything and no one really believes that the messenger-- such as a flying camel-- is something real. So this is not something to take literally. It is just Baba's sweet way of telling us that He knows everything. In the past however, people have taken things literally such as when Veda Vyasa Deo told his stories and in turn the common people built statues based on those tales. Obviously, this type of misunderstanding should not occur in this present era. We should clarify the point now that Baba was just joking and those flying camel messengers were not real. Otherwise in the future people will take it seriously and make statues of those flying buffaloes etc. So this dogma should not be allowed to happen. And it won't so long as we all know and propagate that those flying animals were not real, just it was Baba's sweet way of telling us that He knows everything and that always He is watching for our welfare.
************************************** Definition of "Real Discipline"
Lord says, "And what is discipline? The Sam'skrta term for `discipline' is 'anusha'sanam'. And what is anusha'sanam? `Hita'rthe sha'sanam ityarthe anusha'sanam.' When the code of discipline is imposed with the spirit of welfare, with the spirit of development, it is called 'anusha'sanam' in Sam'skrta. There is no corresponding English word." (AV-3 p.30)

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