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Misuse & Abuse...

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Misuse & Abuse... Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 23:12:38 -0000 Baba "A'ma'y cha'r'iya' kotha' ja'o e nirajane..." (PS 665) Purport: Baba, You are my closest One. O' my Beloved, where are You going in this isolated, lonely dark night-- leaving me all alone. O' my dearmost Baba, please do not go away from me. Baba, why are You making me cry so profusely & letting me float in the tears of my devotional longing for You. Baba, please smile always in my mind, constantly radiating Your sweet, divine love. Baba, by Your grace I have loved You so intimately in dhyan; You know it well. Baba, You are my dearest One. But if You were really a good person You would not play this heart-breaking liila with me each and every moment; You would not leave me in this dark hour. Baba please be merciful; please remain here along with me. Baba, there are countless devotees with great qualities & talents who love You very much. Indeed there are numerous persons with top-notch merits & virtues who have deep longing for You. Because of this, it seems there is no place for me in Your mind-- neither during daytime nor nighttime, neither in dream nor in awake state: Never. O' Baba, please do not leave me alone. Please shower Your causeless grace on me by keeping me eternally in Your divine shelter...
Namaskar, One of the main problems in the world today is the misuse of human intellect-- that is Baba's distinct guideline. Baba says, "Now everywhere, in cent per cent of the cases, there is wastage of human psychic potentiality. The psychic potentialities of human beings are immense, but people do not utilize them because most of their valuable time is wasted in undesirable thoughts, in psychic extravaganza." (YP) So the misuse and abuse of the human mind is one of the chief defects of today's humanity. And verily we see this occurring in thousands of ways. From crude movies to junk literature, and so many other things like degraded art, filthy websites, materialistic pursuits, name, fame, pornography, money, sexually laced advertisements etc. The list goes on and on. Verily, in this modern era, the human mind gets exposed to and deluged with countless unfavourable images and crude ideas; and in result; the mind gets sunk in degrading thoughts. And not only that, even when one is involved in so-called free-time or daily duties, the mind gravitates towards staticity-- because the mind flows much more easily downward than upward. That is also Baba's teaching. Hence there is this common malady nowadays-- wastage of human psychic potentiality. That is what Baba terms it. And even good people get dragged into this degraded approach because of the mass-produced pseudo-culture that abounds in all corners of the globe. And this yields a terrible result for the humanity.
As Ananda Margiis, we must protect ourselves from this common malady and terrible epidemic. And the best way to avert this situation-- the best way to counteract this staticity-- is to fill our mind with Baba's teachings. If the mind is always vibrated with His ideals, then naturally it will remain in a positive or elevated state. And the more it remains in that state, the more it will want to remain there. That is the rule. So how to do it? It is not possible to always being doing sadhana and kiirtan. Plus we do not have time to always sit down and read Baba's books. We have so many worldly works to do. How then can we keep the mind always involved in His thought? And how, in this terribly busy era, are we going to learn and inculcate all of Baba's teachings. He has given discourses on every aspect of human cognition and beyond. How can we become bring these ideas into our own unit understanding. That is the dual challenge for Ananda Margiis: To keep the mind elevated and learn His teachings.
One clear-cut solution to this dual problem is to use technology to enhance our practice of svadhaya. No doubt we have so many physical works to do, but if when doing those things like-- cooking, bathing, driving, walking, cleaning etc-- we are able to listen to Baba's teachings then that will bring two highly desirable outcomes: The mind will remain elevated and we will gain greater familiarity and understanding of Baba's divine teachings. And now in this digital era, it is easier and easier to follow this approach. There are thousands of ways to listen-- from walkmans to iPods, from tape-decks to cd players, from i-Phones to innumerable other gadgets. Plus there is computer generated voice as well, so we need not take the time to record all those things in real-time in order to listen. So really we have all the tools at hand. All that is needed now is the desire and the habit. If we cultivate the desire that really we should learn all His teachings and if little by little we are able to implement a way to do this, then certainly we will be successful. Thus, whenever any moment arises we should listen to Baba's teachings-- while going to work, when brushing our teeth, while doing asanas, when eating food. If we utilise all those moments in the day, we will find that in a single day we can listen to a large volume of His teachings-- and that will keep the mind elevated as well. In that case, there will not be wastage of our human psychic potentiality. So we have everything: The path, the material, and the way.
To start this wonderful practice of svadyaya in this modern era, a sampling of computer generated voice reading a single Ananda Vanii has been placed on the AM-GLOBAL blog. Everyone should go there and listen, And then tell your thoughts. Here the whole goal is to afford maximum time to listen to and propagate Baba's teachings. As a collective, it is sure that we can get His each and every discourse into digital recorded form and we can all listen to His ideals during our free-time during the day. That will help us to better utilise our mental potentiality.
After you listen to the above file and give your feedback, then very soon adjustments can be made and the entire collection of Ananda Vaniis can be placed onto the blog. And of course, if anyone has a better way of doing this, then that enhanced version will be put on the blog. So it is a collective effort amongst all Ananda Margiis. And by this practice, by this digital practice of svadhaya, we will certainly be able to better utilise our psychic potentiality, thereby bringing two great results: Keeping the mind elevated and propagating His teachings. The main things is generating the habit of listening throughout the day-- whenever we have half-an-hour or even five minutes time. By doing so, within a short span, I think we will all be able to experience and notice the positive results. Look forward to pursuing this with our entire Marga community.
By Baba's grace, we have come in His contact and it is our duty to bring forth His teachings to the world. By maximizing our own psychic potential, we will best be able to bring this to fruition. Baba says, "All are his loving children. You boys, you girls – forget your past and start your life afresh with this subtlest and noblest idea – that you are inseparable particles of that Supreme Entity, of that Parama Purus'a." (AV-12) Namaskar, Gagan
*************************************** One Should Know
Baba says, "It is the duty of every sa'dhaka to propagate dharma so that humans will not make a mistake but will follow the path of spirituality." "Humans are endowed with intellect and the faculty of judgement. So if they do not act properly or fail to follow the path of spirituality, they are no better than animals." "Those who utilize their spiritual potential are intelligent but those who do not, and live like animals, will be born as even more inferior creatures in the next life." (Kolkata, 6th November, 1978)

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