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Baba Reveals the Proper Method Of...

From: "Vinay Deva"
Subject: Baba Reveals the Proper Method Of...
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:31:28 +1000




Baba says, "Prostration is called sas't'aunga pranama...Of the five sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin), one, the skin, can be omitted, and of the five motor organs (vocal chord, hands, legs, excretory and genital organ), one, the vocal chord can be omitted. This leaves the eight constituent parts. And the prostration made with these eight body-parts is called sas't'aunga pranama." (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell - 6, p. 398)

As we all know, sas't'aunga pranam is only done to Guru, not to  anyone else.

Here following is the etymological meaning of the term sas't'aunga.

         sa    +   as't'a  +  unga    = sas't'aunga
        (with)    (eight)    (parts)  = with eight parts

Thus, as Baba tells us in the above quote, "the prostration made with these eight body-parts is called sas't'aunga pranama."
In Baba's small encyclopedia book known as Laghu Nirukta, on pages 337-38 Baba clearly defines that sastaunga pranam means to lie down in front of Guru like a stick, completely straight. Specifically, when in the lying posture, both the arms get extended straight over the head with the palms together. Thus from the very tip of the middle finger down to the bottom of the feet, one's entire body will be one perfectly straight line.

As a general rule, the amount of floor spaced needed to do sas't'aunga pranam is 2-3 feet more than the actual height of the person.

In Laghu Nirukta, Baba also clarifies that the Personality to whom you do sas't'aung pranam does not derive any benefit per se. Rather those doing this practice get 100% of the benefit in the psychic and spiritual spheres. Hence this practice of sastaunga pranam is a scientific process  for acquiring greatness.

For biological reasons, women should not do the full mudra aspect of this practice. There is a particular positioning for females given by Baba that brings welfare and maximizes the benefit.


Re: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga

Date: 04 Apr 2012 10:14:18 -0000
From: "K. Chatterjee"
Subject: Re: News: How Boomerang Worked & Is Working In Ananda Marga



Note 1:
Many of you requested further information on this critical topic. The following describes but some of the many examples of the sinful activities that were and are going on referred to in yesterday's letter. Senior margiis most probably know all these points so this will be a helpful reminder, while new people may find this quite helpful.

Note 2: Beforehand I want to beg apology to those who may feel uncomfortable reading this letter. It happens when one has been asleep in a dark room and then suddenly all the lights are turned on. That can create discomfort. To such persons I offer my humble apology. In the past I saw that when some were sleeping deeply and they heard this news then they became reacted. This note is not for you but please use this type of note if you forward this letter to someone else.

In Neo-Humanism Baba guides us that there are different types of people. There are some simple people who unknowingly commit wrongs. And when they are pointed out then they feel repentance in their heart for their misconduct and they earnestly realise that they do not want to commit such wrongs again. Rather they want to follow the path of benevolence. Such persons are good people.

In contrast there are others who have a negative or deliberate intention in mind to do harm. And when they are confronted by others about their misguided acts, then they react in a violent manner and they refuse to repent or admit to any wrongdoing. And unfortunately that is what we are dealing with here in our Marga.

No doubt senior margiis are aware about who this guilty party is. But first I will remind you what are the damages which have been done over the last decade.

We all know it is our duty to preserve and safeguard the originality and integrity of Baba's teachings. That is one of our main tasks in this present era. Unfortunately there are some who are exerting all their energy in the opposite direction. And in their negative stance they have undermined and distorted Baba things. Still such persons are pushing ahead in their misguided ways. To what extreme degree they are doing, see here and judge for yourself what way they are scratching and smashing the gems and jewels of our Ananda Marga.

In numerical order the points appear below.


Tne following are all systemic issues. That means they are deep-seated, on-going, recurring problems. For each point a summary description has been given. Just keep in mind that far more information is available on all of these points. Each points listed is a veritable topic in and of itself.



1. Bhukti Pradhan Post: Along with the ACB the Bhukti Pradhan post is one unique way in which margiis were given a powerful role by Baba Himself to help govern AMPS. All the dogmatic religions overlooked or suppressed family people but Baba has given family people a glorified place in AM society. Because of this, Baba has proclaimed -- "Ananda Marga is a

But Bengali groupist WTs tore that down by discarding His original BP manual and replacing that with a series of wrong rules that led to the publication of the fake 1997 BP Manual done by Sarvatmanandji and his follower Sambhutyanandji. If you read the fake BP manual of 1997, then in the publishers page you will get this information. These two Dadas did not like to see the significant role of Margis which Baba bestowed. These negative people played the role of rats or termites by eating away and  destroying margii rights.



2. Ruined Prabhat Samgiita: They have turned Baba's devotional treasure of Prabhat Samgiita into one money-making venture where for the sake of profits they have thrown our Prabhat Samgiita into the hands of the degraded film industry. Since 1990 all this nonsense is going on where female filmy singers glossed in lipstick and shiny hair are pasted all over the cassette covers and like this so many things are done which contravene the ethics and sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. When from the very outset Baba sternly warned that His Prabhat Samgiita should not be ruined by being played on the radio and thereby get exposed to the evils of degenerated pop culture. But tragically that is exactly what has happened.


3. Bangalistan: Falsely heralding Bengal as the greatest land and wrongly painting Amra Bengali samaj as being the top-most, all such things were done in the name of the Bangalistan groupist agenda. Means their misguided goal was to present Bengal as the #1 group by pushing down and suppressing the voice of those around them. When in fact such things go against the very spirit of Baba's samaj system. We should never forget that this devious practice was started by Sarvatmanandji and his followers.


4. Expulsion: This pet tool termed as expulsion was invented by Sarvatmanandji to keep everything quiet so that groupist leaders in power could continue to exploit the scene. Over the last 22 years countless innocent margiis and Wt's have been ruthlessly squeezed out in this manner-- because they courageously opposed injustices done by the then ruling group. So expulsion is nothing more than one weapon used by power hungry leaders to keep their authority and position by forcing margiis into exile.


5. Victimisation: If any common margii raises the question about any wrongdoing then they are sure to face victimisation. This is the long history ever since the sinful trend of victimisation was injected by B group leader Sarvatmanandji and was fully supported by his followers Kalyaneshvaranandji and Pranavatmakanandji etc after 1990. If anyone protested against any injustice like the misallocation of funds or scriptural distortions etc, then that margii or WT received all sorts of blows and tortures from those in power in their regime.


6. Created Purodha Pramukha Dogma: One particular Bengali group leader Sarvatmanandji created the negative notion of treating PP Dada as being one divine being. This he did to have the power of PP in his hand. Those who know a little politics, they understood this very trick.

By this way he insisted that PP be glorified on the dais and that all should raise the "jai" slogan to PP. So this was all designed for his own groupist agenda because by keeping PP in his pocket then he could easily get so many negative orders executed.


7. Tiirtha: The dogmatic holy land ploy (aka tiirtha) got implemented right away in October 1990 itself in Tiljala and Sarvatmanandji motivated and forced every Margi to seek the blessing by reaching Tiljala at least once in a year, in the October month. The name of this dogma was, "MPD", or mahaprayan. Now it is limited only to Bengal. Everybody understood this hypocrisy.

And step by step groupist leaders garlanded the land of Tiljala as being one holy play as if the eternal, boundless Parama Purusa is only limited to that particular spot. Then over the years as the groupist fight intensified then all the groups wanted to create their own dogmatic tiirtha spots like Jamalpur and Fiesch in order to glorify their own group. So this tiirtha dogma is one clear example how one very negative idea gets multiplied all for the sake of power and prestige. We should never forget that clean AMPS which started getting tainted after the injection of dogma by the devious practice of Sarvatmanandji.


8. Memorial: Such a dogmatic endeavor was never done for Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Means even those dogmatic disciples of old did not do something like to designate wehre the tomb or mahasamadhi is erected. As if the only way to get Baba's blessing is to go to that erected stone and pray at the Memorial in the Tiljala compound. Such a vicious dogma was created by B group & that goes against the very spirit of sadhana. Since one's call to Baba will be heard only by praying at this holy Mahasamadhi stone. So this is all nonsense because we all know and feel and Baba Himself assures us that He resides in the hearts of devotees and listens our every word no matter where we are. But who can provide eyes to these devotionless, blind people who injected one after another dogma. And polluted the clean air of AM.


9. Fake Ananda Vanii: As we know Baba's true Ananda Vaniis are pointed revolutionary messages which infused great force and positive energy into the lives of every Ananda Margii. Plus Baba's true Ananda Vaniis were always something entirely complete--discourses in themselves. They were never part of any discourse. That is the beauty of the original Ananda Vanii.

Narrow minded, groupist leader Sarvatmanandji did not understand the veracity of this unparalleled Baba's gift. And He started collecting fake Ananda Vaniis. And spreading around for the groupist cause.

Unfortunately, straight away after 1990 the groupist powers of the day--B group--started their fake Vanii program by pushing aside and neglecting Baba's true Ananda Vaniis. In this way they tried to corner margiis into the realm of staticity by issuing fake vaniis which lacked the revolutionary spirit of Baba's true Vaniis.


10. No Freedom of Speech: The harshest period of repression of ideas and communication happened right away in the early 1990s, when Sarvatmanandji was controlling AMPS.

Those days the groupist rulers strangled everyone's voice. Either through victimisation and expulsion or by declaring no email and shutting down and outlawing countless networks of Margis. And even shutting down their personal communication with other Margis and among Workers.

Who can forget that these devious groupist leaders like Sarvatmanandji, Sambhutyanandji, Pranavatmakanandji, Mantreshvaranandji, Kalyaneshvaranandji, etc passed one CC resolution that no Worker will be allowed to communicate with any other Worker or Margi outside their posting jurisdiction. All these negative tactics they learned from Jyoti Basu.

Baba has instilled freedom of speech / expression within AM, but that got shut down and closed off by that ruling WT group in those days. And since then this thing has been in vogue to one or another degree. But ironically, they are busy in spreading tinsel of philosophy that they are protectors of Baba's ideology. Each and every Margi has understood their hypocrisy. Nobody is getting befooled these days.


11. No Worker Can Write to Other Workers: Per Baba's teachings, we all know and feel that in AM we are all brothers and sisters living under His divine shelter. And as such workers can communicate with one another based on their inherent family relation. But this very beautiful idea got upended by Groupist elements who implemented this rule of no communication between workers to contain and/or isolate simple Wts. Means they justified that one could only communicate through the chain of command when really Baba's viewpoint is otherwise.


12. Using Shraddha Mantra for Baba: We all know that Baba is the Taraka Brahma, Parama Purusa. But right away some groupist powers put forth the idea that Baba is just a died person. Because since October '90 itself they first began chanting the Shraddha Mantra as if Baba was some mortal being who died. So see the foolishness because the most unique factor or distinguishing feature of AM is that Taraka Brahma is the Guru. But for reasons best known to them, some groupist parties do not like to recognize this fact.


13. Mahaprayan Divas Dogma: Everyone is aware that the dogmatic Mahaprayan function goes against the eternal presence of Guru. All our spiritual practices from Guru Sakash to Guru Puja, to Kiirtan & Dhyan, indeed always they create the present link between Guru and disciple. But Mahaprayan falsely says that Baba is gone. And not only that but that MPD should only be celebrated in Tiljala on 10/26 --no other place allowed. Like this they were pushing their agenda until the rule of only celebrating MPD in Tiljala died out only to be replaced by other misguided rules.


14. Bengali discourses in Prout and excluded others: In many books but most specifically in these two editions of Prout Nutshell-- PNS 19 & 20-- there are 8 full discourses dedicated to Bengal. While the many other samajas of India were discarded entirely; or like Bihar if they got place then very little space was given in comparison to Bengal. And for overseas samajas, the condition is the same. Either they were completely discarded or given very little place. This shows how the partiality against other samaj than those samajas of the Bengalistan area since a few groupist Dadas were
involved in printing those in 1991 etc.

15. Bengali Terminology: Whenever Baba spoke words in other languages then their general appraoch, as per Sarvatmananda's order, was to spell and print those terms in Bangla. One clear-cut example was the 1990 DMC wherein Baba recited a poem of the great poet Tulsidas and it was recited by Baba in Tulsidas's local tongue. Yet Sarvatmananda ensure that when printed in the book it was written in Bangla. While this is both a grammatical, spelling and contextual inaccuracy, the biggest problem is how it misrepresents Baba.

Furthermore in so many cases they changed the letter "va" in Sanskrit to "ba" in Bengali in order to spell all words in the Bangal style.

The main idea is that we should keep Baba's discourses in tact and honor and preserve the exact manner in which Baba spoke and not distort His holy discourses by imposing any self-agends like Bangalisation etc.

16. Translated from the original Bengali: If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AV), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in many of the books on the publisher's page it is written "Translated from the original Bengali". When in fact there are innumerable discourses in those books which were given in Hindi and English.  Means even when Baba spoke in Hindi or English, then even in those instances they were manipulating the situation by writing "translated from the original Bengali". Thus in many, many places it is wrongly marked as being translated from the original Bengali when it came in printed form in the Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha books. All done for group power and to wrongly propagate the idea that Baba is Bengali, and that Bengali culture is highest.

17. At DMC they only translated the Bengali section of the discourse: During DMC Baba would speak in three languages but by checking with Margiis notebooks it is becoming more and more proved that what Baba spoke in English and Hindi never reached the pages of His books. Certain persons gave the order not to include them, only the Bangla section was used as if what Baba spoke in the other languages was negligible or not worthy of being printed. And just the Bangla portion should be kept, printed, and treated as the original.



18. Advisory Committees and Boards (ACB):
This important margii body designed by Baba to provide stability and guidance to our AMPS has since long been reduced to ashes. The margiis voice has been choked in this arena. Because those margiis strict in ideology and opposed to groupism were black-balled from the ACB and in a calculated manner the ACB became little more than a puppet committee for the ruling groupist elements of the era.


19. Not Sharing Archive: Baba's treasures are for all devotees. But on the point of Archive they are not giving anything of value to Margiis. No Baba's cassettes, not any videos, not any CDs, not any of margiis recorded stories about Baba. Indeed not any of the devotional treasures that are the common property of each and every Ananda Margii.


So all these above expressed black stains are going on in our Marga these days. And indeed such types of grossly negative things only happen when certain people lust for extreme  power-- and are willing to do anything for that.

Because the above mentioned things are the worst types of wrongdoings; these are not ordinary or simple mistakes of misconduct. Such as if one person stole 50 rupees from someone else on the train. It is not like that which is easily corrected or even forgotten about entirely. Rather each and every point of the long list mentioned above is like if someone cut off your entire arm. It is that type of permanent damage that is irreparable. This type of damage is called the work of the mahapataki.

Or look at it this way. Such types of distortions etc being perpetrated in the Marga are similar to what was done by the dogmatic Muslims when they unjustly and wrongly declared that three women are equal to one male. Since that negative injunction 1500 years ago, the lives of millions of women have been ruined by depravity and torture. That damage is irreversible. Same way with the above listed items related with our Marga. Such damage is of permanent nature.

So the people responsible for such negative acts are of a particular breed. But for new margiis the answer must be told in straight language that Sarvatmanandaji and his B group crusaders are the ones responsible for all those above listed misdeeds and negative acts against our Marga. B group single-handedly invented each and every one of those atrocities that are going on in our Marg-- from scriptural distortion to expulsion. Those things are all the brainchild of Sarvatmanandaji and Co.

Dadas like Nigamananda and Rudrananda were his blind supporters while all this was going on until one day they went against - that was the boomerang effect. And still this effect is going on. That we will all see.

Even then not once or twice but on numerous occasions Sarvatmanandaji and his B group team have been confronted on these above points, but never do they admit to anything or express the slightest bit of repentance. Rather they only lash out about their group needing more power.


But about such type of non-repentant persons who are the inventors of such ills, the outcome is quite clear.

Baba says, "Those egotistic persons who are antagonistic will become powerless, because those who are misguided by ego will lose their intelligence. One who opposes out of wounded ego, will ultimately be defeated. When ego is inflated, intellect declines. And one whose intellect is small, is easily defeated. So one need not be anxious about them." (NH-LOI)

Below Baba is further characterizing the state of those who get caught in the web of their own injustices. The following obviously aptly fits Dada Sarvatmanandaji since all along it has been his patented tactic to negatively react and victimize or expel someone etc if they opposed or pointed out any of his own misdeeds. Please read the following.

Baba says, "When they [who refuse to be rectified] discover that all their strategies have been detected and nothing is secret anymore, then they will grow desperate. Through the mass media at their disposal they will utilize all their verbiage, all their abilities, all the weapons they possess--because there is no other way out." (NH-LOI, p. 97)


Top of all, this Baba's blessing is with us:

Baba says, "Remember Him and march ahead-victory will be yours. You have not to be afraid of the worldly forces. Those who enjoy the highest force of Paramapurus'a are sure to succeed. Victory will surely be theirs. Victory to you all." (SS-19, p. 24)



Everyone knows Sarvatmanandji introduced all these distortions of AM ideology. He and his troops are shameless. If anyone talks about ideology, first they have to fix wrongs, only then he can talk. So when Sarvatmanandaji created the fake BP manual and they curtailed margiis rights and changed Baba's discourses and also destroyed the system of ACB and created the fake SPB to control and tie up the margiis. In the face of all this, Sarvatmanandaji is claiming that he cares about ideology but this is just his hypocrisy. Only shameless persons do like this. Before talking about ideology if he has some sense then he has to accept his wrongdoings about these Baba's writings and fix that and feel repentance. His condition is like one thief who is moving in saffron cloth and giving a sermon on non-stealing sitting on the jagrti dais. But who can tolerate this. The days of befooling others by tall talks and false propaganda are gone. All the margiis are understanding who is who.

And still today, B group is bragging on the point of ideology.

This is their hypocrisy that on the one side they are bragging about spreading AM ideology, and on the other side they are ruining that very ideology by so many above mentioned ways--distorting Baba's holy scripture, strangulating Margi rights, etc.

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