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How Even Good People Mess Up

Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 06:24:27 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: How Even Good People Mess Up To: BABA "Toma'kei a'mi bha'loba'siyachi, keno ba'siya'chi ja'ni na'..." (P.S. 304) Purport: O' my dearmost Baba, I love only You. Why I love You that I do not know-- I cannot say. But one thing is sure, from the deepest core of my heart I love You. Baba, by Your grace I have chosen Your path. You are my Polestar and I never have any iota of doubt why I have come on this path. My eyes remain fixed on Your blissful arrival, looking for You day and night. Baba, my mind always remembers You. In good times and bad, my mind always remains awake thinking about You. Baba please grace me by coming in my mind all the time-- during sleep & while awake, all the 24 hrs. Except You I do not believe anything. You alone are the love of my life. Baba, whatever may be the height of the tidal waves, and no matter how severe the difficulties are, always I will march ahead on Your path. And by Your divine grace I will continue to overcome all obstacles and reach unto You. Baba, other than You I have no desire. You are my Goal. You are my Ista. You are the Essence of my existence my Soul of soul. Baba, You are my dearmost, I love only You...
Namaskar, We all want to move ahead in life and leave old habits behind, but it is not always so easy. Often a person gets trapped or ensnared by past behaviours. The mind clings on to "old ways of doing" and gets entangled in past samskaras. For instance: A) A vegetarian fully aware of the negative effects of eating meat walks past McDonald's and then turns around, goes inside, and eats a hamburger, or perhaps one day he visits a friend's house and eats a vegetable dish that contains a fish sauce. B) A drug counselor, who's been "clean" for ten years and passes his days teaching others about the ills of doing cocaine, gets arrested for snorting cocaine in the basement of a pub. C) A sadhaka who's been leading a sentient life for many years reverts back to his old pre-sadhaka behviour by watching Hollywood / Bollywood films in the evening and skipping over his sadhana routine. We have all heard or seen such things transpire, either in our own life, in the life of others, or, most likely, both. Of course it does not have to be as blatant as the examples above. It can be as "simple" as reverting back to any past behavior such as eating sweets, or sleeping too much - even when we know that behaviour is not good for us. We know but even then we do it. How and why do such things happen? None should think that these events just happen to crude people. Even highly talented and successful people fall prey to this trap. Even our esteemed acaryas have experienced such falls, big or small. What is the reason? According to Baba and His teaching of Ananda Marga ideology, the cause and solutions to all these events are deeply rooted in spiritual science.
Here Baba points out the five types of avidya' and it is the last one - abhinivesha - that pulls human beings back toward their crude behaviors of old. Baba says, "In a human being, klesha-vrtti is caused by avidya'. Avidya', that is, the cardinal ignorance, is arranged in five stages. Those five stages are avidya', asmita', ra'ga, dves'a and abhinivesha. These forms of avidya' are the causes of the birth of klis't'a'-vrtti." (AV-2) Baba says, "Defective cognition causes five kinds of afflictions, which are also known as the five Avidya's: avidya' (negative force), asmita' (egotism), ra'ga (blind attachment), dves'a (repulsion) and abhinivesha (self-obsession)." (AMIWL-9) Thus it is abhinivesha which drags us back towards our dark past. Because the mind is fully aware about the past - but not aware about the future. Naturally then, it is quite easy for the mind to think about the past. It is a known entity. And then, once it thinks about the past, it is just a matter of time until one starts following those old patterns of behaviour. This is the common cycle or downward spiral.
Here Baba explains the key point about why abhinivesha is so dangerous. The tricky thing about abhinivesha is that in cent-per-cent of the cases the person involved knows that doing xyz is bad, even then he does it. Such is the strong pull or allurement of abhinivesha.
Abhinivesha: Svarasovahi vidus'ohpi tatha' ru's'hobhinivesha.
Baba says, "The last one and the most dangerous one is abhinivesha. Even the learned persons and the jina'niis, the scholars know that this is this and that is that or what is what and which is which. Even knowing everything they are entrapped by certain propensities. This particular nature of weakness is called abhinivesha. Several times you would see a teacher moving his fingers as if he is using a cane. In class room he uses cane. Now there is no cane in hand but he is moving his finger in that style. A drunkard knows that drinking is a very bad practice. Even then he can not give it up. These are all examples of abhinivesha." (AV-2) Even when the rational mind is aware that stealing oversleeping, lying, or overeating is harmful, still a person easily falls prey to their old behaviours. That is why it is so dangerour: despite our awareness of the inherent danger or harm, even then we resort to that action.
As human beings we are mostly guided by sentiment - it is rare for one to be exclusively guided by rationality and ideology. By His grace we can and will achieve this, but most commonly human sentiment pulls people in one way or another. In addition, that familiarity with ones old behaviors (samskaras) creates a deep impression in the mind. In that case, within our own mind we have a tendency toward animalistic or static habits. This is the case with everyone. Thus between the laws of karma and our sentimental mind, the human psychic plane is a breeding ground for abhinivesha. That aspect of avidya' ma'ya' grows like weeds in the human mind.
Here Baba points out how everyone - even great and talented people - get caught in the clutches of abhinivesha. Baba says, "Svarasova'hii vidus'o'pi tatha'ru'd'ho’bhiniveshah – “Even a great scholar, a highly learned person, who knows what is proper and what is improper, is still driven by his inherent reactive momenta, and knowingly moves towards improper and undesirable things.” This mental disease, which is in fact a crude movement driven by avidya' [ignorance, force of extroversion from the Cosmic Nucleus], is called abhinivesha." (SS-24) In each and every land and country there are examples of well-known, well-educated people who knew better but still got caught in the hell-fire of abhinivesha. And in the end, they suffered terribly for it, often ruining their lives. A few years ago, the very, very popular and well-respected governor of NY was caught in total scandal. For years and years he was a district attorney who fought hard against prostitution, and then while governor he himself got caught visiting a prostitute while on a business trip to Washington. He was obviously quite aware about the negativity and danger of prostitution, even then he himself got lured into it. In result he lost his job, faced severe public humiliation, and destroyed his family life as his wife and four teen-age daughters were aghast at what their father had done. This next case is more well-known. The former President Bill Clinton had been caught cheating on his wife before he became president - he knew of all the hazards involved - even then he fell into that trap again while president. We all know the details. No need to repeat them here. The main idea is that even when one has full and complete knowledge of the horrors and defects of doing certain wrongful or crude acts, still one falls face down in the mud because when those ideas start swirling in the mind, it is not easy to overcome the temptation. That is why even good people mess up and ruin their lives due to the nasty curse of abhinivesha. This happens everywhere. Indeed without sadhana, one is sure to fall prey to abhinivesha in one manner or another. And even with sadhana, we can see that often people get caught, to some degree or another, if they are not cent-per-cent careful.
Here Baba shares with us one story about abhinvesha. Baba says, "Incidentally, I remember a story. Once there was an alcoholic who realized, by studying good books and generally cultivating his knowledge, that addiction to wine is a very bad habit indeed. Under the influence of Vidya' shakti he even made a vow to give up the habit of drinking on the next auspicious day. When that auspicious day came he marched resolutely past the wine bar he used to frequent. When he was ten steps past the wine bar he said in self-appreciation, “Well done, mind. You are so firm in your resolution to kick the habit of drinking that you’ve succeeded in taking ten steps past the wine bar. Congratulations! Today I will reward you for your courage. Let’s open two bottles of wine!” After that the alcoholic continued to visit the wine bar regularly and drink large quantities of wine. This story is a beautiful illustration of abhinivesha or psychic obsession." (AMIWL-8) The force of avidya known as abhinivesh is so strong that even when we have been defeating that very problem, still it can crop up and ensnare us. Because abhinivesha resides in the deepest, darkest corner of the human psyche.
By Baba's grace there are a number of solutions, and we must adhere to most or all of them in order to conquer the age-old psychic ailment known as abhinivesha. 1) Reading the shastras - books of Ananda Marga - give us the knowledge and inspiration and lead a proper life, away from our past samskaras. Svadhyaya then is very important. However, svahdyaya alone is not enough. Theoretical knowledge can only bring us so far in life. We must also fortify ourselves with practical experience. 2) Singing kiirtan is a great way to divert the mind from old thoughts and invite a spirtual newness or slow in our psychic arena. By singing and dancing and ideating on Baba, then we can wash away the ill-effects of abhinivesha from the mind. Baba says, "The human brain is limited, and its nerve cells also have a limited capacity: they cannot tolerate these growing complexities. Kiirtan gives bliss to Parama Purus'a in the mental sphere, and it also brings joy to human beings both individually and collectively; it leads them on the path of welfare and frees them from all these complexities. It removes all the diseases of the intellect and allows people to think easily and in the proper way." (AV-22) 3) Doing sadhana is another very important practice for overcoming abhinivesha. Our sadhana system, as we all know is very scientific. It combines two distinct features or philsophies: As you think so you become & the channelisation of mind. With these principles at work in nearly every lesson- and most certainly in 1st lesson and dhyana, then one's entire mental stratum get cleaned and pointed towards the Supreme Entity. In that case all one's past samskaras related with abhinivesha get smothered and removed from the mind. 4) Surrounding ourselves with satsaunga helps ensure we stay on the proper path. Good company keeps us from reverting to old behaviours. That is why satsuanga is looked upon as a key ingredient for attaining liberation. Baba says, 'Satsaun'ga provides a positive psychic environment. Good company leads to liberation whereas bad company is the cause of bondages." (Yoga Psychology) Thus if we continually divert the mind towards Parama Purusa using the aforementioned practices and approaches then it is sure that we can overcome the trappings of abhinivesha. We must never let the mind get diverted towards negative thoughts and past samskaras. And the way to do that is to point the mind in a positive direction by thinking of Parama Purusa. Then abhinivesha cannot grab hold of us.
By Baba's grace,l from this very moment, we will all move straight toward to His cosmic nucleus and not get sucked into old, crude behaviors due to the psyhic disease known as abhinivesha. Baba says, "From where does abhinivesha derive its impetus? From the acquired sam'ska'ras of human beings. As long as human beings are guided by their own individual flow, they are microcosms, and when they are guided by the Cosmic flow (Brahmarasa or Para'rasa) they become liberated souls – they become one with Shiva." (AMIWL-8) Namaskar, Motilal
****************************************** Who is Dharmic
Baba says, "By observing people's conduct one will easily notice those who are absorbed in divine love. Such people could never think of exploiting others. Some of you know how I have described the exploiters. I said they are adha'rmika - unvirtuous and sinful people." (AV-7, p.12) In the above teaching Baba is guiding us that by seeing the conduct we can understand and recognise who is a devotee. Because everybody knows that devotees never cheat others. Whereas those who exploit others are sinful and they are not devotees. Baba says, "If by building big temples and large rest houses for pilgrims they think they are showing their love for God, they are false, vain, and hypocritical. By giving away illgotten money the exploiters will never be able to cover up their sins. One cannot acquire love for God so easily." (AV-7, p.12) Here Baba is warning us how certain misguided and simple people think that by erecting temples, big buildings, shrines, memorials and establishing holy lands like the Jamalpur birthplace and the Tiljala Memorial building they will thereby glorify themselves as great devotees. But the reality is something else. Because those who are behind these projects are just "hypocritical" and "false". They are cheating margiis by taking away their money and putting that in one of their tiirthas. Means such crude leaders knowingly give false sentiments and cheat and befool simple margiis in order to get their money. They say that, 'You will get virtue by doing this and that this is the only way to please Baba'. By this way simple people get deceived and tricked into giving their whole life savings to the Tiljala memorial or Jamalpur birthplace building. Baba says, "Those who have attained Iishvaraprema, can never and will never exploit others. They will raise their voice against all sorts of tyranny, injustice and exploitation. Those who do not possess that kind of honest courage to oppose all wrongs are nothing but fakes-- they are never genuine." (AV-7, p. 12) Some Wts do not like these types of negative tiirtha projects that are imposed by various crude so-called leaders of AM. Because building up a holy land goes completely against the spirit of Baba's omnipresent nature. So making a holy land is outrightly adharmic. But even then those discontented Dadas never dare to oppose nor do they ever express their severe dissatisfaction. With the ultimate irony being that they end up becoming tools to exploit margiis by convincing them to donate whatever money they have for building of these tiirthas. So those directly exploiting margiis and those who are cowardly supporting the dogmatic tiirtha agenda-- both these parties are fake. They are not genuine devotees. Everyone should recognise this basic truth which Baba is guiding in the above divine teaching.

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