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Baba Story: Right Education

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 22:56:14 -0000 To: From: Subject: Baba Story: Right Education Baba PS Intro: In the following song, the term 'parii' (angel) has been used to denote Parama Purusa Baba. So in Prabhat Samgiita, the term 'parii' does not mean some dogmatic religious angel. "Ghor timire ma'tha' nat kore bosechilum ekela'..." (P.S. 1946) Purport: In the deep cimmerian darkness, with my head hung low in shame and sadness, I was sitting along in an isolated place. One angel came from the golden divine world, extending its wings. The angel told me, "I am always along with you; you are never alone or helpless-- nor in the past were you ever alone. You are unaware that I am the angel of divinity and that I am your eternal companion. I reside eternally in your mind. So don't ever be perturbed or get affected by the spell of misery." The divine angel further revealed to me that, "Even if you are forgetting me and keeping distance, even if you don't remember or think about Me, I will never forget you. Lovingly I care for you and fulfill all your needs. Even by mistake I cannot avoid you. I always keep you close to me." In the deep, isolated dark place immersed in avidya maya, with my hanging head I was crying in misery. The angel from the divine world came close and blessed me...
Namaskar, One day Baba's laokika brother asked Baba for His guideline about the education of his [Baba's brother's] son, Niltu. But before asking or raising this question to Baba, first Baba's brother brought this point to many Dadas. And they were telling to send the young boy Niltu to one of those materially developed, prestigious, non-margii schools of high standard in Kolkata. Finally-- after discussing the matter with numerous acaryas-- Baba's brother approached Baba for His suggestion. That time everyone was thinking that surely Baba will also suggest some fancy school of Kolkata where the young boy, Niltu, will pursue his studies. But instead Baba suggested that Niltu must attend the school in Ananda Nagar and get his education there. Those who heard this felt surprised because those days in Ananda Nagar even the most basic facilities were not there. But it was Baba's firm recommendation that Niltu should attend his schooling on our AM Master Unit. And that is why Niltu went to study there in Ananda Nagar.
Here following is another example which guides us: (a) How we should educate our children; and, (b) How we should guide others also, if anybody asks us our suggestion. The point is that when Baba's own laokika son Gautam was living along with Baba-- those days before 1970-- then Gautam attended an AM school. So this stands as one clear path for what way we should do as well-- both with regards to raising our own children as well as what we should suggest to others.
The main idea is that our Guru has created one beautiful unique path; only the need is for us to accept that and bring it into practice. Because the AM system of neo-humanistic education is the proper solution to the present day crisis in the schools. But, if in place of using or recommending our AM schools and instead if one follows another path, then that is not the real solution. Rather the problem may become more complicated-- or even multiply. Because here Baba guides us how the AM system of education aims at the development of the entire human personality whereas other systems of education, especially those in the west, fall far short of the mark. And instead they mislead the humanity. Baba says, "Defective systems of education also strike a blow at pra'na dharma'...Ananda Marga is ever vigilant in this regard. The Ananda Marga system of education has been formulated in such a way that the fundamental pra'na dharma' of humanity has been fully recognised. The educational system of our schools is based on the principle of Pra'na dharma. It includes the study of various aspects of modern branches of human knowledge, as well as the development of qualities such as reverence, good manners, humility, dignity of labor, social consciousness etc. The western system of education has miserably failed to inculcate these rare qualities in the students minds." (PNS-18, p. 57-8)
In the general society, today's entire system of education has become crusty and outdated. That is why Baba has given us the neo-humanistic system of education. And there is a need to implement that. Otherwise getting out of the trap of one negative system and falling into another negative system, that is not the solution. It is just like leaving one broken boat and jumping into another broken boat, thinking that will save the life. But that is not going to save the life. Similarly with regard to the problems of the present day education system, the other alternative schools are not the answer for a child's entire growth. Such schools like the Waldorf system are not the solution. We always have to remember that Baba has made we Ananda Margiis as the medium for propagating ideology. So we should not feel shy to talk about that. Rather when giving discussing with someone about schooling then on the top we must recommend-- or at least mention-- our AM neo-humanistic education system. Because those alternative schools like xyz etc do not possess the all-round qualities of our sterling, neo-humanistic AM education system.
First and foremost our AM system of education is grounded in this supreme truth. When the social system is not functioning and society needs a way to move ahead, then Taraka Brahma comes in the form of Mahasambhuti. And HE provides all kinds of guidelines; so we are fortunate that we have all those things. So we should propagate. Here Baba is exposing the fact that due to the lack of proper education in the present society human beings could not develop properly. Baba says, "Human beings require proper training both physically and mentally. And this is what is called "education" -- properly training the physical existence and also the psychic world. Because of the want of such a training in proper time, there remains no co-ordination, no adjustment between inner being and outer being." (PNS-18, p. 41) And Baba further tells us that Ananda Marga's unique system of neo-humanistic education is the solution to the present problems of today's humanity. By the AM system of education along with sadhana, this will lead to the proper growth and progress of human beings. Baba says, "For this purpose we should have a two-fold approach. For the purpose of training this turbulent mind, what is to be done? One is to get proper education, one is to be imparted with proper education -- not general education -- in the gospel of, in the idea of Neo-Humanism. This will help human beings in training the mind. And at the same time spiritual practice should go on for proper psychic remoulding. This what we require most. There is no alternative." (PNS-18, p. 42) Namaskar, Mukunda Note 1: We should never be shy to wave the flag of AM education. Rather it is our explicit duty to make everybody aware about the beauty and utility of the system of neo-humanistic schools: Baba says, "It is the birthright of everybody to march in this universal march, to move along this path of righteousness. Just show the path to all-- just tell them, 'Oh, human beings, the path is ready for you, you just come!' Whoever is endowed with a human mind and a human body is entitled to follow this path." (NHNS-1, p. 66)
*********************************************** Health Guideline
Baba says, "Deafness is not a disease by itself, unless it is congenital. It is an after-effect or reaction to some other ailment...Excessive use of quinine or similar poisonous medicines for a long time reduces the power of hearing." (YT, p.43) Note: The intake of allopathic medicines contribute significantly to deafness. One can see this reaction especially in the case of small kids.

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