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Caught Up in Upadharma

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 23:17:30 -0000 To: From: "Mishra" Subject: Caught Up in Upadharma Baba "A'ndha'ra sa'gara pa're ke go ele..." (PS 1065) Purport: O' the Supreme Entity, who are You who has come to me from the divine world after crossing the dark ocean. You have come and done the impossible: You have made those flowers blossom, which had never blossomed before. Those whose minds were crude, You have made them spiritual. You have showered Your divine effulgence and filled this world with sweetness and love. O' Divine One, by Your grace You have come, broken the noose of death [1], taught Your sadhana, and shown the path of liberation. You have released me from the endless cycle of birth and death by granting me salvation. You have removed all my fear by keeping me close and helping me in all circumstances. You have satiated my heart with Your radiant love. You have showered Your causeless grace and filled my mind with divine bliss. O' Divine Entity after getting You, what is the need to have anything else. By Your grace, in getting You, I have gotten everything. All my longings have been quenched; I desire nothing else. All that I wanted, I got, by Your grace. O' the Unfathomable Entity, who are You. Baba, in my march from imperfection to perfection, in all the arenas of life, You are always with me. You love me so much, that is why I do not have any fear that You are going to leave me. In all times, day and night, You are always with me-- ever willing to help and guide me. Baba, You have removed the dark curtain of avidya maya. You have opened my eyes. By Your grace, after pulling me off the wrong path, You have brought me onto the right path. That which was unthinkable for me, You have given. I never thought I could get Parama Purusa; I could never even dream of such a thing. But today, by Your grace, You have made this possible and more than fulfilled all my hopes and aspirations. Baba, by Your grace You have given me everything I need. You have given me all of life's requirements: Physical, psychic, and spiritual. O' my Dearmost, in my dhyana, in my sadhana, You always come and smile like the crimson dawn. It is Your grace; it is Your grace. In the past, I was longing for various mundane things. Now, by Your grace, my mind is pointed and I only long for You, the Parama Purusa. You have aroused my desire to attain You. And You have quenched that desire by remaining eternally in my heart. When I am with You, then what else do I need? Nothing. I do not have any other desire. Baba, no matter how much I may know, in the true sense I do not know. O' Divine Entity, who is so loving and gracious, please tell me who You are... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #1065: [1] Noose of Death: Generally human beings are caught in the ongoing cycle of birth and death. When one comes in contact with Parama Purusa then that is the death of death, as by this way one escapes the endless cycle of birth and death. Baba says, "“Mrtyurmrtyuh nama'myaham.” “Mrtyurmrtyuh” means “death of death”...Whenever a man dies, he comes back again in another form. Again he undergoes death, again he comes back. This cyclic order goes on, and on, and on. Birth after death, death after birth – the cyclic order goes on. But what happens when one ensconces oneself in Him, when one becomes one with Him? One will die, no doubt, but after death one won’t come back. So when one is in deep love with Him, and death comes, that death is the final death. After death there will be no rebirth. Along with that death, death dies. So it is mrtyurmrtyuh – the death of death. So He is mrtyurmrtyuh." (AV-3) Baba says, "Those who take the name of the Lord are really intelligent and clever, because thereby they accelerate the speed of their spiritual progress. Those who do not do so, continue to move in the vicious circle of lives and deaths. This cyclical order of movement from life to death to life again is called the sam'sa'ra cakra. What will be the fate of a person who directs all his psychic propensities towards crude materiality? He will be caught again and again in the serpentine noose of death." (SS-21) Finally, the only way for one to escape the cycle of birth and death is to do regular sadhana. Then one is sure to get salvation and go beyond the noose of death.
Namaskar, As Ananda Margiis, we understand that surrender (prapatti) is one of the most important aspects of spiritual life as it leads one to the height of human glory. Yet there are many obstacles involved. Specifically, one way or another, people get caught up in their secondary dharmas or upadharmas-- job, family life, earning money etc-- and forget the real goal of life, which is to serve and please Him all the 24hrs. In theory, surrender may sound easy, but establishing oneself in this practice demands full commitment and dedication. True surrender is to have one-pointed ideation on Parama Pursua, in all circumstances. By Baba's grace we will all achieve this stance in life. Here are some thoughts on this important topic.
Now all over the globe, each and every land is drowned in materialistic pursuits. People are running after money, name, fame, property, sex, food, fancy jobs etc. This is the common flow-- everywhere. People's ambitions and aspirations are aimed toward mundane things. So it is very easy to get caught up in that race. Hence, the present-day society is one major blockade in developing a more spiritual outlook in life wherein one is able to cultivate a strong sense of surrender. Once a well-knit, Proutistic social order is created, that will help tremendously. Of course, still we will have our own internal enemies and bondages (reference sa'dripus and as't'apa'shas) to ovecome, but the development of a healthy social order will be a boon for our individual and collective spiritual lives. Even then, we cannot wait for such a time to begin our own practice of surrender. Rather we should develop a pin-pointed awareness of the problem and know the solution.
To survive in this world we must attend to our secondary dharmas, our upadharmas. That is, we must arrange our food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and livelihood etc. All these things we must do. But, according to Baba, we must never forget the main goal, our main dharma of becoming one with Parama Purusa. Although, in this present era, due to capitalism and materialism, people have basically lost the goal of life and have become submerged in their upadharmas, still there is hope we can turn all this around. No doubt people are chasing after money, wealth, the opposite sex, etc, but they are doing this with one hidden idea in mind: To find happiness. As soon as they realise that a particular upadharma cannot give them lasting happiness, then they chase after another upadharma. A person may first get a corporate job and opt to buy a Mercedes Benz in order to become happy, but that still will not satisfy him. So then he may buy a yacht or a fancy new house in the mountains for his family. But still that will not satiate his longing to find lasting happiness and peace. So the irony is that people's dharma is to find infinite happiness. They want to find and get Parama Purusa. Unknowingly, that is what is driving them in their daily pursuits. The problem is that in trying to find eternal happiness, due to the effects of materialism, they get stuck looking in all the wrong places. Instead of looking within for that Divine Entity, they chase after every allurement in the material world. In that way they have gotten caught up in their upadharmas. Even then, behind it all, knowingly or unknowingly, it is their true dharma that they are seeking. That is the irony of it all.
According to AM ideology, full surrender means doing for pleasing Him. But when one gets caught up in chasing after new automobiles, the latest cell-phone, and sexual relations etc, then those things get projected onto one's mental plate. Then one's ideation is goaded toward the material sphere. That is what it means to get caught up in one's upadharma. And by that way one can never become truly happy, because those limited things can never satisfy the infinite longing of the human mind. Yet this is the problem, nay tragedy, that has befallen most of the humanity. Instead of using mundane things like money, food, as merely tools for serving others and living in this objective world, those crude objects have become the goal of life. In that way, people are ideating on those secondary dharmas-- like name, fame, gold, and prestige-- all day long.
Whereas our true dharma is to surrender to the Supreme One, not any mundane object. That is Baba's teaching, as we all know. To achieve this, both second lesson (thinking of Him throughout the day) and sadhana are key. Firstly we are to be strict in doing all our meditation lessons regularly. By this process of repeating our personal siddha mantra, the mind becomes ensconced in His flow and directed towards Him. That is one aspect. The second part is to remember Him in all we do throughout the day. Because while we may do sadhana for 1, 2 or 3 hours, we will be involved in mundane works for many times more than that. So rather than thinking that 'I am earning money to serve my wife or for my own self-satisfaction', one should think that, 'I am earning money because He likes that I should serve others as they are also the children of Parama Purusa and by this way I am serving and pleasing Him'. And this type of ideation should be applied to each and every work, duty, and responsibility throughout the day: Always think that this action is for Him and that He is watching. The tricky part is that this type of day-long ideation is basically impossible without a strong sadhana practice. With theoretical knowledge alone, one cannot do it. Of course, everyone is aware about the importance and interconnected nature of sadhana and service. These are not new concepts to anyone in AM, but sometimes it is important to reflect upon how important these practices are in cultivating a feeling of surrender for Him. Again, these two above practices are complementary. The more established we are in sadhana, the more natural it will be to ideate on Baba throughout the course of the day; similarly, the more we think about Him during the day, the easier the mind will slip into His ideation in sadhana. So the two work hand in hand. In contrast, if one side is lacking-- either sadhana or brahmacarya (ideating on Him throughout the day)-- then that will be detrimental in all regards and the result will be that we will be glued to those upadharmas, i.e. those secondary mundane things, and not to Him.
Finally, by this dual approach of achieving full surrender in life, one great benefit results. When we attend to our upadharmas with the sole idea of serving and pleasing Him, and not for our own material gain etc, then we will be thinking of Him in which case the mind will be filled with infinite bliss. That is the true benefit human beings will get. Then and only then will our desire for lasting happiness be fulfilled. So true surrender, one-pointed ideation on Him, is the only way to achieve happiness in this world. All these teachings, Baba has given again and again throughout His innumerable discourses.
Human life is very short and only blessed people come in the contact with the Sadguru. We should follow His each and every guideline and reach up to Him. Baba says, "What then will sa'dhakas do? What steps will they take to maintain the health of the society, to establish dharma, to maintain the speed of social progress? It may be said here that there is just one step to be taken, and that is a very simple and easy one. In the Giita' it has been said:
Sarvadharma'n parityajya Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja [“Set aside all other dharmas and take shelter in Me alone”].
One basic element of human beings is their own pra'n'a dharma. Some people have one such quality, some two, and some twenty or twenty-five. Fire possesses not only its essential quality, the power to burn, it has some other qualities as well, such as keeping the environment clean, etc. All these are the dharma of fire. A human too has certain upadharmas [secondary properties or characteristics], as for instance his articular style of eating, particular style of laughing, style of bathing, etc. All these come within the category of upadharmas. Humans bathe regularly – not that they bathe on one particular day of the week; they bathe daily. All these are the especial qualities of human beings. It is in reference to these secondary properties that is has been said"
Sarvadharma'n parityajya Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja
"In other words, whatever other qualities and properties humans may have should all be considered secondary properties. That is, take your bath, eat your food, go on with your daily work, but remember that these are not your main vrtti [propensity]; do not take these to be your main propensity, but secondary propensities. Learn to follow only one thing as your main vrtti, your primary dharma, and that is Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja – “accept only Me as your refuge.”" "Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja – “take refuge in Me alone.” Why this advice? The reason is simple. It is not possible to put one foot in one boat and the other foot in another boat and to sail in that way. If you try to do that, you will end up in the water, and perish. Worship the non-dual Parama Purus'a with a single name. “Just as you move towards the shelter of Parama Purus'a, I say from My side:"
Aham' tva'm' sarvapa'pebhyo moks'ayis'ya'mi ma' shucah.
"Be you a sinner, lowly, fallen, a filthy mole, or even a worm from hell – whatever you may be – I assure you that I will always be with you. From your side you do your duty – take shelter in Me – and from My side I assure you of your liberation.”" (DKG) Namaskar, Satyanarayan
Baba says, "Sarvadharma'n parityajya [“Set aside all other dharmas”]. What is the meaning of dharma? It means “property” or “characteristic”. Jiivas maintain their existence through the expression of their inner characteristics in different spheres of creation. Every object in the universe has its own inherent characteristic: the characteristic of water is to make things wet, and that of fire is to burn. Centering around this fundamental characteristic, there are many secondary characteristics. For example, fire burns, but it does not burn the entirety of an object in the same way. It may burn one part of an object thoroughly and another part only partially. These different stages of burning are the secondary characteristics of the primary characteristic of fire, to burn. Water also has a number of secondary characteristics, and the collection of all these secondary characteristics is known as its dharma. To illustrate, when people eat, they do not mix all their food together and gulp it down voraciously, but follow a system of eating. For example, they may first eat bitter items, then semi-bitter ones, then sour ones, and finally sweet things. Sweets come at the end. The entire action of taking different items of food is called eating." "All dharmas have upadharmas [secondary characteristics]. Human life is no exception. For example, to provide for your family you require some sort of employment – be it agriculture, trading or business – you have to keep the house clean, feed everyone, and so on. These are the secondary characteristics included within the fundamental human dharma. What normally happens in human life? People get caught up in the secondary characteristics. For instance, when eating delicious food people often say “How good it tastes! But if it only had a bit more spice in it, then it would taste even better.” Being engrossed in the secondary dharma, people all too easily deviate from their main dharma. In ancient India, the usual custom was to offer a part of one’s meal to God before eating it. The spirit was, “May I remember You with every bit of food.” In Ananda Marga there is a system of applying guru mantra before commencing any action. The psycho-philosophy behind guru mantra is to transform the secondary dharma into the primary dharma at the psychic level. If this were not done then one’s secondary dharma would predominate. Much precious time is wasted by those who follow their secondary dharmas." “Give up secondary dharmas and accept Me as your supreme goal. Do not let your mind be diverted to those countless secondary dharmas, but concentrate it on the fundamental primary dharma. Only then will every moment of your life be properly utilized.” Now, what is this primary dharma? Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja [“take shelter in Me alone”]. Earlier I said that vraja means to move with Cosmic ideation in a state of bliss. The movement of human beings in this universe is not movement for movement’s sake, but is comparable to a vraja parikrama' [joyous pilgrimage]. No one moves even one step without any purpose. What does vraja parikrama' signify? We all know that just as the historical Krs'n'a lived in the Vrindavana of this world, our spiritual Krs'n'a lives in the Vrindavana of our heart. He is the nucleus around which individuals move.
Ma'mekam' sharan'am' vraja
"Do not run after name, power, position or wealth. Try to become one with Parama Purus'a." (NKS, Disc: 18)

Inherent Contradictions

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 23:21:52 -0600 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Paul Paltrow" Subject: Inherent Contradictions Baba "Tamasa' ka't'iche bihag d'akiche, purva toran'e khuliche dva'r..." (P.S. 4647) Purport: By His grace, today in the eastern horizon the sun has come, the birds are chirping with full joy, the darkness has gone. The crimson dawn is rising-- everything is beautiful; everything is charming. The door of a new era has opened. O' my brothers and sisters, everyone get ready. Do not remain drowsy and in a state of slumber-- Arise, awake. O' children, boys, and girls of the world, break the jail of dogma and staticity and come out. Now it is our duty to fulfill those great tasks which were started by sages in the past. We have to remain vigilant and keep the lamp of neo-humanism effulgent forever. By Baba's grace today all the darkness and staticity has gone; a new brilliant era has come….
Namaskar, In the wake of the current economic meltdown, to some degree capitalism is coming under fire, yet the glory of democracy is still soaring. However, we know that this is short-lived. Prout is the ultimate socio-economic system, this we all know; yet in this present era still "everyone" is running after democracy-- mistakenly thinking that "D" is the panacea. Of course we A'nanda Ma'rgiis are aware that on so many points Baba has openly exposed the loopholes & weaknesses of democracy. So the theory itself is faulty. And, in the practical realm also, here in this present world, the 'bastion of democracy' itself is riddled with hypocrisy-- therefore making it nothing but a 'Mockery of Democracy'.
Here are two points that are raided in this letter. The first revolves around voting rights and the second centers on indigenous cultural expression.
At the same time the greater overall picture is that the US again & again likes to herald itself as one of the 'great civilisations'-- the essence of modern democracy. However, those living within and without the US and especially those living in so-called Third World nations should not naively view the US as being on some high pedestal. It is not like that: The USA is not a great nation. Rather each and every day more of its loopholes and failures are getting leaked onto the scene.
Everyone on the planet knows this essential fact that the most fundamental point of any democracy is the right to vote. Indeed the world democratic leaders pride themselves on this ideal and when toppling any totalitarian regime or guerilla-style government, those same US / world leaders proclaim that 'let the people vote in their new representatives and / or president'. How far those elections are fair and just is another matter. Here the basic point is that democracy and voting go hand in hand. One is inextricably linked with the other. Where there is no voting there is no democracy; and where there is no democracy, voting is not a way of life.
These days one after another fire is being lit on the US political stage. All of which undermine the "sanctity" of the US democracy. One such point is voting rights and why certain citizens in the US are not granted the right to vote. In particular the discussion is roaring how those behind bars-- i.e. those in jail-- in most cases are totally denied the right to vote. According to US policymakers, just because those citizens did a big or little crime, then they have totally lost their most basic democratic right: Their right to vote. And then, interestingly enough there is another splinter in all of this. Namely that many behind bars are falsely accused and wrongly sentenced to US prisons. And in that case also they lose the right to vote. Of course the US is comprised of 50 states and this debate of whether prisoners are allowed to vote or not is whipping all around from east to west & from west to east. And the laws vary from state to state. In the large majority of states those in prison automatically lose their franchise-- that is they cannot vote if they are behind bars. But not only that some states take it one step further: Even after those prisoners have completed their jail term and are now free to live in society, still they are not given the right to vote. Such ex-cons remain disenfranchised. Here is but one classic case from a recent study: "In 2000, the study says, [the state of] Washington disenfranchised an estimated 160,000 felons, of whom 144,000 were out of prison." (Seattle Post Intelligencer, Jan 30 2006) And like that in each and every state there is some sticking point whereby in countless cases US citizens are denied the right to vote. It is no different from how things were in the past. Contemporary politicians are quick to laud and praise the US as being the greatest and longest standing democracy in the present world. Yet what they fail to say is that at the beginning only white land-owners were given the franchise-- no one else could vote. And it took nearly 200 years for the ball to come full circle (or nearly so) where women, blacks, and youths (18-21 years old) could vote. And still today the same claims are being made: That the US is the greatest democracy of all time yet now our prisons are more full than ever before and nearly all those inmates are disenfranchised, i.e. denied the right to vote. Hence in all the circumstances the US is besieged with hypocrisy and contradictions. Then how can anyone think that the US is the greatest democracy on earth, past or present. Yet this is the false billing that the US gets as it convinces more and more developing nations to formulate a democratic system based on the glory of the US.
In contrast there are many, many nations around the globe which openly grant voting rights to prisoners and encourage the democratic electoral process. These countries include: Israel, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, plus dozens and dozens of other nations.
Yet not only is the retraction of voting rights indicative of the US's tainted effort in establishing a true democracy. The US also has a horrific track record with regards to the treatment of native peoples. Everyone is well aware that in the contiguous 48 states of the US, the red-skinned native peoples (i.e. 'Indians' )were savagely and brutally destroyed. And up in the state of Alaska the same genocide was carried out against the Eskimos. The ruling elite of the US not only burned the bodies of those native peoples but also buried their songs, dance, history, and all their cultural expressions. This is the well-known and proven fact. And now the leaders and chiefs of these indigenous communities are trying again to raise their flag and point out the outrageous sins committed against them by the US government. Unfortunately it is a little too late. Already permanent damage has been done. The US has effectively wiped out those native societies and severely broken their backbones. Yet in their hypocritical stance, nowadays as the "spokesman" of democracy, the US strongly condemns leaders like Mugabe and the Chinese government which cracks down on ethnic minorities. So wearing their big boots of justice the US firmly proclaims that local and native communities should have their rights represented and protected in those countries. So in the world arena the US is quick to point their fingers at others in hopes of making themselves look good. But on their own homefront, the US is shackled by their own dogma and hypocrisy. Hence on numerous accounts and multiple ways the US democracy just cannot stand on its own two feet. Externally the US tells one thing and within their own borders the opposite is going on.
So from head to toe, Baba's Proutistic form of government is far more advanced and unquestionably more neo-humanistic than the present day democratic systems. For starters, included in Prout is Baba's samaj system which automatically honors and preserves the cultural expressions of all peoples. Native linguistic expression is looked upon as the cornerstone for preserving their legacy. And in totally all the 'ways of doing' of indigenous communities is given deep value. Hence on this point and many others Prout is the model of social justice-- far better than any of the standing democracies like the US.
So while the US likes to bask in being the originators of democracy, in one of His epic discourses on democratic life, Baba has revealed the first democracy was formed in India in the state of Bihar by the Licchaviis. Baba says, "The Licchaviis of Vaishali abolished the monarchy and established the first republic about 2500 years ago. The representatives of the people were known as Licchaviis, and they formed an executive body known as Mahalicchaviis through elections. The Mahalicchaviis controlled the power in Vaishali that was previously controlled by the monarchy." (PNS) Thus where is there scope for the US to go pounding its chest and proclaiming themselves as the torchbearers of democracy.
Here following is Baba's divine blessing that the day is not far when a Proutistic form of government will take shape on this dusty earth. Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only PROUT can save the world." (PE) Namaskar, Punya'tman
'Prisoner voting: world views'
"Overall, 48 states [out of 50 in the US] deny the vote to serving prisoners, 33 disqualify parolees from voting, and eight even bar ex-convicts from the ballot box. Only two states - Maine and Vermont - place no restrictions on prisoners." "Conviction rates among ethnic minorities in the US are much higher than rates among white people. As a result, a much higher proportion of black and Hispanic people are excluded from the vote." "This has prompted criticism and even several lawsuits claiming racial discrimination - particularly in Florida, where it is estimated almost one-third of black people are denied the vote." "The state was crucial in deciding the 2000 presidential election in favour of George W Bush and his Republican Party. Many in the defeated Democrat Party blamed the disqualification of ethnic minorities - traditional Democrat voters - for their loss." (BBC, 28 April 2005)
****************************************** Jada (Crude) Samadhi
Baba says, "Suppose, one is a great yogii but if there is no love for his goal, then those suspended propensities are finally converted into crude matter, that is, the subtle human existence becomes like iron, it becomes like wood, it becomes like sand. What a deterioration! What a downfall! This particular type of yoga where a yogii does not bear love for the Supreme Entity is called 'hat'ha yoga' in Sam'skrta. It is dangerous for the human elevation." (AV-2, p.18)

Improving Sadhana IV

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Foster Davis Subject: Improving Sadhana IV Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 23:38:29 -0400 Baba "Bha'loba'si toma'y a'mi, keno ta' ja'ni na'..." P.S. 2329 Purport: Baba, I love You but I do not know why I love You. You go on pulling my heart-- but what is the mystery behind this, how and why You are attracting me, that I cannot say. Baba, all I know is that You are the divine effulgence of my dark heart. By Your grace I will never allow that effulgence to get extinguished. Baba, I will always keep Your love in my heart. By Your grace I will always hold Your image in my mind. Baba, all the love I have in the deep core of my heart, and all the hopes and longings I have in my mind, all these desires and aspirations of mine are revolving around You. And by Your grace they get expressed through Your songs, dance, melody, and rhythms. Baba, You are the focal point of my life; You are my everything. Baba, by Your divine grace I feel that You are guiding each and every aspect of my existence. There is not even a single ounce of confusion in my mind. Everything is totally clear by Your grace. Where am I, where will I go, and from where have I come: All these types of useless questions never creep into my mind. Baba, by Your grace, I do not even want to know these things. Just I am fully depending upon You-- that You know everything and that everything is in Your control. For me that is enough. Baba, You are my shelter, You are my anchor. And You are the Supreme Controller of this vast universe. Baba, You are always ever gracious on me. I love You with all my heart; my whole existence is Yours...
Namaskar, Only margiis and those sincere field Wts who are following Baba can be classified as dharmikas. In this regard the number of dharmikas in AM is growing as more and more are interested in following HIM. Here is more about the series on Sixteen Points which speaks to Baba's given code of dharma.
Baba's teachings are the essence of dharma. This is the common fact known to all Ananda Margiis. So Baba's guidelines are-- by definition-- in accordance with natural law. Or, more explicitly, they are the natural law. Hence Sixteen Points is the pathway for the proper and wholesome development of human all beings. And by His grace we Ananda Margiis have experienced this on a first-hand basis. So step by step each and every guideline of 16 Points is leading in this positive direction on all the levels: in physical life; in the psychic sphere; and in the spiritual realm as well.
Nature has provided the human body with all the basic requirements for human life. Means it provides neither too little nor too much of anything-- by birth the human design is proper, whether male or female. And this all occurs with the golden stamp of approval of Parama Purusa Himself. Thus, with regards to point #2 of Sixteen Points, when all males are born with an attached foreskin, then Baba's expressed guideline is to simply pull the foreskin back upon reaching adolescence. Meaning that when born and up to the age of 12 or so, it is healthy, normal, and natural to keep the foreskin attached as it offers many inherent benefits; and then later on males can keep it pulled back as in that position also it has its plus points. Thus there is no need for any cutting etc.
That is why when Baba first delivered His guidelines of Sixteen Points in Patna just prior to the jail period, then Baba has simply told all margiis to pull the foreskin back. No further option has given and the Hindi and Bengali books of Caryacarya reflect His golden guideline. Meaning: Pulling the foreskin back is the sole teaching of point #2 of Sixteen points. In those original Caryacarya books there is no mention of the word circumcision. Only when certain later English editions of Caryacarya got printed did the word "circumcision" appear on the scene. Thus, when preparing the book for overseas sales, it seems those editors in short-sighted way made the so-called link that being circumcised fulfills the guideline of "keeping the foreskin pulled back". Yet in actuality, the circumcision term has nothing to do with Baba's expressed guideline. However in their naive way of dealing, on their own those editors actually gave circumcision as an option and printed that word in the English version of Caryacarya-- when in fact this is not Baba's guideline. And this word 'circumcision' never ever got included in the Hindi or Bengali editions of Caryacarya. Baba has never included it. And to this very day you will not find it in those editions of Caryacarya.
Thus the circumcision term is one of a small collection of words that got mistakenly added into or misapplied in our present day AM life, when in fact it really does not belong at all. It is similar how in our overseas countries the term dharmashastra has been wrongly used to refer to Dada's talks after dharmacakra. When in fact in the true sense dharmashastra only refers to Guru's dharmic discourses and guidelines. No Dada can give dharmashastra. So those talks after dharmacakra given by Dadas are really part of the practice of svadhyaya or less than that, depending. So the overarching purpose here is that those talks have nothing to do with the dharmashastra term. Yet for years and years in our various sectors from Berlin to Suva to NY to Hong Kong to GT etc-- in all these sectors various margiis & WTs were using dharmashastra in that wrong way. But now it seems that this is slowly getting cleared up or fixed altogether. But this is just one example of many how terms get added or wrongly used. And in a related way the circumcision term got wrongly latched up with AM society. And here's another example of how such things come to be. Often is that case in those Muslim countries our Dadas go there to try and do pracara and invariably during the course of the day they go to practice their own lessons of dharma sadhana. And then when locals ask about their whereabouts then one or another response comes that 'Dada is doing is namaz'. Thus in certain of those Muslim regions the namaz term has slid into our AM vocabulary. When in fact namaz is really nothing more than dogmatic Muslim prayer rituals-- and has nothing to do with dharma sadhana. But due to local misperception etc the namaz term got stapled onto the practice of AM sadhana. At the beginning times when new practices arrive then such things happen-- there are numerous example of such occurrences. When terms get misapplied or wrongly added etc. And it happened in the case of circumcision as well. Yet invariably in a short time all these things get cleared up via further reflection and heightened understanding.
As we think and use our rational minds it becomes increasingly apparent that the term and ritual of circumcision is a by product of semetic life-- and not part of our dharmic AM system. Baba says, "Human beings readily accept traditions without seeking the reasons behind them. Since ancient days the semites have been observing the practice of circumcision. Moses and Mohammed accepted this system which today has become tradition." (HS-1) And in this following teaching Baba is explaining how dogmatic customs like circumcision get carried over from one era to the next. Baba says, "Long ago the Jews started practising circumcision. When Moses converted some of his contemporaries to Judaism, and later when Mohammed converted some local people to Islam, neither prophet dared to instruct their new followers to discard the old customs they followed, consequently the old customs continued after their conversion." (PNS-21) By that content, style, and vibration of Baba's above quotes, it is quite clear that circumcision is really nothing more than on old, outdated ritual of prior eras and not one of the crisp, new, sterling instructions of Sixteen Points. And here is another letter on this topic
Perhaps the first step now is to think the situation through, talk with others, and apply our rational minds. And by this way in our various overseas sectors where certain margiis are "automatically" circumcising their male offspring, then little by little this practice will subside-- and ultimately come to a halt entirely. If already this is not happening. Of course in many sectors and certainly in our Delhi sector, then circumcision is not at all an issue nor an option. Because no one does it-- nobody. But in those lands that got painted in the colour of those Semitic faiths then circumcision developed into the mode of the day. Yet as Margiis we are not to get swept up into rituals of old; rather we readily pickup Baba's revolutionary new ways. And in this way dharma gets established-- step by step, point by point. So we should take care with our new-borns & infants by rationally applying Baba's dharmic code of keeping the foreskin as outlined in Point #2 of Sixteen Points.
Baba says, "You who are genuine spiritualists should practise spiritual cult thinking that by doing so you will become effective in maintaining the universal balance. You must think, 'I will personally move towards the supreme desideratum, and at the same time I will try to assist those who are suffering from despair, those steeped in blind superstition." (MVNS, p. 146) Namaskar, Purusottama
About this entire topic of circumcision, essentially the matter is quite clear and straightforward. However, there are a few auxiliary points here and there so if anyone has any thoughts or unanswered questions about any aspect of this topic then without any shyness that should be raised. Doing so will invariably help clarify the matter further for us all.
In our western countries and around the globe there is a fast and growing movement against the practice of circumcision. And in most cases the rationale is the same. People are rightly thinking that the human body is God's creation and that the way it is at birth is the perfect presentation. It does not need any alterations or tailoring-- no cutting or splicing. Just it is perfect upon arrival. And even those less theistic type of movements are doing away with circumcision by raising the call of nature. Their feeling is that just as the sun and the moon rise and fall in the sky, and just as the rivers and the oceans merge together on this earth, in the same natural way the human baby has it rhyme and reason and no one should interrupt nature's course. Thus we Ananda Margiis should rationally apply Baba's guideline so as not to lag behind. Rather that will keep us adequately ahead so that by His grace we will steer the humanity in right proper direction in all the spheres of life, from the very outset of one's birth.
This letter is part of the series on Sixteen Points. And since 16 Points is inextricably linked with all the realms and especially spiritual life, by following them we gain added momentum in our sadhana also. Here are the other letters in this series:
**************************************** Suffering of the Rich is Much More than the Poor
Baba says, "If money or wealth would have been the solution of all the problems then in that case rich persons would have always enjoyed being in a state of bliss. But in society it is not like that. The suffering of the rich is more than the poor." (Allahabad, DMC 1984) Note: In our western countries nowadays, where money is more free-flowing, the number of psychic diseases is multiplying day by day. The haves are coming under the nasty grip of depression, frustration, hopeless, and overall melancholia. In that state they are always sunk in some degraded psychic flow. This is rampant. That is why so many westerners like those in the USA go to psychiatrists and other psychic counselors in order to feel good. Because otherwise just by following their daily routine they succumb to depression. So they go see their chosen psychiatrist etc. But those sessions are often a band-aid approach at best. Because most of the time those very psychiatrists and psychologists are themselves depressed-- in that case what kind of guideline are they going to give. The only way out is to develop a balanced mind through the practice of sadhana. Then alone one can escape the the terrors of materialism.

Abortion & Acarya Diary

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:53:48 -0400 To: From: Miguel Subject: Abortion & Acarya Diary Baba "A'san pa'ta' a'che a'j toma' la'gi, ma'la' ga'ntha' a'che a'j a'chi ja'gi..." - P.S. 257 Purport: Baba, please grace me and come in my dhyana. I have prepared a seat for You in my Guru cakra-- I have decorated a dais for You there. Baba, when You come, after doing sastaunga pranam, I will do arati* for You. This will all happen at the time of Your reception. O' my Lord please grace me by coming. Baba, I have threaded a garland, and I am ever-awake, looking towards the path of Your arrival. Please come in my Guru Cakra, on the thousand-petaled lotus. Please come softly in my mental temple, in my dhyana. Baba, I have already decorated the lamp, and since lighting it, I have been waiting for You. I am waiting for You and will perform arati for You in my mental lotus. Baba,m please come, smiling, softly. Baba, I am asking Your grace. Please be gracious and come in my heart... *Arati= Ceremonial reception for the Lord.
Namaskar, In our Ananda Marga, human life is regarded as something sacred and precious. That is why when, around the globe, unborn babes are aborted each and every day, then as Ananda Margiis we should have our definite stance. We should know Baba's viewpoint and follow it, lest we fall into the pseudo-philosophies & quagmires of the day.
Although this issue of abortion is a hot topic, we should approach it with equanimity and rationality. Any margii doctor who may have performed abortions, and any Ananda Margii who may have chosen, directly or indirectly, to abort an unborn child, should distance themselves from their own views and actions, and grab onto Baba's lotus feet and adopt His guideline. What is expressed in this letter is not my opinion. I am neither part of the so-called progressive, 'pro-choice' community, nor am I a member of the dogmatic religious 'right-to-life' constituency. Just I am an Ananda Margii trying to understand Guru's teaching-- and follow it.
In Ananda Marga, murder is looked upon as a most dastardly deed; it is sinful. Under no conditions are we to murder anyone, especially not an innocent, defenseless babe. We should never knowingly terminate the life of any living being. We are to adopt the theorem, 'Live and let live'. The right to life is a cardinal human value-- the courts or prevailing governing bodies cannot override this. Regardless of what the laws may say, to knowingly and intentionally destroy the life of a living being is nothing short of murder-- and therefore a sin. The question with abortion then is, when does human life begin: (a) When a baby is developing in the mother's womb or (b) when a baby emerges from the birth canal. Here below in Acarya Diary, Baba directly states the answer.
In the 'Pranayama' chapter of our Acarya Diary, Baba describes the process of breathing and how it relates with life and death. Baba tells how death occurs on the exhale and life begins on an inhale. Now here comes the critical point: Baba tells that when an old person dies upon their final exhalation, then their next inhalation occurs when their next life begins as an embryo in the mother's womb. That is Baba's direct guideline. The key point then is that Baba is clearly defining that life begins inside the mothers womb. That developing embryo, that unborn babe, is indeed alive. That human embryo is a living, breathing being. In that case, we have no right to curtail or destroy the life of that unborn child, irregardless of the circumstances. So every abortion is a direct contravention of Baba's divine teaching.
No matter what the doctors may say, no matter what the social workers may say, no matter what the judges in the court may say, each and every abortion is a violation of cardinal human values. To abort a baby is to commit a sin. Baba says, "If the violation is in the spiritual code, rather the religious code, it is termed as 'sin'. If the violation is against the legal code it is known as 'crime'." (AFPS-6) If one breaks the law, one may be able to hide from the sheriff, the police, and the courts etc, but when one commits a sin, a distinct samskara is formed, and one can never escape. It is impossible. Baba says, "You are free to act, but you are bound to undergo the reaction. The moment you do an act you acquire the possibility of its reaction. Simultaneously with the performance of an act is being done, the seed for its reaction is also sown and its consequences have to be undergone. There is no escape from it. It is not within your right to get rid of it or to escape its fruits and consequences." (SS-1, 'Yajina and Karmaphala') So there is no escape for those who are involved in aborting babes. The termination of that human life carries a dark samskara. It is the equivalent of murder and one will have to undergo that reaction. There is no alternative.
In our modern society, abortions are performed on a daily basis-- everywhere. And so-called progressives have embraced this policy. Because the church is mostly looked upon as being dogmatic, then one becomes a "progressive" simply by going against the mandates of the church. But this fake definition of progressive plays no role in the life of an Ananda Margii. Our view of progressive means to follow Baba's teachings of Prout and Neo-humanism, i.e. to follow AM ideology. And when AM ideology directly states that human life begins in the mother's womb, then we should not get confused by or lost in the garble of so-called progressives who think that following the church is archaic and therefore the policy of abortion should be embraced. No Ananda Margii should fall prey to that false logic.
Nor should any Ananda Margii destroy their future by involving in the heinous and deplorable act of abortion. Because, regardless of who you are, whether a doctor, an expecting mother, or the biological father, in all cases to choose the dark ways of abortion is to invite a serious black cloud in the future. Because every action begets a reaction. Harming and killing an unborn babe is the equivalent of murder (unpardonable sin) and one will have to undergo that samskara. By being aware of Baba's guideline on abortion, we can save ourselves from such heinous reactions in the future. So all should be aware-- make the right choices in life-- and stay clear from abortion. By that way one can ensure that their future remains bright. That is the policy of Ananda Marga. To go against it by aborting babies is to invite all kinds of problems and suffering.
Here Baba guides that to be a true sadhaka we must respect the rights of all living beings-- even the those of the unborn child. Everyone want to survive and live their life; no one should put an end to this inherent desire by aborting unborn babies. Baba says, "Have mercy on all living beings."
Pra'n'a'h yatha'tmano...
"Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sa'dhu, or virtuous person." (Yoga Psychology, 'Instinct & Devotion) Namaskar, Mantreshvar
Doing an abortion is sinful. In many places it is not illegal, but according to the view of Ananda Marga, it is certainly sinful. Because each and every human being has the right to live, and to prematurely end that life, irregardless of the stage of pregnancy, is most definitely a sin.
******************************************** Fish Eating People
Baba says, "Fish eat all kinds of things. Because of this, the positive qualities of those foods which they eat they may or may not get; but, certainly they get the negative qualities or defects of those foods which they eat. In addition, fish quarrel so much among themselves; they are quarrel mongers. They eat each other; they feel jealous towards one another; and also they have the tendency to wander around aimlessly in an indisciplined, disorderly manner. Because of these negative qualities of fish, since ages there has been the feeling amongst the general public that those who are fish eaters, they get contaminated by these same defects." (SC-20, Bangla, Disc #156) Note: Amongst all of India, the most densely populated fish-eating area is Bengal. Indeed, Baba says that the main population of Bengal are kaevarta (fisherman community). In total there are a huge number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and water sources in Bengal; that is why fish flourish there. Thus in Bengal fish are known as water fruit. Except for very strict devoted margiis, most of them like to eat fish.

Not All of Mahabharata Era Represents AM

From: "A. Roy" To: Subject: Not All of Mahabharata Era Represents AM Date: Tue Nov 25 2008, 23:17 +0530 Baba "Asha'ni ulka' upeks'a' kari a'lokatiirthe calo cali..." (P.S. 744) Purport: Baba by Your grace I will go on marching ahead towards the effulgence, my Goal, by avoiding and overcoming all sorts of obstacles like thunderbolts & meteors. By Your grace I will not be afraid of the thorns and difficulties on the path. With Your strength, I will root them out, throw them away, and move on and on. Baba, all my energy is coming from You. Baba, on the path of my forward movement, there so many insects & nuisances. Plus various types of demons, ghosts, witches, and goblins are trying to create disturbances and fear on my journey. But by Your divine grace when I have fixed the determination in my mind to move towards You, then until I will not rest until I reach the Goal. Baba, by Your grace, with my feet I will go on crushing all the obstacles on the path, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. Baba. Your immense blessing is always with me. You are my Source and You are my Savior...
Namaskar, In a revolving email, someone is putting forth numerous replies given by Yudhis'thira, the eldest Pandava brother-- thereby indicating that Yudhis'thira's answers are the word of dharma. But we should all be clear on this idea that Yudhis'thira and the Pandavas were confused on many points. Only it was Lord Krsna's grace that saved them; on their own merit the Pandavas were not so good. Indeed if we see more closely then in the light of the dharmic teachings of Ananda Marga ideology it is quite clear that so many of Yudhis'thira's responses are misguided & filled with dogma.
In Ananda Marga, we all know that Baba graciously guides us that spiritual attainment is one beautiful and blissful process whereby one actively directs their mind towards God. Wherein all the mental propensities are channelised towards Parama Purusa. And in Ananda Sutram Baba gives this following truth.
2-6 Brhades'an'a'pran'idha'nam' ca dharmah
Meaning: To long for and run after the Great is dharma.
Baba says, "When knowingly one tries to attain the Great...that bearing is called dharma, and the effort involved is called dharma sadhana." (Ananda Sutram) Hence to get success, longing for the Great is needed. Otherwise-without desire-- how can one get Parama Purusa. The key point is properly channelising or goading one's mental desires towards God. Thus desire is one integral and important ingredient for attaining Parama Purusa. But Yudihis'thira is recommending one negative vision that one should rid the mind of desires.
The Yaksha asked: "What is that, by giving up which, man becomes rich?" Yudhishthira replied: "Desire, getting rid of it, man becomes wealthy."
So Yudhis'thira's reply is not at all good. Rather he just falls into the dogmatic ways of Buddhism where they try to empty the mind and remove all the desires. But this is just one silly notion that does not work, rather it hinders one's ability to progress. And in numerous places Baba says this concept of riding the mind of desire is utterly defective. So in the light of AM, Yudhis'thira's reply is totally dogmatic and false. The whole point being that true wealth-- spiritual wealth-- is not a result of getting rid of one's desire but rather a result of channelising one's desire to the Supreme. That's why in Ananda Marga we do not try to empty the mind, instead our way is to fully aim the mind in pin-pointed fashion towards Baba. So anyone like Yudhis'thira who says that one should rid the mind of desire is completely wrong.
In this next point Yudhis'thira is putting forth one dogmatic view about females. But in AM we do not subscribe to such negative ideas. Rather, in all the spheres of life-- from the right to do spiritual practices to the right to pursue professional employment opportunities-in dharmic fashion Baba provides all the rights and privileges to females as well as males. Perfect balance, opportunity, and harmony is there, considering the strengths and needs of everyone. And in particular on the point of working in society, Baba encourages females to engage in employment outside the house. Baba says, "Women may find employment in...government service, business, etc., outside the home. No one should be conservative or superstitious in this regard." (CC-1) So Yudhis'thira is giving one dogmatic reply that females have no role on this earth except to remain at home-- confined in the house.
The Yaksha asked: "Who is the friend of one who stays at home?" Yudhishthira replied: "The wife."
So by Yudhis'thira's dogmatic reply it is clear that he is telling that females should never leave the house. But this is just one dogma from the grossly exploitative and male-dominated agenda which focuses on the exploitation of women. So this crude notion that women are to be bound to the house is completely against the teachings of AM. Baba says, "Women may find employment in...government service, business, etc., outside the home. No one should be conservative or superstitious in this regard." (CC-1)
And not just these but so many points in this letter about Yudhis'thira's reply are filled with dogma. Such as his reply about who is brahmana to the definition of veda; and through and through it is just one dogma after another. All of which go against the eternal and dharmic teachings of AM.
Thus all the teachings of Yudhis'thira are not proper. Indeed on many occasions he was blatantly wrong and misguided. For example we know that Yudhis'thira could not pay heed to Lord Krsn'a divine plan to say that-- 'Ashvatthama hata...', meaning Ashvatthama is killed. Lord Krsna graciously gave the request to do like this in order to save dharma, but Yudhis'thira rejected it. Lord Krsna told Yudhis'thira that you have to do for dharma, and still Yudhis'thira replied-- 'I do not care, I will not do it'. Hence in the end Lord Krsna was forced to adapt His program accordingly-- all because Yudhis'thira would not comply. (Reference: Discourses on Mahabharata) Taken altogether then, Yudhis'thira was not a spiritual moralist, not a dharmika. Rather he was basically just a simple person who followed simple morality. And Baba points out that following simple morality (r'ta) is not good-- it is not even part of yama and niyama. Rather we are to follow satya, spiritual morality. (Reference: Guide to Human Conduct) So like this there are many dharmic things which Yudhis'thira could not follow. And in the same fashion, not all the things which Yudhis'thira told are great and high. Rather most are defective-- so nobody should be befooled about this. Plus we should be aware of such e-networks where people propagate such negative things. Indeed such networks are run in a terribly haphazard & inconsistent fashion. In which case how can we have trust in what they say.
The whole idea is that in the Mahabharata there are many wrong teachings & dogmatic things told by Yudhis'thira which Baba does not accept. Rather Baba has rejected them outrightly and even He was forced to create His own book about the Mahabharata in order to clear up all those dogmas. And as we all know Baba's dharmic book about the Mahabharata is very small and skinny. Whereas the original version of the Mahabharata epic which contains all those dogmatic teachings is very fat-- thousands and thousands of pages are there. By this way anyone can see just how many misguided and dogmatic things are in that version. And that is why Baba cut out all those wrong ideas and instead He has provided us with one distilled dharmic guidebook. So this dogma that Yudhis'thira and other types of such persons from the Mahabharata are our guides is not proper. Such a dogma should be removed from the mind. Only Baba is our Goal. Only He is the Sadguru and Supreme Friend who can guide us in all the spheres of life. Baba's teachings alone are our pathway. We should not follow any others. Baba says, "Ananda Marga alone is dharma and all the rest are sectisms." (SS-1 p. 63)
By Baba's causeless grace He has lovingly provided us with the divine truth-- the dharmic path of forward movement. Baba says, "As devotees, you should follow only Apta Vakya [Eternal Truth]. You should remember that the Sixteen Points are your Apta Vakya... By the Grace of, by the compassion of, Parama Purusa, you have received the Apta Vakya guidelines, and it is your duty to adhere strictly to the teachings and gospel of Apta Vakya". (AV-2) Namaskar, Amoghasiddhi
Here is another dogma regarding Yudhis'thira's replies whereby he gives one faulty view of happiness. Here first though is Baba's dharmic guideline:
2-3 Sukhamanantama'nandam
In the above su'tra Baba is guiding us that human desires are infinite and that the only way to satiate one's desires is by the attainment of Parama Purusa. That alone leads to real happiness. Because the divine love of Parama Purusa is limitless and can therefore satisfy human's infinite desires and longing. In contrast, running after limited objects will not work. That will not give real happiness. True happiness can only occur when one search is towards God. However, in misguided fashion, Yudhis'thira is giving one lackluster and incomplete reply that leads in the wrong direction.
The Yaksha asked: "What is happiness?" Yudhishthira replied: "Happiness is the result of good conduct."
So Yudhis'thira's reply is far off the mark because there are numerous atheist persons who may have good conduct but they cannot ever be truly happy by their mundane, worldly things. Because true happiness or bliss only comes from a God-centred existence and the attainment of Parama Purusa.
Here it should be clarified that there are only a few teachings that Yudhis'thira preached which Baba approves. Yudhis'thira's teaching about-- What is the Path-- has been accepted and a couple others as well. Thus most of Yudhis'thira's preachings have been rejected and should be tossed by the wayside. As A'nanda Ma'rgiis we should not get (mis)guided by all of Yudhis'thira's dogmatic views. Similarly Shankaracarya is not our guide. There is one good thing he told-- Bhakti is the best. But side by side so many nonsense things Shankaracarya preached which we must kick away. Likewise, Buddha told only a few good things good--- 'Cakuna Samvaro Sadhu...' -- but most of his teachings of negation and nihilism are not proper and he could not guide the society. Baba says, "[Buddha's teachings] lack charm and do not expound a good reason for living. This explains perhaps why Buddha never considered the idea of forming a society." (HS-2) So we should not propagate or get befooled by those who are propagating such dogmatic works. Rather Baba is our Polestar. And by following Baba we will always be on the path of dharma.
******************************************** AM in Comparison to the West
Baba says, "A'nanda Ma'rga metaphysics is really unique and revolutionary. Metaphysics as explained in the West is not supported by modern physics. Modern science, while attempting to trace the prime cause of creation, has been upgraded to idealism above materialism. But facts of metaphysics as presented by modern philosophers are supported by materialism or extreme idealism. Both views are equally one-sided and unscientific." (APH-4)

Can we call it Dharmashastra

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 21:42:54 -0000 To: From: Subject: Can we call it Dharmashastra BABA "Saba'r priya tumi saba'r a'pan..." (P.S. 4723) Purport: Baba, You are everyone's most loving and closest One-- everyone feels that You are their own. Baba, because You are, I am; And because of You this whole universe also exists. Baba, from the peak of the snow-covered, sky-kissing mountain to the deep, serene ocean; from the sun of the crimson dawn to the colourful evening sunset-- everything is Your divine creation. The flowers, fruits, shrubs, forest, and garden-- all are Your expressions. Baba, You are the divine Lord of everything. Baba, with Your compassion You are looking after one and all; You never hate anyone. Baba, You reside in the mind & You are in the heart-- even then I do not see You, but I feel You. Baba, You are so great: I am always asking Your forgiveness that You please grace me, and in full surrender I always do sastaunga pranam to You-- each & every moment. Baba, You are the most loving One, the most dear Entity of one and all. Baba, You have created this entire vast universe. Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, Throughout the course of history, in various religions, dogma has been injected by selfish people. And in most cases those selfish people were senior priests of the same religion. Just like with Buddhism, after Buddha passed away senior priest disciples of Buddha injected various dogmas into Buddhism--and now it is full of dogma. And in their own way Catholic Priests, Muslim Maolbis (priest), and Hindu Pandits (Hindu priests) did the same thing. In order to establish their own supremacy they manipulated the teachings according to their own view. And for hundreds of years, religious followers practiced those dogmas. Indeed even the teachings of Lord Krsna were gradually adulterated by the priests. And the resulting degeneration that came and was not small but huge, but rather huge. So many false things got propagated; and various dogmas took root. The sense is that dogma most often gets started from within that religion itself-- by those very people, i.e. priests, who are in charge of preaching that religion. So that is the tragic irony. Thus in our Marga we have to be extra-cautious & vigilant on this point. Because Baba has given countless divine teachings that cover all the spectrums of life. And it is our duty to carry those things in untainted manner to all the four corners. But unfortunately what to speak of spreading Baba's gospel of neo-humanism and wiping out the existing religious dogmas. Instead of that some Dadas have infused their own dogma(s) in order put themselves on top and reserve some special status for themselves. That happened in the way they manipulated Baba's sacred concept of dharmashastra. Some do this knowingly and some very innocently. Most understand that dharmashastra is something very important and should be followed. Indeed Baba Himself told like this. So to capitalise on the situation some Dadas have misguided some innocent overseas margiis to think that their own words are dharmashastra and therefore should be followed. In that way some Dadas are getting their own talk accepted as being dharmashastra and unsuspecting margiis are believing that and following those things. In my sector and in our other overseas sectors this negative practice is going. To clarify this matter we should first reference Baba's guideline about dharmashastra. Certainly most senior Margiis have read the book Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell part 4, Chapter 10, "Our Spiritual Treatise". In that chapter, in first paragraph Baba has beautifully described about the definition of dharmashastra. Baba says: "Dharmashastra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation; it must be practical, rational, infallible, and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truth. It must be aptavakya. A scripture is a guiding entity. The Subhasita Samgraha series of books are the scripture of Ananda Marga ideology." (APH-4, 'Our Spiritual Treatise') Hence, according to Baba, dharmashastra means aptavakya, eternal truth-- His direct discourses. In particular Baba expresses that our dharmashastra is His Subhasita Samgraha series of books etc which contain His DMC discourses. So the English equivalent term of "dharmashastra" is spiritual scripture. By this it is clear that dharmashastra is one very high thing of deep import that is sacred and should be followed. And top of all dharmashastra is purely related with Guru's teachings only. It is not the direction, talk, or gossip of any a,b,c,x,y,z human. But what way certain Dadas have falsely instituted the word 'dharmashastra' in our day to day life is completely dogma. Because in overseas sectors the term dharmashastra means a Dadas' lectures or stories etc. Such as a particular Dada's travel story which he speaks after dharmacakra, that story session may be 10 minutes, 20 minutes 30 minutes or one hour, where in our overseas areas this entire session is called as "dharma sha'stra". Indeed it is the common practice that just after dharmacakra, usually a Dada comes forward and tells his travel stories/journey, or some simple or crafty gossip he will do. In this way some Dadas created the false aura that this is dharmashastra. So this is their thing. And by this way they infuse all sorts of false tales and reassert their dominance over margiis. Again, some do this knowingly and some innocently. Whatever may be, multiple inaccuracies are going on. First thing is that dharmashastra is not just the regular gossip or travel story of one or two Dadas. The real meaning of dharmashastra is spiritual scripture, which Baba has given in 'Our Spiritual Treatise' chapter-- and many other discourses also. So dharmashastra means Baba's perfect scripture, not just the gossip of a certain Dada. And the next thing is that after dharmacakra, then Baba's books must be read-- otherwise that dharmacakra is treated as incomplete. In place of reading Baba's books though, a few or one Dada's gossip and travel stories will not do. Rather with all due respect those Dadas should tell their tales during some leisure time not during one of our dharma gatherings. But a couple of Dadas are are doing things in inopportune time-- As if Baba's dharmic words can be left aside and the vacuum can be filled with any... Not only that but in the holy name of dharmashastra a few Dadas use that as a platform to gather funds for their groupist agenda. That recently happened at our local retreat. So this cannot be tolerated. The idea being that the dharmashastra term itself carries a sanctified meaning. As that is the word of Guru. So misues use of the term dharmashastra and telling travel tale gossip is not appreciable. It is just like if one persons starts selling alchol and calling it as 'Avadhuta' brand liquour. That is just degrading to term-- avadhuta. Similar is the case of dharmashatra when in the name or that just their mundane travel tales are told. Or if in the name of using the term 'turban', instead we say pajama. But we cannot then justify by saying that Dada has pajamas on his head. This cannot be supported. So step by step these various dogmas have taken root in the name of dharmashastra. And in this way some Dadas try to infuse their voice as being the same as Baba's grand teachings. But this is just their hypocrisy. So those few Dadas who are doing like this, their lectures should not be treated and followed as a dharmashastra. Because what they are giving is something from the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Because the worst part is that some few Dadas use this as a way to place themselves on the same scale of Baba. And in that way gain supremacy over the margiis and get their own selfish agenda implemented, just like those dogmatic religious priests of old. But if we all become alert and vigilant about this then surely this dogma can be smashed because nothing should be permitted to stand in the way of Guru's sacred and blemishless teachings. In this regard we should pay heed to Baba's following mandate. Baba says, "We should also remember that in the realm of dharma there must be clear-cut injunctions in the form of dharma sha'stra [scriptural treatises] and simultaneously there must be strict guardians who during their lifetime guide themselves as well as others according to those scriptural injunctions." (NSS, 95 Edn, p.200) Namaskar, Mukunda Note 1: In our book Caryacarya, Baba has explained that dharma sha'stra means 'scripture'. And scripture means Subhasita Samgraha etc. That means, Baba's discourses on a dharmic stand. Only dharmic discourses of Baba will be called as "Dharma Sha'stra". So, naming certain Dadas' travel tales or their own dreams as "Dharma Sha'stra" is not good, rather blasphemous. But some of those Dadas who are conducting dharmacakra don't like to give up their negative dogma. That is to say, this dogma of using the wrong term is going on since decades. And a few Dadas are thinking that, "Let it be like that, in this way I can keep the top chair in the eyes of margiis. And what I say they will follow." So overall this wrong use of dharmashastra is not good, rather damaging and unholy. Because Baba's divine & dharmic discourses are incomparable. And those doing trickery in the name of that are doing... Unfortunately this is going on in overseas countries where dharma sha'stra means Dadas' travel stories or whatever else they may tell in that time. And in that way they push their own agenda and place themselves on the same pedestal as Baba. Note 2: This term "dharma sha'stra" refers to Baba's spiritual scriptures only. Because in our Marg, there are three types of Sha'stra: (A) Dharma Sha'stra/Spiritual Treatise (B) Darshan Sha'stra / Philosophical Treatise (C) Samaj Sha'stra/Social Treatise.' So Dharmshastra refers to those spiritual, dharmic discourses only. And the reading out and discussion of those discourses after dharmacakra comes within the practice of svadhyaya. Note 3: If any Dada wishes to tell about their travel experiences then that highly appreciated. After all we are all family members and hearing about each others exciting and humorous experiences is part and parcel of human life. This type of sharing is good. The main problem is that it should not be done directly after sadhana during our dharmacakra program. Means it should not be done in the name of dharmashastra-- nor in the name of svadhyaya. Such story telling can be done during or after the collective meal or perhaps during other times of leisure. Because after collective meditation a few paragraphs or minimum 1 paragraph from Baba's books should read aloud to everyone present. This is the minimum system, and this read and the explanation thereafter is known as svadhyaya. Note 4: Baba says, "In the realm of dharma the only true guide and controller and protector of the people is an excellent and comprehensive ideology which provides definite, clear-cut, and bold directions." (NSS, '95 Edn, Shivapodesha-4) Note 5: Here Baba's following lines are infused with a feeling of upliftment and cosmic fraternity. Baba says, "No entity in this universe exists individually. Ours is a universal family. Each and every entity -- living and non-living, moving and non-moving -- helps others in maintaining not only their equilibrium, but also the equipoise of the entire universe, not only of this small planet Earth. We are to move together with all." (SS-18, p. 40)
****************************************** Most Noble Work
Baba says, "Soon after Alarka became king, his kingdom was attacked by a neigboring king. Alarka was defeated in battle and forced to leave his kingdom...Alarka decided to give up everything and go out in search of eternal truth...When Alarka's reputation as a great yogi had spread far and wide, the conquering king requested him to take back his kingdom...'Alarka, come and take back your throne,' said the king. 'No', replied Alarka, 'I'm too busy now as I have to propagate dharma in the world. I am bound to serve the society and thus have no time to look after the affairs of the royal administration'." (AV-7, p.47-8) Note: After '90, some power hungry monks of our AM went astray from Baba's above noble teaching. And instead they made the attainment of power and post as the be-all and end-all of life. That is why various serious crises have come; because those hovering around the helm forgot Baba's above golden guideline and just began chasing after power and post. When in fact Baba's timeless teaching is that propagating dharma is the greatest and most noble pursuit in life and the best way for building up a vibrant, healthy society. Note 2: We can also see by His practical example that when Mahasambhuti advents on this earth then He propagates dharma and also goads others in this same endeavour. Lord Shiva, Lord Krsna, and Sadguru Baba have given all the dharmic teachings and their each and every moment on this earth was used in the propagation and teachings of dharma.

Mumbai Meeting: Clash, Shouting, & Abuse

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2006 14:28:41 Subject: Mumbai Meeting: Clash, Shouting, & Abuse Baba
Namaskar, Here is a report about the recent global meeting in Ailbag (near Mumbai) held 18-19-20 of November 2008.
1) The meeting of 3rd front and Kolkata B group started on 18th of the Nov. and finished on 20th of Nov. Meeting was held at Alibag near Mumbai in India in the well-managed, beautiful, luxurious farmhouse of Mr. Agarawaljii of Mumbai. 2) About 50 WTs and some margiis were present there. Margiis were not there to support any dada or group. Most of the margiis were there to establish unity of the organisation. 3) The main motive of the meeting was to unite so-called unity group and Kolkata B group. Senior strategic margiis thought that if Kolkata and 3rd front unite then Ranchi administration will become smaller and will have less strength than this other "united" group. And then unity will be easier.
4) On 18th morning, the meetings started with discussion about "unity action plan." Many suggestions came of which two are highly important. The first and main plan was to make one united "Global Interim central body" with senior members of both Kolkata and so-called unity group. Margiis and many workers supported this idea but Kolkata B group dadas (Kalyaneshvara'nanda, Dhayanesha'nanda, Bhavesha'nanda, Rtbodha'nanda)) strongly opposed and condemned this idea. They mercilessly kicked the idea of unity of one united organisation. They openly told, "Kolkata administration would never support or accept total unity ideas, legal unity or one united administration." After this announcement of disunity by Kalyaneshvara'nanda, all the margiis were shocked. Between disturbances and opposition from margiis, Kolkata dadas also told that they would never make one central body. They also told that they would never share power with unity group people. Dhaya'nesha'nanda of B group invented his own fallacy or lame excuse that actually this unity plan is nonsense and they (Kolkata group) are not so stupid so they would ever get betrayed again by unity group people. Wherein they came together only to see B group get kicked out. Dha'nesha'nanda told that Kolkata people will never lose power again. They will never share power with unity group.
5) Kolkata administration gave their plan that Kolkata and unity group will be separate administrations. They put forth their crude theory that they will have their separate CC, ACB, etc. And from both administrations on every level there will be interaction committees which will discuss about get-togethers and united social functions. But legally and practically on administrative or political levels there will be not unity, rather both groups will have their separate existence and administrations. B group told that we don't want unity, we want co-ordinated co-operation with unity group. Actually B group just wants a little support of unity group to make inroads margiis. After the murder of Dada Abhiprema'nandajii, B group became totally untouchable in the eyes of margiis all over world. B group is co-operating a little with unity group now just to become touchable.They have their ulterior agenda to take revenge against unity group leaders. B group dadas have their inner agenda that once they get direct support of Hindi area margiis, then they (B group) will throw unity group people out like flies off milk. That's why B group is not agreeing on this point of unity, rather they are giving pressure on collective functions, seminars, entrance in each others Ashrams etc. When B group have grip on common people then naturally B group will capture the area. EC wanted to merge in order to access Bengali areas and B group did not want to share power but rather extend their power and gradually capture other areas like the East India Company did.
6) After all this it was clear that there will be not unity between the "unity" group led by Parmeshvara'nanda, Vandana'nanda, and Kolkata / B group. In the 2nd half of first day meeting it was clear that unity among these factional groupist leaders was impossible. The overall situation was bitter. Nobody was feeling comfortable. Margiis were sad. They were telling that they were not thinking that these senior dadas are such like Satan.
7) Just after 2 hours of meetings, then hot discussions, shouting, using abusive language was common. Group leaders were staying in separate rooms with their own group partners. They were not talking with other group members. Many margiis and unity group leaders gave harsh speeches against Kolkata administration. Then Kolkata people left the meeting hall and went to their rooms. Night time they were not ready to take food. After lots of buttering by the organisers, then 3 dadas from Kolkata took food but Rtbodha'nanda did not take food there. He took Murhi (Puffed rice). He told that he will eat what he has brought from Bengal. 8) Once when Bhavesha'nanda was giving a speech, then he started telling something against Goenkajii. Goenkajii stood up and started shouting against Bhavesha'nanda in the middle of speech. This type of shouting and abusive language etc was common. So there was a chaos in the meeting on the first day even. Then the other two days there was not serious discussion about unity. Just everybody was feeling they should talk about something else. Instead of discussing the problem of factionalism and disunity in centre, they talked about development of ladies and youths and unity of margiis. Margiis were telling that they came here after leaving their home and work, spending money and these dadas are worshiping disunity. Many margiis were thinking that this meeting was just waste of time and money.
9) Some senior margiis told that to get unity in the organisation first we should destroy causes behind disunity. One margii told that if "Truth will be one then organisation will be one." He showed 5 Carya'carya of difference versions. Margiis supported Carya'carya of before 1990. They told clearly that CC can't be changed or revised. One very senior margii told that "Revision of the Ideology (Scripture) will create division of the organisation". So it should be proper. But neither B group nor unity group was agreed on these ideological issues. Both groups avoided these points.
These were the main aspects of the meeting. Other small points will be discussed in future mailings. By Baba's grace, true margiis and wts know that unity can only be made based on ideology, not on any groupist compromise. By not following Baba's below teachings then we will witness a mess of group interests and clash, as happened at the Mumbai / Alibag. Baba says, "Where there is no propagation of satya, people indulge in individual selfishness or group selfishness. The aim or object there is not enlivened with the idea of collective welfare. The only object of the party concerned is how to establish oneself in this material world by means of the use of well-knit language and cunningness." (Tattvik Diipika, part 2) Baba says, "Never do anything only to serve the interest of the party [group]. Whatever you do should be for the benefit of the mass, for the welfare of the people." (Tattvik Diipika, part 2) Namaskar, Parashram

Publications Knows Many Ways to Confuse People

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: Publications Knows Many Ways to Confuse People Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:27:53 +0000 Baba "Tumi bhuliya' giya'cho a'ma're..." (P.S. 4102) Purport: Baba, You always hold me in Your heart. That is why it is so painful that now You have forgotten me. All my efforts are going in vain: Singing Prabhat Samgiita according to the tune and melody, crying in yearning for You and looking towards the path of Your arrival, and also trying to hold You in my ideation, meditation, and dhyana. All these efforts are getting wasted. Because You have forgotten me. That is why You are not paying any heed to my efforts. O' Prabhu, by Your grace I never forget You. Because Your introduction is my introduction, then how I can forget You. By Your wee-bit of grace all the time-- every moment-- I am always floating. My whole existence is depending upon Your karuna, divine compassion. Baba, age after age-- what type of liila is this that are You are playing with this meagre entity like myself. In Your divine liila my role is to always get neglected by You. This has been going on since ages; You never cared about me. Baba, You do not love me. Baba, all the time, in the dawn, morning, midday, evening, You go on playing hide and seek with me. Why this type of divine play. Baba please come in my heart...
Namaskar, With the recent printing of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12 (2008), it is evident that there are a number of ways that the Tiljala Publications Dept is trying to confuse people. Let's first address the tactics used in AV-12 and then focus on AV-11. (Note: For those who may not be aware, these two volumes (AV-11 & AV-12) are part and parcel of the very same book, i.e. the same publication. They have the same cover, the same binding, and the same back.)
Ananda Vacanamrtam part 12 (2008) contains discourses which Baba graciously delivered during His European tour. Hence, those discourses were originally given in English. To publish an English edition of those discourses, as was done in AV-12 (2008), then absolutely no translation work is involved. Zero. It is purely the matter of transcription: Simply type what Baba has spoken and the book is complete and correct. Unfortunately, the English discourses of AV-12 are laced with thousand and thousands of errors: And when anyone raises any of these errors with those Publications personnel, then they give their own false logic and reasoning. Their lengthy sermon goes something like this: 'You see, we are translating the discourses of Parama Purusa. How can a human being do such things. To do such translations takes immense talent, language skills, precision, and subtlety of mind. Blah, blah, blah; blah, blah, blah.' What they totally forget to mention and fail to understand, is that printing an English edition of AV-12 needs no translation work at all. Zero. All those discourses have been spoken by Baba in English. All that is needed then is to faithfully type what Baba has spoken. There is no subtlety of translation involved; indeed there is no brain power involved. Just type what Baba spoke-- then the book will be proper. But even this much could not be done by Tiljala Publications as there are huge, gaping holes, missing text, wrong words, missed phrasing, and the like on each and every page. Every page, every paragraph, and nearly every line. There are thousands and thousands of careless and obvious errors. Yet when any concerned margii raises such matters with Tiljala Publications, then one of their cohorts like Kirit (California, USA) comes forward and issues his sermon about the delicate and sensitive nature of properly translating AM books. And he'll say something like, 'How can a human being truly translate the Lord's discourses. This will take years and generations. No one on the planet now can do such work.' This is the type of reply one will receive from Kirit. Yet again, in AV-12, there is no question of having to do even one syllable of translation. The discourses were given in English. It is just a matter of transcription. Type what Baba spoke and the book is ready for publication. And when Tiljala has all those original cassettes, then it is not at all a difficult job. Any typist off the street can do the job. But Kirit describes the task as being something gargantuan that cannot be attempted or done by any living, breathing human being. And he and his pals just deliberately try to confuse the mass of margiis about the great sensitivity, if not impossibility, of their so-called translation work. Indeed it seems that those helpers like Kirit, who are affiliated with the Tiljala Publications team, have become blind and lost their sense of rationality. Otherwise why is it so difficult for them to see the light of day on this issue. AV-12 is just a matter of transcription, not translation. Ultimately it is an easy solution: Baba spoke in English, type what He spoke, then print it. Then the English edition of AV-12 will be complete and proper.
The real danger is that once all those gross errors and mistakes get incorporated into a printed volume, like AV 11-12 (2008), then those mistakes get passed down from one generation to the next. This is the way so many books and scriptures have been distorted in the past, throughout the human history. Just see what happened with Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna's teachings. So keeping quiet about AV-12 means accepting those errors for hundreds of years. Because the next volume will not be printed for 25 more years and by that time readers will have forgotten about the mistakes, and again the same type of garbage edition will be published. And it will go on and on like this. Our AM books will be wrong from one generation to the next. So distinct action is needed to ensure that this problem is finished and solved once and for all. We must continue to raise the matter that AV-12 should be printed "as is". Just accurately transcribe what Baba has spoken and the English edition of AV-12 will be complete. Tragically, up till now the Tiljala Publications team could not do this and when questioned about it they resort to all kinds of silly justifications about their so-called art of translation.
Now let's switch the discussion to AV-11, which is composed of Bengali discourses. Some days back, a letter was posted about the use of glossy photos of dogmatic idols in the newly published, Ananda Vacanamratm part 11 (2008). That letter raised two main points: (1) That certain leaders will do anything and everything for their agenda of the Bangalistion of AM, including littering our AM publications with photos of dogmatic idols exclusively from Bengal, and no other place. (2) By putting photos of dogmatic idols in our dharmic AM books, the publishers are goading people's minds toward the crude practice of idol worship. So just as we do not show pictures of alcohol and cocaine in books where Baba is talking about the dangers of intoxicants, similarly we should not highlight idol worship in discourses where Baba is tearing down that dogmatic practice. Best is then not to have any photos of religious idols in our AM books. Here are some of Baba's key teachings about this second point.
The whole entire globe has been running after religious dogmas like idol worship for centuries if not thousands of years. Each and every tradition, each and every country has such a history of chasing one religious dogma or another. People are accustomed to this as it is an easy or cheap way to pray. That is why in our AM books, it is essential that we not highlight those very dogmas we are trying to draw the world away from. Rather we should highlight asanas, sadhana, kaoshikii, or kiirtan in our photos, not dogmatic idol worship. In a phrase we should not replicate the very dogmatic environment in which they are stuck, but rather introduce a new, more sentient, way of living. Baba says, "The best psychological cure for addicts is to put them in an environment where they will be unable to think of their object of addiction for any length of time. To proclaim, “Don’t do this, it’s bad,” is futile, for it is a negative approach. If you say, “Don’t drink wine”, you are still injecting the concept of wine into the alcoholic’s mind, thus making it impossible for him to forget it and kick his bad habits. You are giving alcohol negative publicity, and it again becomes his mental object. Thus whenever he gets the opportunity he will certainly drink it again. And it may be that this negative approach encourages the alcoholic to become even more addicted. It is a defective approach." (APH-6) The same phenomenon is occurring by placing dogmatic idols in our AM books. Just as alcoholics will be drawn toward alcohol when they are reminded of it, similarly the hundreds of millions of idol worshipers on this earth will revert back to that dogmatic practice if it is highlighted in our books.
Here Baba guides us how the mind should be goaded toward sentient practices. Hence instead of big, glossy photos of idol worship, pictures (if any) in our AM books should be of dharmic, tantric practices like: Sadhana, kiirtan, tandava, etc. Baba says, "These days the sign “No smoking please” is placed in many public places, but it will not reduce the amount of smoking. If society wants people to stop smoking, its approach should be to divert the smoker’s mind to other objects. A chain smoker should be encouraged to get involved in various pursuits such as music, dance, songs, culture of fine arts, etc., for if the mind remains engaged in these things it will forget its object of addiction. But the person who thinks, “I’ll stop drinking wine the day after tomorrow – no, let me see, why not tomorrow” can never kick the habit, for wine remains the mental object. The mind will try to materialize whatever it thinks about in the external world – this is its nature." (APH-6) So just as a no smoking sign will remind the person about cigarettes, similarly pictures of idol worship in AV-11 will just plunge the reader into that cheap form of worship. That is why Baba's guideline is to divert the mind toward higher, dharmic ideals. Then one will easily be able to overcome their negative habits and desires. Here Baba shows how this exact theory works in the spiritual sphere. Baba says, "The same thing also happens in the spiritual sphere. In the physical sphere the mind may run after rasagolla', a cup of tea, or a boy’s shirt; and in the psychic sphere after mother’s words. In the spiritual sphere, if the mind is withdrawn from all such objects and directed to Parama Purus'a, it will eventually become one with Him. But it will have to take a firm decision: “I will think only of Parama Purus'a, and not any of the thousands of other objects.” So the mind must be withdrawn from all objects and directed towards Parama Purus'a In this process, and after some time, it will become one with Parama Purus'a. At that stage it will cherish no further desire for rasogollas, tea, fashionable shirts, or the mother’s words. Parama Purus'a alone will be the greatest object of happiness." (APH-6) Just as we are to guide the mind towards Parama Purusa when doing sadhana, the pictures in our AM books should guide the mind toward the dharma of AM, and not any dogmatic form of idol worship.
By Baba's grace together we will be able to clean up our AM Publications. To make AV 11-12 proper, the dogmatic pictures of idol worship must be removed immediately from the book; and the English discourses must be properly transcribed, and not done in a sloppy manner with the excuse given that make a good translation can take hundreds of years. It is just plain foolishness & dangerous to allow such errors to continue. We must not allow Publications to employ their tactics and cheap agendas to confuse readers. Now is the time when all these things should be corrected and the air cleaned. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS, Disc: 14) Namaskar, Dinesh
******************************************** Special Formula of Tandava
Baba says, "Tandava: As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are assimilated by the body. That is why in the tandava dance there is much jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground for a fairly long period of time." (NSS, p. 23)

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