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Blow on Human Intellect

From: "Kalyan Deva"
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 21:11:54
Subject: Blow on Human Intellect


"Sandhya' bela'y ba'luka' bela'y bose bose bha'vi tava katha'..." (PS 2671)


O' my dearmost Baba, You Yourself are that infinite, Supreme One. By Your grace, in the evening time on the sandy shore, I was sitting contemplating Your grandeur and glory. O' my Lord, what an amazing image You have made by manifesting this panoramic universe. By Your grace all this was coming in my mind during my sadhana.

Baba, O' Parama Purusa, everything is residing within Your mind; You are the Creator of everything. In this vast universe, You have manifested so many shooting stars that are racing across the sky, as well as so many mountains that are crumbling to the ground. Every single expression is part and parcel of Your grand creation. Baba, by Your grace there are innumerable galaxies that are floating in space all by themselves - singing the tales of Your glory. Baba, You are the Supreme Progenitor. Everything is happening within Your mental plate - within Your Cosmic Citta [1]. Baba, whatever happens in this material world is Your thought projection. What You imagine is reality for us. O' Baba, You are the Creator as well as that Witnessing Entity [2]. Everything is residing within Your vast mind.

Baba, You are so gracious; You think about one and all. You care for and nurture each and every entity of this infinite universe. No matter how big or small, large or tiny, You look upon all with equal love and affection [3]. Everyone and everything is significant for You. You think about those huge, tremendous elephants which demonstrate their power by forcefully stomping through the wild jungles, and You listen to the little stories of the those tiny honey bees that gently hover and buzz around the delicate flowers. Baba, You look after each and everything being. For You, all have equal importance and equal significance. Baba, with Your causeless compassion You look after one and all. You are that Benevolent Witnessing Entity and everything is happening within Your mind.

Baba, by Your grace, in my dhya'na when I see You then I feel so close and loving. I go on thinking about Your magnanimity and vastness, as Controller of this entire vast universe...


[1] Cosmic Citta: This entire universe is His thought projection.

Baba says, "We may say that universe is the manifestation of the Cosmic Citta, born out of psychic vibrations. All the tanma'tras of sound, touch, form, taste and smell that are composed of different kinds of vibrational currents resulting from the gradually crudifying expressions of the Cosmic Consciousness under the influence of the static principle of Prakrti. They are the analytic expressions of those universal rhythms or vibrations. Thus the visible world is created through the gradual crudifications of His thought-projection. The thought-waves, metamorphosing from subtle to the crude manifestations and then, on their way back to their nuclear origin from the crude to the subtle, assuming the mentally developed human form, are indeed guiding the thought-wave cycles towards their ultimate fulfillment. Since the world is His thought-projection, it may be said that this visible world is only His act of thinking and abides only in His imagination. Due to the vibration of Cosmic Citta these variegated forms have blossomed forth through newer and newer thoughts, forms and waves, following one another in succession." (Subhasita Samgraha - 3, p.40)

[2] Supreme Witnessing Entity: The Divine Entity that bear witness to everything in this entire cosmos.

Baba says, "He is witnessing everyone and everything. Whatever is being created is a different stage of creation. He is the subject and all other entities are His objects. He is the Witnessing Entity because He is the Supreme controller." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life - 10)

[3] Equal Love and Affection for All: Parama Purusa looks upon all with equal love and affection.

Sama plus'in'a' sa'ma mashakena
Sama na'gena sama ebhistribhih lakaeh

Baba says, "He looks upon a tiny white ant with as much love and affection as on a mosquito. Nor does He think of a large mammoth more than other entities, for a mammoth has a mind just as an ant has. So He thinks equally of all: He thinks of a white ant or a mosquito with the same seriousness as of a mammoth or an elephant, and He attaches same importance to each individual creature as to all the three worlds." (Subhasita Samgraha - 18, p.22)



Baba says, "They [groupist leaders] concoct various so-called scriptures, they formulate all kinds of logic. They maintain to the human race that all the races in this world are not equal. Thus instead of considering the interest of the entire human society, they give preference to the interest of a particular community. This loud propaganda in favour of a particular community, this parading of irrational logic, this sort of fallacious argument, all combine to stifle the spontaneous growth of human intellect. This sort of mentality is called dogma." (A Few Problems Solved - 4, p.61)

It looks like some groupist leaders in our Marga are moving in this same narrow style.


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