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Re: 'I do not Belong to any Group'

From: "Shantatma Deva"
Subject: Re: 'I do not Belong to any Group'
Date: Thu 17 Mar 2011 09:43:24


         ==  RE: 'I DO NOT BELONG TO ANY GROUP' ==

                       ~ Part 3 ~

With the upcoming meeting on 25 - 27 Mar just a few days away we must
all keep ourselves alert to the central problem that has plagued
our organisation since 1990.

Here we again reflect on what it is like to be a Wt, and even margii,
in today's factional climate as well as what it means to be part be
wholly independent of any groupist affiliation.

It is not at all easy being a Dada or acarya in this present era:
Groupism is rampant, donations are down, and so many things are going
on. So it just is not an easy, time. If one does not acquiesce to
groupist demands and factional pressures, then often Dadas are
marginalised and victimised.

That is why, in this present era, I have full sympathy and deep regard
for those who are trying to sincerely carry out their duty of acarya:
Teaching sadhana and morality, and following 16 Pts etc. And if anyone
has the courage and strength to openly declare, 'I am not a groupist, I
do not belong to any group', then I truly hold them in high regard.

And I hope others will also consider the above when assessing the
strength of our Dadas.


Within that niche of acaryas-- amongst those who claim not to be
affected by the tidings of any group-- there are a few who undermine the
sanctity of the proclamation, 'I do not belong to any group'.

Because that particular statement carries a strong vibration, expresses
a wonderful courage, puts forth a call to dharma, yet if in saying that
one continues to follow the various groupist dogmas, then that is not at
all good. And it stains the very glory of the statement, 'I do not
belong to any group'.

For example, if one says, 'I do not belong to any group', but then reads
out the Fake Ananda Vaniis from all the groups-- as happened at one
retreat-- then can we really say that Dada is not a groupist. Because
what should have been done is that one of Baba's original and true
Ananda Vaniis should have been read at Ananda Purnima, not some groupist
concoction / Fake Ananda Vanii.

Similarly, come the time of the dogmatic Mahaprayan or dogmatic Jamalpur
tiirtha, then a Dada who claims, 'I do not belong to any group', should
not then be recruiting margiis to attend these factional programs. Yet
that is what we see happening.

And the strange thing is that, some of these so-called non-groupist
Dadas do not just partake in the events of one faction, they indulge in
the groupist dogmas of all the camps. Because by that way they get extra
money, good food, a desirable posting, and other perks. So this scene is
not at all becoming of an acarya, and it undermines those sincere Dadas
who truly are keeping groupism at arms length.


All this brings the question then, 'What does it mean not to belong to
any group?'.

Does it merely mean not putting your name on their groupist roll call,
yet participating in all their functions: Attending meetings of every
group and rallying around all their dogmatic ceremonies like Mahaprayan
and Jamalpur tiirtha programme, manipulated BP elections, and scriptural
distortions etc. Obviously not.

Not belonging to any group means not getting mixed up in or following
any groupist dogma. That is the cent-per-cent meaning of that statements.

So if one Dada bravely ascertains, 'I do not belong to any group', then
we must first watch and see if they read out Fake Ananda Vaniis, or if
they take money on the side from any group, or if they convince others
to attend the dogmatic Mahaprayan programme, or if they attend any
groupist meeting.

Why do I say like this, why write such a letter. Because now, opposing
groupism has become the fashion. It is in vogue.

Hence various Dadas are telling, 'I do not belong to any group', as they
think then margiis will give them due respect and support them
financially etc. For that reason, various Dadas tell like that. It is a
winning proclamation: 'I do not belong to any group'.

But that phrase is rendered meaningless the moment such Dadas attend any
groupist party as a so-called 'outsider' or 'neutral person'.

That does not exist. It is just like saying that, 'One is not part of
any crime gang, yet one accompanies various thieves of different gangs
when they rob banks or steal from old ladies etc. Then the whole idea of
saying, 'I do not belong to any gang' is absolutely meaningless, nay

Similarly, to say, 'I do not belong to any group', but then to
participate in all kinds of groupist dogmas and factional meetings is
totally hypocritical. Yet so many Dadas do like this.

                       NEGATIVE REACTION

And that has, at minimum two negative reactions or poor effects.

Firstly, it undermines the integrity of those Dadas who really are not
supporting any group or any factional agendas.

Secondly, it fails to support our AM mission. Because our aim is to put
forth Baba's ideals, yet if one is mixed up in groupism in any way,
shape, or form, then it is then impossible to be an example of Baba's
teachings. Then one can never propagate the ideals of AM.

Hence, if any Dada is giving lip service to the phrase, 'I do not belong
to any group', but then lending his mind and body to all kinds of
groupist propaganda from all the various factions, then their stance is
totally hypocritical. And, please excuse me, but they are ruining their

In a sense, then they are worse than groupist captains like
Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda etc. Because those group leaders at least admit
to being part of a particular camp and they only follow the dogma of
their group; whereas various Dadas say they are not part of any group,
yet then follow the dogmas of all the groups. In that sense such
so-called non-groupist are worse than Sarvatmananda and Rudranana
because (a) they are being hypocritical, and (b) they are following more


I consider the ideal of an acarya to be one of the highest things of
life, and those can only be acaryas if they are free from any groupist
tendency. Merely saying, 'I do not belong to any group', and then
succumbing to each and every groupist dogma like Fake Ananda Vanii and
manipulated BP elections, does not qualify one as a non-groupist, let
alone an acarya.

Baba says, "Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others
should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They
and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development
and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such
well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called
a'ca'ryas...The a'ca'rya should give direction and guidance in every
work, big or small. When he  is to impart any duty to anyone, he should
be strict, strong and exact, like a diamond. He should never consider
social position, wealth, rank, etc." (AV-31)

As Baba tells us above, a true acarya must be strict on the path of
dharma not be swayed by any group sentiment; and this must be reflected
in their conduct, not just in their parrot-like tongue that speaks, 'I
do not belong to any group'.

                        BABA'S BLESSING

By His divine grace, we will overcome this problem of groupism and the
first step is by recognising who is who. Only those who sincerely adhere
to Baba's mandates-- renouncing groupism in thought, word, and deed--
can be thought of as being true in their sadhana and mission of life.
Recognising such persons and following them will lead to greatness and
the end of groupism.

Baba says, "That is why I say that you will have to dedicate yourselves
to His feet wholly and unreservedly. You will earn godliness in
proportion to the extent that you surrender yourselves, and finally,
after merging that acquired godliness of yours in His Entity, you will
attain eternal bliss." (Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 3)



                          PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Toma'ke peyechi a'mi...ahetukii krpa' kare nebe ele dhara' dite.." -PS


Baba, You came in my sadhana with Your sweet effulgence. I got You in my
mind. I want to remain holding You up to eternity. My mind does not agree to
leave You at any cost, in any condition. I will not leave You. I did not have
proper sadhana so with Your grace, You hold me. Not because of my sadhana or
virtue. By Your causeless grace, You came down and let Yourself be held by me.
Oh Baba...

                  Meaning of Baba's Blessing

Baba says, "That which leads to one's physical, psychic and spiritual
well-being is called 'hita'; that which leads to one's psychic and
spiritual well-being is 'kalya'n'a'; and that which leads to one's
spiritual well-being is 'ks'ema'."  (AV-8, p. 47)

Note 1: Most of the time at the end of His discourses Baba gives His
blessing, Kalya'n'amastu-- "that which leads to one's psychic and spiritual
well-being". But unfortunately in English translated books the editors have
simply written it as "Let there be welfare". Obviously then this is not working

Because the term 'welfare' is commonly used in crude materialistic
societies where there is no sense of spirituality or Godhood. And Baba's
blessings are always related with Divine blessings; as Guru as Parama Purusa,
as Taraka Brahma, as Mahasambhuti-- He blesses divinely. But that divine
quality is conspicuously absent or missing entirely from the mundane term

So when our new margiis read, "Let there be welfare", then they may think
that it is related with a court case, or children's problems, or getting
some unemployment bonus etc. Because even here in India the Social Welfare
Department is just one mundane group that distributes food rations at a
lower profit or helps in flood circumstances, or does other types of
external dealings etc. Means they do not do anything in the realm of
spirituality-- and in all the countries it is like this. That the 'Welfare
Dept' is just involved in crude things.

The culminating idea is that: Baba's blessing is divine and welfare is a
mundane term.

Note 2: Sometimes Baba gives His blessing saying Kalya'n'amastu, sometimes
Baba begins His blessing with Hita', and sometimes with Ks'ema', but in
each case the editors of our AMPS books incorrectly put "Let there be welfare".

Hence the editors of the various books are responsible for such blunders.
It is our dharmic duty that such errors should be corrected according to Baba's

Note 3: Specifically in AV-34, p.37 the mistake appears in the book like

           "Kalya'n'amastu [Let there be welfare]"

So this is a wrong and misguided translation that the editors did.

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