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Where Do Babies Come From

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Where Do Babies Come From Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 23:38:28 -0000 Baba "Tandra na've ankhite manda'loke jadio..." (1728) Purport: Baba, drowsiness falls on my eyes at the time of darkness and I lose the path-- surrounded only by dogma. And when I cannot see my Goal properly, when I forget You, then please wake me and bring me on the proper path. Oh Baba, oh my lord, please wake me with the call of Your divine flute; please remove my slumber. I do not have any other divine Entity upon whom I have any hope. You are my God of gods. Please remove all the Cimmerian darkness which surrounds me. By Your grace shatter my bondage of attraction with these worldly things. Since then You are making me listen to the song of liberation. Baba, when I feel drowsy and remain lethargic on the forward path, then please grace me and pull me back on right track...
Namaskar, Around the globe there are various ways of explaining to small children, "Where do babies come from". Because, after all, invariably the situation arises in one way or another. Most commonly, this scenario comes to the fore when a young child learns from its mother that they will soon have a younger sibling etc. Naturally, with all its curiosity, the child will then ask about the origin of this forthcoming baby. In which case a reply often has to be given to the child, in some way.
In the west, from Europe to the US, there are vying opinions about how and when to educate children about sexuality: From childbirth to sexually transmitted diseases. And amazingly enough, some start sex ed (sexual education) right from the age of 3 or 4 by using picture books that show the female body, uterus, fetus etc. Thus when a young child innocently inquires about the origin of the baby, then parents might sit down with picture books-- then and there. This is one of the main ways that is happening in the west at present.
In AM, our outlook is a bit different. Ours is a more holistic vision that encompasses the whole of human understanding. In AM, we see one another as humans-- as fellow travelers on the path to the Divine. So when we see our close people, we do not view them as merely a collaboration or collection of different biological parts. Such as a stomach full of food, a gallbladder, two kidneys, etc. Rather we see them as a whole human personality-- someone whom we love and cherish. Thus we consider the spiritual, psychological, & emotional bodies, and indeed all aspects of the human personality. Similarly, when introducing young kids to their newborn sibling-- rather than explain the baby's birth from a strictly biological perspective-- we can instead use a multi-dimensional approach that encompasses the various aspects of human life-- of our human origin.
Here Baba guides us how the great sadhaka Mada'lasa' was guiding her young son. Although in the below passage Mada'lasa' is talking directly to her newborn son, we can use this same type of approach when teaching a child about where their younger, i.e. newborn, sibling has come from. "Although you are but a child in a small human frame, you are the veritable expression of the Supreme Consciousness. You are an ever-holy, ever-enlightened entity. As long as you think that you are only a small child, you are spiritually ignorant, but when you realise that you are a part of that Supreme Entity, you become that Supreme Entity, you become spotless (nirainjano'si)." (AV-7) By this above approach, the child benefits in multiple ways. From an early age the infant develops a link with the greater universe and understands that there is a Supreme Being or God with whom they are connected, in a loving way. And of course the above is just an example from centuries and centuries ago. So if there are some words or phrases one wishes to change then that is certainly an acceptable thing to do. Here the main part is incorporating a spiritual vision that recognises the trifarious nature of the human personality. And this approach gets us away from getting into the nuts and bolts of human anatomy and physiology and sex ed etc. Those topics can come later on as our children grow older and more mature.
So in our own households, we can employ variations of this same approach. We can say this about each one of our children. As soon as we tell this to our 3 year or 5 year old in order to explain how they now have a younger sibling. Right away we can also tell that 3 or 5 year old that they are also a child of this grand universe. That way there will not be any jealously, complex, or difficulties etc.
And at that same time we can move ahead in life-- knowing that the sex ed can be delivered at a later date. Because there are innumerable times later on in their early adolescence that children need to get the full scoop on human health and sexuality. This everyone must learn once their glands begin to develop. And parents should be one trusted avenue for their children in this regard. And certainly they will learn what they will from their peers and the school curriculum. But parents should have a distinct role in this-- but that role need not start too early either. In those early years before the onset of puberty, and especially when the child is only a handful of years old, that is a sacred time to instill the notion that every human being is a divine child of this grand universe. This is also an important and significant concept for them to get. And besides-- it is true.
Everyone thinks that, 'this body is mine, but more than that they do not ask. Just they think that it is mine. But that 'mine' also belongs to something. And here below Baba tells us where to whom that 'mine' belongs to-- i.e from where it comes. Baba says, "Everything has emerged from me, everything is being maintained in me, and ultimately everything will dissolve in Me...the Cognitive Entity has been recognized as the primordial cause of creation...the Supreme Operative Principle, carries on Her creative flow according to the expressed desire or expressed approval of Parama Purus'a. Hence Purus´a is the prime cause of creation.
Mayyeva sakalam' ja´tam' Mayi sarvam' pratis't'hitam.
"Since everything in this universe is born out of Purus'a, there is nothing beyond or outside Purus'a; hence Mayi sarvam´ pratis´t´hitam - "everything is residing in Him." He is the base of everything; there is no way to go beyond Him." (SS-11) By this way, it becomes quite clear that we all stem from Him. He is our Source; He is our Father. We are all children unto Him.
By Baba's grace, part and parcel of everyone's early learning should incorporate this idea that we all come from Him and that we will all return to Him. This divine idea should neatly reside in everyone's consciousness-- from an early age. And later on when it is time for the specifics about the birds and the bees, i.e. sex ed, then that should be told. First however, one should enjoy the sweet blessings of Parama Purusa and understand that we all come from Him and will return to His divine Lap. This should be one of one's earliest memories. Baba says, "Ultimately one will have to reach Him. There is no other way. " (12 Nov 78 DMC) Namaskar, Gagan
One day, Mada'lasa' was putting her fourth child, a three-month-old baby, to sleep with the following lullaby:
Shu'ddho'si buddo'si nirainjano'si sam'sa'ra m'aya' parivarpito'si. Sam'sa'ra svapnam' tyaja mohanidra'm' Mada'lasolla'pam uva'ca putram.
"Dear son, although you are but a child in a small human frame, you are the veritable expression of the Supreme Consciousness. You are an ever-holy, ever-enlightened entity. As long as you think that you are only a small child, you are spiritually ignorant, but when you realise that you are a part of that Supreme Entity, you become that Supreme Entity, you become spotless (nirainjano'si)." The mistakes that people make, the crimes and sins they commit, leave a mark imprinted on their minds which remains as a sam'skara'. This spot or mark is called ainjana in Sanskrit. Ainjana also means a kind of black mark which is used to decorate the eye. "My dear child, there is no black spot in your mind. You are spotless. You are unassailed by any kind of sin."
Sam'sa'ra m'aya' parivarpito'si:
"You are beyond the spell of the illusory Ma'ya' of this mundane world. You are the embodiment of the pure and unblemished self."
Sam'sa'ra svapnam' tyaja mohanidra'm:
"What is this world after all? Human beings think this world is real, but to the Absolute Entity it is only a mere dream, having no real existence. That is why I tell you to break the spell of illusion which makes you dream about all the attachments of this world."
Mada'lasallopam uva'ca putram':
"This is how Mada'lasa' teaches her son." (AV-7)
Sex ed is a hot topic nowadays and often the tendency is to tell more to children at an earlier age. Here below are but a few examples how parents struggle with using biology alone as a means to explain where babies come from. Here is what one mother told: "My 5 year old daughter asked me where babies come from and I panicked. I went into this long, nervous, diatribe about when a man and a woman love each other, how babies are made, where the come out, etc. I was beet red and my heart was pounding by the time I finished." And another mother who is also a counselor advises in this way. "If you have already told her that her mom is going to have a baby then it is a natural question for her to ask. It is up to you to decide whether she is old enough to cope with the answer without being frightened, if not, just tell her firmly that you will tell her when she is older. If you do decide she is ready, then explain it in simple terms, with a book to help her understand in pictures what happens. Whatever you do, don't lie to her or make up stories, children are not stupid! There are many books on the market that you could find in your local library which explain the facts of life to young children. Help her to understand by explaining it in terms of where she came from, make sure she realises how much Mommy and Daddy loved each other to want to make her in the first place and how much they love her now. This way, she won't feel jealous or sidelined once the baby arrives."
*************************************** Confusion about Microvita
Baba says, "Microvita are the initial stage of matter. Although they are matter they are very, very subtle. All of a sudden microvita are transmuted into matter and matter is transmuted into microvita. For investigating the initial stage of matter, research is not possible in physical laboratories, but it is possible in the human mind and human soul. Microvitum is closer to the realm of ideas than matter...While atomic research can be done in physical laboratories, microvita research can only be done in the human mind and soul." (MVNS, 'Q & A on Microvita', #19) Note: In His above teaching Baba is giving the hint that intense sadhana should first be done and then one can realise & understand the practical aspects and theoretical concepts of microvita. The key point being that microvita are very subtle in nature and are "closer to the realm of ideas than matter". Nowadays, however, certain dry intellectuals are giving misguiding lectures on microvita and confusing margiis. Such dry jinanis are telling that microvita should first be discovered and researched on the physical plane-- with our crude eyes etc. The main source of controversy stems from the fact that these jinanis themselves aren't clear about microvita, therefore they are making others confused. Once again then, we should hold firm to Baba's above reference that only by doing maximum sadhana can one gain a proper understanding of microvita.

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