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Story from Acaryaji

Date: 30 Apr 2008 05:14:23 -0000 From: "Divyacaksu Deva" To: Subject: Story from Acaryaji Baba "Tumi ka'che theke karo du'r..." (P.S. 2377) Purport: Baba, You are so close but even then You are very far, very distant. This thing I know that You remain with me side by side-- You are hiding in my mind also. But even then You are beyond my reach. I always cry to get You. My heart remains full of longing. In search of You, I have visited many countries and countless distant places. I have searched in the mountains, in the jungles. In so many places I have wandered around in search of You. I have taken baths in so many holy ponds, rivers, and places-- different pilgrimages. But I never tried or cared to look within, never did I look in the deep core of my heart in order to get You. That is why I did not get You. Just I was completely misguided and by that I was searching You externally. Baba, with me You are playing a divine liila since eternity. Between You and me this loving divine play is going on and on. Sometimes You come very close and sometimes You go far, far distant. But always You call me from there and pull my heart towards You by playing Your flute. Baba, You are very close even then You are distant...
Namaskar, Not too long back one senior family acarya was visiting our unit here in Champara district to hold a pracara seminar. And he brought a lot of dynamism and energy to the unit and gave us one very beautiful devotional teaching as well. And that is the story I want to tell here. The day after this family acarya arrived for the pracara seminar, then one collective program was held. --i.e. paincajanya. And all the Margiis arrived early in order to be sure to start the program at the appointed time. Everyone's spirits were high and we sang the Prabhat Samgiita, did meditation and like that the morning passed. Afterwards, many of us were sitting and talking. And this family acarya was recounting various stories. We were all pleased to have his satsaunga and the overall flow was strong.
Then acaryaji said, 'Okay, there are many works to do today in the locale, but before taking leave I would like to ask all of you one question.' Our Bhukti Pradhana replied, 'Certainly acaryaji. Please ask and we will do our best to reply'. Acaryaji then asked, 'This morning at paincajanya you sang the Shiva Giiti* Prabhat Samgiita. Why are you singing that song at this devotional Margii gathering?' Hearing this question many of us began to think seriously. Because we understood that Dadaji's question held deep meaning and that he was trying to teach us something by his question.
But before our Bhukti Pradhan answered, one very simple Margii brother named Vishvanath came forward and spoke. He said, 'Not just this morning, but regularly we sing the Shiva Giiti Prabhat Samgiita at Paincajanya to commemorate Lord Shiva. That is one of the favourite Prabhat Samgiita for paincajanya. And almost all the units in our region do like this.' Acaryaji replied, 'I understand, but in our AM there is a perfect logic and reasoning for all of our practices. Everything has its place. And although it may be the custom to sing that song, but actually the Shiva Giiti is not an appropriate song for Ananda Margiis to sing at paincajanya.' Then innocently Vishvanath said, 'I do not understand. The Shiva Giiti song which we sang is a Prabhat Samgiita.' Dadaji replied, 'That is correct but it is about Lord Shiva, so it is better not to sing that song at our paincajanya program.'
In thoughtful mood Vishvanath asked, 'If we are not supposed to sing this song at paincajanya then why did Baba include songs about Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna in His Prabhat Samgiita collection .' The reply came that, 'This is a very good question and the answer is very simple. Baba wrote those songs for non-margiis. And HE made Margiis learn and sing those songs about Lord Krsna and Lord Shiva so that we could introduce non-Margiis to those songs. And also in a poetic way, Baba wants to tell the facts about Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna.' 'As you know Baba has come for the elevation of one and all. And if one non-Margii wishes to meditate on Lord Krsna or Lord Shiva, then for them also Baba has given the tools so they may progress along their path.' 'But remember, for we Ananda Margiis, our Ista is Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, Baba. And Ista can only be one. So when we arise in the morning to do our devotional practices then we should sing songs which focus our minds towards Baba. Because Baba is our Ista, the Goal of our life.'
'In the discourse 'Onmkara and Ista Mantra', Baba tells the story about the great mythological devotee, Hanuman. Many other sadhakas were asking Hanuman why he only repeats the name 'Ram' and not 'Narayan' when both the words mean the same thing. Both names mean Parama Purusa. Hanuman's reply was that 'philosophically speaking they may be the same, but for me these other names have no value, I only know Ram'.' 'In this important discourse, Baba guides us in a very pointed fashion that deep spiritual progress can only occur when sadhakas goad all their devotional sentiments towards one singular Entity or Ista.' 'Therefore in our Marga devotional gatherings like Paincajanya we should sing Prabhat Samgiita songs about Baba and not about Lord Krsna or Lord Shiva. That is sidetracking the mind in different direction.' Here following is more: Baba says, "You sadhakas, you boys, you girls, should remember that the most valuable, the most important, word in this universe for you is your personal Ista mantra, and for you, all other words bear no significance, no meaning, no importance." (AV-23, p.119) 'The sense is that in the devotional life of Ananda Margiis Baba is our everything, He is our Guru. And all our efforts in our spiritual practices should be directed towards pleasing Him, and not any number 2 or number 3 entity.' 'No doubt Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna came as Mahasambhuti. So philosophically speaking they are the same as Baba. But in the devotional sphere for we Ananda Margiis our hearts are completely bound to Baba. For us only Baba is our Ista.'
Then a few margiis said, 'Next time we look forward to singing a Prabhat Samgiita song about our most beloved Baba during the paincajanya program.' Here following is Baba's blessing: Baba says, "If people constantly think of their Is't'a with undivided attention and repeat their Is't'a Mantra with conceptual understanding, their future is certainly glorious." (NKS) brotherly, Divyacaksu Note 1: All around the globe Ananda Margiis are practicing paincajanya. What is your opinion and experience. What are the best types of songs to sing at these gatherings. In this letter I just described the experience we got in our unit. But I am interested to hear others' views on this. What songs should be sung in Paincajanya. Note 2: Here are the first lines of the Shiva Giiti song:
"Jaya shubhavajradhara shubhra kalevara Vya'ghra'mbara Hara dehi padam..."
Note 3: Here below is the printed version of the Hanuman story about pointed devotion for the Ista. BABA says: "You know the old story of Hanuman, a great devotee. It has been stated that once upon a time Hanuman was asked by certain other devotees, Hanuman, you know that there is no difference between Ra'ma and Na'ra'yan'a. They are the same thing, no difference... there is no philosophical difference between Na'ra'ya'na and Ra'ma. The meaning of Ra'ma is Parama Purus'a; the meaning of Na'ra'yan'a is also Parama Purus'a. Oh, Hanuman, when you are a devotee, you are an elevated soul, then why do you use the word Ra'ma only and not Na'ra'yan'a?" The reply given by Hanuman is very important. You should remember it. He said,
"Oh, my brothers, you see, I know that philosophically, fundamentally, or spiritually, there exists no difference between Shriina'tha [Narayan] and Ja'nakiina'tha [Rama]." "I know there is no difference between Shriina'tha, that is, Na'ra'yan'a, and Ja'nakiina'tha [Rama]." "I know there is no difference, but, my dear gentlemen, for me the word Ra'ma is the only word that has some meaning, and for me the word Shriina'tha, or Na'ra'yan'a, has no meaning. I do not recognize that word." (AV-23) So by that above teaching it is 100% clear for Ananda Margiis the name Baba is everything. Because He is our pole-star; He is the Life of our life; He is our Ista Deva-- only Baba.
************************************************* Groupist Leaders Do Like This
Baba says, "Ism (groupism etc) is responsible for disrupting human harmony. ...[When any particular] group will lose its prestige, the people in the group feel ashamed, and in that condition they do not hesitate to take recourse to ignoble means in order to save the prestige of their nation, caste, group." (PNS-16, p.3) Here above Baba is explaining this very point that for those engaged in groupism, power and prestige is everything. Groupists have no interest in the welfare of the collective society. Their interest is only in propagating their own group. And if they feel this is not getting done, then they will take any negative means they can to again bring prestige to their group. Unfortunately in our organisation various groups are doing like this. But Margiis are not supporting any form of groupism. *************************************************

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