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Baba's Viewpoint on Killing

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Baba's Viewpoint on Killing Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 23:06:18 +0000 Baba "Egiye calo, egiye calo..." (PS 156) Purport: My brothers and sisters, we should move on towards our goal, Parama Purusa. Today the glorious dawn has come. We should take everyone along with us; no one should be left behind. Everyone is ours; Nobody is alien. We all belong to one family-- Our Father is Parama Purusa. We have to move together on the path which He has shown us. Human society is one and indivisible, no fissiparous tendencies should be allowed to divide it. Baba's divine grace is with us...
Namaskar, Now, and in the past, those at the very top of the social latter get huge respect and attention while the common people are given little or no regard. This is the skewed way in which society has been moving. Thus if someone in the upper crest of society is killed, then it is a big deal and an entire chorus of bagpipes are played and countless articles are written about them etc, whereas if one of the countless masses die, it is basically a meaningless affair and hardly a word is uttered. Here Baba demonstrates how this unfortunate scene takes place in one age after another. Baba says, "In the vipra age ks'atriyas fight and die while shrewd vipra ministers receive triumphant ovations. This happens in every country where vipras play a dominant role. The names of vipra ministers are blazoned across the pages of history, but history does not record the numbers of soldiers who died on the battlefield or how many of them saw their golden dreams fade into darkness under cannon fire." "When a vipra minister dies, the newspapers write it up elaborately. Condolence meetings are held; condolence messages come in by the thousands; flags are flown at half mast; and marble statues are erected at intersections in public parks. But the press will never acknowledge the ks'atriyas whose blood enriched the ground for the harvest of victory. And actually, why should they? How can so many names be published in a newspaper anyway!" (HS-1) And verily this is the way things are going on still today: Those in the upper echelon of society like various heads of state are revered after their death with huge pomp and show, while the common people are all but forgotten as if only a measly insect was killed. This is clearly evidenced by the gunned downed Iraqi soldiers & ruthless butchered citizens in Iraq, the starving masses in Africa, and the naked children in Bangladesh etc. Indeed, in so many places people are dying needlessly by the thousands, and never will their names be remembered. Rather no one even cares. Whereas if a US diplomat were to die or if a corrupt Pakistani leader dies, then the presses, newspapers, websites, TV channels are filled with their image and in turn the whole world mourns. This is all a result of the capitalist enterprise and misguided social values where the elite are honoured, and no one else. Today, Baba wants us to change all that. He wants that we honour all people based on their inherent human value-- and not just honour a few based on their social status etc. Baba says, "A glimpse through human history reveals that nowhere have human values been truly honoured. What is worse, nobody has looked upon humanity with sympathy. Only those were respected who, by serving their self-interests, climbed onto the higher rostrum of society." (AFPS-2) Baba says, "The truth is that human beings have always and everywhere paid tribute to social values [post, power, & stature], but never, not even for a moment, has anyone respected human cardinal principles." (AFPS-2) So Baba wants that we recognise the dignity and value of all based on human cardinal principles. And we will get to that point, but unfortunately today this remains nothing but a distant hope at best.
For instance, in the last week, much has been made of the assassination of Mrs. Benasir Bhutto. The gatherings; the eulogies; the tears; the battlecries; and the vow to not let it go in vain. The people, the press, the politicians-- everyone has been talking about it, even Ananda Margiis. No doubt, a gross tragedy has occurred, but how is it that countless headlines & articles have been written in Mrs. Bhutto's honour and innumerable prayers & sermons have been uttered in her glory, when side by side unknown masses have died before her & continue to die today for the very same cause, yet they are looked upon as totally expendable-- nothing but a statistic or an afterthought. How can we forget that when Mrs. Bhutto first returned back to Pakistan, then hundreds of innocent people were killed in bombings and attacks, and yet they still they remain as mere nameless and faceless numbers. No one even knows who or how many really died in those blasts-- nor is it known what is the plight of their families-- who are no doubt still suffering today. But alas when Mrs. Bhutto was killed-- a decision many feel she made herself-- then her praises and memories are endlessly recited, and her surviving family members have the world at their feet. Whereas those unknown citizens who died just as ugly a death are already forgotten-- never to be remembered again. Such is the irony. Here in this below section, Baba warns us of this very phenomenon, wherein crooked & deceitful leaders-- as Mrs Bhutto was-- are honoured to the hilt after their demise, yet innocent victims remain lost and forgotten after their death. Baba points out that this is not just an affair of the past, but a condition of the present as well. Baba says, "All the great warmongers, the great politicians of the world, belong to this vipra gang of satanic intellect. At their command, or due to their fiery lectures or diplomatic intrigues, millions of foolish shudras have lost their lives and thousands of hot-blooded ks'atriyas have served as instruments in the slaughter." "The pages of world history reveal that all the crusades and jihads of the Middle Ages were plotted by these satanic vipras. Caught in their intrigues, the shu'dras took the beatings; and the ks'atriyas fought as religious warriors, but never thought deeply about whom they were fighting for." (HS-1) "Was it only in the Middle Ages that this happened? In today’s world also, satanic vipras, the protected agents of the capitalist vaeshyas, have led and are continuing to lead millions of people along the path of death and destruction." (HS-1) As we all know, today's democracy is nothing but the chosen tool of capitalists wherein so-called leaders like Mr Bush & Mrs. Bhutto are but the paid pawns & puppets of the capitalist enterprise. They themselves, Bush & Bhutto profit no doubt, and in so doing they are the cause of so many lives as they pursue wars and dangerous operatives for oil barons, greedy corporate executives, as well as for their own name and fame. Hence their stature rises while so many innocent people in their immediate vicinity and around the world are left to suffer and waste away. This is the unspeakable horror and tragedy occurring every day in this present era. Here again Baba explains how this hypocrisy happens. Baba says, "Evil vipras are fanning the flames of the vaeshyas’ insatiable, demonic hunger. Neither the shudra masses nor the warlike ks'atriyas are responsible for the problem of the millions of refugees in different countries, for the heart-rending cries of the mothers, wives, sons and daughters of the soldiers who died on the battlefields, for the blazing flames of communal riots, for communalism itself, provincialism, nationalism and casteism. The responsibility lies with a small group of shrewd vipras who, out of petty self-interest, have instigated the shu'dras and ks'atriyas to commit heinous acts." "The meanness and brutality of such vipras put on a ghoulish graveyard dance, seeming to make a mockery of the vipras’ intellect. In the Vipra Age the vipras drew power from this type of brutality, and through a staged display of black magic, vipras bestrode society. In the vaeshya age the vipras commit similar sins in order to shine like fancy shoes on the feet of the vaeshyas." (HS-1)
Such is the imbalance that is going on in today's world. Only those are honoured who have stepped on that backs and heads of others in order to climb to the top. Baba says, "These days, a person who possesses wealth is respected and revered whereas a person without money is a person honoured by none. The poor, whoever they may be, have to woo the rich just for the sake of earning their livelihood. Human values have become meaningless, for human beings have become the means for the rich to earn money." Baba says, "Today, those who occupy high posts are respected. Dignity is attached to post or rank." (AFPS-2) And such leaders never care for the struggles, pain, and tortures of the toiling masses who suffer at the expense of their own greed and callousness. Baba says, "They never cared to know people’s suffering. They were not concerned by the bent old man, decimated by poverty in the Himalayas, being mercilessly beaten by a royal servant for defaulting on his tax payment." (PNS-7) That is why a complete reexamination-- a complete review of our values-- needs to take place. And rather than run after hypocritical leaders due to their worldly status, everyone should be respected as being members of this human race. Baba says, "The truth is that human beings have always and everywhere paid tribute to social values [post, power, & stature], but never, not even for a moment, has anyone respected human cardinal principles." (AFPS-2) In the end, what needs to happen? By adopting a spiritual outlook where all are seen as being expressions of God, then and only then will each and every human life be properly regarded. Till that time, respect will only be given to the 'kings and queens' of society-- no one else. So it is only with a spiritual ideal in hand that we can perceive value in all human beings and grant human cardinal principles to all. Baba says, "The meeting point of the highest attainment of humanity and the blossoming of divinity is the base on which the cardinal human principles are established." (PNS-7) As Ananda Margiis, we are mostly aware about Baba's precious teaching and the better our sadhana is the better we can follow His guideline. In contrast, the general society has absolutely no understanding of this, that is why they blindly chase after tinsel-- after the superficiality of post and power. So we have a big job to do; we have to lift ourselves up to the peak of neo-humanism as well as the entire human society. Then all in this universe will be regarded a true human beings-- expressions of the Supreme.
By Baba's grace we will be successful in this great task and all will be honoured and respected. Baba says, "This Neohumanism, only this Neohumanism, can save our universe, can save human existence. So now we are to sing the song of Neohumanism. We should [forget] all our omissional and commissional errors of the past. Forget the past. Be the [vanguard of] a bright future; and the crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it." (NHNS-1) Namaskar, Karma Rasa *************************************** Contrast Baba says, "Acaryas who have a minimum of five hundred initiates and are adept in the difficult vishes'a yoga will be eligible for purodha training." (CC-1, chapter 4, point 2) Note: These days this above mandate of Baba is limited to the printed page only. Unfortunately, in practice, different parameters are there for getting Purodhaship. Now a minimum two qualifications are needed: (1) To obey Centre like a slave without any "if's & but's"-- to always be ready to blindly follow them; And (2) To collect money by hook or by crook, by right or wrong means, and give that to one's bosses. If these two criteria are present then one is qualified for Purodha training. So I hope in future Baba's teaching will again be followed. ***************************************

Feelings of a Margii

To: Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 5:41 AM Subject: Feelings of a Margii From: narayanpanda Baba Nam Kevalam "Toma'ke pa'bi pra'n'e pra'n'e, maner mohan bitane..." - (PS 1809) Baba, I must get You in my heart. I must get You in the remote corner of my heart where only You and I will be. I have prepared so many songs to sing for You. My life is not a waste because You have made me realize this truth: That this life is only for loving You to giving You happiness... == FEELINGS OF A MARGII == Namaskaram. It is extremely painful to express that both the parties played a very foul role in stopping DMS on 30, 31dec & 1st Jan'08 in Ananda Nagar. The enthusiasm to attend one DMS created in the minds of thousands & thousands Ananda Margiis was crushed like anything. After a group had broken away (they recognised themselves as Kalikata administration )we have been attending DMS on 30th Dec,31st Dec & 1st Jan every year. This year we are determined to attend DMS on these dates though we know the organisers are different from the previous years. On 27th when we came to know the previous organisers got court order, still we didn't cancel our train tickets because we wanted to attend one DMS this year. Just after a few hours when we came to know about the stay order,we were forced to cancel the tickets. Really we felt: 1)These saffroned coloured top bosses in all administrations have no maturity in their thoughts. Magnamity, emanicipation of mind in 360 degrees--these words are only theoretical for them. 2)These organisers are just like street fighters as we see among very ordinary people in our village & streets who quarrel for petty things like prestige, dignity, showing money power. I remember one proverb in my natural tongue,Oriya i.e. Sautun'ii pache ra'nd'a hau,ghaita' na maru (let the other wife of my husband become widow, but my husband shouldn't die). Similarly each group was determined that other group should lose, but we will conduct DMS.We know that there is no end in such court cases & in our Indian courts the final judgment sometimes may be favourable, sometimes may not be. Just a few days before DMS dates we shouldn't have gone to higher court. When in high court the case was favourable to one group of organisers, we shouldn't have gone for stay order. Immaturity of red robe dressed people we gruhii margiis are deprived of attending socio-spiritual congregation on occasion of new year. So we should think of following things: 1) Next year onwards we gruhii margiis should be the organisers with the like minded wt brothers & sisters. 2) We shouldn't listen to the sermons of so called representatives of center in the ensuing seminars. 3) No transfer of local wt dadas & didis till all the groups are united. 4) The so called unity move,minimum common programmes etc-are meaningless for such unideological groups. These are some points I propose.These may be correct or incorrect.We should think very deeply in the banner of National committee. Brotherly yours Narayan Panda

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