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Re: Daughter's Lucrative Job #2

Subject: Re: Daughter's Lucrative Job #2
Date: Thu 12 Jul 2012 22:52:45
From: Visvanath Deva



~ Part 3 ~

(This is the third part of this series; links to the first two letters are appended below. - Eds)

Note 1: Usually people write the word Didi as D-i-d-i. But this is not the correct spelling. The proper spelling is D-i-i-d-i-i, or Diidii. Now it has become the accepted slang / norm to write Didi, but this is not correct. Even then, upon hearing this, some people do not and will not want to change. As a sadhaka, one should have the flexibility of mind to give up dogma and embrace rationality. One should have a proper rational outlook to overcome such dogma. The proper spelling is Diidii.


On June 21, Ram Kumar wrote:

"Diidiiji [Ananda Madhurima] receives a "healthy" sum of contributions on a regular basis from around the globe - all of which is designated for the use and upkeep of the Ananda Marga Didis WT Training Centre [in Bangalore]. But that is not going on - that is the tragedy. All those monies are not going towards improving the integrity and standard of the WT TC. Rather, Trainer Didi keeps 50% of all donations for herself and sends those funds back to her laokika [see note 2] family [in Vaishali district]."

My Reply:

So that is what is going on - why is Didi Ananda Madhurima doing like this. I may not know all the details about what is going on now, but I fully recall what the prior Trainer Didi, Avdhutika Ananda Madhudyotona, did. My brother-in-law resides in Vaishali proper and I will request him to go and visit Viddupur - the laokik home area of Didi Ananda Madhurima. My brother-in-law will write me with the news about how far that loakik family is benefitting from Diidii's embezzlement.

This is shocking for me because I was thinking that the current trainer Didi was honest.

Here I would like to comment on what was going on in the didi's Training Centre (TC) in Bangalore BEFORE Ananda Madhurima took over the charge. Because the prior trainer, Didi Ananda Madhudyotona, has her own history.


1. During Avtk Ananda Madhudyotona Acarya's tenure as Trainer Diidii in Bangalore, she basically treated TC as a personal money making venture. She was far more concerned in using the trainees as free labor for increasing profits at her school than teaching them anything about AM philosophy and spiritual practices.

2. After rising early and doing hasty practices - i.e. short sadhana and little or no asanas or kaoshikii - trainees would hasten over to the school to start their workday with the 175+ students. They would be there all day (8+hrs) and then return back to the Centre tired, exhausted and emotionally drained.

3. Then at the Centre (TC), even though it had been a long day, there was the possibility to teach the trainees about AM philosophy etc. But this Madhudyotona Didi never did. Rather she herself would return back and just watch TV. Trainer Didi would literally pass all her evening hours glued to the television watching soap operas, love stories, serials, and other filmy programming. And when love affair or marriage scene came then she used to cry and long for this. Didi was completely fascinated with her colour television and had zero or no interest in teaching the trainees anything about dharma.

4. For this reason, the trainees - many of whom were home girls - were left to their own devices. After a long day working at the school, they would return and spend the time bickering, eating and arguing. In addition, Didiji would invite them into her chambers to watch television.

5. When together there was no talk about sadhana, service or AM ideals. Rather they would openly gossip about boys, relationships, and express their yearning to fall in love and marry. Didiji would also be part of this. Perhaps that was why there was so much fascination with the television. That way they would fulfill their tamarisk worldly dreams through these TV characters.


5a. Diidii Madhudyotona would furthermore interrogate her trainees like a police captain. With a hard glare she blurted out these questions to new trainees:
- Why do you want to be a Wt?
- What is wrong with you?
- Why not just go marry?
- What are you doing here?
She spoke in a rough and tumble manner - always rude and harsh; whereas a true Trainer Diidii would be understanding and supportive of new trainees' desire to become a WT.

So that respected former Trainer Diidii herself was not convinced about WT life. In that case how could she possibly convince new trainees. Rather Trainer Diidii Madhudyotona was always more concerned about money. When she met a new trainee she just thought it was a headache that this is another person to feed. So new trainees were not welcomed; rather they were exposed to ragging & abuse. New trainees had to clean the toilet and floor everyday and massage everyone's feet. That is not at all Baba's rule that newcomers should be harassed. But that is what the former Trainer Diidii did. Apparently she learned this type of thing from reading the newspapers and seeing TV shows about student ragging. This is not part of the WT curriculum to rag and abuse. This is just one sadistic mentality, not at all compassionate, that she adopted from the pseudo-culture media and films.

In contrast, the current Trainer Diidiiji is very pointed in teaching the trainees about dharma and our AM way of life. She encourages them to become good Wts. That's why I was totally surprised that this current trainer Didi Ananda Madhurima has been diverting a large amount of TC funds back to her laokika family in Vaishali district. Outside of that her conduct is very good.


6. As for working in the school, indeed Baba has declared that every TC should have a school to support the TC financially. But Baba has mandated that trainees are to work at the school for 3 hours per week, not 8+ hrs per day. Due to her extreme greed, the former trainer Diidiiji was hustling and bustling the trainees to work in the school to make more and more money. In result, the tender minds of those young trainees were never given the right opportunity to engage in AM teachings and sadhana. They could never get coloured in the devotional flow of AM. That remains the greatest tragedy.

7. And when they were not involved in teaching or chores, then Diidiiji often sent them to town to beg for food. It would take them long hours and arduous labor to complete the task and they would return back dirty and tired.

8. Their time in training centre should be AM based. They should have multiple classes each day led by Trainer Diidii; there should be time for debate and discussion; minimum 2hrs must be allotted for self-study and memorization time for each trainee; mid-day sadhana must be practiced. And there should be a little bit of free time for games and sports etc. This is the proper way to structure a day in a WT training centre.

But the former Trainer Diidii in Bangalore instead plunged her trainees in working at the school for hours on end, day after day, and never exposed them to AM ideals in a meaningful way.


9. In result, when such trainees were sent to Ranchi to become full-fledged Wts, they were totally unprepared for the task. They had spent the prior months and years wholly indulged in a crude environment, and had no interest or insight how to live as a true WT and propagate AM ideals. It was discovered that their own personal sadhana lessons were totally incomplete. In quick succession, those in Ranchi gave them their sadhana, furnished them with WT dress, and sent them out in the field - essentially unprepared to handle WT life. In result, more than 75% of them left Wt life and got married. Indeed, the entire situation when Diidii Ananda Madhudyotona was running TC was shameful.

Thus - as we review the current situation with Diidii Ananda Madhurima at the helm of TC - I thought it worthwhile and important to share what was going on when Diidii Ananda Madhudyotona was running the TC. Both have their problems, it seems.

Vishvanath Deva

Note 1: AIM

The aim of this letter is to inform people; everyone should know the history so these same errors are not repeated. Wrongdoers should understand that no misdeed can be concealed forever so nobody should indulge in such degrading and ill behaviours. Anyone who is aware about misdeeds or problems harming the organisation should point out the misconduct with a benevolent voice. Then the organisation can be cleaned and made better and stronger. If thieves are secretly planning to rob someone then one must shed the light on them, then such thieves will give up their plan. History proves that wrongdoers operate under the cloak of darkness and not during the open and free dissemination of news. That is why we see that so many ills of society have been eliminated: Due to great strides in communication and heightened public awareness. Covering up and hiding negative stories for the sake of prestige is a very poor solution. That exacerbates the problem. Please come forward and share your stories.


Laokik refers to one's birth home and worldly family. Wholetimers take the vow not to have communication with their worldly parents; they also take the vow vow to adopt the entire humanity and greater universe as their family. Becoming a Wt does not mean working a corporate job where one sometimes sends money back to parents. Wt life is not like that. In wholetimer life, you dedicate your all to everyone's welfare, and not to a few individuals of your worldly family. A true Wt embraces all as part of their cosmic family.



"A'so na',  ja'o na' kabhu, chile, a'cho, tha'kibe tumi..."  (P.S. 590)


Baba, You neither come nor go. You were, You are, and You will remain forever with everyone. You are liila personified; You go on playing Your
liila like this.

In the last so many millions and millions of years, those who were existing in Your infinite bosom, still today they are and they will remain there. Everyone's abode is within You. Whoever will come in the future, up to thousands and millions of years, will also never get destroyed. They will always remain within You. Having everyone together, You go on playing Your liila in this beginningless and endless way.  

Baba, because of this infinite quality of Yours, I do sastaunga pranam again and again at Your lotus feet. Those who are millions of light years away from You, they will also never be lost in oblivion. They are dancing within You. With Your love You are tying everyone close to You. Baba, because of Your infinite charm and grace my whole existence is surrendered at Your alter... 

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